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  1. Lincolnshire's latest weather forecast

    BBC Weather

    Temperatures in Lincolnshire overnight aren't likely to go above 3C (37F).

    A cold start is forecast for the weekend.

    Saturday will start dry with brighter spells.

    It will turn cloudy in the afternoon, though, with highs of 6C (43F):

    Saturday forecast
  2. One per cent pay rise 'infuriating' - Lincolnshire nurse

    The 1% pay rise offered to NHS workers in England is a "pitiful amount to be offered after such a long haul" fighting the coronavirus pandemic, a Lincolnshire nurse has said.

    Melanie Kerr

    Melanie Kerr (pictured), a staff nurse and chair of the North Lincolnshire regional branch of the Royal College of Nursing, called the pay offer "infuriating".

    She said: "We're going to haemorrhage staff and announcements like this make it all the worse.

    "As we enter the recovery phase, there's still a lot of hard work that staff face. So in terms of trying to boost morale that is not the route to go down."

    Nationally, unions are calling for strike action over the pay rise offer.

    The Department of Health and Social Care recommended the 1% pay rise to the independent panel that advises the government on NHS salaries.

    It would cover nearly all hospital staff, but not GPs and dentists. The panel is due make its own pay recommendations in early May, when ministers will make their final decision.

    A government spokesperson said 1% was a "real-terms increase", as the latest official inflation figure was 0.9%.

  3. 'Vital' parents don't mix at school gates

    Parents shouldn't see the return of children to school next week as a chance to mix with other people, Lincolnshire's director of public health has warned.


    Professor Derek Ward said it was "vital" parents don't interact with others when dropping children off on Monday morning.

    Although schools are returning, rules on social mixing remain in place.

    The warning comes after new data revealed that Lincolnshire's Covid-19 infection rate dropped below the England average for the first time in weeks.

    Quote Message: It's vital to remember they're not going back to school. The rules for them don't change. They must not mix with other parents. They're still under a legal requirement to stay home." from Prof Derek Ward Director of Public Health Lincolnshire
    Prof Derek WardDirector of Public Health Lincolnshire
  4. Man jailed for making indecent images of a child

    A convicted paedophile who tried to destroy evidence when police arrived at his home has been jailed for 20 months.

    ian picksley

    Ian Picksley (pictured), of Hawthorne Chase, Lincoln, refused to answer the door so he could destroy his internet history.

    However, more than 2,000 indecent images of children were found on his devices.

    Picksley, 62, has 27 previous sexual convictions and had recently been released from jail after serving a nine year sentence for sexual offences against a girl aged under 13.

    He was jailed at Lincoln Crown Court for 20 months after admitting three offences of making an indecent image of a child.

    He also admitted possession of prohibited images of a child and possession of extreme pornography.

  5. Tourism businesses urged to cater to 'bike economy'

    The tourism industry in Lincolnshire is being encouraged to cater for cyclists after a rise in people getting on their bikes.

    wolds cycling

    A new tourism group, Cycle Lincolnshire, says the county could be a prime destination for enthusiasts.

    Previously, the Cycle England organisation has worked with tourism bosses in the county to help develop cycling holidays over the last two years.

    Now, Cycle Lincolnshire wants to expand those holidays and create more routes for cyclists to travel while visiting.

    Kevin Smith, who has helped establish those routes and is owner of a cycle park in the Lincolnshire Wolds (pictured), says the cycling industry is "serious money".

    "The people investing in cycling have got the money to spend in cafes and shops", he says.

  6. Lincolnshire infection rate drops below England average

    Lincolnshire's coronavirus infection rate has dropped below the national average for the first time in weeks, according to Public Health Lincolnshire.

    coronavirus itself

    Professor Derek Ward, director of Public Health Lincolnshire, says the county's rate is now 78 cases per 100,000 people.

    The average infection rate in England is 81.3 cases per 100,000 people.

    It comes after weeks of the South Holland and Boston areas having some of the highest infection rates in the country.

    Data compiled by the BBC, which takes in figures up to the 28 February, showed South Holland as having the fifth highest infection rate in England.

    Public Health Lincolnshire's figures are subject to changes as more of the data is assessed.

  7. Lincolnshire's latest Covid jab figures released

    Local Democracy Reporting Service

    Nearly a fifth of all Lincolnshire residents have received their first dose of a Covid-19 vaccine, it's been confirmed.


    Over 271,000 doses of a Covid-19 vaccine have been administered in Lincolnshire so far - of which 5,281 were second doses, according to new figures from NHS England.

    A total of 266,323 people have received their first dose - that equates to 19.14% of the county's population based on the most recent population estimates.

    The weekly data released today shows a total of 271,604 jabs have taken place between 8 December and 28 February - up by 34,577 on the previous week and higher week-on-week (34,228).

    However, that figure was still lower than the previous weeks (36,828 and 38,365 respectively).

  8. Freeports could help economic recovery

    People in Lincolnshire will benefit from two freeports - one will cover the Humber region and the other will be based at East Midlands Airport.


    Chancellor Rishi Sunak said the eight freeports he announced in the Budget on Wednesday could help economic recovery by making it easier and cheaper to do business in regions, as well as creating jobs.

    The freeport model works by allowing companies to import goods tariff-free and only paying once it is sold into the domestic market, or exporting the final goods without paying UK tariffs.

    East Midlands Airport's managing director Claire James said the news would "shine a spotlight on a part of the country which has so much to offer investors, existing businesses that wish to grow, and the supply chains that are linked to them".

    Maria Machancoses, director of Midlands Connect, called it "fantastic news" and said they would work with local authorities to make sure the site is well connected to trade locally, nationally and internationally.

  9. Lincolnshire's weather forecast

    BBC Weather

    It will be a fairly cloudy and cold day in Lincolnshire today.

    Tonight, it will turn dry and the low cloud looks set to persist for much of the night:

    Weather Forecast
  10. Lincolnshire's weather forecast

    BBC Weather

    Tonight will be cloudy with the risk of a few scattered showers.

    However, it should stay largely dry.

    A cold night with light winds, and some mist or fog patches:

    Weather graphic
  11. Follow Covid-19 rules plea

    People are being urged to stick with coronavirus restrictions even if they've had their Covid-19 vaccination.

    Lincolnshire Resilience Forum said it remained important that everyone continues to follow the rules:

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  12. Lincolnshire's weather tonight

    It will be a cloudy end to the day in Lincolnshire.

    Here's the latest forecast:

    Weather Forecast
  13. Lincolnshire vaccine sites remain open

    All Lincolnshire's Covid vaccine sites are continuing to offer people their jabs, officials say.

    Vaccine Site

    The reassurance comes after it was reported some people believed the major hubs were slowing down their operations.

    The organisation which runs Lincolnshire's vaccination sites said due to demand and supply of the vaccine, not all its sites are open every day.

  14. Lincolnshire's weather on Tuesday

    It will be a cloudy but dry day in Lincolnshire.

    Here's the latest forecast:

    Weather Forecast
  15. Lincolnshire's weather

    There'll be some mist around in Lincolnshire overnight.

    Here's the latest forecast:

    Weather Forecast
  16. Almost 90% of children get first choice school

    Lincolnshire County Council has confirmed 87.8% of children have been given a place at their first choice secondary school.

    Lincolnshire County Council

    The authority says the figure is likely to be higher once an appeals process has taken place.

    More than 8,000 pupils will be starting at secondary school in September.

    Quote Message: It is good to see so many families receiving offers at their first preference school again and this figure is likely to be even higher by September." from Patricia Bradwell Lincolnshire County Council executive member for children's services
    Patricia BradwellLincolnshire County Council executive member for children's services
  17. People with suspected lung cancer seen more quickly

    People with suspected lung cancer are being seen quicker and receiving faster treatment in Lincolnshire, according to a hospital trust.

    Lincoln County Hospital

    A new project was piloted in 2019 and has now been rolled out at Lincoln County Hospital and Pilgrim Hospital in Boston.The project means patients receive the results of their chest X-rays within 24-hours.

    If they then need a referral for a CT scan it should come within 48 hours.

    Patients referred for chest X-rays from their GPs previously had to wait for two to three weeks for their results or to be referred for further tests.

    Quote Message: It will benefit so many patients in Lincolnshire, allowing rapid diagnosis of lung cancer. It’s amazing to see ULHT leading the way for our region." from Paul Clark Radiology Operational Manager, United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust
    Paul ClarkRadiology Operational Manager, United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust