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  1. 70-year-old man dies after a crash near St Peter's Valley
  2. Sudden death of woman found in St Sampson's property investigated
  3. About 60 iPads stolen from Guernsey school
  4. Asian Hornet nest found
  5. Six arrested in Jersey drugs raids
  6. Same-sex marriage laws 'delayed' in Jersey
  7. Jersey law firms try to contact staff in the British Virgin Islands affected by Hurricane Irma
  8. Guernsey's grammar school swimming pool is set to close - due to rising maintenance and repair costs.
  9. Jersey air display: test flights to see if Battle of Britain show will go ahead
  10. The Forest Parish was last night's big winner at the Floral Guernsey awards
  11. Live updates on Friday 8 September 2017

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  2. Public asked to "remain vigilant" for more Asian Hornet sightings

    Ben Chapple

    BBC News Online

    It's believed there is at least one further nest in the south west of the island and another in the Vale - around Bordeaux and the Bridge.

    A States spokesman said: "It is important that any nests are found as soon as possible. Queen hornets will shortly be leaving the nest to overwinter and any queens which survive the winter will go on to build new nests next year."

    Anyone seeing an Asian hornet is asked to photograph the insect if possible, watch it long enough to determine the direction of travel and report the sighting online.

    Asian Hornet
  3. Delay on dual role of bailiff debate

    Rob England

    BBC News Online

    There has been a "slight delay" on the debate on the future of the role of Jersey's Bailiff to allow a report from the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry Recommendations Advisory Panel.

    states of jersey

    Deputy Montfort Tadier said the panel was formed by the chief minister to look at the findings of the care inquiry, and those of the Carswell and Clothier reports.

    He said the panel had been looking into the logistics of separating the role of the Bailiff as both head of the law courts, and speaker of the States assembly.

    The panel's upcoming report would be able to "reassure" the States and public abolishing the dual role of the Bailiff was doable, he added.

    Deputy Tadier said it was important for the panel to look into this, as it would show the States the move was motivated by "progressive politics" and not a decision made by members leaning to the left or right politically.

  4. About 60 iPads missing from Guernsey school

    Ben Chapple

    BBC News Online

    The tablets were reported missing from La Mare de Carteret Primary School at the start of the new school term.

    They are thought to have gone missing between the 11 August and 4 September.

    The iPads are all 16GB wi-fi enabled, in space grey with a "non-removable" green Education Services sticker on the back in black survivor cases (similar to picture).


    Officers said the tablets were specifically configured for the classroom and have limited use outside of the school premises.

    The devices are normally used by 300 children and are described as an "essential aid to their learning and development".

    Anyone with information is asked to contact CID on 725111 or anonymously via the Crimestoppers line on 0800 555 111.

  5. Overseas aid from Guernsey must go to something 'constructive'

    BBC Radio Guernsey

    Money from Guernsey Overseas Aid and Development Commission must go towards something "constructive" in areas effected by disasters.

    Deputy Emilie Yerby, the commission's President, said there were processes which should be followed before contributing to aid efforts, to avoid bad governance.

    Quote Message: The money has to go towards something that will be capable of doing some constructive good for the region. If we just poured money in formlessly, without knowing what purpose it was going to achieve, that would absolutely not achieve any of the ideals of good governance that Guernsey people can rightly expect from us." from Deputy Emilie Yerby President, Guernsey's Overseas Aid Commission
    Deputy Emilie YerbyPresident, Guernsey's Overseas Aid Commission

    Across the water in Jersey, the Overseas Aid Commission said it was expecting to be approached by multiple aid agencies to contribute money towards victims of the Hurricane Irma disaster.

  6. Population policy not against growth - St Pier

    Ben Chapple

    BBC News Online

    Reacting to comments saying Guernsey's new employment permit system isn't working, the island's senior politician says the policy is about the future workforce.

    Deputy Gavin St Pier, President of the Policy & Resources Committee, said the States agreed a "more flexible and focused" system was needed than to ensure the island has a "dynamic and skilled workforce capable of meeting the island's needs".

    He said: "The 2015 population objectives enables strategic growth in areas identified as of need. Working with the business community to fully understand their needs, and any issues arising from the new law, is crucial to that".

    Deputy St Pier said "significant work" to engage with businesses was ongoing.

    A review of the population controls is due to be carried out.

  7. Delay to same-sex marriage law 'not surprising... extremely disappointing'

    Ben Chapple

    BBC News Online

    Responding to the announced delay in Jersey's same-sex marriage law campaigners have said it directly impacts people's lives.

    Vic Tanner Davy, Liberate Jersey’s CEO, said: "Today’s news is, therefore, not surprising, but it will be extremely disappointing for the LGBT+ community in Jersey ahead of tomorrow’s CI Pride celebrations.

    Shadow on rainbow flag

    "As anyone who has arranged a wedding will know it takes about a year in the planning to ensure that venues, caterers, bands, marquees etc are booked.

    "For those same-sex couples hoping to marry in spring or summer next year this is going to throw their plans into doubt and make it impossible for them to book anything with any certainty.

    “When we meet with the Chief Minister next we will be pushing for clarity over the timeline and a commitment that, if they cannot sort out the complexities of other parts of the marriage law, same-sex marriage will, at the very least, be enacted by a specific deadline."

  8. Woman found dead in St Sampson's property

    Ben Chapple

    BBC News Online

    Paula McDaid, 43, was found at a residence in St Sampson on Wednesday, Guernsey Police say.

    Officers are investigating the sudden death, which is not being treated as suspicious and a post-mortem examination will be carried out in due course.

  9. Hurricane Irma: Jerseyman describes the scene in Florida

    Rob England

    BBC News Online

    A Jerseyman, who now lives in Florida with his girlfriend, has given his account of waiting to evacuate before Hurricane Irma, which is expected to "devastate" the area.

    Rob Bailey said in the build up to Irma, the area became "chaotic".

    Image caption: Rob lives in Windermere Florida with his girlfriend Nicole
    Quote Message: Since Tuesday when they announced that there was a potential of a direct hit in this area it has been pretty chaotic, all the petrol stations are out of fuel, the supermarkets are low on food and it’s near impossible to find any cases of bottled water. A lot of people don’t seem to be to prepared for a hurricane and it’s created a lot of panic and tension." from Rob Bailey
    Rob Bailey

    He is currently waiting to hear the latest on Irma's path, as an indirect hit could cause high winds, but no serious damage.

    Quote Message: As of right now we are still here despite a lot of people leaving the state already. We decided to wait until tonight before making a decision, if the hurricane goes up the east coast of Florida we will probably just experience some high winds and therefore stay. But if it goes down the centre or the west coast of Florida it could really be devastating for us. My gut feeling is that we will evacuate tonight. We plan on driving to the north part of the state about nine hours from here, finding a hotel, and seeing where the hurricane goes." from Rob Bailey
    Rob Bailey
  10. Admit you've got it wrong on immigration - Guy Hands

    Rob Byrne

    BBC News Online

    Guy Hands

    Guernsey's politicians need to admit they've got the island's approach to immigration wrong, according to Guernsey hotel owner and financier Guy Hands.

    There's been widespread criticism of the island's employment permit system, with hotels and restaurants saying they are struggling to recruit staff from off-island since the laws came into effect in April.

    "I think the reality is there is something very wrong about the image that Guernsey is giving out today, and by the approach, and I think the politicians need to admit it as soon as possible.

    "I don’t think that’s a weakness, I think that’s a strength, and work out a way to move forward," Mr Hands said.

    Earlier this week, Guernsey's Home Affairs Minister Mary Lowe said uncertainty around future EU workers' rights and the low value of the pound had contributed to staff shortages.

  11. Weather: Rain clearing to the south

    BBC Weather

    The last of today's rain will clear to the south this evening with clear spells and blustery showers following throughout the night. Minimum Temperature: 13C (55F).

    Weather map

    Saturday will be breezy across the island with sunny spells and scattered showers.

    The showers will be heavy at times with a risk of thunder. The winds will ease a little later. Maximum Temperature: 17C (63F).

  12. States hopes to 'stop decline' of bass

    BBC Radio Jersey

    The States of Jersey is trying to conserve bass stocks around the island by marking out fish caught in a sustainable way, to encourage shoppers to buy them.

    Bass labels

    Working with the Jersey Fishermen's Association the Department for the Environment said it had limited netting and dredging, and encouraged bass to be caught sustainably with a hook and line, by 12 licensed businesses.

    Shops and restaurants supporting the scheme will use a logo showing the fish for sale came from a local, and well-regulated source, and the department hopes this will boost sales of sustainable bass.

    Don Thompson from the Jersey Fishermen’s Association, said: "This scheme promotes a superb local fish caught by dedicated fishermen in the best possible way."

    In 2015, The European Commission said there had been a "dramatic decline" in bass stocks.

  13. Guernsey granite memorial transported to France

    BBC Radio Guernsey

    Image caption: Cambrai is one of six battle honours the RGLI displays on its standard

    A memorial to islanders who fought and died in the Battle of Cambrai as part of the Royal Guernsey Light Infantry (RGLI) is being taken to the French town of Masnieres.

    More than 80 islanders died in a single day in the World War One battle.

    The memorial was announced in November last year and the granite will be unveiled on 30 November to mark the 100th anniversary of the battle.

    The RGLI Charitable Trust's co-founder, Lt Col Colin Vaudin, said he was encouraging islanders to visit the site.

  14. Commonwealth games baton travels to the Channel Islands

    BBC Channel Islands News

    Athlete Lewis Johnstone with the Commonwealth Games baton at Stirling Castle
    Image caption: Athlete Lewis Johnstone with the Commonwealth Games baton at Stirling Castle

    The Commonwealth Games Queen's Baton will start its tour of the Channel Islands this weekend.

    The Queen's Baton Relay has already been to Canada, Jamaica and the Falkland Islands, and is currently in Wales.

    It carries a message from the Queen, the head of the Commonwealth, and will arrive in Guernsey on Saturday, visit Alderney, Sark and Herm on Tuesday and Jersey on Wednesday.

  15. Bee keeper 'relieved to have found' hornet's nest

    Damian Harris was out looking for flying Asian Hornets when he spotted the nest.

    "As it was too overcast and showery to do anything with my bee hives, I decided it would be a perfect opportunity to go out for a walk and see if I could see any Asian hornets flying around the area of Torteval where insects have been sighted.

    "I have a lot of bee hives on the island and it is in my interest to prevent the spread of the Asian hornet.

    Hornet's nest found in Torteval

    "I wandered the lanes with my binoculars looking for anything large that could be hornets and mainly by luck saw a large egg shaped object in a tree and knew at once that this was a hornet nest.

    "The hornets were out wandering over the surface of the nest and flying in and out.

    "I'm very relieved to have found it as a beekeeper and will continue looking for nests at other potential sites."

  16. Hornet nest treated with insecticide

    The nest in a Sycamore tree in Torteval was treated with a powder this afternoon.

    It will be removed from the tree once the pesticide has killed any live hornets. It will then be bagged and frozen to kill any remaining unhatched larvae.

    The States has not revealed the location of the nest and has asked the public to avoid the area as hornets may be aggressive if disturbed.

    Insecticide being applied to nest
  17. BreakingAsian hornet nest found in Torteval

    Asian Hornet's nest
  18. Man dies after car crash

    Rob England

    BBC News Online

    A 70-year-old man died after a crash near St Peter's Valley, Jersey police say.

    Police were called to La Grande Route de St Pierre at about 12:00 and closed the road until about 14:40.

    Officers said a man was taken to A&E at Jersey's General Hospital, but died shortly after.

    One car was involved in the crash and the man's next of kin have been informed.

  19. Jersey Overseas Aid to assist Hurricane Irma victims

    Chris Rayner

    BBC Radio Jersey Political Reporter

    Funding for disaster relief will be made available to the victims of Hurricane Irma by Jersey's Overseas Aid Commission, a deputy has said.

    It is expecting requests from major humanitarian aid agencies, which the commission can then give funds to.

    Deputy Carolyn Labey, who chairs the commission, said they would respond quickly, and may even match money raised through a public appeal pound for pound.

    Quote Message: On the commission we turn round those requests in these cases extremely quickly. The chief minister has launched an appeal, no doubt with the Bailiff, as it is normally the Bailiff's appeal for natural disasters and Jersey Overseas Aid looks to match those appeal, sometimes pound for pound." from Deputy Carolyn Labey Chairwoman, Jersey Overseas aid Commission
    Deputy Carolyn LabeyChairwoman, Jersey Overseas aid Commission
  20. Showers through the afternoon

    BBC Weather

    Showers and possible outbreaks of thunder will ease during the evening.

    Winds will reduce too, though it will stay quite breezy, and a few more showers will rush through in the early hours.

    In Jersey:


    In Guernsey: