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  1. Puffin found wandering in Durham miles from the sea

    A tiny puffin has been returned to the coast after being found wandering along a country lane in Durham, miles away from the sea.

    The man who found the tiny sea bird yesterday put it in a box, took it home and called the RSPCA.

    Rescue officer Shane Lynn who collected it said: “It seems as though the puffin got lost and ended up landing inland, around three miles from the coast, and couldn’t then get airborne again."

    Rescued puffin in a box with a fish

    Once he was checked over by a vet, found to be uninjured and fed, he was released back to the sea at Hartlepool's Headland.

    Mr Lynn added: “He hopped down on to the sand and then flew off across the sea and into the distance.

    "There really is no better feeling than returning a wild animal back into the wild where they belong.”

    Puffins are a rare call-out for the RSPCA, and over the past five years the charity has cared for 14 across its four wildlife centres.

    RSPCA Officer Shane Lynn with rescued puffin
  2. Ambulance crew attacks 'demoralising'

    BBC Radio Tees

    Ambulance chiefs said there has been a "demoralising" rise in attacks on their staff in recent weeks.

    The warning by the North East Ambulance Service follows an incident in Middlesbrough at the weekend which saw a woman flag down paramedics and assault two of them.

    She then kicked and slapped two police officers.

    Darren Green, clinical service manager for the ambulance service, said: "Since the lockdown easing we have noticed an increase in assaults. We appreciate people are keen to get back to their normal lives, but we can't afford to see an increase in violent offences towards staff.

    "At any point in time it's demoralising. All crews are tired and exhausted having supported the public over the past 12 months."

    A 24-year-old woman has been arrested and released under investigation while enquiries continue into the incident in Middlesbrough.

    Library image of a North East Ambulance Service vehicle