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  1. Health boss says Covid isolation cut is 'risky'

    Cumbria's public health boss says he's "a bit nervous" the reduction in Covid self-isolation could result in more infections.

    From today, the isolation period is five full days if people test negative on days five and six. Elsewhere in the UK, the self-isolation period lasts at least seven days.

    Colin Cox said: "It makes me a bit nervous. The isolation time being cut does mean that by most estimates we'll still be releasing seven to 10% of people from isolation when they're actually still infectious.

    "So while it will get people back to work a day faster, the risk is you're letting them back into the workforce while still being infectious and therefore spreading the infection in the workplace.

    "So I think it's a risky strategy and there is a distinct risk of more people going off sick," he added.

    Across Cumbria he said the numbers of Covid cases are reducing and the number of people being treated in hospital has stabilised.

    Colin Cox, Cumbria's director of public health
  2. Weather phenomenon captured on Lake District mountain

    We love this shot of a fogbow captured by photographer Terry Abraham on his way down from Helvellyn earlier.

    The weather phenomenon, also known as a cloud bow or ghost rainbow, is formed when sunlight interacts with small water droplets contained in fog, mist or cloud.

    It differs from a classical rainbow which is created when sunlight interacts with raindrops.

    Fog bow, Helvellyn
  3. Lollipop man injury prompts calls for safety improvements

    Calls have been made for safety improvements on a major route into Carlisle after a lollipop man was injured helping a child across the road.

    He was hit by a van on Wednesday, injuring his arm, on the A69 near to Warwick Bridge Primary School.

    Roger Dobson, the area’s Liberal Democrat county councillor, said: “He is keen to get back on the job so hopefully we might see him back next week; otherwise we will have to find alternative arrangements.

    “This guy is very brave. He was supervising a young child across the road and he puts his life at risk twice a day.”

    A69 at the turning for Warwick Bridge Primary School

    Mr Dobson told BBC Radio Cumbria there have been 26 accidents on the Warwick Bridge stretch of the A69 in the past five years. He is calling for traffic lights to be introduced at the location.

    He said: "Seven of the accidents have been serious with three fatalities, which is very much worse than the previous five years."

  4. Passenger hurt as three buses attacked in Carlisle

    A bus passenger was injured and the windows of three buses damaged when objects were thrown at the vehicles in the Harraby area of Carlisle.

    Cumbria Police said officers would be carrying out house-to-house enquiries to obtain CCTV footage in the area.

    The 61 bus service to Harraby was withdrawn by Stagecoach from 18:30 on Sunday, but the company said it would resume later.

    Rob Jones, managing director for Stagecoach Cumbria & North Lancashire, said: “We will monitor the situation and hope continued support from Cumbria Police will allow us to keep operating without further incident.”

    Stagecoach said the injured passenger was treated at the scene by an ambulance crew and did not need hospital treatment.

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