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  1. A commuter train has crashed into a rail station in Hoboken, New Jersey
  2. One dead and about 108 people hurt
  3. Pictures show extensive damage to the train and the station
  4. Witnesses say the train went through the station, ticket barriers and "into the reception area".

Live Reporting

By Max Matza, Courtney Subramanian and Roland Hughes

All times stated are UK

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First responders are on the scene of the train crash at New Jersey Transit"s rail station in Hoboken, New Jersey.
Getty Images

Our live page is now coming to a close, but here is what we know: 

  • A commuter train has crashed into a rail station in Hoboken, New Jersey at about 0900 ET (1300 GMT)
  • Hoboken is a major transport hub near New York City
  • Dozens of people are injured and at least one is confirmed dead
  • Witnesses say the train smashed into the station's concourse area
  • The train operator survived the crash and is being treated in hospital
  • The cause of crash was not immediately clear

For more developments, follow our story here.

If you are worried someone you know may be involved, or want more information, here is a number you can call (people outside the US should dial 001 first)

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History of recent deadly passenger train crashes in US

While the US sees its fair share of deadly freight train crashes and derailments, this is the first deadly passenger train crash for five months.

  • April 2016; Chester, Pennsylvania: two die and 31 injured as a train collides with a digger
  • May 2015; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: a train travelling between Washington DC and New York City derails - eight people die and 200 of the 243 people on board are injured
  • February 2015; Oxnard, California: passenger train hits vehicle on the tracks - the train driver dies and 29 people are injured
  • February 2015; Valhalla, New York: passenger train hits a car in suburban New York City, killing six train passengers

Investigators to look at train controls

In a press briefing just now, Bella Dinh-Zarr, vice-chair of the National Transportation Safety Board, said investigators were on their way to New Jersey.

She was asked if they would be looking at whether the lack of Positive Train Control - a digital system that can stop or slow trains if danger is detected - was a factor.

"PTC is one of our priorities - we know it can prevent accidents," she said." She said teams would "definitely" be looking into whether the lack of PTC in New Jersey was a factor in this crash. (You can read more about PTC in our main story here).

She also said investigators would also be looking whether there were any similarities between this crash and one at the same station in 2011 that injured 34 people.

Listen: 'The train missed me by 10 feet'

Radio 4 PM programme

The train crashed into Hoboken station during the morning rush hour. Mark Cardona was on the platform, he says he had "zero chance to react".

Watch our Facebook Live from Hoboken station

The BBC's Nada Tawfik is live at the scene

Scene of crash in more detail

The train was travelling on the Pascack Valley Line between Spring Valley and Hoboken.

Map by BBC showing location of Hoboken train crash

BBC video journalist at scene of crash

New Jersey transit worker describes the crash

New Jersey train crash: He came in so quickly, says NJT worker

Hoboken mayor reacts

Medical centre: 51 patients being treated

Emergency workers help an injured person at New Jersey Transit"s rail station in Hoboken.
Getty Images

Jersey City Medical Center officials said they were treating 51 patients with a range of injuries.

Three people were in critical condition and 11 others sustained more serious injuries, according to Dr. Ken Garay, chief medical officer of the hospital. 

Relatives can call 201-915-2691 to see if family members are at the Jersey City Medical Center. 

Read our report on what the witnesses saw

The skyline of New York"s borough of Manhattan is seen behind the Hoboken, N.J. rail station after a train crash at the facility on Thursday, Sept. 29, 2016
Emergency services at Hoboken station, with the Manhattan skyline in the background

We've put together a compilation of what the witnesses to the Hoboken crash saw - you can read their stories here.

Aerial footage of the crash

Helicopters struggled to get to the scene immediately after the crash due to high winds, according to CBS News.

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Governor Christie: 'Train was speeding'

Speaking to CNN in the past few minutes, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie confirmed there was one fatality, adding: "The one thing we do know is that obviously that it was travelling at a fairly high rate of speed." The driver of the train was being treated in hospital, he said, and would be questioned.

Railroad safety in the US

In 2008 the US Congress passed a law requiring all trains to install Positive Train Control (PTC) systems by the end of 2015.

But most rail companies were unable to meet the deadline as the system is expensive and complex to install. Some rail lines - including New Jersey Transit - threatened to shut down completely if it was enforced. In response, Congressextended the deadline to install PTC systems to 2018.

None of the 440 trains on the New Jersey Transit rail line is equipped with PTC, nor have any employees been trained on the equipment.

What are Positive Train Control Systems?

PTC safety systems are designed to automatically override the actions of train engineers if the locomotive is travelling too fast. In effect, they act as a safeguard against "human error" which could cause derailments or collisions.

Watch how PTC works

The system uses wifi, GPS and a specific coding system to relay real-time information from trains to control centres.

Last year, the Guardian reported that US trains were far behind those in Europe, which have had automatic safety systems for years.

Hospital chief gives update on casualties

At a press conference in the past few minutes, Joseph Scott, of the Jersey City Medical Center, said some 40 walking wounded had been treated at the hospital - up to 11 other people were receiving more urgent treatment, with "some critical, some serious", although none are in a life-threatening condition.

Other hospitals apart from the Jersey City Medical Center are treating patients.

Witness tells BBC: Train was shaking before it came to a stop

New Jersey passengers 'climbing out of windows'

Witness Ben Fairclough tells the BBC some people appeared to be unconscious and bleeding. 

First footage from inside terminal

New Jersey train crash: Footage from inside station

History of Hoboken train station

Damage to Hoboken train station in New Jersey after rail crash - 29 September 2016
  • The station, officially known as the Erie-Lackawanna terminal, opened in 1907
  • The two-storey building was designed by the same architect behind New York's original Pennsylvania Station
  • It is listed on the New Jersey and National Register of Historic Places
  • The terminal was badly damaged by flood water during Hurricane Sandy in October 2013 and underwent three months of renovations

A view of Hoboken train terminal

A BBC map shows the approximate location of the crash and the station's proximity to New York City.

Hoboken is located on the west bank of the Hudson River across from New York City.

The station is considered one of the busiest in the metropolitan area.

Nearby communities lend a hand

NYC officials have deployed first responders, and community members are also lending a hand by distributing food and water to stranded passengers. 

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NJ and NY politicians monitoring the situation

New Jersey Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto issued the following statement:

I am very saddened to hear of the tragedy this morning in Hoboken. On behalf of the New Jersey Assembly, I offer prayers and condolences to the victims and their families. My heart goes out to them. As we mourn for the lives lost, we hope for the best as the rescue effort continues.

I continue to monitor the situation. Hudson County is strong, and that strength will show today as we work together to help all those in sudden need of assistance and support. I also want to thank the emergency responders for their brave work. We can never show enough gratitude for their courage and resilience during such times.

Emergency response

The New York Fire Department has sent crews and medical evacuation transit to the scene. 

Meanwhile, the Federal Railroad Administration sent its top officials while the National Transportation Safety Board said it would also deploy a team from Washington. 

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Witness: 'There's a lot of chaos'

Tom Spina, who missed his stop and ended up in Hoboken, helped people at the scene.

Another commuter, Adam Galprio, describes how he climbed out of the train window after the crash. 

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In detail: Where the crash happened

Here's a map courtesy of Reuters that gives you a sense of where the crash happened, and how close to Manhattan it is.

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Witnesses describe rescue efforts

People on board the train have described passengers pinned beneath concrete and steel.

"The next thing I know, we are plowing through the platform," passenger Bhagyesh Shah told NBC New York. "It was for a couple seconds, but it felt like an eternity."

"I saw a woman pinned under concrete," Shah added. "A lot of people were bleeding. One guy was crying."

Shah said the first two train cars were particularly crowded, because that makes for an easy exit upon arrival at the Hoboken station. Passengers in the second car broke the emergency windows to get out.

Major transit hub

Emergency workers gather outside New Jersey Transit"s rail station in Hoboken, New Jersey.
Getty Images

Hoboken station, which is located directly across the Hudson River from New York City, is the final stop for several train lines.

It is NJ Transit's fifth busiest station with 15,000 boardings per weekday, including commuters travelling to New York City. 

More than 100,000 people use NJ Transit trains to commute from New Jersey into New York City every day.

Commuters reflect on near-misses

As reports of many injured emerge, commuters took to Twitter to share how they managed to miss the accident this morning. For some, it was the fortune of taking an early train. 

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What went wrong?

Investigations will focus on the track and the person controlling the train, says CNN correspondent Rene Marsh.

No word from the National Transportation Safety Board yet.

Jason Danahy, a commuter on the train, told the New York Times the train was pulling into the station when it came to an abrupt stop. 

 “From the fifth car, it felt like a major skid,” he said. “A creaking noise and a skid. I was lucky to be on the fifth car.”

“I saw bloody noses,” he added. “I saw people crying.”

Three dead - local media

Officials tell local media that three people have died, and over 100 have been injured.

"Preliminary reports suggest the crash involving train No. 1614 on the Pascack Valley Line was accidental or caused by operator error, according to four law enforcement officials," NBC New York reported.

Getty Images
Getty Images
Getty Images

More than 100 injured - spokeswoman

New Jersey Transit spokeswoman Nancy Snyder says over 100 people have been injured, but so far would not confirm any fatalities. Some of the victims have been critically injured, she said.

Train No. 1614 was coming from Spring Valley, NY on the Pascack Valley line, when it crashed into the Hoboken station around 08:45 local.

Mrs Snyder added that Federal investigators are en route to the scene.

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Chaos at the scene

Photos from the scene show extensive damage from the crash. Twisted steel and shattered glass were scattered throughout the station while emergency responders treated victims at the scene. 

Passengers rush to safety after a NJ Transit train crashed in to the platform at the Hoboken Terminal in New Jersey.
Getty Images
Passengers rush to safety after a NJ Transit train crashed in to the platform at the Hoboken Terminal in New Jersey.
Getty Images
The roof collapse after a NJ Transit train crashed in to the platform at the Hoboken Terminal in New Jersey.
Getty Images
Train personel survey the NJ Transit train that crashed in to the platform at the Hoboken Terminal
Getty Images

Twitter witnesses capture the scene

Radio host John Minko witnessed the crash this morning. He told local media that "it simply did not stop. It went right through the barriers and into the reception area."

"It was a mass scramble to get away from the scene," he added.

Another witness said the train never slowed as it approached the station. The terminal "was the brake".

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What we know

  • a commuter train has struck a railway station in Hoboken
  • pictures suggest extensive damage to the station and the train
  • the number of injuries is unclear

Welcome to our live page

Here we will bring you the latest updates from the scene of a commuter train crash in New Jersey.