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  1. Updates from Tuesday 8 May until Friday 11 May 2018

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  1. Electric bicycle budget spent in less than a month

    Del Crookes

    BBC News Online

    Funding set aside for Guernsey's electric cycle subsidy has been exhausted less than a month after the campaign was launched.

    The Committee for the Environment and Infrastructure said 366 electric cycles had been bought using the scheme.

    Electric bike

    Under the system, islanders could claim a 25% discount on the purchase of a bike worth up to £1,500 - with 20% coming from the States and 5% from retailers.

    £100,000 was put towards the scheme, which launched on 16 April.

    It was part of the new integrated transport strategy, which aims to encourage islanders to make more environmentally-friendly transport choices.

  2. Weather: Cloud and rain with some sun on Sunday

    BBC Weather

    Mostly cloudy this evening and before midnight with some patchy light rain or drizzle possible.

    It will then become dry after midnight with some clear spells developing.

    Minimum Temperature: 7 to 11C (45 to 52F).

    Weather map

    On Saturday it is expected to be a rather cloudy day.

    There is the chance of some showery rain but this could remain to the east, so there is some uncertainty.

    Maximum Temperature: 9 to 12C (48 to 54F).

    There will be some sunny spells on Sunday, but there will be a chance of showers too.

    Some of the showers may be heavy. Sunday night should be dry though.

  3. States' tradition not followed by minister

    Chris Quevatre

    BBC News Online

    A tradition of Jersey's outgoing politicians where messages are left inside desk draws has been criticised by the infrastructure minister.

    Deputy Eddie Noel posted pictures of previous messages on Twitter, adding that politicians are "not school children".

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    I'm suddenly tempted to leave "Chris woz ere" scattered all over BBC Local Live...

  4. Jersey Festival of Words looks to save local language

    BBC Radio Jersey

    The Jersey Festival of Words is launching a new project to preserve Jersey's native language.

    The Jersey Song Project will use music to try to keep Jerriais alive.

    Jersey musicians and speakers of the language are being encouraged to write songs to be performed at the Jersey Festival of Words later this year.

    Organiser Kit Ashton says Jerriais is now a "critically endangered" language and music is one of the "most powerful" ways to keep a language alive.

  5. Muratti advice issued by Guernsey Police

    Chris Quevatre

    BBC News Online

    Guernsey Police have issued security advice for fans travelling to Jersey for tomorrow's Muratti final.

    There's nothing hugely surprising in there, the main message seems to be that smoke grenades won't be allowed.

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  6. Le Bourgeois moves to Wasps

    Brent Pilnick

    BBC Sport

    Jersey's Michael Le Bourgeois is to join top Premiership side Wasps this summer.

    Michael Le Bourgeois

    The 27-year-old fly-half, who has spent the past five years at Bedford, was recently named Championship Player of the Year.

    In 2011 he became the first local player to sign a professional deal at St Peter and went on to play 110 games for the club.

  7. Mount Row reopens soon...

    Chris Quevatre

    BBC News Online

    Mount Row will reopen at 16:00 this afternoon, but Kings Road remains closed until late on Monday...

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  8. Guernsey referendum: No campaign group applications

    Chris Quevatre

    BBC News Online

    Nobody has come forward to lead a campaign group for Guernsey's first referendum, due to take place this year.

    Despite applications being open for almost a month, no one has volunteered to lead a campaign for any of the five options for the referendum on island-wide voting.

    Vote options

    Deputy Lindsay De Sausmarez, who sits on the committee responsible for organising the referendum, is encouraging anyone with an interest to apply before the deadline in two week's time.

  9. BBC Weather Watchers: Gorse and blue skies

    BBC Weather Watchers

    Weather watcher
  10. Over 50s Muratti will be competitive 'from start to finish'

    Chris Quevatre

    BBC News Online

    The first ever Over 50's Muratti takes place at Springfield Stadium in Jersey this evening.

    In a big fund-raising push, money is being raised for both the Guernsey and Jersey Cheshire Homes, who provide care for some of the Channel Islands' most physically disabled people.

    Guernsey team

    Paul Ockleford, a director on the board of the Guernsey Cheshire Home, believes the game will be competitive from start to finish.

    Quote Message: The discussion all week has been that it's a friendly match that we should play with a smile and enjoy, but I'm sure with the shirts on your back when you step over the line that might change." from Paul Ockleford Guernsey player and Director of Guernsey Cheshire Homes
    Paul OcklefordGuernsey player and Director of Guernsey Cheshire Homes

    Kick off is at 18:30.

  11. New social media accounts give 'clarity' on referendum

    Edward Rowe

    BBC Radio Guernsey

    New social media accounts promoting the island's first referendum should provide clarity on what the five available options mean, according to one of the politicians behind the move.

    Deputy Lindsay De Sausmarez said the accounts on Facebook and Twitter would provide impartial information on the referendum.

    She is also hoping that increased publicity of the referendum could encourage campaign groups to form.

    Quote Message: The first thing we're really focusing on is the formation of campaign groups because we've only got two weeks to go until the deadline for applications. If you would like to form or join a campaign group then now is the time to be looking at that. If anyone feels strongly about any of the particular options they really need to consider whether they'd be willing to campaign for it." from Deputy Lindsay De Sausmarez States Assembly and Constitution Commission
    Deputy Lindsay De SausmarezStates Assembly and Constitution Commission

    More information on the referendum on 10 October:

  12. Younger voters would make UK politicians 'more accountable'

    Chris Quevatre

    BBC News Online

    Giving 16 year olds the right to vote in the UK would mean politicians are more accountable to young people, according to a member of the Guernsey Youth Forum.

    MPs in the UK are being asked today whether legislation should lower the voting age from 18.

    Guernsey lowered the voting age to 16 in 2007 - Pieter Durman says the UK should follow its lead.

    Quote Message: Sixteen-year-olds legally have a lot of rights. They can pay tax, they can have children, they can join the military. I think if you have those legal rights then you should have the right to vote. Once you have the right to vote you are the constituents of the politicians, and they are accountable to you." from Pieter Durman Guernsey Youth Forum
    Pieter DurmanGuernsey Youth Forum
  13. Can you spot all the signs?

    Chris Quevatre

    BBC News Online

    A public art project consisting of 10 motivational signs will soon be installed around St Peter Port.

    "Notes to Islanders" will be running during Mental Health Awareness Week - starting 14 May.

    The signs are intended to "provide an important platform for discussion surrounding mental health on the island and ultimately to help brighten up someone's day".


    There are 10 signs in total, all designed by Sian Jones - a contemporary artist from Guernsey who is based in London.

  14. 8% of Jersey's school children hit in last three weeks

    BBC Radio Jersey

    A survey in Jersey has found 8% of the island's school children said they'd been hit more than three times in the last four weeks.

    The survey of 1,000 pupils by Jersey's Children's Commissioner found children as young as three said bullying was a reason for them not liking school or nursery.

    Deborah McMillan, from the JCC, said they've been very clear what they want from the new government.

    Quote Message: Eighty young people at secondary age said that in the previous four weeks they've been hit by other pupils more than three times at school. Now imagine if that was you in your workplace - it's just not acceptable. So I think there's a lot that we can do to listen to children's voices, find out what that feels like at school for them, and then work up some solutions." from Deborah McMillan Jersey Children's Commission
    Deborah McMillanJersey Children's Commission
  15. Hospitality industry wants delay on migration policy vote

    Chris Quevatre

    BBC News Online

    Jersey's next chief minister is being urged by the hospitality industry to wait until more is known about the impact of Brexit before committing to a new migration policy.

    The Jersey public head to the polls on 16 May for their general election, so the identity of the next chief minister is currently unknown.

    The Jersey Hospitality Association wants the next man or woman in the role to delay any decision until after Brexit arrangements are "fully settled".

    Proposals that were lodged in the States at the end of 2017 included introducing 10-month work permits for seasonal or temporary workers and up to four years for year-round employment.

    It was initially going to be debated in March, but the current Chief Minister Ian Gorst delayed the vote until June.

  16. Bike shop runs out of subsidised e-bikes

    Chris Quevatre

    BBC News Online

    A local bike shop has sold out of the electric bikes that were subsidised by the States of Guernsey.

    The States ran a trial scheme to try and increase the amount of people using electric bikes.

    Under the system, introduced on 16 April, islanders could claim a 25% discount on the purchase of a bike worth up to £1,500 - with 20% coming from the States and 5% from retailers.

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  17. Rich List: Big names in the top 10

    Chris Quevatre

    BBC News Online

    So, Roman Abramovich is top of the pile for the Channel Islands, ahead of the Barclay brothers, who have been knocked down to second place.

    Other big names in the top 10 include Sir Philip and Lady Green - residents of Jersey.

    Sir Philip is Chairman of the Arcadia group, which owns retailers like Topshop, Topman, Burton and Dorothy Perkins. He was in second place last year, but now finds himself in fourth and losing £787m.

    We'll assume he didn't lose it down the back of the sofa.

    Sir Philip Green

    Another recognisable name on the list is Guernsey resident Steve Lansdown. Mr Lansdown is the owner of Bristol City Football Club, Bristol Rugby and the Bristol Flyers, a basketball team based in - you guessed it - Bristol.

    He also founded the financial services firm Hargreaves Lansdown. Mr Lansdown had a very successful year, with his fortune rising by £240m to a total of £1.72bn.

    Steve Lansdown

    Bristol City fans will be hoping they can afford Lionel Messi now...