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  1. Further delays to the arrival of the new Channel Islands Air Search
  2. Jersey pressure group calls for Philip Ozouf to resign over Innovation Fund handling
  3. Jersey Finance Commission sees rise in "high-risk" financial losses
  4. Worries for sport in Guernsey after creation of "super States committee"
  5. The Channel Islands see their first seal pup rescue of 2017
  6. More news, sport, travel and weather from 08:00 on Tuesday

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By Chris Quevatre

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  1. Local Live in the Channel Islands

    Chris Quevatre

    BBC News Online

    That's it from Local Live today, but we'll be back from 08:00 tomorrow with all the latest news, sport, travel and weather for Guernsey and Jersey.

    For all the latest headlines, don't forget to tune in to BBC One at 18:30 for BBC Channel Islands News.

  2. Technology 'cuts down on overseas trips for top committee'

    Chris Quevatre

    BBC News Online

    Technology is being used to reduce the number of trips Guernsey's external relations staff have to make abroad, according to the Policy and Resources committee (P&R).

    Jersey is advertising for two new members of staff at its permanent London office but a P&R spokesman said Guernsey's interests did not suffer without a base in the capital.

    The committee maintained that excellent relationships existed between its external affairs team and UK and EU officials.

    Video Conferencing
  3. New recycling site 'easier to use'

    BBC Radio Jersey

    It's claimed it'll be easier for people to recycle rubbish at a new centre in at La Collette than the former site at Bellozanne.

    The new centre, run by the Jersey Employment Trust, opened this morning and States recycling manager Emma Richardson Calladine said there were a number of benefits to the new centre.

    Quote Message: First of all it's a much easier site to navigate. The site at Bellozanne was very small, required a lot of reversing, and parking was often difficult. So this is a drive-through site, which should make it a lot easier for the public." from Emma Richardson Calladine States Recycling Manager
    Emma Richardson CalladineStates Recycling Manager
  4. These boots were made for walking...

    Chris Quevatre

    BBC News Online

    Registration for the 2017 Around the Island Walk around Jersey has opened.

    The 48-mile walk has raised more than £2m for local charities since it started. This year's event is on 24 June. 

    As Nancy Sinatra (pictured) said, these boots were made for walking...

    Nancy Sinatra
  5. Latest headlines in the Channel Islands

    • The Channel Island Air Search's chief officer confirms its new plane will arrive in July


    • A Jersey pressure group calling for Senator Philip Ozouf to resign over his handling of the Innovation Fund says funding for the Waterfront finance centre should be examined
    • Jersey's new recycling centre at La Collette will make it easier for people to recycle rubbish, its operator claims
    • Tributes are paid to Jersey-born children's author Babette Cole, who has died at the age of 66


    • The first Channel Islands grey seal pup of 2017, currently at the GSPCA, is weighed in at 18kg and named Jonathan by staff
    • Islanders react positively to plans to open up Guernsey's mortgage market
  6. Latest weather: Cloudy overnight, drier on Tuesday

    BBC Weather

    Tonight will be cloudy and damp, with some light rain and drizzle. There will be hill fog too but it will stay frost free. Minimum temperature: 4C (39F).


    Tuesday will be cooler than today, however it will be drier and brighter. There will be some sunshine into the afternoon too. Maximum temperature: 7C (45F).  

  7. 'We're yet to see any action, folks'

    Chris Quevatre

    BBC News Online

    More could be done by Guernsey politicians to help islanders get on the housing ladder, according to a local estate agent. 

    Andre Austin is welcoming a newly-approved mortgage lender who's intending to offer mortgages locally requiring smaller deposits. 


    But Mr Austin said he believed the issue for islanders wasn't the cost of mortgage payments, but being able to save enough for a deposit. And he said there was help for first-time buyers elsewhere, like Jersey.

    Quote Message: We had a lot of talk from deputies around hustings time, around the election, but we're yet to see any action, folks. Someone needs to champion that cause. A lot of brokers have been banging the drum for a very long time, but they still need more help." from Andre Austin Estate agent
    Andre AustinEstate agent
  8. Your views on Ozouf resignation calls


    A Jersey pressure group is calling for senator Philip Ozouf to resign over his handling of the Innovation Fund, but he said he cut off the funding last year after having "major concerns" over how it was being run.

    Here's what you've been saying on Facebook:

    • Jonny: I am not sure Ozouf should be shouldering the whole blame after reading the report
    • Chris: Great politician the vote of no confidence should be brought against those who are proposing it who just sit in the states do nothing say nothing and collect the dollar
    • David: Time to go!
    • Anthony: Don't sack him, please Senator Ozouf be a man and resign

    You can get in contact with Local Live via @bbcjersey, @bbcguernsey on Twitter, or feel free to send us an email.

  9. High-risk investment schemes: 'We can't be everywhere', Financial Commission warns

    Chris Quevatre

    BBC News Online

    Investors in the the Channel Islands are being warned to spread their money carefully, instead of relying on high-risk schemes which could cost them everything.

    Jersey's Financial Services Commission said it had seen a sharp rise in the number of people losing their life savings on the advice of people who were either ill-informed or possibly even criminal.

    Director John Harris said people should get advice from a variety of sources, and not put all their eggs in one basket.

    Quote Message: We can't be everywhere. We can't be in every kitchen or living room where these conversations take place. So there's another responsibility on the advisor to do a good job and give good advice. And we're also saying there's a responsibility on the consumer to think very carefully about their own circumstances, but most of all, pause and reflect before you take the plunge." from John Harris Director, Jersey Financial Services Commission
    John HarrisDirector, Jersey Financial Services Commission
  10. What is the Innovation Fund?

    Chris Quevatre

    BBC News Online

    We've been hearing about fresh calls for Senator Philip Ozouf to resign over his handling of Jersey's multi million-pound business investment scheme.

    But what is the Innovation Fund?

    • The Innovation Fund was set up to offer help to new businesses - the idea being that successful businesses create more income for the island
    • Applications opened in November 2013 for loans of up to £500,000
    • But the auditor's report revealed a catalogue of failures in its administration, which could result in the taxpayer losing more than £1m
    • The Waterfront Action Group said the politician responsible for the scheme, Senator Philip Ozouf, should either resign or be sacked. It said the questionable way the scheme was run could be a reflection of how public money was looked after in general. It has asked for a review of funding for the new finance centre
    • Senator Ozouf previously said he has no intention of resigning, adding he acted quickly to stop any more loans being given out when it became known that the system wasn't working properly
    • The group is holding a demonstration in the Royal Square on Tuesday afternoon to coincide with the States sitting
  11. Babette Cole: 'She was a true friend'

    Chris Quevatre

    BBC News Online

    A friend of Babette Cole has been paying tribute to the Jersey author after her death, aged 66.

    Babette Cole

    During her career, Cole (pictured) she wrote more than 70 books, as well as working for television shows. Several of her publications won international awards.

    Sarah Johnson said she was a selfless person, and a good friend.

    Quote Message: She never told any of us that she was seriously ill, because I think she didn't want any of us to be sad. I had a hip replacement last year, and she was more concerned with me than her own illness - that's a true friend." from Sarah Johnson
    Sarah Johnson
  12. Your views on a new mortgage lender...


    A new mortgage lender is planning on launching in Guernsey, with the offer of 95% mortgages.

    With house prices so high, and a deposit being a regular stumbling block for first time buyers, is this a good thing for Guernsey?

    • Rick: Welcome addition, well done
    • Alvin: But 95 %? Surely too risky!
    • Rachael: I think a new approach could be good as long as it is regulated and risk assessments are thourghly completed

    If you want to have your say, feel free to send us an email.

  13. Senator had 'major concerns' over failed Innovation Fund

    Chris Quevatre

    BBC News Online

    A Jersey pressure group is calling for the politician responsible for a "disastrous" loan scheme to resign, unhappy at how a government-backed loan scheme lost up to £2m of public money.  

    Senator Philip Ozouf has previously refused to back down over calls for him to resign, despite overseeing the £5m Jersey Innovation Fund since 2015, and signing off the loans paid out to new businesses.

    Deputy Sam Mezec, of Reform Jersey, called for Mr Ozouf to resign from his role as an assistant chief minister.

    Last week, Senator Ozouf said he'd had "major concerns" about the fund and stopped any money being paid out a year ago.

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  14. 'Important that islanders have their say' on Jersey Disability Strategy

    Chris Quevatre

    BBC News Online

    A charity supporting people in Jersey has welcomed plans for islanders to have a say on the latest disability strategy. 

    The proposals, currently being developed, are looking at looking better access, information and support as well as equal rights.

    People can give their views on the plan at the States website or at a series of workshops. The first one is at St Pauls Centre on Friday lunchtime.

    Bronwyn Gomes, from Enabled Jersey, said it was important islanders have their say, as disability can affect anyone.

    Quote Message: I read somewhere recently that the disabled group is the only minority group that anyone could join at any time. We could leave here today and have an accident that could leave us disabled, or have an illness, or have a family member with a disabled child. It really could touch any of us at any time, and, if we develop that awareness, then perhaps we can understand the importance of getting involved with this strategy." from Bronwyn Gomes Enabled Jersey
    Bronwyn GomesEnabled Jersey
  15. Woman 'led up garden path' and loses £500k in high-risk investments

    BBC Radio Jersey

    A woman that lost more than £500,000 in a fraudulent property scheme has been warning other islanders of the dangers of investing money in offers that are "too good to be true".

    Finance experts in Jersey say they are increasingly worried about the number of people getting caught out by high-risk investment schemes.

    A new campaign has been launched to warn people of the dangers of risking life savings in such schemes.

    Cynthia Binet said she wanted to make sure no one else falls victim to fraudulent investments.

    Quote Message: I was mis-sold, and really led up the garden path really. It was quite frightening when you look back at it. I really don't want anyone to go through it. I'd do anything to help anyone to avoid my situation." from Cynthia Binet
    Cynthia Binet
    Cynthia Binet
  16. Half of workplace accidents in construction industry

    Chris Quevatre

    BBC News Online

    Half of the 400 industrial accidents reported in Guernsey last year occurred in the construction industry, data from the Guernsey Occupational Safety and Health Association says.


    This week, the group is highlighting the importance of safety at work in a series of talks.

    Andrew Mills said a lot of accidents were caused because staff weren't aware of the safety precautions they needed to take.

    Quote Message: It's a lack of awareness, lack of training and lack of knowledge that causes lot of these accidents." from Andrew Mills Guernsey Occupational Safety and Health Association
    Andrew MillsGuernsey Occupational Safety and Health Association
  17. Man, 29, charged with importation of cannabis after 64kg haul seized

    BBC Radio Jersey

    A man has been charged with the importation of cannabis after customs officers in Jersey seized 64kg of suspected cannabis resin on Friday.

    The 29-year-old has been remanded in custody and will reappear at the Magistrate's Court on 13 February.

    The case has been referred to the Royal Court.

  18. Jersey set for first game since the summer

    Brent Pilnick

    BBC Sport

    Jersey will play their first match for nine months when they host the Royal Navy on 18 March.

    The game will be the first since Martin Cassidy was appointed manager of the island side in July following Brian Little's decision to step down.


    The game at Springfield kicks off at 17:00 GMT, with Jersey's women facing the Navy earlier in the day along with the under-18's Muratti with Guernsey.

    "It's a game that I'm looking forward to," Cassidy told BBC Sport. "We've done a lot of planning and preparing and it's now about getting the players in for training around mid-February."

    Jersey set for first game since June


    Jersey will play their first match for nine months when they host the Royal Navy on 18 March.

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  19. New 95% mortgages a 'very positive step'

    Chris Quevatre

    BBC News Online

    A local estate agent is hopeful a new loan company will help re-invigorate the mortgage market.

    Ever since the financial crash, first-time buyers in Guernsey have found it difficult to get a mortgage. Now, a new loan business has been approved locally.

    Businessman Paul Welch wants to offer locals similar financial products to those available in the UK, such as 95% mortgages.

    Estate Agent Andre Austin described the set-up of the new business as a "very positive step".

    Quote Message: We've been this way before in the not-so-recent past, but the fact that a new lender is coming in - and there are indications that others may fallow - is a big, big plus. They will need time to understand the market and are probably not going to dive in straight away with 95% or 100% mortgages, but it's a start, and a very positive step." from Andre Austin Estate agent
    Andre AustinEstate agent