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  1. States of Jersey vote to keep the island wide role of senator
  2. Man arrested over 'offensive' comments on social media
  3. Some people living in Guernsey are 'struggling' on about £500 a month, a report claims
  4. Condor cancels sailings after stormy forecast
  5. 'One in five young children overweight or obese' in Jersey
  6. More news, sport, travel and weather from 08:00 on Friday

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States of Jersey reforms latest

BBC Radio Jersey

The States Assembly has adopted a package of reform measures after a two day debate.

The reformed assembly will now include senators.

An amendment to hold a referendum on the reforms was withdrawn at the last minute.

Scrutiny to find out why some islanders pay more tax than in the UK

Ryan Morrison

BBC News Online

Guernsey's Scrutiny department are to look into why some islanders are struggling to get by, putting them at risk of being in low income poverty - which is earning less than 60% of the median average wage.

Deputy Roffey says the review will consider why people on modest incomes here are paying more in tax than they would in the UK, and how increased States charges are impacting islanders on low incomes...

Deputy Peter Roffey

It may not be right and it isn't right and traditionally we were the other way round. There isn't a lot of money around at the moment and if we are going to do something about it we will have to box clever to do it.

Deputy Peter RoffeyScrutiny

Toilet vandalism costs almost £20,000

Ryan Morrison

BBC News Online

Nearly £19,000 has been spent repairing public toilets in Jersey since January 2012, a Freedom of Information request has revealed. 

Public toilet map

There are 48 public toilets across the island the the £18,874 covers the cost of orders related to vandalism between January 2012 and December 2016.

The FoI says: "There are likely to have been other repairs undertaken, that are partially the result of damage caused in public toilets, but these are not separately identified within our reporting data and are quite often included within other pre-planned maintenance work being undertaken."

States still debating reform a day in

BBC Channel Islands News

A full day into a debate on major reforms to Jersey's electoral system and politicians are still on the second of four amendments.

The proposals would see a move from parish based elections to six large electoral districts and an end to the island wide role of senator.

They've already rejected one amendment attempting to keep the role of senator and are now debating a second, similar proposition also keeping senators in the States.

BBC Channel Islands News looks at how reforms will change the States if approved.

Island occupation historian Michael Ginns dies

BBC Radio Jersey

The Channel Island occupation historian Michael Ginns has died.

Michael Ginns

Mr Ginns wrote a series of books on the occupation of Jersey and had a personal interest in the period as he and his family were deported to Germany by the Nazis and spent two years of his life in the camp in Bad Wurzach.

After he returned to the island, he became a keen historian, focusing on the occupation of the island and was a founding member of the Channel Islands Occupation Society.

He researched and wrote many books on the subject which are regarded as essential material for war time historians.

States reform: Referendum off the table

Mike Weir

BBC Radio Jersey

The States of Jersey have voted to withdraw an amendment that would have seen a referendum on the proposed reform.

It doesn't mean that the possibility of a referendum is gone, but it won't be agreed during this debate.

After an incredibly complicated exchange involving multiple withdrawals and proposals, members have voted to include Senator Farnham's amendment to the plans, which means there will still be eight island-wide senators if the plans are voted through as a whole.

This meeting is looking like it could be a late one.

FAB link company 'needs to explain benefits'

The french company behind plans to generate tidal energy from the waters around Alderney says it needs to better explain the benefits of a controversial electricity cable link to islanders. 

OpenHydro France is one of the companies behind the FAB Link - a £500m electricity connector cable linking France to England, through Alderney. 

There are concerns in Alderney about the effect the link will have on the island and environment.

Christophe Chabert

To explain what is the project, to have more technical information. We would be happy to explain to people why we need the link for tidal and why it would be a good opportunity for everybody.

Christophe ChabertDirector of OpenHydro France

Tax expert says 20 no longer means 20 in Jersey

Ryan Morrison

BBC News Online

A Jersey tax expert says 20 no longer means 20 when it comes to paying tax in the island, thanks to new charges which we have to pay. 


John Shenton says the introduction of the long term care charge means we are all paying extra. Ministers initially described it as a charge - but Mr Shenton says that's simply to mislead people across the world into believing Jersey still has a 20% income tax rate. 

Recently a legal ruling described it as an 'hypothecated tax' to allow the states to borrow enough money to pay for the new hospital. But Mr Shenton is in no doubt its a simple tax, costing Jersey workers more.

Review into the impact of in-work poverty in Guernsey

BBC Radio Guernsey

A scrutiny review will investigate in-work poverty - that is people working but not earning enough money to get by. 

Deputy Peter Roffey spoke to BBC Radio Guernsey about the study and what they will look at.

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Boundaries to change after amendment vote

Ryan Morrison

BBC News Online

As well as keeping the senators in the States, the amendment by Senator Lyndon Farnham also changed the previously proposed district boundaries.

The original proposition by Deputy Andrew Lewis split the island into North, South, East, West and St Helier - this will now change to be more geographically accurate.

Here is a map to show what the district boundaries will be if politicians vote in favour of the reforms.

Boundary map

States reforms: Try and keep up with this...

Chris Quevatre

BBC News Online

Deputy Andrew Lewis has tried to withdraw his proposals for reform to the States of Jersey, before deciding to vote against them instead.

Members have already voted to approve an amendment from Senator Lyndon Farnham, which sees a change to the layout of proposed districts, as well as keeping eight island-wide senators.

In opposition to the amendment, Deputy Lewis then attempted to withdraw his original proposal - taking the amendment with it.

However, he has now withdrawn his attempt to withdraw the proposals (stick with me), and has decided to vote against the whole package - including his original proposals, and Senator Farnham's amendment.

Members will now vote on whether to let the public have their say on proposals in a referendum, or simply implement the changes.

If you can keep up with that, you're a lot smarter than I am.

Ferries cancelled as high winds forecast

BBC Travel

Condor Ferries has cancelled a number of fast ferry sailings between the islands, Poole and St Malo for the next two days.

The firm says weather forecasts for tomorrow show conditions are outside of legal operational limits for high speed crafts with wave heights predicted at 4.7m and wind gusts reaching 53 knots.

The cancelled sailings are listed on its website.

The company is also reviewing whether or not the Commodore Clipper will sail to Jersey tomorrow.

Football: Uefa Statutes 'ambiguous'

Jersey Evening Post

Jersey FA officials are set to analyse a document released by the Court of Arbitration for Sport which appears to undermine Uefa’s membership regulations.  

BreakingStates vote to keep the island wide role of senator

Ryan Morrison

BBC News Online

Politicians in Jersey have voted to keep senators in the States after an amendment by Senator Lyndon Farnham was adopted.

The States Assembly are debating a series of reforms to the way elections work in the island that would see an end of the parish based system, replacing it with six large districts with between five and six candidates in each district and keeping constables.


Members voted for those changes but to also keep the role of senators after a day of debate.

Deputy Andrew Lewis who brought the overall proposition then asked to withdraw his proposition, which would see no change at all, but members are now debating whether to allow him to withdraw his motion or to go ahead with the new proposition of six districts electing five or six deputies and the eight senators.

Senator Farnham said: "Let us keep the opportunity for people to come together every four years to elect their deputy, parish constables and eight senators across the whole island."

Aurigny gives passengers chance to reschedule

Chris Quevatre

BBC News Online

Passengers booked on any of tomorrow's Aurigny flights are being offered the chance to re-book. 

Strong winds are expected over the next few days as stormy weather hits the Channel.

Waves on the coast

The airline says it is currently planning to operate as normal, but will do its best to move people on to flights this evening, tomorrow morning, or later in the weekend. 

CEO Mark Darby said this will allow customers to make their own choice based on individual circumstances.

Anyone wanting to re-book can call 01481 822886, or you can make the change online.

How would you change Jersey's bus timetable?

BBC Travel

Jersey's only bus company, Liberty Bus, has published its proposed summer bus timetable and wants your views on whether it meets the needs of islanders.

LibertyBus management will be at Liberation Station this afternoon to hear views about the timetable and changes people might want to see.

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BreakingPoliticians to sit late tonight to finish reform debate

Ryan Morrison

BBC News Online

Jersey States members have just voted to stay late tonight to finish a debate on whether to keep senators in the States.

States Assembly

It's part of a wider debate into reforms that would see the island move from a number of parish based districts to six large equal districts.

There was some opposition to the call to stay late tonight, with some suggesting sitting on the debate until next week or even the week after.

When they finish discussing the amendment lodged by Senator Lyndon Farnham they will have to debate the main proposition from Deputy Andrew Lewis.

Weather warning for Guernsey boat owners

BBC Weather

Boat owners in Guernsey have been urged to check their vessels are properly moored and other items secured as strong winds and high tides are predicted over the weekend.

Captain Chad Murray from Guernsey Harbours said: "The winds are expected to reach force 6 or near gale 7 from the south or south east which leaves the harbour areas particularly exposed. 

"Also, from a Guernsey Coastguard perspective, we urge the public to exercise caution if near the coast during these potentially hazardous conditions and to call the coastguard on 999 if they experience any difficulties.”

New care home would offer ‘state-of-the-art’ dementia care

Jersey Evening Post

A new residential home dedicated solely to caring for Islanders with dementia and Alzheimer’s could be built close to the Airport, if plans are approved.

Hospital considering making private maternity rooms standard

BBC Radio Guernsey

Bailiwick parents are being urged to give Guernsey's maternity unit feedback on its services and facilities.

Princess Elizabeth Hospital

Currently, if mums want the privacy of a room on Loveridge Ward at the Princess Elizabeth Hospital they have to pay for the privilege.

Interim Head of Midwifery Elaine Torrance is trying to gauge whether they might prefer a private room as standard practice.

Guernsey scrutiny committee to study 'in-work poverty'

Ryan Morrison

BBC News Online

A new States scrutiny review is aiming to "shine a light" on in-work poverty, to discover how government policies are affecting those in work but still facing hardships.

In-work poverty covers those working but still on a relatively low income in comparison to the median average salary.

Guernsey States

Deputy Peter Roffey has announced the investigation, following the release of data yesterday which showed a fifth of Guernsey households are at risk of relative poverty, which is an income under 60% of the median average.

He says the review will consider why people on modest incomes here are paying more in tax than they would in the UK, and how increased States charges are impacting islanders on low incomes.

Jersey experienced 'log jam' over electoral reform

Ryan Morrison

BBC News Online

There has been a log jam over reform and one of the arguments has been that the system is complicated and difficult to understand, according to political expert, Adrian Lee.

Dr Lee said if the reforms proposed today, to change to six large districts and remove the senators from the States, are passed it would be a big change for the island.

Adrian Lee

The log jam may well have been broken by the referendum in 2014 which said keep the constables in the states. The argument now is over the other two offices, deputies and the all-island senators."

Dr Adrian LeePolitical expert

Can you think of a name for Guernsey's new generator?

BBC Channel Islands News

Guernsey Electricity are asking the public to name their new generator - currently called 3D - as well as the older 2D generator.

They don't want silly names though and the final decision will be made by a panel of experts, not a public vote to try to avoid something like the Boaty McBoatface name that won the Polar Research Vessel naming competition last year.

Sally-Ann David of Guernsey Electricity says the name can be almost anything

Les Rouvets closure extended

States vote against restricting bonfires

Guernsey Press

Islanders will be allowed to burn dry garden waste on their property at any time they like, after the States decided to avoid over-regulating bonfires.  

BreakingMan arrested over 'offensive' comments on social media

Ryan Morrison

BBC News Online

Jersey Police have arrested a 55-year-old man in connection with "grossly offensive comments" made on social media.

Officers say it is in relation to comments made about visiting refugees performing in a play at the Jersey Arts Centre.

The man, who has not been named, has been arrested for offences under the Telecommunications Law. 

Police say he will appear at a Parish Hall Enquiry in the coming weeks.

No date on result of Flybe and Blue Islands investigation

Ryan Morrison

BBC News Online

It's not known when the result of a competition investigation into airlines Flybe and Blue Islands franchise agreement will be made public.

Blue Islands and Flybe

Last year Blue Islands signed an agreement with Flybe to operate all flights under the Flybe brand and sell through the Flybe website.

Michael Byrne from the regulator, CICRA, says further meetings are still to take place on the matter, adding that a potential legal process may have to be followed. 

Mr Byrne says it's important they follow a fair process when assessing if competition law has been broken.

Jersey stats unit publish child measurement report

Ryan Morrison

BBC News Online

A new report into the weight and size of Jersey's children has been published by the statistics unit and it has found one in three 10 to 11 year olds are overweight or obese.

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Water supplies back on

Water cut off in Grand Bouet

A crapaud spotted in Guernsey?

Ryan Morrison

BBC News Online

This photo showing a rock that looks suprisingly like the native Jersey toad, known as a crapaud, was taken at the Vale in Guernsey at Pembroke bay.

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Memorial stone begins journey to Masnieres

Chris Quevatre

BBC News Online

A memorial to the heavy losses suffered by the Royal Guernsey Light Infantry leaves Ronez quarry at the start of its journey to Masnieres to remember the fallen of the Battle of Cambrai.

A memorial stone to the Guernsey losses in the Battle of Cambrai leaves a Guernsey quarry.

Road closures lead to Liberty Bus diversions

BBC Travel

Liberty Bus has diversions on route 19 and route four as a result of roadworks and because some roads are closed to traffic.

From Monday, New Street will be closed to all traffic for two weeks so route four will divert via Devonshire Place, The Parade and Gloucester Street to Liberation Station.

Route 19 will travel as normal until Overdale but will turn into the hospital grounds and return to St Helier via Queens Road as Westmount Road is closed.

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Social Security Department sees 10 new care claims per week

Ryan Morrison

BBC News Online

Jersey's Social Security Department says it sees up to 10 new claims every week for long term health care. 

People in St Helier

The long term care scheme, that sees people paying 1% of income towards longer term care costs for all islanders was introduced in July 2014 to support people financially with their health care needs. 

Weather watchers: Strong winds predicted

BBC Weather Watchers

Forecasters are expecting winds to be very strong over the weekend with a weather warning issued by Jersey Met.

This photo by Simon Fairclough gives us a look at what strong winds can do to island tides.


Granite memorial to Royal Guernsey Light Infantry

Ryan Morrison

BBC News Online

A memorial for the Royal Guernsey Light Infantry who fought in the Battle of Cambrai in World War One is set to be carved on Guernsey granite.


The memorial stone will stand in northern France where the battle took place but has come from Guernsey's Les Vardes quarry. 

The Battle of Cambrai was a British offensive and German counter-offensive battle in World War One. There were a reported 40,000 casualties on both sides with thousands taken prisoner.


Wind warning issued by Jersey Met

BBC Weather

Jersey Met has issued an orange level wind warning for today which could see gales of force eight, up to 50 knots.

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States of Jersey: Back and debating reform

Ryan Morrison

BBC News Online

Jersey Politicians are back and debating the issue of political reform - including whether to keep the island wide role of senator or not.

You can listen to the debate here

States Chamber
Ryan Morrison

Condor reviewing weekend sailings after wind forecast

BBC Travel

Ferry company Condor has put its sailings between the Channel Islands and the UK this weekend under review after heavy winds have been forecast by the Jersey Met Office.

Condor Ferries

A spokesman said: "Current forecasts for Friday 3 February, Saturday 4 February are all showing wave heights and wind speeds outside of legal operational limits for our high speed crafts." 

The company says it is reviewing a number of sailings on the Liberation during those days.

You can keep up to date with the latest on Condor sailings on the company's website.