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Fire tears through Cwmafan industrial unit
Firefighters spent five hours tackling the blaze at the Brunel Industrial Estate in Cwmafan.
Woman rescued from car park blaze in Cardiff
Firefighters were called to the Westgate Street NCP car park in Cardiff city centre on Tuesday.
Meet the manikin which talks and cries
Students at the University of South Wales are learning from a childlike doll which has a pulse
Bella: The dog who just saved her family for Christmas
When a devastating Christmas tree blaze broke out - it was Bella who raised the alarm.
South Wales Police car catches fire out on patrol
A South Wales Police BMW estate car burst into flames in the Swansea Valley on Friday night.

Labour AM says Severn Bridge toll end is 'forcing M4 Relief Road to be built'

Lee Waters says the toll removal is being used to put pressure on the Welsh Government
The abolition of the Severn tolls is being used to force the Welsh Government to build the M4 Relief Road, a Labour AM has claimed. Lee Waters raised concerns after a UK government study claimed it may lead to six million more vehicles a year. The Llanelli AM, an opponent of the M4 Relief Road, told Good Morning Wales on BBC Radio Wales that  he believes the 'UK government is using the Severn Bridge tolls to try and force the Welsh Government's hand to build a new motorway'.
A Wales Office source rejected Mr Waters' claim, saying that the modelling was conducted with the co-operation of the Welsh Government.