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  1. Post update

    This brings to an end our live coverage of the dramatic events in the Canadian capital Ottawa. Thanks for staying with us! You can still follow all the latest developments on this and other news stories on the BBC News website.

  2. Post update

    But the police add that the "operation continues on Parliament Hill and as such the Hill continues to be off limits to the public".

  3. Post update

    Canadian police say the downtown Ottawa "safety perimeter" has now been lifted. They say "there no longer exists a threat to public safety in the area".

  4. Post update

    Emma Loop, @OttawaCitizen

    tweets: Thousands of public servants caught up in security lockdown … #OttawaShooting #cdnpoli

  5. Post update

    The prime minister also says that the nation's "thoughts and prayers" are with Cpl Nathan Cirillo, who was shot and killed in Wednesday's attack.

  6. Post update

    But he stresses that "Canada will never be intimidated" and those responsible "will have no safe haven" on Canadian soil.

  7. Post update

    Mr Harper says the shootings on Wednesday and earlier this week in Quebec showed that "Canada is not immune to terrorist attacks".

  8. Post update

    Canadian PM Harper is now making a statement. He describes Wednesday's attack as "brutal and violent".

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    John Baird, Canada's Foreign Minister, tweets: Just spoke to @JohnKerry. My message: "This is why we're with you. This only makes our resolve stronger."

  10. Post update

    Australia's ABC News 24

    tweets: PM @TonyAbbottMHR says security has been increased in Canberra but no threat received #OttawaShooting #auspol

  11. Post update

    Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is due to make a statement shortly, reports say.

  12. Post update

    Image caption: The usually bustling ByWard Market was deserted during the day in downtown Ottawa
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    Pierre Chauvin, Ottawa tweets: TV Reporters are filing, everybody else is waiting around, not sure what to do #OttawaShooting

  14. Post update

    The Ottawa Hospital now says that "all three patients involved in today's incident have been discharged". It earlier said the patients "had minor, non-life threatening injuries".

  15. Get involved


    @OttawaCP tweets: Ottawa schools released from secure mode: School boards are following the lead of Ottawa police after Wednesday's shootings

  16. Post update

    Eyewitness Ameh Adas, an Ottawa student who filmed the aftermath of the shooting, tells the BBC that the area is normally "very busy at this time." He says that "government workers usually go for lunch, and the university is only two minutes away".

  17. Get involved


    Isabel Shore, Ottawa emails: I'm a first year student at the University of Ottawa. The University was placed in lockdown for about five hours. We're located a few blocks away, and it was a very stressful and confusing experience. Ottawa is my hometown, and yesterday I would never imagine ‎that such a thing could happen here. However, the twitter updates provided by the CBC (and the BBC) were incredibly helpful, seeing as I was stuck in an auditorium with no way of reaching the outside!

  18. Post update

    Ottawa Hospital has said that it received four patients from the shootings. It said they arrived at the hospital at 10:20, 10:37, 12:05, and 12:43 local time. It said that, apart from the first patient, they had minor, non-life threatening injuries and remain in hospital.

  19. Post update

    US officials say that Michael Zehaf-Bibeau was a 32-year-old Canadian citizen.

  20. BreakingBreaking News

    Canadian media quoting US and Canadian officials have identified the dead Ottawa gunman as Michael Zehaf-Bibeau.

  21. Post update

    Flowers at gate of John Weir Foote VC Armouries in Hamilton, Ontario. 22 Oct 2014
    Image caption: Flowers have been left at the gate of a military barracks in Hamilton, Ontario, where it is believed the soldier killed in Wednesday's shooting was based
  22. Post update

    Russ Siemens in Ottawa, Ontario

    tweets: First flag I have seen at half mast #Ottawa

  23. Post update

    Canadian media have named the soldier fatally shot at the war memorial as Cpl Nathan Cirillo. Canada's Globe and Mail spoke to a member of his family.

  24. Post update

    Just to recap on what we know: Shots were fired at two locations, the National War Memorial where a soldier was fatally injured, and in parliament where an attacker was killed in a gunfight. Police said reports of gunshots at a shopping centre proved to be false but parts of the city centre are still in lockdown and it is unclear if other suspects are at large.

  25. Post update

    Image supplied by Kashy_B of armed police in Ottawa. 22 Oct 2014

    This picture of armed police on a rooftop in central Ottawa was taken by Kashy_B who tells the BBC: "We're locked in and no-one can get in or out."

  26. 680News Toronto

    tweets: The Canadian National Anthem will play ahead of the Pittsburgh Penguins game tonight as a show of support for the tragic events today.

  27. Post update

    Police search building in Ottawa. 22 Oct 2014
    Image caption: These police officers are preparing to enter and search a building on the edge of the restricted zone in central Ottawa.
  28. Glenn Thibeault

    New Democrat MP for Sudbury & the National Caucus Chair

    tweets: Sgt at arms Kevin Vickers - nicest guy you'll ever meet. I am lucky to call him a friend. Today he is also our hero and we are 4evr grateful

  29. Post update

    Sergeant-at-Arms Kevin Vickers is pictured in the Senate chamber on Parliament Hill in Ottawa in this file photo from June 3, 2011
    Image caption: This file image from 2011 shows Sergeant-at-Arms Kevin Vickers in ceremonial costume in the Senate chamber on Parliament Hill

    Kevin Vickers, Sergeant-at-Arms in Canada's House of Commons, is being hailed as a hero after reportedly shooting the assailant in parliament. Justice Minister Peter MacKay tweeted: "Thank God for Sgt at Arms Kevin Vickers".

  30. Post update

    RCMP in Ottawa, Canada

    tweets: Anyone who has pics or videos of the sequence of events, surrounding today's shootings send to police at this link

  31. Post update

    Royal Canadian Mounted Police intervention team walks past a gate on Parliament Hill. 22 Oct 2014
    Image caption: Still a huge security presence in central Ottawa as police continue to search buildings
  32. Suzanne Anton

    Minister of Justice, British Columbia

    tweets: Condolences to the family of the fallen officer in #Ottawa. He was a hero who bravely stood in defence of our country and our freedoms

  33. Post update

    Police officers walk near downtown Ottawa. 22 October 2014
    Image caption: Armed police are still combing central Ottawa as the search for other possible gunmen continues
  34. Toronto Star bureau chief Robert Benzie


    Image of standing ovation in parliament

    tweets: A standing ovation for Ontario's Sergeant-at-Arms Dennis Clark, who keeps this chamber safe. #onpoli

  35. Christine Ackermann


    tweets: In centreblock. I can hear shouting "Police! Hands up!" In outside hallway #OttawaShooting

  36. Post update

    The White House says President Obama has spoken by phone to Prime Minister Harper "to express the American people's solidarity with Canada". It says President Obama condemned "these outrageous attacks" and offered any assistance Canada needed in responding to them.

  37. Post update

  38. Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Ontario


    tweet: #OttawaShooting situation is fluid and ongoing. Remain vigilant and aware.

  39. Post update

    Prime Minister Stephen Harper, making his first statement after the shooting, has described it as "a despicable attack". He says it is important for the government and parliament to continue to function.

  40. Post update

    The police press conference gave us very few new details. Still not clear if only one gunman involved.

  41. Post update

    Conservative Party caucus room is shown shortly after shooting began. 22 Oct 2014
    Image caption: This image shows the Conservative Party caucus room shortly after the shooting began, with chairs piled against the doors to act as a barricade
  42. Post update

    Canadian police say the attack "caught us by surprise". A spokesman said: "If we had known that this was coming we would have been able to disrupt it."

  43. Post update

    Police are refusing to say whether there was more than one gunman involved in Wednesday's shootings.

  44. Post update

    Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson says it is a "sad and tragic day for this city and the country".

  45. Post update

    An Ottawa police chief describes the situation as "dynamic and unfolding" and says "we are committed to providing answers as soon as possible".

  46. Post update

    Ottawa police looking for witnesses to come forward, press conference told.

  47. Post update

    Canadian police have said at a press conference that the situation is "fluid and ongoing".

  48. Post update

    Police say there is an "ongoing joint police operation and there is no one in custody at this time". It adds that Ottawa residents are "asked to stay away from the downtown area while the investigation continues."

  49. David Cameron, UK PM


    UK Prime Minister David Cameron has tweeted about today's events in Ottawa, saying: I'm appalled by today's attack in Ottawa. I offer my full support to @pmharper and the Canadian people as they deal with this incident.

  50. Post update

    In a statement, the RCMP says reports of an incident at the Rideau Centre were incorrect, but confirms the two other shooting incidents at the National War Memorial and in the parliament building.

  51. BreakingBreaking News

    The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) have confirmed that the soldier shot at the National War Memorial has died. One of the suspects has also been confirmed dead.

  52. Post update

    We are expecting police to hold a news conference in the next few minutes.

  53. Mark Day, 1310News, Ottawa


    Mark Day, 1310News, Ottawa tweets: #Toronto police Chief Bill Blair will speak @ 2:15pm on precautions being taken by Toronto police after shootings in #Ottawa

  54. Post update

    Police have set up checkpoints on several roads out of Ottawa. There were earlier reports that a gunman may have fled the scene on a motorbike but we've had no confirmation of that. Amer Adas, an Ottawa resident, captured his journey through one such checkpoint in a short video.

  55. Jessie Inman, CEO Confederation Centre of the Arts, Prince Edward Island


    Jessie Inman, CEO Confederation Centre of the Arts tweets: In Ottawa @ Westin Hotel watching events unfold #OttawaShooting So sad solider guarding our war memorial died @CBCPEI @PEIGuardian @CBCNews

  56. Add to the debate


    Robert Gagnon emails: Still in lock down in government defence building two blocks east of Rideau Centre shooting location. No news in the last two hours. Eerily quiet. Not allowed in or out. Streets are empty.

  57. Get involved

    Harry Adams

    tweets: @BBC_HaveYourSay Terrible tragedy in progress in #Ottawa #Canada. Much respect to the people involved. Stay safe

  58. Post update

    According to a cabinet minister, the shooting in the parliament building happened while Prime Minister Harper was addressing the cabinet. The unnamed minister told Reuters news agency the gunshots were "right outside out caucus door".

    Officials confirmed Mr Harper made it safely out of the building shortly after the incident.

  59. Post update

    The parliament building remains under lockdown at the moment, with a number of government employees and journalists still inside. Police have told those inside to keep doors locked and stay away from the windows.

  60. Post update

  61. Post update

    Local media say members of the Canadian Armed Forces have been told to stay out of uniforms in public unless they are on active duty.

  62. Send us your comments


    Kirsty Fyfe in Ottawa emails: I am currently in the HI Ottawa Jail Hostel on Nicholas St. We are right across from the Rideau Centre which has been closed off. All hostellers currently in the building have been brought down to the bar to stay together. Looking out the windows, the streets are really quiet. Scary times in Canada's capital.

  63. Post update

    Prime Minister Harper's press secretary has released a photograph of Canada's leader being briefed by police commissioner Bob Paulson.

    Prime Minister Harper being briefed by the RCMP commissioner Bob Paulson
  64. Post update

    To recap, police have confirmed three shootings in Ottawa today. The incidents were at the National War Memorial, the parliament building and the Rideau Centre. The three sites are in close proximity in downtown Ottawa.

    Map of Ottawa showing locations of shooting incidents - 22 October 2014
  65. Get involved

    Tweet: @BBC_HaveYourSay


    tweets: #Canada has some immensely brave soldiers. My heart goes out to all involved. #Ottowa #Parliament #StaySafeOttawa

  66. Naheed Henshi, Mayor of Calgary


    The Mayor of Calgary, Naheed Henshi tweets: My thoughts and prayers, and those of all Canadians, with everyone in Ottawa and the brave women and men of our armed forces today.

  67. Post update

    A spokesman for the Ottawa hospital has confirmed that it has received three patients related to today's shootings. It says two of them are in stable condition, but makes no mention of the soldier who was shot and is thought to have died.

  68. Have your say


    Elizabeth Sanford in Ottawa emails: The huge government complex directly across the river from Parliament, Place du Portage, has been in complete lock down for a while too. Around 10:25 am EDT, about 5 or 6 black SUVs flew by Place du Portage coming across the bridge from the Ottawa side. I would guess that was Stephen Harper.

  69. Get involved

    Joffrey Lupul

    tweets: Surreal scene outside of our hotel right now. Lot of very brave police officers we should all be very proud of.

  70. BreakingBreaking News

    Canadian MPs say the government has confirmed the death of the soldier who was shot at the war memorial.

    Tweet from Canadian MP
    Tweet from Canadian MP
  71. Get involved


    Mark Brooks in Ottawa emails: I work for the Canadian Dept of Finance and our building is located one block from where the shooting took place. We are in lockdown and no-one is allowed to leave. Bridges to Quebec are also closed and the streets outside are eerily quiet with only police patrolling with guns drawn. Apparently there is still one gunman on the loose. Most unusual for what is ordinarily a sleepy government town. Is it just a one-off or should we expect more of this in the future now that Canada (with its allies) has committed to engage in the fight against ISIS?

  72. Post update

    Today's events in Ottawa come after the Canadian government raised the country's terror threat level from low to medium, saying it was in response to "general chatter" online from extremist groups. The move came after a Canadian soldier was killed earlier this week after being hit by a car driven by a Muslim convert, who was shot and killed by police shortly afterwards.

  73. Elizabeth Payne, Ottawa Citizen


    tweets: Two injured patients arriving at ottawa hospital emerg. One with gunshot wounds both stable. Armed police outside entrance

  74. Post update

    A spokesman for Ottawa's police force has confirmed to CBC that they are looking for multiple suspects. He said no-one was under arrest at the moment, adding that he was unable to confirm whether or not one or more gunmen had been shot.

  75. Post update

    BBC security correspondent Frank Gardner says there have so far been no claims of responsibility on jihadist websites for today's shooting attack in Ottawa.

  76. Post update

    Just to be clear, all three sites involved - the National War Memorial, parliament and the shopping mall - are within less than a mile from each other.

  77. Post update

    Witness Alain Merizier, a waiter in the parliament building, told the BBC a car stopped close to the building and a man got out of the driver's seat holding a long gun. "So he held the long gun, he ran away... he went inside to the parliament and then I heard one shot and that's when I saw the RCMP [Royal Canadian Mounted Police] officer running after him."

  78. Post update

    Witnesses are saying they saw people fleeing parliament by scrambling down scaffolding that had been put up for renovations.

  79. Post update

    Craig Scott

    Canadian politician

    tweets: MPs and Hill staff owe their safety, even lives, to Sergeant at Arms Kevin Vickers who shot attacker just outside the MPs' caucus rooms.

  80. Post update

    Armed police approach Centre Block on Parliament Hill, Ottawa. 22 Oct 2014
    Image caption: These armed police are seen approaching Centre Block on Parliament Hill, Ottawa
  81. Post update

    We are still waiting for news on the condition of the soldier shot at the war memorial in Ottawa. Alex Boutilier, a reporter for the Toronto Star, said a worker at the city's main hospital told him the soldier was still receiving treatment.

  82. Post update

    Josh Wingrove

    Reporter for the Globe and Mail

    tweets: We are hearing banging in the Parliament building but security very calm. Sounds like maybe battering rams being used to open doors.

  83. Jennifer Ditchburn, Reporter, Ottawa


    tweets: The eerie scene at Rideau and Sussex. See photo

  84. Post update

    Prime Minister Stephen Harper is understood to have cancelled his public events for the day, including a meeting with Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai, who is in Toronto to receive honorary Canadian citizenship. Mr Harper is due to make a statement later today.

  85. Post update

    Darrell Keezer took this picture:

    Ottawa shooting
  86. Post update

    Kady O'Malley

    CBC reporter

    tweets: Chateau Laurier [a hotel close to the Rideau Centre], surrounded by police, who just ordered us off the roof

    She adds: Judging from the warning we just got, it sounds like the police think at least one potential threat is still around

  87. Get involved


    Nichola Loudiadis: Hello, I'm a student who goes to a high school in Ottawa. Currently every building (stores, hotels, schools) in the downtown Ottawa area have been put into a pseudo lockdown. At our own school we have been put into 'secure school' which states that no-one is to leave the building until further notice.

  88. Post update

    Police appear to be trying to secure the area around the Rideau Centre after reports of gunshots there earlier. Vassy Kapelos, a journalist with Canada's Global National radio station, tweets: Total pandemonium near rideau centre. Police screaming for everyone to leave - we are.

  89. Get involved

    Tweet: @BBC_HaveYourSay

    @brenthazelton tweets: Just witnessed them load the shooter in an ambulance with a white sheet pulled over him. #shooter #cdnpoli

  90. Post update

    Heavily armed officers are still conducting building to building searches in the area around parliament. A number of parliament employees and journalists remain in lockdown inside the building following the exchange of fire earlier.

    Armed RCMP officers on patrol close to the parliament building after the shooting incident - 22 October 2014
  91. Mia Rabson, Parliamentary Bureau Chief, Winnipeg Free Press, Ottawa


    tweets: Downtown mall in Ottawa, the Rideau Centre, a few blocks east of Parliament Hill, is now in lockdown. #bn

  92. Post update

    Armed police guard access to Parliament Hill. 22 Oct 2014
    Image caption: Armed police are guarding the access to Parliament Hill in Ottawa
  93. Post update

    Dave Bradley

    Journalist at Newstalk1010

    tweets: Ottawa Police now confirming a 3rd shooting. This one at the Rideau Centre Mall. No word on injuries at that one. The Rideau shopping centre is close to the other two confirmed shooting incidents, at the parliament building and the war memorial.

  94. Get involved


    Ian Chandler: I'm in lockdown at my school & lunch has been cancelled. My dad is downtown in the building across the street from the shooting at the war memorial.

  95. Get involved

    Tweet: @BBC_HaveYourSay

    @rohozinski tweets: Police have now cleared area as far back as Albert Street. More technical teams arriving. See photo

  96. Post update

    Lauren Dobson-Hughes, who is in the area, tweets: Police have confirmed they're looking for 'multiple shooters'. Unclear if this is two, including the dead one, or three

  97. Get involved

    Tweet: @BBC_HaveYourSay

    @Adamyk tweets: The fact that there's no new updates on suspect number #2 leads me believe I'll be locked in here for a long time. #OttawaShooting

  98. Post update

    Ottawa map
    Image caption: An aerial view of central Ottawa where the shootings have taken place
  99. Richard Madan, Parliamentary Journalist with CTV National News, Ottawa


    tweets: More police vehicles racing up to Confed Building. #cdnpoli. See photo

  100. LiVE 88.5 FM, Ottawa


    tweets: Reports coming in there could be as many as FIVE active shooters involved.

  101. Post update

    To recap, at the moment we understand that a gunman has been shot dead inside the parliament building in Ottawa. This followed a soldier being shot near the war memorial close to parliament. The soldier was pictured being treated at the scene, but it's unclear what his condition is. There are also reports that there could be more gunmen still in the area. Police are understood to be expanding the area under lockdown in the city.

  102. Get involved

    Tweet: @BBC_HaveYourSay

    @allen_26er tweets: My office is on lockdown. One shooter is still on the loose downtown.

  103. Post update

    Police take cover outside parliament in Ottawa. 22 Oct 2014
    Image caption: Armed police and an armoured vehicle are seen outside parliament in Ottawa
  104. BreakingBreaking News

    Local media are now reporting that one gunman was killed after being shot in the parliament building.

  105. Get involved

    Tweet: @BBC_HaveYourSay

    @brenthazelton tweets: Apparently the second shooter is down. #parliamenthill #shooter #cdnpoli

  106. Get involved

    Tweet: @BBC_HaveYourSay

    @BariLeia a student at Ottawa university tweets: I'm scared. Can hear sirens everywhere.

  107. Bill Curry, Journalist in Ottawa


    tweets: Police have moved the crowd further east away from Hill. Situation appears tense. See photo

  108. Get involved


    David Palmer: All government buildings in the capital are under lockdown.

  109. Get involved

    Tweet: @BBC_HaveYourSay

    @crimegarden tweets: Police have been ordered to track two more possible suspects, one fleeing on foot near Chateau, the other on motorbike. Ottawa

  110. Get involved


    Marianne Lampon: I'm a University of Ottawa student and the university has been in contact with every student very efficiently notifying us about the shooting and we have since received messages informing us the campus is on lockdown. I am at home at the moment but I have friends on campus who are saying that lights have been turned off and no-one is allowed in or out of buildings, blinds have been drawn and any possible doors locked.

  111. Get involved

    Tweet: @BBC_HaveYourSay

    tweets: Someone skimmed by bullet on Queen Street, downtown. Could have been from original shooting near War Memorial.

  112. Post update

    There are reports now that police may be involved in a high-speed chase with one of the suspected gunmen, although this is unconfirmed.

  113. Laura Stone, Online politics reporter for @globalnews in Ottawa


    tweets: Global News cameraman reporting shots fired by Chateau Laurier hotel #ottawa

  114. Maria McRae, City Councillor in Ottawa


    tweets: On my way to my car and was asked by the police to take shelter. #ottawa

  115. Post update

    One witness has spoken to AFP news agency describing what appears to be the moment captured in the Globe and Mail video. Marc-Andre Viau, who works at the parliament, said he saw a man run into a caucus meeting in the building, chased by police who yelled "take cover". That was followed by "10, 15, maybe 20 shots," possibly from an automatic weapon, he said.

  116. Susan Ormiston, CBC Senior Correspondent


    tweets: One shooter shot dead inside centre block #ottawa HofC suspect others still on the loose more shots fired #cbc

  117. Post update

    The Globe and Mail have published video of the moment one of the gunmen entered the parliament building, showing an exchange of fire. Police patrolling the building appear to come across a gunman and several bursts of gunfire can be heard after one loud shot.

  118. Stuart Barnable, Liberal Senate staffer, Ottawa


    tweets: Guy was 5ft 9-10ins, overweight, black jacket and a long rifle. He had a scarf covering his face and headed toward the common lawn #cdnpoli

  119. Post update

    Canada's CBC news network is reporting that there could be two to three gunmen in the area. They've been told that parliament's sergeant at arms shot one of the shooters dead but that is unconfirmed.

  120. Post update

    Josh Wingrove

    Reporter for the Globe and Mail

    tweets: We are still in lockdown here in Parliament's Centre Block. The building appears to still be under a search, officers with guns drawn

  121. Post update

    Armed police officers head towards Langevin Block on Parliament Hill following shooting. 22 Oct 2014
    Image caption: Heavily armed Canadian police are on the streets around Parliament Hill
  122. Gerry Byrne, MP on lockdown


    Ottawa shooting
  123. Post update

    There are reports that a gunman may have been shot by police inside the parliament building but as yet we have no confirmation of this. At the moment, police appear to be going from building to building in the area.

  124. Post update

    John Ivison

    Columnist at the National Post

    tweets: Eyewitness who saw shooting at Cenotaph from his office says youngish (30) Caucasian male, with black and white headscarf around his head..

    He adds: ...fired three shots, two from point blank range into soldier guarding Cenotaph. Then he raised his rifle and shouted something.

  125. Bill Curry, Journalist in Ottawa

    @curryb tweets: Officers ducked down behind police car east of War Memorial. See photo

  126. Post update

    Canadian police are warning residents of Ottawa to stay away from windows and roofs after the shooting

  127. Post update

    Armed police guard residence of Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper. 22 Oct 2014
    Image caption: Armed police are on high alert at the residence of Prime Minister Stephen Harper
  128. Gerry Byrne, MP on lockdown

    @Gerry_Byrne tweets: Can't do any interviews. We are in lock down. Staying silent until lock down ended. Security forces aware of where I am.

  129. Gerry Byrne, MP on lockdown


    Ottawa shooting
  130. Post update

    Kim Mackrael

    Reporter for the Globe and Mail

    tweets: MP Maurice Vellacott was giving a tour for students on Parliament Hill. Heard explosion. He's out. Some of group still on lockdown inside.

  131. Post update

    At the moment it remains unclear as to whether there is one gunman involved or two.

    Witnesses said they saw a man armed with a rifle running to the parliament building after the shooting but some local media are reporting that there may have been a second gunman as well.

  132. Get involved

    Tweet: @BBC_HaveYourSay

    @BariLeia, a student who works as a political staffer, tweets:

    Ottawa shooting
  133. Post update

    Gunshots can still be heard in the area according to reporters in Ottawa. Lauren Dobson-Hughes, who is in the area, tweets: Multiple shots fired again, seemingly from Chateau Laurier, next to Parliament and in front of the War Memorial.

  134. Post update

    Wounded soldier taken away. 22 Oct 2014
    Image caption: This wounded person at the war memorial was whisked away by ambulance
  135. Post update

    The Royal Canadian Mounted Police tweets: #RCMP advises if you are in downtown Ottawa to stay away from windows and off roofs due to ongoing police incident.

  136. Post update

    Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is understood to have left the building safely as police converged on the area.

  137. Post update

    Ottawa war memorial
    Image caption: This was the scene at the war memorial shortly after the shooting
  138. Post update

    The gunman was said to have been seen running towards parliament nearby and the building has been placed on lockdown.

  139. Post update

    To recap, several shots have been fired at the war memorial in Ottawa and a soldier is reported to have been wounded.

  140. Post update

    Welcome to our live coverage of the shooting near parliament in Ottawa. We'll bring you the latest as it happens.