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  1. Jersey wages 'too low' and cost of living 'too high', consultation finds
  2. Guernsey just days away from hosting the first Google summit event in the British Isles
  3. Jersey child safety charity 'concerned' after seven children bitten by dogs in three months
  4. Flybe announces winter schedule across Channel Islands
  5. Big rise in the number of Guernsey students becoming legal eagles
  6. Updates on Tuesday 16 May 2017

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Jersey seeking to learn more about tidal power

Rob England

BBC News Online

Representatives from a company that specialises in renewable energy through tidal power are in Jersey this week to talk about their projects with States officers.

Tidal Lagoon Power is currently developing six tidal lagoons to meet up to 8% of the UK's electricity demand, according to company statistics

One of the companies current contracts is building the world’s first tidal lagoon power plant in Swansea Bay, Wales.

We’d like to learn more about their work and explore whether there are any opportunities for Jersey. We’re aiming to understand more about how these big renewable energy projects work, and the potential advantages and challenges.

Deputy Steve LuceMinister for the Environment, States of Jersey

Jogger speaks out about road safety after accident

BBC Channel Islands News

A jogger, who was knocked down by a bike last April after she accidentally crossed into the cycle lane along Victoria Avenue, has been speaking about her experiences as part of Jersey's road safety campaign. 

Fran Rayner spent four months in hospital recovering from spinal injuries and never returned to her teaching job, instead deciding to take early retirement. 

She's taking part in a campaign by the Jersey Road Safety Panel to encourage everyone to make shared space safer for both cyclists and pedestrians. 

Fran Rayner

As it set off I realised there were waves coming over the wall further ahead so I knew I should turn around before I got to the waves. As I went to turn around I, for some reason, crossed the cycle track and even worse I hesitated on the cycle track because some joggers coming the other way were shouting at me. I thought it was about the waves but they were obviously trying to warn me about the cyclists. The next thing, one of the cyclists was trying to stop, came over his handle bars and landed on my neck.

Fran Rayner

Major delay in delivery of new Air Search plane

Jersey Evening Post

The new Channel Islands Air Search plane is now not expected to come into service until next spring, following a ‘significant delay’ in the production of the aircraft, it was announced on Tuesday.

Emergency services centre in Guernsey overspends by £159k

BBC Radio Guernsey

Guernsey's Joint Emergency Services Control Centre (JESCC) overspent its budget by £159,000 in 2016, a spokesperson from the Committee for Home Affairs has confirmed.

The centre handles "command and control functions" for emergency services including, fire, police, ambulance and initial call handling for Coast Guard, 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year, according to the States of Guernsey.

The spokesperson added that it is expected that JESCC will also overspend its budget by a similar amount in 2017, due to "higher than budgeted for staff costs", but that a "more robust operating model" would be in place to stabilise costs.

Teething problems were anticipated and these have been compounded by a lack of staff stability, as a result of a wide variety of reasons, and difficulties recruiting. When developing the centre there was no tried and tested model on which to base its operation. What we have learned over the last two years is that the terms and conditions of the valuable staff working in the centre were not as good as they could have been in order for the model to be as robust as possible.

Mark LempriereChief Secretary to the Committee for Home Affairs

Parents warned after children sent to hospital with dog bites

BBC Radio Jersey

Parents in Jersey have been urged to supervise their children more carefully when they are playing with dogs. 

Seven children had to go to hospital in the first three months of this year to be treated for dog bites.

Mandy le Tensorer from Child Accident Prevention said it is easy to assume that animals and children can play together happily, but parents need to remember that they cannot take anything for granted.

Both children and dogs can be unpredictable and when they're together that combination is not easily managed without adult supervision. We need to be teaching children how to be safe around dogs. We also need to realise children are not responsible for their own safety when they're very young.

Mandy le Tensorer

Reform Jersey 2018 manifesto a pitch to 'ordinary Jersey'

BBC Radio Jersey

As part of it's 2018 manifesto Reform Jersey, the island's only political party, is promising a system of loans and grants to get young islanders through university. 

View more on twitter

It also said scrapping the 20 means 20 tax system - the term used to describe the top rate of income tax being 20% in Jersey - would raise millions of pounds in extra tax revenue while leaving most islanders better off. 

View more on twitter

Reform Jersey's Deputy Sam Mézec also rejected suggestions that his party had become less radical.

It's a pitch to ordinary Jersey. It's a pitch to everybody in Jersey who believes in fairness, everybody who believes our young people need support to get on in life, and everybody who believes that people should pay their fair share of tax. If that's a centrist position or looking out for middle Jersey then I'm proud to say that is the case.

Deputy Sam Mézec

Stallholders ‘feel ostracised’ after Taste Guernsey snub

Guernsey Press

Taste Guernsey has defended its application process for its Seafront Sunday event after some stallholders expressed disappointment at not being allowed to participate.  

Chris Evans suggests Jersey for the Children in Need 'Marathon Package'

Rob England

BBC News Online

On his BBC Radio 2 breakfast show this morning DJ Chris Evans, who was talking to listeners about all things Jersey, suggested Jersey as a venue for a Children in Need Marathon Package.

Chris Evans

Mr Evans had listeners send in their Jersey stories for his "tenuous links" feature, and on hearing the story of Ann-Marie - who mentioned she had done her first marathon on the island, which tied in with a food festival - suggested the island should be part of the package.

The Magnificent Seven Marathon Package, which forms a part of the fundraising for Children in Need every year, guarantees the top seven donors a place in the Virgin Money London Marathon and the TCS New York City Marathon, complete with training from professional athletes.

Archaeological dig begins at Le Trepied Dolmen

BBC Radio Guernsey

An archaeological dig at Guernsey's Le Trepied Dolmen has begun. 

The site, at the South end of Perelle, is said to have been constructed about 6,000 years ago.

Assistant States Archaeologist Kit Hughes said the site is important to the history of the island.


Not only is it a particularly old monument for the island it's also a very exposed site and has been know about for centuries. It's iconic for the west of the island.

Kit HughesAssistant States Archaeologist

Co-op dividends stamps could be changed for cards

BBC Radio Guernsey

The Channel Islands Co-op green divi-stamps could be changed for a cards after requests from younger people.

The stamps are used in exchange for goods accumulated by repeat business at the supermarket, or can be banked at co-op branches. 

CEO Colin Macleod has told the BBC that although there are traditional members who like the stamps, younger people are not quite so fond of them.

There are no firm plans to change the stamps at the moment, but Mr Macleod said next year could see modernisation.

A lot of younger are telling me that they would like a card, and they would like to be able to use that card in all of our branches and collect dividends through a card.

Colin MacleodChief Executive Officer, Co-Op Channel Islands

Minister may apply for greater powers to restrict beach fishing

BBC Radio Jersey

Setting fishing nets or trot lines on Jersey's beaches could be banned if the States agrees to toughen the Environment Minister's powers over such activities. 

Last year Deputy Steve Luce, was given new powers to restrict their size and length. 

Deputy Luce said he's been advised that if he wants to take full control of beach fishing, or even ban it altogether he needs to go back to the States and ask for tougher powers.

The new measures will be debated on 4 July.

Literary festival organisers report record attendances

Guernsey Press

This year’s Guernsey Literary Festival saw record audience figures, with an estimated 5,400 tickets sold for events featuring an array of authors.    

Lieutenant Governor of Guernsey releases 'Gov' the hedgehog

Rob England

BBC News Online

Guernsey's Lieutenant Governor, Vice Admiral Sir Ian Corder, and Lady Corder were present last night for the release of "Gov", a hedgehog rescued in the grounds at Government House, their official island home.

The GSPCA said Gov was "half his ideal body weight, and would have likely perished if he hadn't been rescued."

After spending the winter in care, Gov was microchipped and released back into the wild.

A spokesperson for the GSPCA said in recent years the charity has rescued between 350 and 400 hedgehogs.

Vice Admiral Sir Ian Corder

Gov was very small back in January and it was extremely cold when we rescued him. We are really happy to help Gov the hedgehog to be released back to the wild at Government House.

Vice Admiral Sir Ian Corder
Gov, the hedgehog

Efforts to stop St Aubin sea lettuce 'misguided'

BBC Radio Jersey

An environmental group has said trials to stop sea lettuce in St Aubin's Bay are in the "wrong place" and at "the wrong time". 

Later this month the environment department will create trenches in the bay to help seawater drain away taking sea lettuce with it, it has said.

But Save Our Shoreline said nitrates and other chemicals also help the sea lettuce grow.

Jacqui Carrel, an environmental scientist for the group, said trials should take place in the centre of the bay by the First Tower outfall instead of at the west end of St Aubin's Bay. 

St Aubin's bay

The data they fetched from where they're going to do the trial won't have any bearing on what's going on in the middle of the bay where the sea lettuce problem is starting

Jacqui Carrel

Is it the end for the Co-op stamps?

Jersey Evening Post

The Co-op could replace its dividend stamps with an electronic system under modernisation plans, its chief operating officer has said.   

Affordability of land for light industry 'an issue' in Guernsey

BBC Radio Guernsey

Guernsey's politicians will be asked to support the use of four areas of land for future use by "light industry".

These include sites at Longue Hougue, Griffith's Yard, Brickfield House and Pitronnerie Road.

If agreed these could all be used for industrial purposes in future - as long as any applications meet the relevant criteria.

Six other sites could also be used, but these would require changes to the Island Development Plan, which could take much longer and involve a costly planning inquiry.

Deputy John Gollop, president of the development and planning authority, said not only land, but affordability should be considered in these proposals. 

The problem is not a shortage of land, we've got more than we did if anything, the problem is affordability by potential tenants. Now, as that is the problem I don't think you can realistically ask an environmental department to magically come up with land. It is up to Economic Development to subsidise land for start ups and low income businesses.

Deputy John GollopDevelopment & Planning Authority

Trinity and Rozel in relegation decider

Tim Pryor

BBC Sport

Trinity and Rozel Rovers face each other tonight in a game that'll decide which side is relegated from Jersey's Premiership.

It's the final day of the local league season.

The loser tonight will go down to the Championship, while a draw would keep Rozel up in the island's topflight.

In this evening's other match the champions St Paul's are away at St Ouen.    

Flint blade and French coins among finds at dolmen dig

Guernsey Press

A rare flint blade and two French coins are among the first finds that have been uncovered at one of Guernsey’s most iconic dolmen sites.