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  1. West Cumbria site to be assessed in suitability for new power plant

    A site in West Cumbria will be assessed along with 14 others to see if it is suitable to be home to a new nuclear power station.

    Moorside near Sellafield is in the running to house the UK's first prototype nuclear fusion power plant, capable of generating hundreds of megawatts of net electrical energy.

    A final shortlist will be produced in the autumn, and the Business Secretary will make a final decision on the site by the end of 2022.

    Cumbria County Council leader Stewart Young said: “If our bid is successful at this next stage, it will bring huge investment to Cumbria and put us on a world stage in demonstrating how we can generate clean energy from nuclear.”

    Moorside site near Sellafield
  2. Weather on the fells: Cloudy start, turning dry and clear later

    • Temperature at 3,000ft: Around 9C to 10C (48F to 50F).
    • Winds: Strong south-westerly breezes to start, easing to become fresh and westerly in the afternoon. Maximum gusts of around 40mph to 45mph in the morning, down to 30mph to 35mph later.
    • Cloud: Extensive cloud cover and hill fog in the morning. Cloud will become more broken through the day.
    • Weather: Mostly cloudy with outbreaks of rain in the morning. Turning drier in the afternoon, with sunny spells developing.
    • Visibility: Generally poor in the morning, especially in areas of hill fog and during any outbreaks of rain. Becoming good in the afternoon.
    • UV levels: Low to start, but becoming moderate in the afternoon.
  3. Weather on the fells: Cloudy with strong winds

    • Temperature at 3,000ft: Around 10C (50F) to start, rising to 13C (55F) through the afternoon.
    • Winds: Strong to near-gale south-westerly winds, gusting up to 45mph to 50mph.
    • Cloud: Largely overcast, with cloud bases around 650ft to 1,300ft (200m to 400m); extensive hill fog.
    • Weather: A cloudy day, with spots of light rain or drizzle throughout.
    • Visibility: Good below the cloud, poor in any drizzly outbreaks and in areas of hill fog.
    • UV levels: Low.
  4. Wylam psychiatrist to work with Team GB during Olympics

    A psychiatrist from Wylam will be helping Team GB athletes with their mental health during the Tokyo Olympics, which are due to start next month.

    Alan Currie, (pictured below) who works for Cumbria, Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust (CNTW), was selected for the role as a result of his work with the mental health panel of the English Institute of Sport.

    He will not be travelling to Tokyo but will offer support remotely leading up to, during and after the competition.

    Alan Currie

    The Olympics will be very different because of the pandemic. Athletes will be in isolation, will not be able to mix with team-mates and will return home after competing, rather than spending time in Tokyo.

    Alan said there are lots of things to consider: “There’s the possibility of testing positive for Coronavirus.

    "An athlete might qualify for a final and then have a positive test and be unable to compete, we will need to deal with the emotional fallout of that, and that a potentially once-in-a-lifetime chance is gone.”

    This will be the first Olympics since Team GB’s mental health panel has been in place.

  5. Mum warns new drivers of rural roads risk

    A Cumbrian mother who lost her 18-year-old daughter in a car crash is urging young drivers to be aware of the risks on rural roads.

    Sharon Huddleston's daughter Caitlin died four years ago, along with her friend Skye Mitchell in a crash on the A595 near Millom.

    Sharon said: "The rural roads campaign is wanting to highlight to young drivers that rural roads are more dangerous to young drivers than any other roads.

    "The perception is that it's motorways that are more dangerous but this research from the AA Charitable Trust over the past six years shows rural roads are more dangerous.

    "The AA wants to introduce a log book so new drivers can log how many hours they've been on rural roads and, with Caitlin's campaign, I'd like to stop newly qualified drivers from carrying passengers for at least six months, that could save lives too."

    Caitlin Huddlestone and Skye Mitchell
  6. Weather on the fells: Cloudy with showers possible

    • Temperatures at 3000ft: Around 7C (44F) rising to 11C (52F)
    • Winds: A gentle south to south-westerly wind through the day. Gusts reaching up to 20mph to 25mph.
    • Cloud: Some patchy cloud with cloud bases above the summits for the most part of the day. However, cloud bases around the summits under any shower.
    • Weather: Areas of cloud will move in at times, and a few showers might develop and possibly turn heavy in the afternoon. Some of these may yield the odd rumble of thunder. However, skies will clear later in the day to reveal some late evening sunshine.
    • Visibility: Very good or excellent, moderate to poor under any heavy shower.
    • UV levels: High.
  7. Cancer care centre almost ready to open

    The keys to a new cancer centre at Carlisle's Cumberland Infirmary have been handed over, meaning it won't be long before patients can receive treatment there.

    It's hoped the Northern Centre for Cancer Care will improve services for people with the disease across north Cumbria, providing treatment closer to home rather than having to travel to Newcastle.

    It is due to open by July offering radiotherapy and a chemotherapy day unit.

    Phil Powell, manager for cancer services and clinical haematology at Newcastle Hospitals, which will be jointly running the service, said: “We are sure the environment will be a calming and reassuring place for our patients to receive treatment."

    Inside view of the Northern Centre for Cancer Care