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  1. Boat owners advised to check their moorings ahead of stormy weather
  2. Ferries cancelled due to high winds
  3. Jersey's chief minister has welcomed the UK's plans for leaving the European Union
  4. Guernsey's education committee is being told to stop 'commanding and controlling' teachers by union reps
  5. More news, sport, travel and weather from 08:00 on Monday

Live Reporting

By Chris Quevatre

All times stated are UK

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Live coverage from stormy islands

Miles Davis

BBC News Online

That's all from BBC Local Live from the stormy Channel Islands today, we'll be back at 08:00 on Monday to bring you all the day's news, sport, travel and weather updates.

Don't miss BBC Channel Islands News at 18:30 and the late bulletin at 22:30 tonight.

Coop won't be rationing vegetables...

Chris Quevatre

BBC News Online

Bosses at the Channel Islands Cooperative say vegetables won't be rationed in Jersey. 

It comes after some supermarkets in the UK have begun rationing vegetables after bad weather in southern Europe caused a shortage of supplies.

Mark Cox, chief operations officer, says they won't introduce an allowance because people in Jersey are finding alternatives.


Travel update: Rohais work limited to Ivy Gates

BBC Travel

Work on the Rohais is now limited to the stretch of road between the Ivy Gates and York Avenue.

All work on the main hill is now complete.

Dependent on how the weather holds up, all work in the area is expected to be complete by the end of the weekend.

Cars and light vehicles can now use La Gibauderie as a diversion.

How can Guernsey improve its tourist industry?

After some disappointing tourism stats for 2016, we're asking for your ideas on how to get more people visiting Guernsey...

View more on twitter
View more on twitter
View more on twitter

In case you were wondering, Mark Le Tissier is of course the chairman of Guernsey FC.

Jersey rally driver looking forward to first full season

Chris Quevatre

BBC News Online

Jersey-born driver Ed Fossey is preparing for a full year of rallying in the UK.

The 18-year-old is just a few weeks away from the season opener in Wales.

After spending last year building his skills, he has now committed to the full national British Trials and Rally Drivers Association Championship.

Rally car

Flu vaccination programme extends to primary schools

Chris Quevatre

BBC News Online

More than half of all primary school children in years one and two in Jersey have been vaccinated against seasonal flu.

It's part of a new and gradually extending programme that will eventually offer flu vaccination to all primary school year groups.

A child with flu

Half of Jersey's adults aged over 65 also received a flu vaccine, while about 25% of pre-school children aged two to four years old, 28% of pregnant women and 26% of people considered to be at risk aged 16 to 64 also received a flu vaccination.

Sunday travel: Rapide calling into Guernsey

BBC Travel

The Condor Rapide will be calling at Guernsey on Sunday.

Condor says that in order to maintain France and inter-island services, they are adding a trip to the schedule.

The Rapide will now operate to the following schedule:

Condor reschedule
Condor Ferries

Individual EU trade deal 'unlikely' for Channel Islands

Chris Quevatre

BBC News Online

The politician representing the Chanel Islands' interests during Brexit has said it's unlikely the island's current trade deal with the EU will be replaced with something similar.

Robin Walker

Protocol Three, which currently ensures tariff-free trade in goods between the islands and the EU, will cease when Britain leaves.

Speaking at an EU Select Committee Hearing yesterday, Robin Walker MP, suggested the Crown Dependencies will be included in whatever exit deal Britain can negotiate, and not a separate agreement.

Prospects loyal to Jersey - MacRae

BBC Sport

Jersey coach Neil MacRae insists his young prospects remain committed to representing the side, despite playing overseas.

Jonty Jenner

Pod of dolphins accompanies yacht off Guernsey

A pod of dolphins swimming alongside a yacht off the coast of Guernsey is captured in a picture taken by Jo Hider which is featured in the Royal Yachting Association (RYA) magazine this month.

Jo Hider

Latest headlines in the Channel Islands

Chris Quevatre

BBC News Online


  • A man from Guernsey was just outside the Louvre when it was attacked by a suspected terrorist this morning
  • The politician representing The Channel Islands' interests during Brexit has said it's unlikely the island's current trade deal with the EU will be replaced with something similar
  • An appeal has been launched by Guernsey's Blanchelande College in order to raise funds for its new sports hall


  • It's claimed the role of senator could have been abolished if the council of ministers had stuck to its duties under the strategic plan
  • Condor Ferries is investigating whether it would be worth extending the Liberation's sailing licence, to see if it would result in fewer cancellations
  • A bank is warning about a fake NatWest branded text message that's being sent to people in the Channel Islands

Plenty of life in protected cell companies after 20 years

Guernsey Press

The man credited with developing the world-leading innovation of the protected cell company 20 years ago this week believes that there is plenty of life left in the concept.

Travel update: Flights delayed in Guernsey

BBC Travel

The following flights are delayed or cancelled at Guernsey Airport:

  • 13:45 Dinard departure
  • 15:05 Dinard arrival
  • 15:20 Alderney arrival
  • 16:00 Leeds/Bradford arrival

There's currently no disruption to flights in Jersey.

Herm visitors up 9%

Chris Quevatre

BBC News Online

Herm island is reporting a 9% rise in the number of visitors last year, despite an overall drop in sea travel to Guernsey.

Visitor numbers released by Visit Guernsey yesterday showed nearly 17,000 fewer passengers travelled to Guernsey by sea in 2016 compared to the year before, a 16.3% drop.

Herm's Director of Hospitality Jonathan Watson says the rise is down to more visitors, potentially due to the rising costs of getting to the UK or further afield.

Herm Trident
Fay Thompson

Jersey Reds sign centre Scott

BBC Sport

Jersey Reds have signed 26-year-old centre Nick Scott for the remainder of the season, with prop Marc Thomas and centre Heath Stevens leaving the club.

Scott, who can also play on the wing, joins the Championship side after a spell in the Premiership with Sale Sharks, where he played once.

Nick Scott
Getty Images

"Nick's a pedigree player with considerable experience he's really keen to get stuck in," head coach Harvey Biljon told the club website.

Travel update: Les Amballes closes from Monday

Fraudsters sending NatWest branded messages

Chris Quevatre

BBC News Online

A fraudulent NatWest branded text message is being sent to people in the Channel Islands in an attempt to obtain banking details.

The message looks like it's from the high-street bank, and asks you to call a telephone number, at which point you'll be asked for bank details.

NatWest is reminding people that they should only ever call numbers listed on their website, and will never ask for your PIN or password over the phone.

Mobile phone

Guernseyman outside the Louvre during attack

Rob Byrne

BBC Radio Guernsey

A man from Guernsey was outside the Louvre when it was attacked this morning.

John Halker was working in the city, where he says the security forces acted quickly to block off surrounding streets after the museum was attacked.

He says he was passing the Louvre at the moment it was attacked.

A suspected terrorist, shouting "Allahu Akbar", was shot and seriously wounded, after he used a machete to attack a soldier guarding the museum in Paris.


The scene has evolved and developed, all of the area surrounding the Louvre has been evacuated and blocked off. Of course there's been a number of sirens, from the increased police presence, and a degree of stoicism from French people that I've spoken to here."

John HalkerGuernsey resident

Jersey confirm friendly with Luton Town youth side

Tim Pryor

BBC Sport

Jersey's Under-21s will host Luton Town Cedars (Under-18s) in a friendly later this month, the island's Football Association has confirmed.

The fixture has been set for Saturday, 18 February, at Springfield.

Jersey will use the game as part of their preparations for the Under-21 Muratti against Guernsey.

The players are looking forward to another competitive game against different opposition. We want to build on the Northern Ireland game, in order to get the final squad in place for the Under-21s game against Guernsey on the 1 April at home."

Martin CassidyJersey U-21s manager

Look after your homes as the sea levels rise, Islanders warned

Jersey Evening Post

Islanders who live in low-lying coastal areas should take measures to protect their homes as sea levels rise, the engineer in charge of Jersey’s sea defences has warned.

Road closed due to building cladding loosening in high winds

Is this Storm Doris? Who names a storm anyway?

Ben Chapple

BBC News Online

As the islands brace themselves for potential storm force winds this afternoon and early evening you'll have heard the name Storm Doris being incorrectly used.

It might sound like a nickname for a visit by an annoying aunt, but it will be the name of the next storm expected to cause significant damage to the UK or the Republic of Ireland.


The "grand titles" for storms big enough to be named were complied from suggestions made by member of the public last year - the current lists will be used for storms from October 2016 until September 2017.

The Met Offices - in the UK and Republic of Ireland - will name a storm when it has the potential to cause an amber "be prepared" or red "take action" warning.

View from Delancey

Where to find out more:

Weather in the Channel Islands

BBC Weather

The wind is picking up, and the gusts are expected to reach 70mph this afternoon.

Here's the forecast for Jersey...

Weather chart

And this is the outlook in Guernsey...

Weather chart

Council of ministers blamed for retention of senators

BBC Radio Jersey

Jersey's council of ministers is being blamed for the States failure to abolish the role of Senator in the debate over reform.

The house voted to change Deputy Andrew Lewis's plan for only two types of States member.

Most of the council of ministers, many of whom are senators, voted to keep the role of senator as part of the makeup of the States.

The only senator who voted to lose the role was Senator Sir Philip Bailhache, who said the States should be prepared to make the changes Jersey people voted for in a referendum.

Your views on improving the tourism industry...


Guernsey's latest tourism industry statistics show a 14,600 drop in the number of people visiting the island.

Here are some of your suggestions on how to improve the figures in 2017...

Peter: Spend money on creating attractions that are unique, and that both tourists and locals can enjoy

Julia: Put competition into air and sea links!

Ian: Take a leaf out of Jersey's book, there are plenty great attractions for families, also many fantastic "just good eateries and outdoor dining". The place is buzzing night and day whatever the weather! 

Leo: More attractions for the whole family

Tom: Red light district. They won't be able to spend it quick enough

I think Leo and Tom are on very different wavelengths...

Atlantic rowers battle worst weather on final stretch

Guernsey Press

A former Ladies’ College student and her team have battled through storms to near the end of their challenge to row across the Atlantic Ocean.

States reforms a 'great day' for the island

BBC Radio Jersey

The politician behind yesterday's historic vote to change Jersey's voting system says it was a great day for the island's democracy - even though he didn't get all the changes he wanted.

Deputy Andrew Lewis says he tried to get members to vote for what the public had chosen in a referendum in 2014 - with six voting districts in the island.

Andrew Lewis

But members rejected his call to get rid of the island-wide mandate of senators.

It was Senator Lyndon Farnham's amendment which led to a vote to keep senators - he says the change will produce a better and fairer system for the island.

So that's why the fast ferry services are cancelled

Castle Breakwater: Phantom lighthouse

Simon Fairclough

Guernsey Political Reporter

I'm sure there's normally a lighthouse at the end of the breakwater...


Travel update: Buses diverted...

Travel update: Flight delays

BBC Travel


  • The 11:30 Alderney departure has been cancelled
  • The 12:00 Leeds/Bradford departure has been cancelled
  • The 12:30 arrival from Alderney has been delayed

I haven't been up to the airport yet today, but I imagine it's pretty similar to Delancey...

Castle Breakwater: Timelapse

Chris Quevatre

BBC News Online

As frustrating as the weather can be for people who are travelling, one of the benefits of living on an island is that you get to see the weather up close...

Gale force winds: Delancey Park

Ben Chapple

BBC News Online

You always get a nice view from Delancey Park, looking down over St Peter Port or into the Little Russel.

Today you get a slightly different view from the Napoleonic battery as stormy seas and strong winds batter the Channel Islands.

High tide as gale force winds hit the island

Castle breakwater: The waves are coming in...

Chris Quevatre

BBC News Online

We're just gone past high tide now, so the waves are pretty big.

We've got some great videos and timelapses on the way, but here's a taster of what it's like standing on the Castle breakwater in Guernsey in Force 8 winds...


I also happened to run into our political reporter, Simon Fairclough, who was cycling into work!

Presidential breakfast delegates 'fascinated' by Jersey history

Chris Quevatre

BBC News Online

A Jersey politician who had breakfast with the new president of the United States says he was honoured to represent the island.

Deputy John Le Fondre attended the traditional National Prayer Breakfast in Washington DC.


He was among several thousand delegates from 140 countries who were addressed by President Donald Trump.

Deputy Le Fondre says people there were fascinated by the island's history.

Top politician welcomes Brexit plans

Chris Quevatre

BBC News Online

Jersey's chief minister has welcomed the UK's plans for leaving the European Union, claiming they are offering a lot of support for the island.

A White Paper was published yesterday, giving out details of how the country would leave the EU, and how it would make sure it had strong trade links with the world afterwards.

It contained several references to the Crown Dependencies, including promises to make sure they could benefit from trade agreements, and that there would be quarterly meetings between UK and ministers from the islands.


Blanchelande starts fundraising for sports hall

Chris Quevatre

BBC News Online

An appeal has been launched by Guernsey's Blanchelande College in order to raise funds for its new sports hall.

The campaign got going last night when the school hosted a fundraising event.

Blanchelande sports hall rendering
CCD Architects

In November last year plans for the project were released with an estimated cost of £2m. 

It will involve demolishing an existing disused building to clear the site.

States vote in favour of major electoral reforms

Jersey Evening Post

A radical overhaul of how Islanders vote for politicians will come into force as States Members finally approved electoral reform changes.

States reforms: A complex debate...

Chris Quevatre

BBC News Online

It was a very complicated day in the States of Jersey yesterday, involving a rather strange series of events.

See if you can follow it...

  • Members voted to approve an amendment from Senator Lyndon Farnham,which  meant that while the electoral districts for deputies would change, the island-wide senator roles would remain
  • In protest, Deputy Andrew Lewis tried to withdraw his proposals for reform to the States of Jersey
  • Withdrawing his proposal would have meant taking the amendment with it, meaning there would be no reform changes to vote on at all
  • However, he then withdrew his attempt to withdraw the proposals (stick with me), and decided to vote against the whole package - including his original proposals, and Senator Farnham's amendment
  • Members then voted against letting the public have their say on proposals in a referendum and moved onto a vote on the proposals as a whole, including Senator Farnham's amendment
  • Deputy Andrew Lewis - despite threatening to vote against the reforms if the amendment was attached - voted for it
  • The reforms were agreed

Just another day in the States...