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  1. Some prisoners to get vote in Jersey elections
  2. Jersey's chief minister wants the law changed to make it clearer who has responsibility for the actions of civil servants
  3. A Guernsey woman who has to travel to the UK for cancer treatment is calling for changes to the way the States supports patients off-island
  4. Guernsey FC suffer one of their worst losses
  5. More news, sport, travel and weather from 08:00 on Thursday

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  1. Local Live in the Channel Islands

    Chris Quevatre

    BBC News Online

    That's it for Local Live today, but we'll be back from 08:00 tomorrow morning with all the news, sport, travel and weather from around the Channel Islands.

    Don't forget, head to BBC One at 18:30 for all the very latest headlines with BBC Channel Islands News.

  2. Environment reviewing Guernsey's speed limits

    Chris Quevatre

    BBC News Online

    Guernsey's Environment President says the States is currently reviewing island-wide speed limits.

    Deputy Barry Brehaut was speaking on BBC Radio Guernsey's JKT Show after caller Angela expressed concern about limits being too high near her home.

    Deputy Brehaut said the States will need to consider the cost of replacing signage, but added safety is the most important factor.

    Speed sign
  3. Buesnel to make Island Games debut

    Brent Pilnick

    BBC Sport

    British special gymnastics champion Alex Buesnel has become the first gymnast with learning difficulties to make Jersey's Island Games squad. 

    The 24-year-old, who suffers from autism, is a nine-time British champion and won gold at the 2011 Special Olympics World Summer Games. 

    Alex Buesnel

    "It's a great honour and I'm really pleased that records keep breaking," Buesnel, who is part of a 13-strong squad heading to Gotland this summer, told BBC Radio Jersey. 

    Gymnastics was left out of the programme at the 2015 Island Games in Jersey. But Buesnel won two silver medals as part of a Jersey squad that went to a gymnastics event in Ynys Mon organised by islands who still wanted to compete.

    Buesnel to make Island Games debut

    Alex Buesnel

    British special gymnastics champion Alex Buesnel is the first gymnast with learning difficulties to make Jersey's Island Games squad.

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  4. Hospital funding could be delayed by back benchers

    BBC Radio Jersey

    Plans to fund the new hospital by borrowing £400m could be delayed if the States agree to allow it to be reviewed by back bench members.

    The assembly is debating the plan to issue a bond and cover the interest over several decades from returns on investing money from the Strategic Reserve.

    New hospital plans

    But the Corporate Services Scrutiny Panel said it wasn't given enough time to review it before today's debate.

    The Treasury Minister, Senator Alan Maclean, said the States needed to get on and agree the funding plan, or risk it costing even more.

  5. Jersey patients to stay in Southampton apartment during treatment

    BBC Radio Jersey

    Jersey people who need treatment at Southampton Hospital will be able to stay in special apartments in future.

    It's in response to feedback from patients who said they would prefer a more homely alternative to staying in a hotel. 

    Around 170 people from Jersey were referred to Southampton last year, the majority for radiotherapy treatment for cancer involving the need to spend four to six weeks away.

    The Health Minister, Senator Andrew Green says the new facilities have been visited and welcomed by the Chairman of the Jersey Cancer Trust.

    Quote Message: I'm pleased to be able to tell members that the new accommodation arrangements are now in place for those who have to stay overnight for their treatment. This move is in response to feedback from patients, who stated that their preference was for a more homely alternative to the previous lengthy stays in hotels." from Colin Burgess Chairman, Jersey Cancer Trust
    Colin BurgessChairman, Jersey Cancer Trust
  6. Some 'unique' items at La Collette...

    Chris Quevatre

    BBC News Online

    If you're taking anything down to the new recycling centre at La Collette, you might just end up bringing even more things home again...

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  7. How much practice do you need before taking your driving test?


    Should learner drivers have to complete a minimum number of hours behind the wheel before taking their driving test?

    It's an idea the UK government is considering and it has the support of at least one Guernsey driving instructor.

    Here's what you've been saying on Facebook...

    Martin: They have been doing this in Australia and Switzerland for many years. How can anything that improves road safety be anything but a good idea.

    Mark: Some people are naturally good behind the wheel and others are rubbish. Why should someone getting on really well be made to practice more than they need to? The instructors know when you're ready for your test!

    Rachel: I'd like a new driver sticker so we can still give those drivers more understanding and leeway. And be a bit more cautious ourselves around them.

    Iain: I've said it for years, you don't learn to drive, you learn to pass a test, and you can teach monkeys to do that.

    That's very true Iain, if I passed my test, I'm sure a monkey could.

  8. Jersey deputy to hold Guernsey talk on 'state of democracy'

    Chris Quevatre

    BBC News Online

    Democracy in the Channel Islands will be placed under the spotlight in a series of discussions prompted by a scathing attack on the attitude and competence of the States of Jersey by one of its own deputies.

    Sam Mezec leads Jersey's only political party, Reform Jersey, and says he's been contacted by people across the Channel Islands after his speech in the States. 

    Deputy Mezec believes criticism of both Guernsey's and Jersey's governments is widespread, and is holding a meeting in Guernsey next week to "share some experiences from Jersey of how the States has consistently acted against public will".

    States of Democracy banner
  9. Former minister says Ozouf 'should have gone earlier'

    Chris Quevatre

    BBC News Online

    A former Health Minister says Senator Philip Ozouf should have fallen on his sword earlier, because he is politically responsible for the much criticised Innovation Fund. 

    The Assistant Chief Minister told the States yesterday he would stand aside from his duties as he didn't want to be a media sideshow to the three enquiries being carried out into where the fund - which lent money to new businesses - went wrong.  

    Ben Shenton says Senator Ozouf, who remains a Minister until his resignation is accepted, should have stood down before now because the fund was mismanaged under his watch.

    Ben Shenton
  10. States to vote on private beneficial ownership register

    BBC Radio Guernsey

    Guernsey's politicians will be asked to approve a local register of beneficial ownership - a consolidated list of who ultimately owns companies based on the island.

    Despite previous pressure from some in the UK to make the information publicly available, the States are sticking to their original commitment of establishing a private register.

    Direct access to it is planned to be limited to the Bailiwick's law enforcement authorities and the Guernsey Financial Services Commission.

  11. States 'misled' over waste plans

    BBC Radio Guernsey

    A Guernsey politician believes the States were misled over the latest proposals for how to deal with the island's waste.

    Next month the assembly will debate plans for the collection, processing and export of household rubbish and recycling.

    But Deputy Peter Roffey says he and others are now left with little choice but to support the plans.

  12. Social security will need changes to meet future costs

    Chris Quevatre

    BBC News Online

    An independent reports says Jersey's social security fund will be able to meet the costs of future benefits - but changes will be needed to keep it that way.

    The fund currently has assets of £1.4bn available to meet costs of future pensions and social security schemes, but a report by the UK government says that will gradually be used up as people live longer.

    Jersey money

    It suggests no action needs to be taken until after the next three-year review, which is due in 2019.

    A review is currently underway looking at the issues of income in retirement and the pressures facing the Social Security scheme.

  13. Public to be questioned on organ donation

    Chris Quevatre

    BBC News Online

    Jersey could move to an "opt out" system for organ donation if there is a positive response to a questionnaire.

    The Health Minister supports the Welsh model where you are assumed to be a donor unless you opt out.

    Organ transplant

    At the moment Jersey has an opt in system, but Senator Andrew Green said if there's a positive response to the change he will bring a proposition to the assembly to adopt the assumed consent system.  

  14. Reciprocal Health Agreement 'unlikely to happen'

    Penny Elderfield

    Reporter, BBC Channel Islands News

    The idea of reinstating a reciprocal health agreement (RHA) with the UK is still on the table - but the committee responsible for negotiating it says it's unlikely to happen.

    The President of the Employment and Social Security committee, Michelle Le Clerc, says the UK has bigger issues to deal with at the moment and any RHA would be a low priority.

    The committee says it is on track to bring a report back to the States in October on an insurance scheme to help islanders who can't get health or travel insurance when going into the UK. 

    NHS signage
  15. New airline starts test flights...

    Chris Quevatre

    BBC News Online

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    The new airline claims it'll be serving the Channel Islands by this summer. 

    Describing itself as an "air taxi service", Guernsey-based Waves, says it'll use a leased fleet of aircraft to connect the islands, planning to offer up to four departures per hour.

    Waves Technologies Limited says it'll operate from a private facility next to the main Guernsey Airport Terminal, and also plans to develop a mobile phone app for bookings.

  16. Jersey residents stuck in The Gambia amid political crisis

    Cameron Ward

    BBC Radio Jersey

    Two Jersey charity workers are in The Gambia at the moment - as the country has been put in a state of emergency over a recent election.

    Carol and Robin Mallet from St Peter are regular visitors to the country and have helped several projects there with the Jersey Gambia Schools Trust.

    The Gambia

    They often bring Gambian produce back to Jersey to sell, to raise money.

    Thousands of tourists are being flown out of the country after the president refused to stand down despite losing the election.

    Quote Message: Thomas Cook has got to get all their package holiday people out first, and they're doing that over 48 hours. Trying to get in contact with them at the moment is proving extremely difficult, as they're phone lines are engaged all the time. We have friends who are in the same position as we are, and they're just sitting tight ready with a bag packed. We don't particularly want to leave, but if it's the best thing to do. from Carol Mallet
    Carol Mallet

    Video content

    Video caption: The Gambia: British and Dutch tourists leave after new advice
  17. Travel update: Les Frieteaux soon to reopen one-way

    BBC Travel

    Les Frieteaux in St Martins will partially reopen at 15:30, heading one-way out of town.

    Emergency works have been completed by Guernsey Electricity, but the tarmac won't set until later tonight.

    Traffic and Highways Services said: "Traffic from St Martins heading into town should continue to use the diversion via Sausmarez Road.

    "Steam Mill Lanes can be accessed from the Rue Poudreuse end."

  18. A first look at Jonathan the seal

    Chris Quevatre

    BBC News Online

    Check this guy out. This is Jonathan the seal.

    He was rescued in Jersey over the weekend, and now resides at the GSPCA in Guernsey while they nurse him back to health.

    Jonathan the Seal

    The charity said: "Full of worms and with a number of injuries the vets and team at the GSPCA are providing this very poorly seal with all he needs to help ensure he survives at this very delicate time.

    "Sami [another seal] who was rescued just after Christmas in Jersey is improving daily, although months away from being well enough to be released back into the wild."