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  1. RAF veteran awarded honorary degree on 100th birthday

    BBC Radio York

    An RAF veteran has been awarded an honorary degree by York St John University to mark his 100th birthday.

    Norman Gregory

    Norman Gregory studied for a Certificate of Education at what was then St John's College in 1940.

    As a teacher training college it did not have the power to confer degrees.

    But, since attaining university status in 2006 York St John's has worked to recognise the "academic rigour" demanded by the Certificate of Education and begun awarding honorary degrees to alumni.

    Mr Gregory, who now lives in Suffolk, is the oldest St John's College ex-student to receive the accolade.

    Vice Chancellor Professor Karen Bryan said: "The award recognises the countless young minds that teachers from this era have inspired during their careers, as well as the invaluable contributions Norman has made to his community and country.”