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  1. Man in court charged with murdering a pensioner in Jersey
  2. Rise in the number of people having amputations as a result of diabetes in Jersey
  3. Trust business up despite Panama Papers
  4. Rue des Pres to become paid parking under plans
  5. Review calls for major reform of Guernsey's health system
  6. More news, sport, travel and weather from 08:00 on Tuesday

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By Chris Quevatre

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  1. Local Live in the Channel Islands

    Chris Quevatre

    BBC News Online

    That's it from us today.

    Local Live is back tomorrow morning from 08:00, with all the latest news, sport, travel and weather in the Channel Islands.

    Don't forget BBC Channel Islands News is on BBC One from 18:30 tonight.

  2. Double rainbow over Alderney

    Chris Quevatre

    BBC News Online

    I've never been entirely sure how double rainbows work.

    Do you get two pots of gold at the end?

    Are there two leprechauns?

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  3. Details of planned Islandwide speed-limit changes emerge

    Details of planned speed limit changes and traffic-calming schemes being considered by parish Constables  across the Island can today be revealed, the Jersey Evening Post reports.

  4. Health 'need to think differently'

    Chris Quevatre

    BBC News Online

    Deputy Heidi Soulsby says her Health and Social Care Committee much think and work differently if Guernsey's health service is to be sustainable in the future. 

    Responding to an annual review into the States of Guernsey's finances, she agreed volatility of senior leadership, the complexity of the system and a 'silo mentality' have been some of the factors holding the health service back. 

    But Deputy Soulsby believes she's the woman to lead reform.

    Quote Message: This is what will define the next four years. We have to change. Changing means thinking differently, working differently and understanding what is best for the needs of the population of Guernsey and Alderney. We've got to do that now, the prediction is that we will double health costs if we go on they we do, so we know we've got to do something now." from Deputy Heidi Soulsby President of the Committee for Health and Social Care
    Deputy Heidi SoulsbyPresident of the Committee for Health and Social Care
  5. Four district setup 'just one of the options'

    Chris Quevatre

    BBC News Online

    The president of the States Assembly & Constitution Committee says the proposition of four larger voting districts is "just one of the options" for island-wide voting.

    Deputy Matt Fallaize's Committee is tasked with formulating the question for a referendum on the subject, and are currently in the process of establishing what the options are. 

    Quote Message: There are so many forms of island-wide voting, and if we just pick one, there will be a lot of people that will want some form of island-wide, but not that one. It won't bring any closure to a debate that has rolled on for far too long already." from Deputy Matt Fallaize President of the States Assembly & Constitution Committee
    Deputy Matt FallaizePresident of the States Assembly & Constitution Committee
  6. Potato Peel timeline...

    Chris Quevatre

    BBC News Online

    It's been a long old journey to the point where we're back discussing whether the film adaptation of the Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society could be filmed on the island.

    Here's what's happened so far...

    2006: The Mary Ann Shaffer novel is accepted by publishers, but needs a substantial re-write but due to ill-health, Mary passes the book to her niece, Annie Barrows, who is listed as a co-author.

    2008: Paula Mazur and Mitchell Kaplan acquire the film rights.

    2011: Kenneth Branagh set to direct the film.

    2012 (January): Kate Winslet said be cast in the lead role, with film-makers looking for Guernsey-based actors for other parts.

    2012 (April): Project delayed by a year due to "continued casting and timing issues".

    2013 (February): Guernsey's commerce and employment minister says he's "doing his best" to get the project filmed in Guernsey.

    2013 (September): Paula Mazur says she's trying to convince the backers to film in Guernsey.

    2014 (January): High costs of filming in Guernsey said to be threatening the project's funding.

    2015 (July): Annie Barrows (co-author) says there are signs the production is "back on track".

    2016 (February): "Wheels back in motion" with Rosamund Pike said to be "circling" the project.

    2016 (Friday): Hollywood magazines report that the project is going ahead, with Mike Newell directing and British actress Lily James playing the lead part of Juliet. No word on where it will be filmed.

    Potato Peel book
  7. Digital Jersey in numbers

    Chris Quevatre

    BBC News Online

    Here at BBC Local Live we love an infographic, and this one's a corker.

    Some really interesting stats about the digital industry in Jersey.

    • 7% of all businesses are digital
    • 28% growth in digital employment in last six years
    • 2,650 jobs in Jersey related to digital industry
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  8. Biljon relishes satisfying victory

    Brent Pilnick

    BBC Sport

    Jersey Reds boss Harvey Biljon says the side's victory over Cardiff Blues in the British and Irish Cup was one of the most satisfying in his career.

    Harvey Biljon

    The Reds were hit by a series of injuries, with forwards coach Alex Rae and former hooker Dave Felton coming out of retirement to play in the match.

    "This has been building over four or five weeks," Biljon told BBC Jersey. "It's tough, but it's why we do it. It isn't meant to be easy. It's challenges like this that make it worthwhile."

  9. Raising taxes 'not the answer'

    Chris Quevatre

    BBC News Online

    Deputy Gavin St Pier says "simply raising taxes is not the solution to our long-term finances".

    Responding to the Fiscal Policy Review, the President of Policy & Resources said he agreed that revenue from States-owned trading assets are "not currently as significant as they should be".

    Apparently there is the potential to "release equity" back to the States, while also improving the performance of States-owned companies.

    Guernsey airport
  10. GST at 27% ‘could replace income tax’

    Guernsey Press

    A higher level of net migration is needed in Guernsey to ensure there is a sufficient working population, the Annual Independent Fiscal Policy Review has indicated.

  11. Condor fix ramp en route

    Chris Quevatre

    BBC News Online

    Condor Liberation was about 15 minutes delayed departing Guernsey for Jersey, because the ramp was broken.

    I've been informed that engineers have fixed the ramp while en route to Guernsey, and they should now be back on schedule.

    Condor Liberation ramp
  12. Weather in the Channel Islands

    BBC Weather

    Let's take a look at the weather for the rest of the day.

    Here's the outlook in Jersey...

    Weather chart

    And it's pretty similar in Guernsey tonight as well.

    Weather chart.
  13. Regulation is a 'major issue' for healthcare

    Chris Quevatre

    BBC News Online

    Deputy Heidi Soulsby says that regulation is one of the major issues that Guernsey has to deal with.

    All health services in the Channel Islands have to comply with national regulations, which Deputy Soulsby says isn't necessarily relevant to an island of our size.

    Quote Message: Regulation is what's really causing issues for our service. We're a small island, but we've got all the regulatory demands from outside. We need to develop a regulatory model that fits the needs of the Channel Islands, then we can have something that works for us, that will enable things to be more sustainable, and give us more control as well." from Deputy Heidi Soulsby President of the Committee for Health and Social Care
    Deputy Heidi SoulsbyPresident of the Committee for Health and Social Care
    Heidi Soulsby
  14. Murder suspect remanded in custody

    BBC Radio Jersey

    A man has appeared in Jersey's Magistrate's Court charged with the murder of John McCarthy, 73, in Vauxhall Gardens in St Helier. 

    Michael Charles Brown, 51, of 3 Vauxhall Gardens, was charged after the fatal stabbing on Friday.

    He's been remanded in custody and is due to appear at the court on 21 November, before being sent to the Royal Court on 5 December.

  15. Rue des Pres to become paid parking under plans

    BBC Radio Jersey

    Businesses and the public might have to pay to park in Rue des Pres trading estate from next year.

    The States want to turn the private road into a public one so it can police the area.

    The Minister for Infrastructure, Deputy Eddie Noel, says there will be pay card parking for the public and workers will also have to pay for spaces if plans are approved.

    A paid parking sign
  16. Chief minister 'welcomes expenditure restraint'

    Chris Quevatre

    BBC News Online

    Guernsey's most senior politician says he welcomes the comments from the Fiscal Policy Review that praise the size of the public sector, and refers to "impressive expenditure restraint".

    Quote Message: We aren’t complacent and recognise that the Public Sector Reform agenda is critical for the long-term sustainability of public finances. It must be a fundamental transformation of the way we deliver services." from Deputy Gavin St Pier President of the Policy and Resources Committee
    Deputy Gavin St PierPresident of the Policy and Resources Committee
    Gavin St Pier
  17. Police appeal for witnesses after assault

    BBC Radio Guernsey

    Anyone who saw an assault in the North Plantation, St Peter Port, in the early hours of Sunday morning, is being urged to contact Guernsey Police.

    Officers said the man was assaulted about 02:30 and left with a "deep laceration" above his right eye.

    The attacker is described as:

    • Slim, white male
    • 26 to 28 years old
    • About 5ft 8 inches
    • Short brownish ginger hair with full ginger beard
    • Wearing a navy bomber jacket and dark denim jeans

    Anyone with information should contact Guernsey Police on 01481 725111.

  18. Jersey seen as a 'much stronger' jurisdiction

    Chris Quevatre

    BBC News Online

    The former chairwoman of the body that represents trusts in Jersey says the Panama Papers leak has actually benefited Jersey's economy.

    The Panama Papers contained details of thousands of people using offshore jurisdictions to avoid paying tax.

    She says that in the wake of the leak, businesses are looking to legitimate jurisdictions even though they might cost more.

    Quote Message: I think in the past people were very keen to have companies in outside jurisdictions, because they were a little cheaper. But it's that old adage - you get what you pay for. I think we're now seen as a much stronger jurisdiction going forward." from Lorraine Wheeler Former Chairwoman of STEP in Jersey
    Lorraine WheelerFormer Chairwoman of STEP in Jersey
  19. 'Shop in a shed' at the prison

    Chris Quevatre

    BBC News Online

    Are you fed up with Guernsey's existing retail offerings?

    A new shop could be on the way, but it won't be in town or in Admiral Park, but rather Les Nicolles Prison.

    Deputy governor Lou Arkel reveals her plans for a 'shop in a shed'...

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  20. Latest headlines in the Channel Islands

    Chris Quevatre

    BBC News Online


    • The 73-year-old man who died as a result of a stabbing on Friday night has been named as John Stephen McCarthy
    • Jersey-born Michael Charles Brown, 51, is due to appear in Jersey's Magistrate's Court this afternoon accused of murder
    • A Jersey diabetes specialist says modern lifestyles contribute to rising numbers of people with the condition


    • The co-author of a review into States spending says there is a clear need for a major reform of Guernsey's health system
    • The president of Economic Development says he'll do "all he can" to get the big-screen adaptation of the Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society filmed in Guernsey
    • Islanders wanting to put themselves forward to stand in the parish elections have just a few hours left to do so