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  1. Guernsey's harbour will be redeveloped
  2. Jersey's civil servants spend almost £2m on payment cards in a year
  3. Jersey parish constables won't support States rate plans
  4. Guernsey's L'Ancresse wall to be taken down
  5. Guernsey Brexit policy letter up for debate
  6. Updates on Friday 29 September 2017

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  2. Weather: A cooler night before bright spells and showers

    BBC Weather

    We will see a cooler night than of late tonight, with showers, a few heavy, feeding in from the south west. The winds will gradually ease inland too.

    Minimum temperature: 14C (57F).


    Saturday will see a mix of brighter spells and scattered showers during the day. However, the skies will turn increasingly cloudy overnight with more persistent rain developing, which will be heavy at times.

    Maximum temperature: 17C (63F).

  3. Jersey's economic report for 2016: A summary

    Rob England

    BBC News Online

    The States of Jersey Statistics Unit has published figures which measure Jersey's economy in 2016.

    Overall, the report says:

    • The average standard of living declined in 2016 by 0.3%, because the total economic output was lower than the increase in residents and is 18% lower than in 2007. This figure is known as the gross value added (GVA)
    • GVA per head of population in Jersey in 2016 was £40,200 per person. That's the amount of money the island makes minus the population, divided by the population
    • The GVA figure for Jersey is 53% greater than in the UK
    • The gross domestic product (GDP), ie: total value of all the goods and services produced by the island, grew by 1% in 2016, to £4.11bn
    • Labour productivity, ie: the value an hour of labour has in Jersey, declined
    • Non-finance sectors productivity, ie: the amount of money produced, remained essentially the same, but has declined by 5% since 2007
    • The finance sector saw productivity decrease by 3%, but has declined by 32% since 2007
    • Overall, since 2007, productivity in all sectors has fallen by 22%, but is still 3% higher than 1998
  4. Portuguese man-of-war spotted at Ouaisne

    Cameron Ward

    BBC Radio Jersey

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    The jellyfish-like creatures have been spotted around the UK recently, including in Blackpool Sands and at several other locations in Devon, Cornwall and Wales.

    People should not touch them, experts said, as they could still sting when out of the water.

    The NHS recommends using tweezers or a clean stick, and gloves if possible, to remove man-of-war tentacles.

    If symptoms become more severe, or a sensitive part of the body has been stung, people should seek medical help.

  5. Bowls: Guernsey pair retain European title

    BBC Sport

    Matt Le Ber and Matt Solway

    Matt Le Ber and Matt Solway have retained the European pairs title as Guernsey is awarded the 2019 European Team Championships.

    They finished top of the standings after seven matches to repeat their gold medal triumph in Israel in 2015.

    Jackie Nicolle and Lucy Beere were fourth in the ladies event, and Guernsey also finished fifth in the mixed pairs to claim overall silver.

    Meanwhile, the island has been chosen to host the next championships in 2019.

    "I am so delighted our progress over the last few years," said 2019 event co-ordinator Garry Collins.

  6. L'Ancresse wall removal: Reaction

    Simon Fairclough

    Guernsey Political Reporter

    L'Ancresse sea wall

    Politicians in Guensey's States have approved removing part of the wall at the east end of L'Ancresse Bay.

    Deputy Barry Brehaut, president of the committee behind approved plans to remove a section of the L'Ancresse East sea wall, said he was "pleased" but not "overjoyed" by the decision, as it will the result in the removal of a family-run kiosk.

    "I was pleased to get it through because I think it's absolutely the right thing to do," he said.

    "But you can't feel overjoyed with a decision like this because there's a family with a business. They wanted a different outcome, and, for them, we'll rebuild the facilities with a public-private partnership, and that wasn't the outcome they were looking for."

    "Over the long-term, this is a good decision because the volume we'd have to spend on any repaired wall would be a huge amount of money."

  7. Manche Iles Express shows interest in inter-island ferry

    BBC Radio Jersey

    Another ferry company, Manche Iles Express, has put forward interest in running a Jersey to Guernsey inter-island ferry route financially backed by both governments.

    Condor Ferries has already said it would be interested, as has Guernsey-based company Bumblebee Boat Cruises.

    Manche Iles Express is part-funded by a regional French government.

    The provider said it had already been operating a Normandy to Channel Islands service since 2005, and, should a tender be put out, it would be prepared to double the amount of crossings between April and September to 86.

    Manche Iles ferry
  8. Rugby: Jersey Reds v Bedford

    BBC Sport

    Oli Bryant

    Jersey Reds have drafted fly-half Oli Bryant into their starting XV for the home championship game against Bedford.

    Bryant's promotion from the bench means positional changes among the backs, with Brendan Cope switching to full-back and Jason Worrall moving to the wing.

    Prop Jake Woolmore captains the side after hooker Jared Saunders gave up the role.

    Bedford make four changes with backs Chris Czekaj, Rich Lane and Jordan Burns, and flanker Ben Adams coming in.

    Adams replaces Justin Blanchet, who broke his arm against Bristol.

  9. L'Ancresse debate: The wall's coming down

    BBC Radio Guernsey

    L'Ancresse sea wall

    Guernsey's politicians have approved removing part of the wall at the east end of L'Ancresse Bay.

    After a day of debate, members voted 17 to 15 in favour of the motion, with two abstentions and six members absent.

    The kiosk and toilets in the area will be removed and relocated using a public-private partnership.

    Some islanders have been concerned about flooding, the cost of the project, and how it would affect the beach and losing some of Guernsey's heritage.

    Environment and Infrastructure President Barry Brehaut said he understood some would be upset, but it was not the "thousands" other politicians had suggested.

  10. Suspended midwife showed 'full insight and remorse'

    A midwife suspended for a year after failures relating to the death of two babies in Guernsey's maternity ward was not struck off after showing "full insight and remorse", the hearing panel has said.

    Alexander Coleman, Nursing and Midwifery Council panel chairman, said Antonia Manousaki was a junior member of staff at the time of the failures.

    Quote Message: Ms Manousaki has in this hearing articulated clearly where she went wrong; why such misconduct was unacceptable in putting patients at risk and now what she would do differently.
    Quote Message: At the time of the events, Ms Manousaki was a junior member of staff. Her time in Guernsey was her first time practising as a midwife in a UK hospital.
    Quote Message: Taking all of these factors into account, the panel consider that a suspension order can meet the public interest considerations in this case. However, a clear public message must be sent about the importance of maintaining fundamental standards of professional conduct." from Alexander Coleman Nursing and Midwifery Council panel chairman
    Alexander ColemanNursing and Midwifery Council panel chairman
  11. Midwife 'impeded' investigation into baby death

    Midwife Tujia Roussel's dishonesty "impeded a timely and proper investigation" into the death of a baby at Guernsey's Princess Elizabeth Hospital in 2012, said the head of a Nursing and Midwifery Council panel.

    Roussel was previously been found guilty of failures relating to the deaths of two babies at the island's Princess Elizabeth Hospital. She has now been struck off.

    Speaking after she was struck off, the panel's chairman, Alexander Coleman, said her "actions and omissions were serious and significant, and involved multiple departures from the standards expected of a registered midwife".

    He said: "The panel found that Mrs Roussel's insight is self-focussed and lacks any meaningful appreciation of how detrimental her misconduct has been, and is, to the wider public interest.

    "The panel consider that a striking-off order is the only sanction that will adequately satisfy the public interest. This includes: the protection of patients, maintenance of public confidence in the profession and in the NMC as its regulator, and the declaring and upholding proper standards of conduct and behaviour."

  12. Senior midwife poses a 'continuing risk to patients, mothers and babies'

    A senior midwife has been found to have performed her job at an "unacceptable" level with the "seriousness of her misconduct is significant" by a Nursing and Midwifery Council panel.

    It ruled Lisa Granville be struck off the nursing register after failures relating to the deaths of two babies.

    The panel said:

    Quote Message: Ms Granville's actions and omissions were serious and significant and involved multiple departures from the standards expected of a registered midwife.
    Quote Message: Ms Granville's failures and omissions exposed numerous patients to risk, as well as negating and undermining risk management structures. The panel determined, for the reasons set out above, that there is a continuing risk to patients, mothers and babies.
    Quote Message: In conclusion, Ms Granville's misconduct is fundamentally incompatible with remaining on the register. The panel consider that a striking-off order is the only sanction that will adequately satisfy public interest." from Alexander Coleman Nursing and Midwifery Council panel chairman
    Alexander ColemanNursing and Midwifery Council panel chairman

    A review commissioned by the NMC found serious concerns with midwifery on the island.

  13. Hearings told 'Guernsey Way' contributed to baby death

    A senior midwife who has been struck off failed to properly investigate the death of a baby in 2012.

    The Nursing and Midwifery Council found that, if Lisa Granville had carried out adequate checks following that death in 2012, the death of second baby in 2014 "may have been prevented".

    The deaths at the Loveridge Ward, at Guernsey's Princess Elizabeth Hospital, led to an investigation of the ward, which found a culture of administering drugs without prescriptions and not speaking to consultants in what was described as "The Guernsey Way".

    A decision to administer a drug to women in the second stage of labour, which in 50% of cases increased the baby's heart rate, without a consultant would not be made "anywhere else in Britain", the council's hearing was told.

    The NMC panel found Ms Granville had "significantly departed" from acceptable nursing standards and her practice was deemed impaired on grounds of public interest and public protection.

    Her colleague, Tujia Roussel, was also struck-off after being charged with significant misconduct.

    A third midwife, Antonia Manousaki, was handed a 12-month suspension order after her fitness to practice was also found to be impaired.

  14. BreakingMidwives struck off nursing register

    Two Guernsey midwives have been struck off the nursing register by the Nursing and Midwifery Council.

    Lisa Granville and Tuija Roussel had previously been found guilty of failures relating to the deaths of two babies at the island's Princess Elizabeth Hospital.

    Antonia Manousaki, a third midwife, was suspended for a year.

  15. Gardening cart 'stolen from vinery'

    Rob England

    BBC News Online

    A metal gardening cart was stolen from a vinery in St Sampsons, Guernsey Police said.

    It was taken from the vinery on Les Effards Road between Monday 18 and Tuesday 26 September.

    Officers are appealing for information.

  16. New law to 'clamp down' on landlords

    BBC Channel Islands News


    A new law to establish basic standards for housing in Jersey is being proposed.

    The island's environment minister said it would ensure "sub-standard" accommodation "did not exist anymore".

    Environmental Services has recorded examples of rental properties in serious disrepair with holes in ceilings and excessive mould.

    Landlords could face criminal charges if they do not adhere to the standards set out in the proposals.

  17. The buzz: Pathway to make life easier for Guernsey insects

    BBC Radio Guernsey

    La Societe Guernesiaise says it is introducing B-Lines to the island in an effort to the solve the problem of a loss of insect habitats.

    B-Lines are insect pathways which create routes between the countryside and towns, so insects can easily move from one wildlife area to the next.

    The project received £1,000 in grants, and La Societe said it would be looking for help from businesses, schools, community groups and individual householders to get it up and running.

  18. Police officers get jobs back after appeal

    BBC Radio Jersey

    Three Jersey police officers have been reinstated on appeal after being prosecuted under the Data Protection Law in the past seven years.

    A Freedom of Information request showed the officers were taken to court over data issues and either dismissed or asked to resign.

    But, after they appealed, all three were allowed back into the force.

    Eleven other officers have been disciplined or prosecuted for data protection offences since July 2006.

    Most were dealt with internally. Others resigned or retired before they could be prosecuted.

  19. Attempt to delay decision on L'Ancresse wall fails

    BBC Radio Guernsey

    A call for the vote on the removal of part of the anti-tank wall at L'Ancresse to be delayed has been rejected by the States.

    Politicians are now debating the proposals, which include the installation of groynes and management of sand dunes.

  20. Civil servants spend almost £2m in a year

    BBC Radio Jersey

    Jersey civil servants have spent nearly £2m on States payment cards this year.

    A spokesman said the cards are linked to each department's budget, and are used instead of cash.

    The details, from a Freedom of Information request, show that the Education Department had the highest number of cards - nearly 500 - and spent nearly £1m last year.

    The information request asked for details of how many cards each department had issued, and how much they had spent.

    Altogether, there are 1,174 states cards in circulation.

    Education has far more of these than any other department - partly because they can be issued to teachers.