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  1. What's the weather got in store?

    BBC Weather

    It will be a dry and sunny day with the possibility of scattered showers later with highs of 22C (72F).

    This was the scene in Baschurch, Shropshire earlier as captured by BBC Weather Watcher Lou.

  2. Dog rescue centre nearly closed due to pandemic

    BBC Radio Shropshire

    The Covid-19 pandemic has been "draining" for a greyhound rescue centre which came close to being dissolved.

    One of their current greyhounds

    Trustee Hayley Bradley said at one stage, Hector’s Greyhound Rescue, Shrewsbury, had only enough funds to survive for eight weeks.

    Lockdown cut down its fundraising avenues and she said they came close to ending the centre before an appeal brought in enough money to last an extra three months.

    "It has been draining, been like the walking dead most days - it is enough pressure running a rescue centre on a daily basis without the added financial pressure," she told BBC Radio Shropshire.

    The centre handles about 40 retired racing greyhounds at any time and has re-homed more than 50 this year.

  3. 'Don't go to A&E for minor injuries'

    BBC Radio Shropshire

    People in Shropshire are being urged to avoid going to A&E for treatment if they possibly can.

    Royal Shrewsbury sign

    The hospital trust running Telford's Princess Royal and the Royal Shrewsbury says it has seen more than 500 patients turn up to the units on some days this summer.

    Bosses said they would usually see those kind of numbers in winter.

    West Midlands Ambulance Service said it normally had about 3,500 calls a day at this time of year, yet once this month had more than 6,400 emergency calls.

    Phil Atkins is in charge of the four minor injuries units in the county and said a lot of people going to A&E could be getting treated by his staff.

    "It is crucial that if you want advice about an injury or you think you've hurt yourself and it is not particularly serious, then you need to come to us," he said.

  4. Council-owned shopping centres lose nearly £40m in value

    BBC Radio Shropshire

    Three shopping centres which were bought by Shropshire Council for £51m in 2018 are now valued at just £12,350,000.

    The authority bought the Charles Darwin, Pride Hill and Riverside centres while under its previous leader, Peter Nutting, with the aim of improving shopping in Shrewsbury.

    It said the fall in value was due to a change in retail habits across the UK, and added the pandemic was also partly responsible.

    Darwin Centre

    The council said it would continue to spend money on improving the centres and that footfall was starting to approach 2019 levels again at the Darwin Centre.

    At the same time, it intends to go ahead with the demolition of the Riverside centre and to put the Pride Hill centre to new use.

    The whole county, the authority said, would benefit from the change and from the extra visitors it would bring.

  5. 'Record' A&E patient numbers

    Emergency departments in Shrewsbury and Telford are seeing record numbers of patients, according to an A&E consultant.

    Princess Royal Hospital

    Ed Rysdale said "well over" 500 patients a day were seeking help at the hospitals, which is "winter pressure-type numbers".

    The hospitals had seen "more patients in a single day in June and July than we've ever done before," he said.

    Emergency department sign

    Patients at the hospitals, run by Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust (SaTH) could be waiting several hours to be seen in A&E, and ambulances kept waiting for more than an hour.

    The consultant urged patients with more minor injuries to phone 111 first or seek help at the minor injuries departments in Oswestry or Bridgnorth.

    "Teams are working flat out," he added.

    "It may take a time but anybody that comes through we will see."

    He didn't suggest what could be behind the surge, but said: "I know that 111 and GPs are very busy as well, the whole of the NHS system is working incredibly hard and there are delays".

    Under controversial reorganisation plans for SaTH, Shrewsbury is set to become the main emergency unit with Telford becoming a so-called A&E Local instead.

  6. Weather: Largely dry with plenty of sunshine

    We've got a break from this week's stormy weather - Thursday is set to be largely dry and sunny.

    Sunrise in Pershore, Worcestershire
    Image caption: Sunrise in Pershore, Worcestershire

    It won't last too long though with more rain forecast on Friday.

    Temperatures today are due to reach a high of 21C (70F).

  7. Computers seized in illegal streaming probe

    A man from Shrewsbury has been arrested after allegedly running an illegal streaming channel online.

    West Mercia Police seized computers and hardware during a search of the 56-year-old's home.

    The seized hardware

    Officers also disabled the suspected illegal streams and posted an online message to users warning them the content was thought to be unlawful.

    The man, who was held on suspicion of money laundering and encouraging or assisting in the commission of obtaining services dishonestly, has since been released under investigation.

    Quote Message: Not only is there an enormous loss to the entertainment industry with this particular operation but it is also unfair that millions of people work hard to afford their subscription-only TV services while others cheat the system. from Sgt Ian Osborne West Mercia Police
    Sgt Ian OsborneWest Mercia Police
  8. Your pictures: Rolling clouds meet rolling hills

    BBC Weather Watchers

    It's overcast across the region today but the clouds haven't got in the way of these beautiful landscape shots.

    Shropshire hills
    Bromyard, Herefordshire
    Leek, Staffordshire
    Clent, Worcestershire

    Thanks to our Weather Watchers for sending in their stunning photos. To see more, or to get involved yourself, visit our webpage.

  9. Bronze Age pendant to go on display

    A pendant found by metal detectorists is to go on public display for the first time in Shrewsbury.

    The sun pendant, also known as a bulla, will be hosted at Shrewsbury Museum & Art Gallery from September until December as a British Museum Spotlight Loan.

    It was discovered in the Shropshire Marches in May 2018 by an anonymous metal detector user.

    It dates from between 1000–800BC in the late Bronze Age period and is only the second ever found in Britain.

    Shrewsbury Museum is now crowdfunding to be able to acquire other historically significant objects unearthed from the area to help tell the complete story of ancient Shropshire.

    The bulla

    Fay Bailey, manager of Shropshire Museums, said: “The Shropshire sun pendant is an unparalleled find of international significance.

    "The discovery of this exceptional object and associated finds helps to deepen our understanding of Bronze Age Britain and confirms that Shropshire has an important story to tell.

    "We are delighted to be the first venue to display this remarkable object.”

  10. Envelope update

    Severe disruption: A5191 Shropshire southbound

    BBC News Travel

    A5191 Shropshire southbound severe disruption, from Windsor Place to Church of St Mary.

    A5191 Shropshire - A5191 St Mary's Street in Shrewsbury closed and it's slow southbound from the Windsor Place junction to the Church of St Mary junction, because of unsafe building.

    To report traffic and travel incidents dial 0330 123 0184 at any time

  11. Road closed due to gas leak

    A road in Shropshire is closed due to a gas leak.

    Police in Bridgnorth have urged people to find alternative routes while part of the B4376 is closed through Barrow.

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  12. Weather: A cloudy start with rain on the way

    It's a muggy start to Wednesday but we'll soon see yesterday's showers picking up again.

    Sunrise breaks through the cloud in Tipton, Sandwell
    Image caption: The sunrise was trying its best to break through the cloud in Tipton, Sandwell, this morning

    The rain should blow through the region fairly quickly as the wind picks up and you'll notice that affecting the temperature which is set to be slightly below average.

    Expect highs of 20C (68F).

  13. River Severn beavers will have eco benefits, says council

    Plans to reintroduce beavers to the River Severn in Shrewsbury are continuing and the town council said it had raised two thirds of the £200,000 needed.

    The beavers will need a specially built enclosure with two kilometres of new fencing in the Bagley area of Shrewsbury.

    A Eurasian beaver

    "It enhances plant life, fungi, fish, birds, you name it, will grow in these areas and that’s all good for the environment," Helen Ball, from Shrewsbury Town Council, said. "So in a way what we’re doing is using nature to try and combat the climate emergency that we humans have created.

    "Everybody thinks they will dam places and cause more flooding but at the end of the day they will actually reduce the level of flooding in areas. They will also have the ability to filter pollution out of water courses."

    Ms Ball said the plan was to "start with two" beavers and monitor their impact before introducing more.