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  1. Channel Islands weather: Dry with some patchy cloud

    BBC Weather

    A dry Friday night with clear spells and variable cloud, with a gentle northeasterly breeze persisting throughout.

    Minimum Temperature: 14 to 17C (57 to 63F).

    A dry and largely settled Saturday with plenty of sunny spells and occasional patchy cloud. A gentle easterly breeze. Turning a touch warmer.

    Maximum Temperature: 16 to 21C (61 to 70F).

  2. Health services move to surgeries welcomed by Jersey GPs

    BBC Radio Jersey

    Jersey GPs have welcomed plans to move many health services, currently offered at the hospital, into their surgeries.

    The move has been suggested following a wholesale review of the way healthcare is provided in the island - as part of work to build the new hospital.

    Ministers will be asked to agree to the proposals next month.

    GP at work
    Quote Message: If that happens, there will need to be an infrastructure change. Currently, for example, GPs put together 45% - 55% of everything they earn into their infrastructure. So that's the buildings, lighting, IT - that sort of stuff - and staff. If we're going to increase our staff and the management that goes around that, there will be consideration required to make sure that work can safely go out." from Dr Nigel Minihane Represents GPs in Jersey
    Dr Nigel MinihaneRepresents GPs in Jersey
  3. Guernsey housing complete for people with autism

    BBC Radio Guernsey

    A number of local people with autism who are currently being cared for in the UK will be able to return to Guernsey to live independently.

    The Housing Association has finished 20 flats and eight bungalows designed for people with the condition.

    They have been specifically designed to look and feel like normal houses but with design features that will make life easier or less stressful for those with autism.

    Autism tiles

    Located opposite the Vale Douzaine Hall, they'll have externally accessible utilities to stop tenants being disturbed by workmen, and assistive technology to keep them safe.

    There's also a sensory garden and sensory gym on-site to provide stimulation and activity.

    Called Le Vieux Jardin, it's been built jointly funded by the Housing Association, the Committee for Health and Social Care and Employment and Social Security.

  4. No-deal Brexit commodity shortages 'not anticipated'

    Hayley Westcott

    BBC News Online

    EU and Union Jack flags

    It is not anticipated there will be a shortage of any particular commodity in Guernsey in the event of a no-deal Brexit, Policy and Resources has said.

    Guernsey is continuing to work with UK ports to protect against potential disruption to supply after the release of a document the UK government said represents a "reasonable worst case scenario".

    In a statement, the department said it is working closely with the UK Department for Health and Social Care, to make sure the island’s needs are factored in to their contingency plans, which are "wide-ranging".

    "In addition to this, the Committee for Health and Social Care has reviewed its own supply chains to ensure that they are as robust as possible lines ahead of 31 October," it said.

    "It is worthy of note that shortages of supply in the UK is not a new challenge and already forms part of business as usual operations."

  5. Guernsey Airport walkway closed after roof panel failure

    Hayley Westcott

    BBC News Online

    Guernsey Airport has temporarily closed a section of its walkway after a failure of one of the roof panels earlier this summer.

    Orders for the replacement of the entire roof section on both the east and west walkways are about to be placed - following approval of a quotation from local suppliers.

    General manager Colin Le Ray said the works should be complete before the end of the year enabling the closed section of walkway to be reopened.

    He added the issue was limited to the eastern end of the east walkway, which is less often used by aircraft as it is further from the terminal.

    Guernsey Airport
  6. Durrell working to protect endangered species of frog

    BBC Radio Jersey

    Jersey charity Durrell says its work to protect an endangered species of frog could change the way amphibians are cared for across the globe.

    The conservation trust is working with Zoological Society London on solar powered smart ponds that protect chicken frogs from a deadly fungus.

    They've released 27 chicken frogs into a semi-wild enclosure - the first of its kind - to their native home of Montserrat.

    If it's successful, it could be applied to help save hundreds of other species around the world affected by the fungus.

    chicken frog
  7. New discrimination legislation disability aspect 'fears'

    BBC Radio Guernsey

    The president of the Committee for Employment and Social Security says disability is the aspect of new discrimination proposals that businesses are most concerned about.

    Michelle Le Clerc says some of the worries are around the potential costs involved in plans to ensure equality for everyone on the island.

    She says she's determined to bring the plans to the States in the form of a policy letter this term.

    Document cover
    Quote Message: Businesses see the appropriate adjustment part as being hugely expensive. I think that is where some of the fear is coming and why the questions in the majority have been around the disability part of the legislation work." from Deputy Michelle Le Clerc President for Employment and Social Security
    Deputy Michelle Le ClercPresident for Employment and Social Security
  8. 'Large number' of Jersey islanders donating blood

    BBC Radio Jersey

    Jersey could soon supply blood products to the rest of the Channel Islands thanks to the "large number" of islanders who donate blood.

    Jersey only needs to import specialist products - with Jersey donors supplying the rest.

    It's used for life-saving treatment in emergencies and for blood cancer patients.

    It means the 400-500 people with blood cancers in the islands can be treated promptly at home.

    Dr Effie Liakopoulou, consultant haematologist and associate medical director at Jersey General Hospital, says an on-island blood product donation is "essential" to the survival of Jersey patients.

    Giving blood
  9. Alternative strategy to redevelop Bath Street revealed

    BBC Radio Jersey

    Artwork of alternative plan

    Heritage campaigners in Jersey say it would be easy to restore two traditional regency buildings as part of the redevelopment of Bath Street.

    Save Jersey's Heritage (SJH) have criticised plans by Le Masurier to build a Premier Inn hotel and apartments near the former Odeon site because it includes knocking down the two buildings.

    The group has come up with its own strategy - fitting in the hotel and 145 flats and restoring the buildings.

    The current application for the £70m project is due to be considered by the planning committee on 26 September.

    SJH President, Marcus Binney, said: ‘When we oppose a development of this type - whose design and massing we think is totally inappropriate for Jersey - we try to come up with an alternative."

  10. Jersey to look across Europe for hospital building team

    BBC Radio Jersey

    Jersey ministers will look across Europe for a company to build the island's new hospital.

    They won't announce where the hospital will be built until this time next year, but they'll begin looking for construction partners in January.

    Deputy Hugh Raymond, speaking for the hospital project team, says the net is being cast "far and wide".

    "We’ve never built anything for £500m in Jersey," he said.

    "It’s not going to be local companies involved in the building of it but hopefully we’ll get a lot of our smaller companies that are sub contractors involved – so it could go wide right across Europe."

    Meanwhile, Mr Raymond says many services are likely to be moved out of the hospital and into GP surgeries - under radical changes to the structure of the island's health system.

    Ministers will discuss those changes next month.

  11. Channel Islands weather: A cloudy start, sunshine later

    BBC Weather

    A mostly cloudy start with the chance of the odd patch of drizzle.

    Brighter spells are expected later. Highs of 19C (66F).


    Jersey weather


    Guernsey weather
  12. Guernsey working with UK ports for no-deal Brexit

    BBC Radio Guernsey

    Guernsey is continuing to work with UK ports to protect against potential disruption to supply in the event of a no-deal Brexit, according to a senior politician.

    Operation Yellowhammer is a document that the UK government said represents a "reasonable worst case scenario" of a no-deal Brexit.

    The document reveals there could be protests, food and medicine shortages as well as delays at ports in the English Channel in the event that the UK leaves the EU without a deal.


    The Vice President of Policy and Resources, Deputy Lyndon Trott, said the report doesn't present any surprises, but reaffirms the importance of the island's preparations which "continue to be reviewed and updated".

    He said measures are being taken to mitigate the risk of delays to the island's supply chain including working closely with the regional authorities in the UK as well as ferry and freight operators.