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  1. Ozouf tells States about personal attacks he's received over the innovation fund
  2. Jersey painkillers warning after accidental overdose
  3. States of Guernsey plan 'appalling, self important and lazy'
  4. Cash reward for information after cement mixer thrown in pool and lights smashed
  5. Guernsey States approve voting referendum
  6. More news, sport, travel and weather from 08:00 on Friday

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Rob Byrne

BBC News Online

Live updates for the Channel Islands have finished for the day, but I'll be back on Friday with the latest news, sport, travel and weather from 08:00.

If you were with us earlier you would have read about criticism of a States of Guernsey plan by the Plain English Campaign.

It seems the group has given my own writing the thumbs up, sort of.

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No legal basis for referendum - Chief Pleas

Rob Byrne

BBC News Online

Sark road

Sark's government has said there is "no legislative basis" for a referendum in the island, organised for next week.

Lithuanian lawyer Dr Stanislovas Tomas is asking Sark residents whether to support being able to create companies under law in the island.

Currently, there is no company or referendum law covering Sark.

Dr Tomas would like to see businesses to be legally recognised and registered on the Sark Company Registry, a non-profit organisation listed on the island's government website.

Entities based in Sark pay no corporation tax.

Chief Pleas said: "The proposed event can be at best a form of public opinion poll without legal standing or effect."

Gibauderie to re-open

BBC News Travel

Guernsey Gas works have been completed along La Gibauderie, in St Peter Port, ahead of schedule.

The road will open to traffic from early tomorrow, Friday 23 June.

Upper St Jacques one-way traffic will now revert to the normal direction.

US honour for officer's work breaking an internet paedophile ring

BBC Radio Jersey

A Jersey police officer has been recognised by American authorities for his work in breaking an internet paedophile ring.

DC Patrick Forde helped to investigate a server which was operating in Jersey, allowing people all over the world, including America, to access images of young girls being sexually abused.

He was praised for his "superior performance" in helping to bring 21 people to justice, and presented with an award by the US Attorney General's department.

Pat Forde receiving the award
US Department of Justice

Dry, cooler night on the way

BBC Weather

It will be a dry night with variable amounts of cloud and some clear spells. Compared with recent nights it will be much fresher with more of a breeze.

Jersey forecast

Jersey forecast

Guernsey forecast

Guernsey forecast

Yes, Guernsey is still burning fuel for energy

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Is Guernsey trapped in time by continuing its reliance on burning fossil fuels for energy? That's the suggestion by Adam, who's got in touch on twitter.

Guernsey Electricity has this afternoon switched on Freddy, a new £15m diesel generator replacing an older, louder engine.

However, the majority of the island's power doesn't come from burning fossil fuels. Guernsey imports most of its electricity from the French grid via cable links between France and Jersey and between the islands.

Supplies from France are typically 30% hydro generation and 70% nuclear.

A recent study concluded offshore wind technology could be viable in several locations off Guernsey's coast, but the cost would be greater than importation from France.

Guernsey power station

Sark registry founder plans 'referendum'

Rob Byrne

BBC News Online

A lawyer who's moved to Sark and established a company registry on the island says he's so frustrated at a lack of engagement by the island's government, Chief Pleas, that he has launched a referendum.

Dr Stanislovas Tomas claims the vote, due to take place next week, will allow the people of Sark to decide whether his project should be officially recognised.

Here's the yes/no question being put to Sark residents:

We, the People of Sark, being the supreme source of legislation, recognise the fundamental and undeniable right of any human being to create a company of any form or purpose with full legal personality, as well as to register it with the Sark Company Registry, NPO no. 29."

Sark "referendum" question
Dr Stanislovas Tomas
Dr Stanislovas Tomas

According to Dr Tomas the need for a referendum stems from Chief Pleas not replying to emails, phone calls, and appointment requests.

Chief Pleas refused to comment on whether they have engaged on the matter, but pointed to there being no referendum law in place, making the vote "at best a form of public opinion poll".

BreakingVoting referendum approved by States

BBC Radio Guernsey

Guernsey will hold a multi-option referendum on island wide voting next year.

States members approved proposals that will see islanders will go to the polls next year to rank their preferences on five options for electing people's deputies in the 2020 general election.

Architect of the plans, Deputy Matt Fallaize, said voters will understand the ballot.

Why was a Jersey policeman honoured by the US Attorney General?

Naomi Dunning

BBC Radio Jersey, Reporter

DC Patrick Forde helped to trace a paedophile ring which used a Jersey server to share explicit images of young girls.

An investigation began in 2011 when the FBI launched Operation Kingdom Conqueror.

It was looking into an online bulletin board which linked people to images and footage of girls being sexually exploited. The abuse was happening in America and across the world.

The FBI enlisted the help of Jersey Police, who worked to find the people behind the server.

There were 21 people prosecuted as a result, with DC Forde recognised for what the Bureau described as his superior performance in the case, which needed him to get evidence from sources in different countries and use advanced computer skills.

He was presented with an award by the US Attorney General's office in recognition of his work.

Tune in for referendum reaction on Sunday

Simon Fairclough

Guernsey Political Reporter

We'll be discussing the fallout from the debate on island wide voting this Sunday, on BBC Radio Guernsey's Phone-in.

Joining me are deputies Dawn Tindall and Chris Green - who both placed amendments to alter the plans to hold a referendum on island wide voting, discussed in the States this week.

And ahead of the most important debate this Assembly has held to date - on States priorities for the next five years - which takes place next week - there should be plenty to discuss.

Tune in between 10:00 and 12:00 this Sunday.

Jersey airport 'first' could see European expansion

BBC Channel Islands News

Jersey's air traffic control service could soon be helping to land planes at airports across Europe.

A new certificate issued by the European Aviation Safety Agency means Jersey can now bid for multi-million pound contracts across the continent.

It's thought the airport is the first in the world to obtain the Air Navigation Services Provider certification.

Remote cameras and radar allows air traffic controllers to oversee flight arrivals and departures at UK and other European airports.

Jersey airport

States back cheaper bowel cancer checks

Guernsey Press

Participation rates in bowel cancer screening could be published online in future, Health & Social Care president Heidi Soulsby has said, after the States backed a move towards a less invasive, more affordable method of screening.

Marine ambulance back in action

BBC Radio Guernsey

Guernsey's marine ambulance, the Flying Christine III, is back in the water after two weeks of maintenance work.

The engine and gearbox were serviced and the paintwork tidied up.

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Man accused of 2014 murder released from hospital

Jersey Evening Post

A man accused of murdering Guernsey woman Sarah Groves in India four years ago has returned to court after being discharged from hospital.

Freddy's up and running

BBC Radio Guernsey

Guernsey Electricity's new diesel generator, named Freddy, has been switched on this afternoon.

The utility said the £15m, 300 tonne engine is more efficient and quieter than the older generation of diesels, which prompted complaints from neighbours.

Islander Mike Hamon won a competition to rename the engine, which was originally known as 3D.

The majority of the island's power is nuclear, coming from a cable link to France, but some fuel is still burned in Guernsey using these generators.

Generator turned on

Home affairs to rule on deportation cases

Jersey Evening Post

Decisions on asylum and deportation cases will in future be made by the home affairs minister after the States agreed to transfer the functions.

Debate continues on future elections

Gareth Owen

BBC Radio Guernsey

Debate continues in Guernsey's States chamber this afternoon on island-wide voting, as deputies continue to discuss how they'll be elected in the future.

The question of whether to elect on an island-wide rather than district-by-district basis will be put to the people of Guernsey in a referendum next year, if politicians agree.

But it's not quite as simple as that - have a listen in.

'Change mindset' on painkillers

BBC Radio Jersey

Jersey health authorities have warned islanders not to assume prescription drugs are safe, just because they can be bought legally.

The warning follows the accidental death of a man in St Lawrence from a pain killer called Tramadol after he'd been drinking.

Jason Wyse, from Silkworth Charity Group, said it is still dangerous to take drugs bought over the counter.

It's the mindset, it's the perception - it's been prescribed, so it's ok. You can purchase it over the counter, so it's ok. And that is the case for many people. But for some it's not."

Jason WyseSilkworth Charity Group

Tiered political system now an option

Simon Fairclough

Guernsey Political Reporter

Guernsey's politicians have agreed to insert an option in next year's referendum on island-wide voting which would allow 10 deputies to be elected island-wide, similar to Jersey's current system.

The remainder will be elected within the current districts on a different day.

Members voted 31 to 7 in favour of the motion by Deputy Chris Green, which will replace the option of splitting the island into two voting districts.

The overall plans to hold a referendum on the voting system still needs approval - with the amended proposals likely to be voted on this afternoon

‘Brexit bills of interest to us’

Guernsey Press

Separate bills to be delivered on Brexit by the UK are of interest to Guernsey, the Policy & Resources president has said, as he stated that the island would continue to work hard to ensure Guernsey’s objectives are considered.

Islanders reveal why they shop online

Jersey Evening Post

Price is the top reason islanders shop online, according to a new survey which estimates that last year people in Jersey spent about £265m buying goods from the internet.

Compulsory food hygiene ratings could be introduced

BBC Radio Jersey

Places serving food in Jersey could be made to display hygiene ratings, under a government-run initiative.

Health officials have said the Eat Safe scheme will give customers more choice when it comes to where to eat and shop.

Businesses which serve food currently sign up to a voluntary scheme that rates them between two and five stars. In the future, shops, cafes, restaurants and take-aways will have to display their scores at the entrance, under law.

Guernsey businesses serving food have to display food hygiene ratings, which are available on the States website.

Guernsey food hygiene rating notice

Island-wide referendum proposals ‘in the balance’

Guernsey Press

A referendum on island-wide voting is one step closer, after attempts by some deputies to derail the proposals failed yesterday.

UK phone companies approached by regulator

Mike Wilkins

BBC Channel Islands News

UK phone operators are being approached about offering their services in the Channel Islands.

Competition regulator, CICRA, is in contact with mobile phone companies with plans to discuss working here.

The regulator says it's looking to ensure the interests of users, especially when it comes to data roaming.

Last week, a European Union law to abolish roaming charges for people using mobile phones abroad came into force, and was extended to the Channel Islands, despite the islands not being a member of the bloc.

Charity 'heartbroken' after seal death

BBC Radio Guernsey

Workers at a Guernsey animal welfare charity are said to be "heartbroken" following the death of a rescued grey seal pup in the early hours of this morning.

Rocco arrived in Guernsey from Jersey on Tuesday extremely underweight and dehydrated. It was the first ever grey seal pup the GSPCA cared for in the middle of the summer, something manager Steve Byrne described as "extremely unseasonal and never been seen before".

He said she was due to have further tests and x-rays, with the team working to stabalise her before giving her an anesthetic.

Rocco was rescued the same afternoon that Sami, a Jersey seal pup, was released back into the wild.

Rocco the seal

Cooler day for Guernsey herds

Rob Byrne

BBC News Online

The steers in Guernsey's conservation herd will be breathing a sigh of relief today, after a change in the weather.

The temperature is due to peak at a cool 19C today.

Julia Henney has been busy over the past week keeping the herd well watered, and occasionally throwing water over them with a bucket.

While it is important that stay cool, "they're not very keen on that," she said.

Julia Henney with Guernsey's conservation herd

Heatwave to end as Met Office forecasts change

Guernsey Press

The soaring temperatures, which have been driving islanders to beaches or closer to their desk fans, are set to change today with yesterday thought to mark the final day of the heatwave.

Cash reward for information after cement mixer thrown in pool and lights smashed

BBC Radio Guernsey

La Vallette Swimming Pool

Crimestoppers are offering a £1,000 reward for information leading to an arrest or conviction for criminal damage at the Horseshoe Pool at La Vallette, St Peter Port.

Between last Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning a cement mixer was thrown into the pool and safety lights were smashed.

Guernsey's crime reduction adviser Andy Goodall is appealing for anyone with details to come forward. He said it was particularly disappointing given the equipment was part of a community project to restore the historic pools.

There are a lot of voluntary groups and people are giving up a lot of time and effort to restore those pools and that area."

Andy GoodallGuernsey crime reduction adviser

Feeling cooler and brightening up

BBC Weather

After a grey start it is gradually turning brighter across the islands with some sunny spells possible later in the afternoon. Otherwise, feeling much cooler than of late.


Jersey forecast


Guernsey forecast

Former editor backs States language criticism

Rob Byrne

BBC News Online

The former editor of the Guernsey Press newspaper has said the Plain English Campaign's criticism of a government plan is justified.

You'd expect Richard Digard to know a thing or two about what language is easily digested by readers. He's also had a non-political role in the States' scrutiny committee too, so has had his feet in both camps.

The campaign was scathing of the language used in the the States of Guernsey's Policy and Resources Plan, which sets a vision for government in the coming years.

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Care inquiry findings to be discussed in States

BBC Radio Jersey

States members will debate the findings of the care inquiry report in the days after it's published.

The panel is due to publish its report on 3 July, and the assembly is due to discuss its findings three days later.

Government minister, Senator Sir Philip Bailhache, said that wasn't enough time to read it. However, Chief Minister Senator Ian Gorst said islanders would expect the States to debate it at the earliest possible opportunity.

States says language criticism 'useful'

BBC Radio Guernsey

P&R plan video exerpt
States of Guernsey

Guernsey's top political committee says it'll take on the "useful" feedback given by the Plain English Campaign.

The group issued a scathing assessment of the language used in the Policy and Resources Plan, after it was sent excerpts by BBC Radio Guernsey.

It described the document - which sets out a vision for the island's government in the coming years - as "appalling, self important and lazy".

The Policy and Resources Committee said the document balances the need for detail with being as accessible as possible for people in Guernsey to read.

If the view of some is that in one or two places we haven't got that balance quite right, then that is useful feedback as to how we might do better next time."

SpokespersonStates of Guernsey Policy and Resources Committee

'Extremely poorly' seal pup dies

Rob Byrne

BBC News Online

Animal welfare charity the GSPCA has said a seal pup rescued in Jersey on Sunday died in the early hours of this morning.

Rocco arrived in Guernsey on Tuesday extremely underweight and dehydrated and was being treated for a range of health problems.

The GSPCA said the team had been working "day and night" to try and do everything it could for the "extremely poorly" seal pup.

Rocco the seal

Jersey-born Vincenti signs for Coventry City

Tim Pryor

BBC Sport

Coventry City have signed Jersey-born midfielder Peter Vincenti on a two-year deal after he left Rochdale by mutual consent.

Vincenti, who scored the winning goal for Jersey in the 2006 Muratti win over rival Guernsey, is among the top players to emerge from the Channel Islands in the past decade.

He started his English career at Millwall, moving from Jersey club St Peter in 2007, and has also played for Stevenage, Mansfield and Aldershot.

Sacked Jersey politician 'spat at, chased and shouted at'

BBC Radio Jersey

A sacked Jersey politician has revealed he's received personal abuse since problems were found in a fund to support new businesses.

Senator Philip Ozouf told States members people had spat at him, and verbally abused him, since problems in the Jersey Innovation Fund emerged.

Jersey's chief minister axed Senator Ozouf after reappointing him assistant minister with responsibility for Digital and Finance last month.

Philip Ozouf

I've had to take people spitting at me in the street, shouting at me in the street, chasing me down roads and things, all sorts of things."

Senator Philip Ozouf

Jersey painkillers warning after accidental overdose

BBC Radio Jersey

People in Jersey are being warned to take more care when taking painkillers and over-the-counter medication.

It comes after an inquest found a man died after an accidental overdose of the prescription painkiller Tramadol while drinking.

Jason Wyse from the Silkworth, which helps people affected by drug addiction, says there is help available for people who are dependent on drugs.

Jersey's health department said nearly 10,000 prescriptions for Tramadol were given out in the past 12 months.

That's 25% less than in 2012.

States plan 'appalling, self important and lazy'

BBC Radio Guernsey

Video excerpt from plan
States of Guernsey

The Plain English Campaign has been scathing of the language used in the the States of Guernsey's Policy and Resources Plan, which sets a vision for government in the coming years.

It's due to be debated by Guernsey politicians next week.

The group says the plan attempts to sound substantial by masking an "empty message" and concludes: "There seems to be a preference for piling on a sleep-inducing stream of hollow polysyllables in a failed attempt to add gibberish glamour to a very basic and commonsense policy."

BBC Radio Guernsey sent excerpts of the 347 page document to the organisation that campaigns for a simpler, more accessible style of writing.

The Policy and Resources Committee said the document balances the need for detail with being as accessible as possible for people to read.

BBC Local Live in the Channel Islands

Rob Byrne

BBC News Online

Good morning!

Welcome to BBC Local Live across the Channel Islands on this cool Thursday morning.

We'll be bringing you all the latest news, weather, travel and sport for the day, hopefully in clear, understandable language.

Why? Well, the States of Guernsey has come under fire for a "sleep-inducing stream of hollow polysyllables" in its latest government plan. I'll try to keep you awake and informed today.

Don't forget to send in any comments, questions or photos.