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  1. Police investigating unexplained death in Jersey
  2. Gas cylinders being checked 'as a precaution'
  3. Kerbside will remain with the parishes in Guernsey
  4. Health's £700k underspend in Guernsey 'not driven by cuts'
  5. Jersey social services should 'step in faster' to help vulnerable islanders
  6. Jersey fire service issues warning after three kitchen fires in one day
  7. More news, sport, travel and weather from 08:00 on Friday

Live Reporting

By Chris Quevatre

All times stated are UK

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Local Live in the Channel Islands

Chris Quevatre

BBC News Online

That's it for Local Live today, but we're back for the final edition of the week tomorrow from 08:00.

BBC Channel Islands News has all the latest headline at 18:30 on BBC One.

On-island solution amendment fails

Chris Quevatre

BBC News Online

An amendment that directed the States of Guernsey to find an on-island solution for the island's waste has been rejected.

The motion, brought by Deputy Peter Roffey, would have directed the Committee for the Environment and Infrastructure to come back to the States by February 2020 with a way of dealing with waste in Guernsey.

The plan in the current waste strategy - which is currently being debated - will see waste processed at a plant at Longue Hougue before being shipped to a UK contractor which mainly supplies Swedish energy-from-waste plants.

The amendment lost by 21 votes to 17.

Waste strategy: Long-term review on the table

Gareth Owen

BBC Radio Guernsey

Deputies are debating whether to conduct a long-term review of Guernsey's waste strategy - before they've even voted on whether or not to approve it.

Proposed changes to the strategy - including an end to kerbside recycling, recycling targets and parish collections - have all been rejected. 

Mayside recycling

Deputy Peter Roffey wants the States to report back on the merits of an on-island disposal option.

States Trading Supervisory Board President Charles Parkinson says this approach would involve unnecessary time and expense.

Number of states employees paid more than £70k up by 40%

Mike Wilkins

BBC Channel Islands News

The number of States of Guernsey employees being paid more than £70,000 in Guernsey went up by 40% between 2010 and 2015.

New research from Deputy Victoria Oliver has grouped public service salaries within various bands.

Here are the percentage changes for each banding between 2010 and 2015:

  • £70,000 - £90,000 - 50% increase 
  • £90,000 - £110,000 - 11% decrease
  • £110,000 - £130,000 - 40% increase
  • £130,000 - £150,000 - 43% increase
  • £150,000 - £170,000 - 300% increase
  • £170,000 - £190,000 - 40% increase
  • £190,000 - £210,000 - 33% increase
  • £210,000 - £230-000 - 67% decrease
  • £230,000 - £250,000 - 100% increase
  • More than £250,000 - 0 in 2010, 1 in 2015

Dog tax has not had its day – parish constables

Guernsey Press

Dog tax still has a place in society, parish constables believe, as they said the money paid by owners was put towards providing facilities around the island.

CofE's ruling on gay marriage report brings in a 'new era'

Chris Quevatre

BBC News Online

Today marks a new era for the Church of England, according to a gay evangelical member from Guernsey. 

Jayne Ozanne says she's thrilled that Church bishops are reconsidering their stance on homosexuality after losing a key vote in the General Synod yesterday.

The Church's ruling body refused to endorse a bishops' report which said that clergy shouldn't bless same-sex relationships.

Bishop vote
Getty Images

New machine to reduce fertiliser use on potato crops

Chris Quevatre

BBC News Online

Jersey's environment minister is attending a demonstration of a new piece of kit that will help reduce the amount of fertiliser used on potato crops.

Representatives from the Action for Clean Water Group will also attend the event at the Jersey Royal Company potato fields.

Sea lettuce

The machine puts fertiliser next to seeds during planting, rather than coating the entire field.

The use of fertilisers has previously been blamed for the level of nitrates in Jersey's water supply, which is thought to have caused the current problem with sea lettuce on Jersey beaches.

Charity head calls on government to do more to help older residents

BBC Radio Jersey

The head of a charity which supports elderly islanders has called on the government to do more to help when older residents become vulnerable.

Daphne Minihane was speaking after a serious case review was published into the death of an elderly man whose body went undiscovered in his home for "some time".

The report said agencies could communicate better, that improvements were needed in how the hospital discharges patients, but also that the man often refused help.

Mrs Minihane said more government funding would mean that more people could be helped.

Brexit press officer position criticised by former politician

Chris Quevatre

BBC News Online

A former politician in Jersey has questioned the appointment of a public relations executive to the external relations department.

Roy le Herissier says the department has been given extra funding to deal with Brexit negotiations - not to hire public relations officials.


It's understood Christian May - who stood unsuccessfully for a senatorial seat earlier in 2016 - has been employed on a fixed term contract.

Mr le Herissier says any money the department has been given should be spent on researching how the island could emerge successfully from Brexit.

Sark Shipping 'should be cautious before reducing fares'

Chris Quevatre

BBC News Online

Sark Shipping should only look at reducing its fares once it's seen a growth in passengers, according to the head of the island's Chamber of Commerce.

Sark Belle

The chamber met with representatives of the company at an open forum last night to discuss how the island can reverse a long-term decline in the number of visiting tourists. 

Chamber President Tony Le Lievre believes Sark Shipping is reliable, punctual and regular but says getting the pricing right is difficult.

Unexplained death: Emergency services leave Albert Marina

Chris Quevatre

BBC News Online

The emergency services have just left the scene of an unexplained death in Jersey.

Police had been at Albert Marina since 12:30, and have launched an investigation into the death of a man in his 70s.

At this time there are not believed to be any suspicious circumstances.

Next of kin are yet to be informed.

BreakingPolice investigating unexplained death in Jersey

Chris Quevatre

BBC News Online

Police are investigating the unexplained death of a man in his 70s at Albert Marina, Jersey.

Arts community welcomes idea of Town creative hub

Guernsey Press

Those involved in the arts and crafts scene in the island have given a warm welcome to the idea of having a creative hub in the heart of St Peter Port.

'More than 1,400 people' could be affected by faulty gas bottles

Chris Stone

BBC Radio Jersey

It's thought more than 1,400 people in the Channel Islands could have been sold gas cylinders which could leak.

Jersey and Guernsey Gas have issued a safety warning about the red gas bottles, which were sold during last year.

The cylinders come in various sizes, and are usually painted red with the word "propane" clearly marked on the side.

Gas bottles
Jersey Gas

They are designed to be used outside - the smaller ones for barbecues, while the larger ones are often used to heat mobile homes or other properties.

The gas company says the potential problem is caused by the valve between the cylinder and the connecting hose. 

It wants anyone with such a gas bottle bought last year to get in touch so that it can be checked. Jersey Gas says its has started its check of affected cylinders - and hasn't found any dangerous ones yet.

What are these noughts and crosses for?

Chris Quevatre

BBC News Online

John just called in to say the mystery "noughts and crosses" found by BBC Radio Guernsey's Breakfast presenter Jim Cathcart could be caused by States members walking around scratching their heads.

I'll add that to the list of theories...

Jim Cathcart
Jim Cathcart

BBC Weather Watchers: Clear and misty

BBC Weather Watchers

Chris Cumulus has just sent in this photo from St Sampsons, Guernsey.

I think it's taken from Bordeaux, but feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

Weather watcher

Meanwhile in Jersey it looks very foggy at the moment

This one from St Brelades was sent in by Amanda...

Weather watcher

Condor cancels sailing for Siam fans

Chris Quevatre

BBC News Online

Condor Ferries has cancelled a sailing from Jersey to Guernsey to allow supporters of rugby's Siam Cup to come to Jersey.

Condor is a supporter of the rugby clash and agreed to sail from Guernsey to Jersey on the morning of the match.

Siam cup

But because of the tides, the Liberation can't sail from Jersey to Guernsey the night before.

That stop the night before has now been cancelled, meaning the Liberation can get to Guernsey for the following morning's service.

Weather in the Channel Islands

BBC Weather

Let's take a look at this evening's weather.

Here's the forecast in Guernsey...

Weather chart

And this is the outlook in Jersey...

Weather chart

Sark needs to work to reduce the 'declining tourist trend'

Chris Quevatre

BBC News Online

Sark must adopt its business model and work more closely with Guernsey to try to reverse the declining tourist trend, according to the president of the island's Chamber of Commerce.

Sark Folk Festival

Chamber held a forum with the head of Guernsey's Chamber of Commerce Tourism and Sub-group Luke Wheadon, and managers of Isle of Sark shipping Paul Garlick last night to discuss the future outlook for tourism.

Tony Le Lievre says the islands should pool their resources and promote the Channel Islands as a multi-destination attraction to visitors.

Fraudsters targeting retailers with cloned credit cards

Chris Quevatre

BBC News Online

Retailers in Guernsey are being warned against fraudsters who are targeting online or telephone card transactions for high end goods and services.

Chip and pin

The fraudsters use a stolen or cloned credit card, then a third party goes to the shop in person and tries to collect the goods or make use of the services.

Guernsey's Crime Reduction Adviser Andy Goodall says these people often buy large numbers of items and suggests retailers request proof of identity before handing over anything.

Highest property transactions in 10 years

Chris Quevatre

BBC News Online

There's been a 12% increase in the number of houses sold in Jersey compared to this time last year. 

According to the latest Jersey House price index published by the States of Jersey Statistics Unit, 1,410 transactions took place in 2016. 

Daniel Edmunds from the unit says this is the highest number of houses being bought and sold in 10 years.

Property stats
Jersey Stats Unit

Parish care schemes target the vulnerable

Jersey Evening Post

Parish-run community support schemes could be strengthened to prevent people falling through the net welfare experts said following a serious case review into the death of a man who died alone after repeatedly refusing help.

Sure warn of new email scam

Chris Quevatre

BBC News Online

A Guernsey telecoms company is warning of a new email scam.

The email claims that you have violated the terms of service, and asks you to click on a link...

View more on twitter

Kerbside will remain with the parishes

Chris Quevatre

BBC News Online

An attempt to make the States of Guernsey consider taking kerbside recycling away from the parishes has been defeated.

Deputies voted 23 to 15 against making further changes to Guernsey's waste strategy.

Speaking ahead of the vote, Peter Roffey argued a more joined-up approach to kerbside recycling collections could have saved up to £250,000.

Recycling conveyor belt

Earlier, deputies also rejected scrapping recycling targets. 

They're now considering a final revision to the waste strategy - a longer-term review into whether Guernsey's rubbish could better be handled on-island.

'Is this the best commute in the world?'

Oscar Pearson

BBC Radio Guernsey

It’s a gorgeous February day in Guernsey and my walk into our BBC office earlier got me thinking - is this up there with the best commutes to work in the world?

View more on twitter

My video drew attention from Locate Guernsey, who may well have been trying to relocate me to the island where I already live...

Locate Guernsey tweet

Gas cylinders being checked 'as a precaution' - no faults found so far

Chris Quevatre

BBC News Online

Gas companies in the Channel Islands have said that all checks on propane gas tanks are "precautionary" and that no faults have been discovered so far.

Guernsey and Jersey Gas - both owned by the International Energy Group - have warned that propane gas cylinders sold in the islands may have a fault with the valve, and are asking anyone who bought one after March 2016 to get in touch with an engineer on 01624 644510 to arrange a free safety check. 

Gas cannisters
Jersey Gas

Guernsey Gas has about 860 cylinder customers, while Jersey Gas has about 670.

They say that if the cylinder is functioning, there is no immediate danger of a gas leak, but ask customers not to touch the cylinders until they've been checked.

Ministers given approval for repeal of EU law

Chris Quevatre

BBC News Online

The States of Jersey have given their approval to ministers to start the process of repealing the law linking the island to the EU.

It's expected the UK will announce its intention to trigger the process of leaving next month.

Members agreed to let ministers start work on removing the law passed in 1973 that extends parts of the UK's membership to Jersey.


Budget surplus 'won't mean the end of budget constraint'

Chris Quevatre

BBC News Online

Guernsey's top politician has warned that a budget surplus for 2016 won't mean the end of financial discipline in the States.

All of Guernsey's government committees underspent last year, returning £7.5m of savings in the face of further budget cuts. 

Despite an overall return to a financial surplus for the first time in just under a decade, Deputy Gavin St Pier isn't getting carried away.

There were a number of one-offs in these numbers, and we do have those longer term trends such as a reducing number of economically active people in our population, and that will impact on revenues in the longer term and a reduction in the consumption of fuel and so on. We need to continue to exercise good fiscal discipline and pay restraint."

Deputy Gavin St PierPresident of Policy and Resources

BBC Weather Watchers: St Peter Port harbour

BBC Weather Watchers

Thanks to Brass for this great photo of the harbour this morning.

It's gone up on the website as an "Editor's Pick".

St Peter Port harbour

If you want to become a Weather Watcher, here's how.

Model yacht pond being refilled after cracks are sealed

Guernsey Press

The model yacht pond should be back in use this weekend after five weeks of work.

Latest headlines in the Channel Islands

Chris Quevatre

BBC News Online


  • Jersey people have been encouraged to report any health concerns about their neighbours, after the death of a vulnerable man
  • There's been a 12% increase in the number of houses sold in Jersey compared to this time last year
  • Jersey and Guernsey Gas are warning customers not to use propane gas cylinders they've bought over the past year


  • Guernsey's health president says tighter financial controls and an "exceptional effort" by staff have resulted in an underspend by her committee
  • Guernsey's Bailiff has ruled States members shouldn't make public statements in the assembly when there's an active code of conduct panel investigation underway
  • Sark must adapt and work more closely with other Channel Islands to try and reverse a decline in the number of visiting tourists, according to the president of the Chamber of Commerce

Guernsey health president praises 'exceptional effort' from staff in cost cutting

Chris Quevatre

BBC News Online

Tighter financial controls and an "exceptional effort" by staff have resulted in an underspend by the island's health committee, according to its president.

Deputy Heidi Soulsby says the £700,000 budget surplus in her department hasn't been achieved through cuts to services.

She says the savings were not the result of any cuts to hospital beds, doctors or nurses


Deputies have 'nothing to hide' over code of conduct complaint

Guernsey Press

Three deputies who are facing a code of conduct complaint have denied any wrong doing.

Gas companies warn over faulty valve

Chris Quevatre

BBC News Online

The two gas companies in the Channel Islands are warning customers of a potential fault with some propane cylinders.

Both Guernsey Gas and Jersey Gas - who are both owned by the International Energy Group - say there's a small risk that tanks purchased from them, or a distributor, since last March may have a faulty control valve.

They're asking anyone with one of the tanks not to use the cylinder valve and to call in and arrange a free safety check.

Gas fire

Travel update: Crash in the Vale

BBC Travel

There's been a road traffic collision in Route de Picquerel, Guernsey.

Two cars are involved and the emergency services are in attendance.

The road is currently blocked.

Another disappointing loss for Guernsey FC

BBC Sport

It was another disappointing defeat for Guernsey FC as they lost 4-1 to Corinthian Casuals at Footes Lane last night.

The Green Lions were 2-0 down by half time despite encouraging play from several younger members of the team, including debutants Charlton Gauvain and Keanu Marsh.

Thomas Dodds
Fran Torode

Matt Loaring scored Guernsey's only goal in the second half, on his 200th appearance for the club.

There were several notable absences from the starting line up, with Jamie Dodd and Craig Young left on the bench, while Dave Rihoy missed out on the squad altogether. 

Who's playing noughts and crosses?

BBC Radio Guernsey

This is a weird one.

BBC Radio Guernsey's breakfast presenter Jim Cathcart was out on the south coast cliffs yesterday when he came across some noughts and crosses on the paths.

What could they be for?

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Controversial bond had a successful 2016

BBC Radio Guernsey

Guernsey's controversial bond made taxpayers £17m last year, it's been revealed.

Policy and Resources President Gavin St Pier has told the States it was part of "exceptional investment performance" with all funds delivering significant returns.

The government bond had attracted criticism due to the large amount of debt that it was deemed to put the public finances in - but last year provided a profit of about £10m after interest payments.

The coffers were boost by £30m since June last year, delivering the first surplus since 2008.

Vance gets heavy but GFC lose again

Guernsey Press

Tony Vance insists he ‘has no problems’ with any of his players despite dropping Jamie Dodd, Dave Rihoy and Craig Young for Guernsey FC’s latest defeat last night.