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  1. The debate comes just two weeks before the first votes are cast in the Republican primary race
  2. Ted Cruz, who was born in Canada, faced questions about whether he is eligible for the presidency
  3. Donald Trump defended his plan to ban Muslims from entering the US
  4. Invoking 9/11, Trump took Cruz to task for dismissively referring to "New York values"
  5. Marco Rubio and Chris Christie forcefully and repeatedly attacked President Barack Obama

Live Reporting

By Tim Swift and Ashley Gold

All times stated are UK

That's a wrap

Tonight's #GOPDebate has come to an end. Thanks for sticking with us and be sure to stick with our coverage throughout the 2016 election season!


Cruz, Rubio battle on immigration

Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz both accused one another of being too easy on immigration, sparring for a few minutes as Mr Rubio got more and more heated. 

They both said a lot of things about each other's records that are flat-out wrong, as Slate explains here

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Rand Paul supporters get their say

A few chants of "We Want Rand!" have been heard. Meanwhile, Rand Paul holds a Twitter chat.

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Trump is leading the pack on talk time

'You had your chance, Marco'

Chris Christie tells Marco Rubio he blew it by not answering a question about entitlement reform.

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Fact check on Obamacare and jobs

Employment in the private sector has gone up since the Affordable Care Act passed. Many Republican candidates tonight called it a job-killer.

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Candidates talk taxes

The candidates slam Ted Cruz's tax plan, which would involve abolishing the Internal Revenue Service and establishing something closely resembling a value-added tax.

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Donald Trump hasn't always disliked the New York Times

Donald Trump said the New York Times is "always wrong". In August, he said it was great.

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Jeb Bush slams Trump's Muslim travel ban

Jeb Bush

Donald Trump drops some bombs

Donald Trump mentioned the recent IS attacks in Indonesia when discussing the need to destroy the group.

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How Syrians get to the US

As the candidates talk about the refugee program and whether Syrians escaping civil war should be let into the US, a reminder on how the current program works: 

How a Syrian Refugee gets to the US

Trump: No more political correctness

Asked about his stance on banning Muslims from the US, Donald Trump said he has many great Muslim friends, and they have called him thanking him for "exposing a problem".

"We have to stop with political correctness," he said.

Jeb Bush said his comments about Muslims are "unhinged".

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Kasich on experience

John Kasich

Ted Cruz is the early talk leader

Talk time thus far according to Politico

Bush: 3:05Carson: 3:31Christie: 3:46Cruz: 6:55Kasich: 4:14Rubio: 2:52Trump: 5:17

'New York values'

Ted Cruz lambasted New Yorkers' "liberal, pro-gay marriage" values and Donald Trump quickly pivoted to 9/11 and its victims. Cruz was applauding within seconds.

Trump turning Cruz attacks on NYC liberals into a "why do you hate 9/11 victims?" was remarkably played. remarkable

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How killers got their guns

'Guns don't pull the trigger, people pull the trigger'

Both Jeb Bush and Donald Trump responded to a question about whether President Obama's recent executive actions on guns are reasonable with calls for more Congressional action on mental health. 

Marco Rubio said he'd defend the Second Amendment, not undermine it.

Marco Rubio

Ben Carson appeals for Republican unity

Ben Carson

Ben Carson inadvertently makes an Internet joke

Ben Carson was asked if Hillary Clinton is an "enabler of sexual misconduct". He responded by lamenting the state of discourse in the US, including comments on Internet articles.

If @RealBenCarson is able to reform internet comments, he’s got my vote #GOPDebate

.@RealBenCarson translation: Never read the comments. #GOPDebate