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  1. Baby death: Three midwives before tribunal
  2. Man arrested in connection with Temple Stores armed robbery
  3. Jersey firms could have fewer licences for newcomers
  4. Further delays to extending Jersey's FOI law
  5. Guernsey is 'losing tech talent to the UK'
  6. Jersey Airport records highest passenger numbers in 16 years
  7. Dogs should be banned from Guernsey beaches, says birdwatcher
  8. Updates on Tuesday 10 January 2017

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Population limit 'worst message' for Jersey business

Ryan Morrison

BBC News Online

New measures to limit population growth in Jersey have been described as the worst message at the worst time by business leaders.


Ministers have announced they'll be reducing the number of licences, which it issues to companies so they can employ people who aren't from Jersey.

But the Institute of Directors says its completely the wrong thing to do. Chairman Chris Clark says the idea shows a lack of joined up thinking, and would send out the message that Jersey was closed for business.

Parking charge plan 'unfair' for trading estate

Ryan Morrison

BBC News Online

The head of Pentagon, a builders merchants based at Rue des Pres trading estate in Jersey, says a proposed £123 per month parking charge is unreasonable.

Richard Springett says charging town prices at the trading estate was unfair.

Richard Springett of Pentagon has criticised the plans

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Flights up but sea journeys likely down for 2016

Ryan Morrison

BBC News Online

Ports of Jersey has announced 2016 saw nearly 1.6 million air passengers travel through the airport, the highest since 2000.

This was up more than half a million on the previous year and more than a million on a decade ago.

The company, which owns Jersey Harbours and Airport, says sea passenger numbers have yet to be finalised but it expects them to be down on the previous year.

Jersey Airport

Head of risk management 'didn't spent enough time reviewing records'

Ryan Morrison

BBC News Online

A tribunal is hearing charges against three midwives working in Guernsey when a baby died at the Princess Elizabeth Hospital.

Princess Elizabeth Hospital

Katherine Higgins, from the Nursing and Midwifery Council, said the then head of risk management Lisa Jane Granville, who is facing a number of charges, "appears to concede she didn't spend sufficient time reviewing patient records and had relied on the word of others" in her assessment on treatment provided to Baby A.

Baby A was born just after midnight on 30 January 2014. The desperately ill baby required resuscitation and died on the afternoon of 30 January 2014.

Granville admits failing to identify inadequate midwifery care in relation to the administration of syntocinon and management of the CTG trace and that her investigation into the death of baby A was inadequate. She denies all other charges.

Wide range of companies could be covered by FOI law

Ryan Morrison

BBC News Online

Despite a States vote in 2014 government-owned companies are still not covered by the island's FOI law.

A review is under way and details are expected later in the year but the companies have raised issues of regulation and commercial impact if it were applied to them.

Companies covered

Among others it would cover:

  • Jersey Electricity - monopoly electricity provider, partly owned by the States 
  • JT - the largest mobile, broadband and landline phone provider, wholly owned by the States 
  • Jersey Post - monopoly post office company, wholly owned by the States
  • Jersey Development Company - major development company, wholly owned by the States 
  • Jersey Water - monopoly water company, partly owned by the States

Migrant rule change 'bad for tourism'

Ryan Morrison

BBC News Online

Robert Mackenzie, the head of CI Travel Group, says the new government plans to limit the number of licences given to companies to employ migrant workers would cause problems for tourism.

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Jail for town sex attacker who stalked lone woman

Jersey Evening Post

A sexual predator who stalked a ‘vulnerable’ woman through the streets of St Helier late at night before indecently assaulting her has been jailed.

Migrant reform plan 'unlikely to happen'

Ryan Morrison

BBC News Online

The chairman of Jersey's only political party, Reform Jersey, says he doubts the planned limit on new employment licences for migrant workers will come in.

The Council of Ministers wants to limit the number of licences issued, including removing a licence from a company after an employee has been here five years, the point they no longer need it. They say this would stop them just employing someone else from the UK.

Sam Mezec

Sounds great. Is it going to happen? Not a chance. This current Council of Ministers has a long record of talking the talk when it comes to immigration but it never walks the walk."

Deputy Sam MezecReform Jersey

Weather: Keep your coat handy as more rain expected

BBC Weather

It'll be a cloudy night, with outbreaks of patchy light rain and drizzle at times, with some mist and hill fog in places.

It will be a mild night under the cloud. Winds will be increasing as the night progresses. Minimum Temperature: 9C (48F).

Weather map

It will be a cloudy and damp start to Wednesday morning, with outbreaks of patchy light rain and drizzle at times.

The cloud and rain will clear away to the south by lunchtime, with brighter spells developing during the afternoon.

It will gradually start to feel colder through the day, with a strong north-westerly wind. Maximum Temperature: 12C (54F).

'Needs of economy' put first in population plan

Ryan Morrison

BBC News Online

Jersey's Assistant Chief Minister responsible for population, Senator Paul Routier, says there are no caps on population as the island needs to be flexible.

He has announced plans to remove licences from companies after an employee has lived in Jersey for five years to encourage the company to employ more local people.

There has 'never been a cap' on migrant licences, says assistant chief minister

See more on this and other stories from BBC Channel Islands News tonight at 18:30 on BBC One.

'Guernsey way' behind maternity problems

Ryan Morrison

BBC News Online

A tribunal into three midwives working in Guernsey when a baby died in 2014 has heard the "Guernsey way" was how midwifery practices and maternity care were conducted in the hospital.

Princess Elizabeth Hospital

Katherine Higgins, from the Nursing and Midwifery Council, said: "There was widespread acknowledgement of the use of verbal orders for the use of syntocinon and a lack of escalation.

"There was an acknowledgement by members of staff, including midwives, of a system of care falling outside the midwifery scope of practice that was not only allowed to continue unchallenged, but actively participated in and therefore perpetuated."

She added there seemed to be an acceptance of a "different standard" to that in the UK.

The hearing is expected to last four weeks.

Immigration 'heavily missing the target'

Ryan Morrison

BBC News Online

Despite setting a net migration target of 325 people in 2014, that figure has been far exceeded in the past two years, with about 1,500 people moving to the island in 2015.

Senator Paul Routier admitted that last year's figure is likely to be similar to the previous years as he announced plans to limit the number of licences issued.

The plan has been criticised by the Institute of Directors, Chamber of Commerce and tourism leaders who say it will harm the island and send a message Jersey is "closed for business".

Companies 'more likely' to train if they can't import staff

Ryan Morrison

BBC News Online

Jersey's assistant chief minister, Senator Paul Routier says companies are more likely to train staff if they can't import them from the UK or elsewhere.

His comments come as the States announces plans to limit the number of migrant licences issued to companies.

Limiting the number of migrant licences could boost training says assistant minister

Thousands more fly through Jersey in 2016

Ryan Morrison

BBC News Online

Jersey Airport saw an increase of nearly 60,000 people flying to and from the airport in 2016 over the previous year, Ports of Jersey confirmed.

Myra Shacklady, from Ports of Jersey, said there had been a year on year increase in air passengers since the airport and harbours were merged in 2012 with 2016 the highest since 2000.

Airport Stats

Oops. A day to remember for Guernsey Electricity

Goat owners are inundated with Christmas trees for feed

Guernsey Press

A couple’s invitation for people to donate Christmas trees to feed their goats has been a huge success.

Catering 'would struggle' without migrant workers

Ryan Morrison

BBC News Online

Jersey's chamber of commerce has responded to government plans for a limit on the number of migrant worker licences issued.

Government plans would include removing licences from companies after an employee has been there five years, rather than allow them to employ another migrant worker.

Fruit and Veg

Despite a number of initiatives in the last few years, catering does not attract a local workforce due to shift patterns and unsociable hours and without a migrant workforce the sector would struggle to fill vacancies."

Kristina Le FeuvrePresident, Chamber of Commerce

Andium Homes and Ports of Jersey follow FOI law

Ryan Morrison

BBC News Online

Even though the Jersey freedom of information law doesn't apply to Ports of Jersey or Andium Homes, both former States departments, they comply with the legislation and will respond to FOI requests, according to a spokesman.

Jersey Harbour

Politicians voted to extend the FOi law to all government owned companies in 2014 but so far the legislation hasn't come in, with delays put down to concerns over commercial and regulatory problems.

Ports of Jersey and Andium Homes were government departments when the law was introduced in January 2015 and so say they have continued to respond to requests as wholly owned companies.

CISE closes in on £400bn of assets

Chris Quevatre

BBC News Online

There were 502 new listings on the Channel Island Securities Exchange last year, a rise of nearly 20%.

There are now 2,272 listings, worth £393bn.

To put that in perspective, it's more than the total of all the banking deposits and investment funds in Guernsey combined.

It’s great to see that we have built on our success in 2015 by substantially increasing new business again during 2016. What we have also seen is that the number of new listings has also increased markedly during the second half of the year, not least due to a number of REITs and high yield bonds choosing to list on the CISE."

Fiona Le PoidevinCEO of the CISE
Fiona Le Poidevin

Roofing company says car park use was 'an error'

Chris Quevatre

BBC News Online

The Northern Irish company that was visited by police at the weekend for littering says that the use of a public car park for transferring building materials was "an error".

Geoghegan Supalite - which supplies conservatory roof replacements -  says one of its employees decided to use Grandes Rocques car park to transfer materials in between vehicles.

Supalite vans
Neil Inder

The incident reignited the debate on outside contractors taking contracts in the island, something which local tradesman says is harming their business, and not contributing to Guernsey's economy.

We would like to apologise for what happened. One of our installation teams was in the island working on a Geoghegan Supalite conservatory roof replacement and staying at a hotel near the car park. They decided to use the space to transfer some materials onto another one of our vehicles – this is not normal practice for us and we recognise that it is not acceptable in this public space."

Neil RaineyGeoghegan Supalite

Calls renewed for Alderney breakwater redevelopment

Guernsey Press

A leading coastal engineering consultant has renewed calls for the States to fund redevelopment of the Alderney breakwater.  

Investigations closed 'after brief examination'

A midwife who carried out a review into the death of a baby in Guernsey in 2014 is charged with failing to identify or causing to be investigated the inadequate standard of midwifery care at a tribunal in London.

Guernsey midwife

Lisa Granville worked at the Loveridge Ward at Princess Elizabeth Hospital in Guernsey when a baby, known as Baby A, died in January 2014.

Granville admits failing to identify inadequate midwifery care in relation to the administration of syntocinon and management of the CTG trace.

She also admits her investigation into the death of Baby A was inadequate, but denies all other charges.

The tribunal continues and is expected to last four weeks.

States to get stricter on migrant licences

Ryan Morrison

BBC News Online

Companies employing more migrant workers than other similar companies will be assessed by the Population Office, according to the States of Jersey.

Sen Paul Routier

Assistant Chief Minister, Senator Paul Routier, says over the next year those companies will be "carefully assessed" by the population team and some could be placed in a new "step down" programme. 

This would gradually reduce the number of migrant staff they employ. They could also be placed into a work permit scheme where they have to demonstrate the value of every new employ from outside the island before they are allowed to recruit them.

BreakingGuernsey baby death 'may have been prevented'

Ryan Morrison

BBC News Online

The death of a baby born in Guernsey in 2014 "may have been prevented" had a previous incident been properly investigated, a tribunal heard today.

Jersey Maternity

Lisa Granville, Antonia Manousaki and Tuija Roussel all worked on the Loveridge Ward at Princess Elizabeth Hospital (PEH), Guernsey when a child, referred to only as Baby A, was born just after midnight on 30 January 2014.

An internal investigation conducted by Ms Granville, found "no significant difficulties in care delivery" and no further action was taken.

The tribunal, being held in London, heard it was later found the baby's heartbeat had not been properly monitored and the child's condition should have been reported to a consultant.

The hearing, which is expected to last four weeks, continues.

Pre-school attendance rises under States-funded scheme

Chris Quevatre

BBC News Online

The percentage of three to four year olds attending pre-school in Guernsey has risen after the first week trialing a States-funded model.

In September 2016, 12% of children entering a States-run primary school did not attend pre-school.

After the States scheme started last week - providing a free 15 hour entitlement per week - that number is now at 5%.

We understand the concerns of the industry with regards to the implementation of the new pre-school entitlement. We have listened to these concerns and will continue to work with industry representatives to ensure we have the very best scheme we can and that it meets the needs of our children and families."

Deputy Paul Le PelleyPresident of the Committee for Education, Sport and Culture

Jersey working with Rwanda to help the dairy industry

Ryan Morrison

BBC News Online

Jersey's Overseas Aid Commission is hoping it'll be able to build on the success of a dairy project in Rwanda to help other places in the world. 

A million pounds will be used to fund a project to improve the quality of Rwanda's dairy herd by crossing it with Jersey cows. 

Carolyn Labey says Jersey cows are great ambassadors.

Guernsey Water not considering restrictions

Chris Quevatre

BBC News Online

Guernsey Water says it's not considering putting restrictions in place despite a drop in water reserves during an "exceptionally dry" December.

Islanders have noticed a significant drop in the levels at Guernsey's main reservoir, but the utility says there's plenty of time to make up the shortfall.

At this stage, with several months of potential recharge ahead, we are not overly concerned and consequently we are not planning to implement any water restrictions. However, we are keeping a close eye on the situation, monitoring water quality very closely and maximising the availability of our current water resources.”

Stephen LangloisGeneral Manager, Guernsey Water
Guernsey Water

Big year for Jersey Airport in 2016

Ryan Morrison

BBC News Online

Jersey Airport saw a big rise in the number of passengers in 2016 and is expecting 2017 to be just as good, according to Myra Shacklady from Ports of Jersey.

They are celebrating the 80th anniversary of the airport and starting work on a new arrivals building.

Jersey Airport

Not only will Jersey Airport celebrate its 80th year of operations on 10 March but work is also due to commence on the construction of a new arrivals facility as well as an enhanced retail and catering offering in the airside lounge for our departing passengers

Myra ShackladyPorts of Jersey

Fermain ramblers happy memorial garden staying

Guernsey Press

Granting retrospective permission for a memorial garden that overlooks Fermain is ‘a victory for common sense’, according to ramblers who use the area.  

Guernsey 'needs grant funding system'

Ryan Morrison

BBC News Online

A former Guernsey politician and managing director of a local technology firm is disappointed more financial help isn't being made available from the States for new companies. 

Marc Laine from C5 Alliance claims the islands are losing talent to the UK, where getting investment is easier. 

The States say they are exploring an innovation fund to help develop startup businesses.

Marc Laine

I've spent some time with people who have amazing ideas and could be the next Specsavers for Guernsey but are caught in a catch 22 with a great product, great setup but if they were in London would have access to grant funding.

Marc LaineC5 Alliance

Travel update: Emergency closure at Le Neuf Chemin Road

BBC Travel

There's been an emergency closure of Le Neuf Chemin Road in St Saviours, Guernsey, due to a cable fault.

It's closed to traffic in between the community centre and the reservoir.

Occupation hero 'calls out racism'

Ryan Morrison

BBC News Online

A Jersey Occupation hero will issue a call to action against racism and bigotry when he speaks at a Holocaust memorial later this month. 

Bob Le Sueur

Bob Le Sueur, 96, whose efforts to protect Russian slave workers in Jersey during the Occupation were recognised with an MBE in 2013, will give the key address on Holocaust Memorial Day.  

The event on 27 January marks the date the Nazi extermination camps at Auschwitz in Poland were liberated 71 years ago and Mr Le Sueur will be speaking on abuses of intellectual, political and religious freedoms. 

He said these are not merely concerns to reflect upon but evils against which everyone has a duty to act. 

Strong wind warning issued by Jersey Met

BBC Weather

Jersey Met have issued a yellow warning for strong wind up to F6 for today.

View more on twitter

FOI extension 'unlikely to be in place until later in 2017'

Ryan Morrison

BBC News Online

Plans to extend Jersey's Freedom of Information law to companies part or wholly owned by the States of Jersey are unlikely to be in place until later this year, a Freedom of Information request has revealed.

Companies like the Jersey Development Company, Jersey Post, Jersey Electricity, Andium Homes and JT are among those that would be covered by the law.

Deputy Carolyn Labey, who brought a successful proposition to extend the law, said exemptions could be applied to protect commercial interests.


States departments now comply with the law as do the parishes. It cannot be right that States owned bodies do not, and would indeed be the best argument for not incorporating States owned assets.

Deputy Carolyn Labey

Restricting migrant worker licences 'to help local population'

Ryan Morrison

BBC News Online

Jersey ministers hope that restricting the number of migrant worker licenses for businesses will make them more likely to train local people.

Town shoppers

The Council of Ministers has announced plans to cut down on how many people can move to the island, in an attempt to slow the rise in population. 

Senator Paul Routier admitted that the increase last year far outstripped the States target again, but by taking migrant licences away from businesses, he hopes they will take action to recruit and train more local people.

Spike in passengers through Jersey Airport

Ryan Morrison

BBC News Online

Jersey Airport has seen a spike in the number of people flying through the airport in the past few years, with 2016 the highest in 16 years, according to Ports of Jersey.

Airport stats

The recently released figures found the majority of UK regions saw a spike in Jersey flights with London up 6% on the previous year and Scotland up 14%.

Flights between the Channel Islands were down by 17,000 on the previous year, which was a drop of about 14%.

EasyJet, which relaunched the Luton route in 2016, carried more than 500,000 passengers giving them 32.9% of the market.

Impact of roadworks on commuters 'minimised'

Ryan Morrison

BBC News Online

Jersey's infrastructure department, working on the resurfacing work in Trinity, says they've done all they can to minimise impact on commuters.

Andy Downie from the Deptartment of Infrastructure says resurfacing is needed urgently.

The main road in Trinity will be closed for the next three months.

'Island will be hit if UK financial services weaken'

Guernsey Press

Guernsey has never been in the EU so there is no comparison for us on an in/out scenario, according to PwC partner John Roche.  

BreakingMan arrested after armed robbery

Ryan Morrison

BBC News Online

A 31-year-old man has been arrested by States of Jersey Police on suspicion of an armed robbery at Temple Stores in Stopford Road on Thursday evening. 

The man has not been named by police and is currently in custody.