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  1. Flight abandoned after 'plane clipped wing of parked aircraft'
  2. Guernsey health service 'spent nearly £900k on agency midwives last year'
  3. Jersey civil servants 'pushed boundaries' on travel costs
  4. Brexit sparks electricity price hike fear
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By Jonathan Morris

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  1. Thanks for joining us at BBC Local Live for the Channel Islands

    Jonathan Morris

    BBC News Online

    That's all from BBC Local Live in the Channel Islands for today, we'll be back at 08:00 to bring you all the day's news, sport, travel and weather updates.

    Don't miss BBC Channel Islands News at 18:30 and the late bulletin at 22:30 tonight.

  2. Jersey boozing drops says survey

    Jonathan Morris

    BBC News Online

    Alcohol consumption in Jersey has decreased over the last decade according to a report.


    The Safer Society report says the drop has been mainly in the consumption of beer, cider and spirits while wine consumption has remained steady.

    However, Jersey still consumes high levels of alcohol compared to other countries. Jersey consumption is higher than all OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) European countries apart from Lithuania.     

  3. Care provider to receive 'transitional funding'

    Chris Quevatre

    BBC News Online

    The home care company that had its funding stopped by the States of Jersey will receive "transitional funding" until the end of next year.

    Family Nursing & Home Care will receive public money to help current clients move to the new fee structure.

    Senator Andrew Green says will keep care costs at a lower rate. 

    Quote Message: This extension of financial support for current FNHC homecare clients will allow the introduction of the new Income Support flexible personal care component, giving more time for a safe and smooth transition for them.” from Senator Andrew Green Minister for Health and Social Services
    Senator Andrew GreenMinister for Health and Social Services
  4. Brexit, cyber security among the challenges HM Procureur faces

    Guernsey Press

    The Bailiwick must be ready for any challenges that lie ahead, according to the new HM Procureur.

  5. Fall in young offenders in custody

    Jonathan Morris

    BBC News Online

    The number of young offenders in custody has fallen from 23 in 2008 to 14 in 2014 according to a report.


    The Safer Society report by Jersey States says the island has many individuals, public, private and 3rd sector agencies and faith groups working together to address the issues that cause offending and trying to prevent those that do from reoffending. 

    In 2014, 16% of crimes were committed by 10-17 year olds compared with 22 – 25% in England and Wales.

  6. Give Mr Gorst a grilling!

    This Friday between 12-1 it's time for our monthly get together with the chief minister!

    If you have any questions for the chief minister, post them on Facebook or email us here and we'll put them to Senator Ian Gorst.

    Video content

    Video caption: The chief minister will be answering your questions
  7. Bunny rescued with broken leg

    Jonathan Morris

    BBC News Online

    A baby bunny has been rescued with a broken leg.


    The young animal was found near Genats Estate in Castel in Guernsey and has just been to the vets for treatment.

    Steve Byrne, GSPCA manager, said: "It is highly likely if he hadn't have been found and being so young with his broken leg he would have died, so he is one very lucky bunny."

  8. Students get virtual tour of German bunkers on Alderney

    Students can take a virtual tour of Alderney's World War II bunkers to mark Remembrance Day.

    Spaces have been taken up by schools from across the globe for live tours today and tomorrow.

    Bibette Head

    The bunkers at Bibette Head are being shared with schools in Canada, Ecuador, India, Ireland, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, the US and across the UK.

    Alderney was occupied by the Germans during much of World War II and trenches, concrete bunkers, washrooms, garages and bomb shelters are still in place.

  9. Should the centuries-old position of Jersey's Bailiff change?

    Jonathan Morris

    BBC News Online

    It's a discussion which continues to rumble on and has divided politicians in opinion.


    A report by Lord Carswell suggested that The States of Jersey should separate the role of Bailiff as Chief Judge, from that of President of The States.

    Lord Carswell will be in Jersey tomorrow to discuss the findings of his report with States members and we'll have all the details.

  10. Fatherhood, good conduct and elections are all on the agenda

    Ben Chapple

    BBC News Online

    Sark politicians will be tackling the issue of how they should behave as they vote on a code of conduct for conseillers this evening.

    Another proposed law could allow fathers not named on birth certificates to take up duties including providing care, direction and guidance.

    Notice in a Sark polling booth at the 2008 election

    Conseillers will also discuss a move to cut costs of a general or by-elections by creating their own website for official notices.

    It will mean Sark no longer posting key announcements in the Guernsey States owned Gazette Officielle - which the report suggests could cut election costs by 75%.

  11. 'Unacceptable greed' of business class civil servants

    BBC Radio Jersey

    Jersey civil servants who spent £13,000 on business class flights to South Africa behaved unacceptably says a senior politician.


    A scrutiny panel has highlighted what its described as a disregard for spending guidelines, after the actions of two public employees were revealed.

    Although there was an internal review, the public accounts committee doesn't believe it went far enough to highlight how some departments had pushed the boundaries of acceptable conduct. 

    Chairman, Deputy Andrew Lewis, said: "The culture in some departments is 'I'm bringing lots of business back to the island, therefore it doesn't matter what I spend'."

    "But that's not acceptable - just because you are successful in your area of business it doesn't mean you can spend whatever you like on travel." The States is yet to comment.

  12. Driver, 82, fined £2,000 after hitting classic car

    Jonathan Morris

    BBC News Online

    An 82-year-old motorist has been fined £2,000 and has lost his licence for six months after admitting causing serious injury by careless driving.

    Jersey Magistrates

    George Romeril was waiting to turn right on the Five Mile Road in Jersey in April when he hit a classic car and a woman passenger in the car fractured her knee.

    Jersey Magistrates' Court heard Mr Romeril was very apologetic and very upset about the injuries.

    Mr Romeril was also ordered to pay prosecution costs of £100. 

  13. Sark politicians asked to bring in laws controlling electricity price

    Ben Chapple

    BBC News Online

    The price of electricity is the first item on the agenda for a meeting of Sark's government this evening.

    Politicians are being asked to approve a law to bring in controls on pricing and appoint a commissioner to oversee the process.

    Conseillers have previously agreed to pursue a policy to "ensure a supply of sustainable, reasonably priced electricity".

    Sark Electricity

    Negotiations between Chief Pleas, Sark Electricity and the States of Guernsey on plans for an undersea electricity cable between the islands fell apart last summer.

    Sark Electricity is the island's only power supplier.

  14. Health chiefs hit back on cost of agency midwives

    Jonathan Morris

    BBC News Online

    Health chiefs have defended the cost - nearly £900,000 - of agency midwives in Guernsey last year.


    The Office of the Committee for Health & Social Care said rates "are lower than the costs we would otherwise incur, if we sourced staff reactively".

    "The approved providers have resulted in considerable savings – a reduction in agency spend from around £660,000 per month to £338,000 per month," it said.

    The committee did not use any agency midwives in 2012 and 2013.

  15. Pilot, 88, 'clipped another plane wing' after 6,000 hours of flying experience

    BBC Radio Jersey

    An 88-year-old pilot clipped another plane while he was taxiing it out to the runway at Jersey Airport, and was told to abandon his flight, a report has revealed.

    It happened on 11 April, and was investigated by the Air Accidents Investigation Board (AAIB). 

    The pilot had 6,000 hours of flying experience, and was getting ready to test fly the aircraft after some maintenance. After getting clearance from air traffic control to taxi to the runway, he moved off along the taxi route. 

    But when he got to the holding point before the runway, air traffic told him he had clipped another aircraft on the way.

    Its wingtip was slightly damaged and the flight was abandoned.

  16. ‘No conspiracy’ over finance centre funding arrangements

    Jersey Evening Post

    A bank's claim over a portion of the Esplanade that has been used to secure funds for part of the Jersey International Finance Centre is likely to be ‘released’ by September 2017 ‘at the latest’, according to the Treasury Minister.

  17. Police welcome extra help on domestic abuse

    Jonathan Morris

    BBC News Online

    Police have welcomed two extra officers to deal with domestic abuse incidents in Jersey.

    Ministers have just voted to increase the number of officers due to the volume of cases that have to be dealt with.

    Det Insp Mark Hayfey said the extra officers will be effective in tackling wider issues caused by violence in the home.

    He said: "It's much more than a black eye or a broken bone. You need to take into account the psychological, the emotional, the financial and the sexual aspects of domestic abuse."

  18. Young cut down on drinking and smoking, survey finds

    Jonathan Morris

    BBC News Online

    Young people in the Bailiwick of Guernsey are less likely to smoke or drink excessively than they were three years ago.


    But more of them before are worrying about homework, exams and their appearance.

    Fifteen hundred pupils aged between 10 and 17 took part in this year's Guernsey Young People's Survey, which is published today. 

    Assistant researcher Ciara Fossey said: "We have seen a reduction in drinking and smoking and an increase in physical activity.

    "The real issue that that has arisen out of this is self-esteem and emotional well-being."

  19. Artwork and decor 'can help patients'

    Jonathan Morris

    BBC News Online

    A Guernsey healthcare manager is calling for all future medical buildings to guarantee money towards interior artwork and design.

    Video content

    Video caption: Call for more money on healthcare design and decor

    It comes as the island's Oberlands centre received recognition for its own decor in a recent set of healthcare awards.

    Phil Johns, of Health and Social Care, says a welcoming space creates a positive environment and real results.

  20. Headlines for the Channel Islands

    Jonathan Morris

    BBC News Online

    • Jersey civil servants built up 1.5 million loyalty points from travelling around the world - but they weren't used to subsidise further travel and save taxpayers money
    • Guernsey's health service admits the bill for using agency midwives in Guernsey last year was nearly £900,000
    • There will be two more police officers to help victims of domestic abuse in Jersey
    • Guernsey fire crews say working alarms saved the lives of a family in St Peter Port this morning after a fire in their kitchen
    • Young people in the Bailiwick of Guernsey are less likely to smoke or drink excessively than they were three years ago