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  1. Jersey budget: Here are the headlines...
  2. * Increases in fuel, alcohol and tobacco duty
  3. * From next year, single, working age people will be able to earn £14,550 before they have to start paying tax
  4. * Married couples will still pay more tax than single people, and husbands will still be responsible for their wives' tax affairs
  5. In other news, about £500,000 needed to 'bring Guernsey's Dairy up to date'
  6. Guernsey education plans 'will have to wait until mid-2017'
  7. Entries for the Guernsey Marathon are now open
  8. Updates on Tuesday 18 October 2016

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  1. Our live coverage across the day

    Chris Quevatre

    BBC News Online

    That's it from the Local Live team today, but don't fear, we are back at 08:00 tomorrow morning.

    In the meantime, you can always keep up to date with the latest news for Jersey and Guernsey on BBC1 at 18:30.

  2. Islands could 'cut out duplication' claims Guernsey's senior politician

    Ben Chapple

    BBC News Online

    Addressing the Jersey Institute of Directors, Guernsey Deputy Gavin St Pier said more could be done to share roles between the islands.

    He said: "Our combined populations are still only 170,000 – and we are only 10 minutes apart.

    "There isn’t a public service which is not capable of being shared. Yes, we need police on the beat, teachers in schools and nurses in hospitals in each island but we have duplication of governance and management in every service."

    Quote Message: I am not suggesting for one minute that we are not already working together successfully in some areas. But in my view these are the exceptions, far too limited and not the rule." from Deputy Gavin St Pier Policy & Resources Committee President
    Deputy Gavin St PierPolicy & Resources Committee President
  3. Alcohol duty is an 'easy tax tap'

    Chris Quevatre

    BBC News Online

    The President of the Jersey Chamber of Commerce says the upping of alcohol duties is an "easy tax tap for Treasury to turn", but adds that in doing so they're squeezing the life out of the industry.

    Quote Message: For years the Treasury Department have justified their increase on alcohol impots, in order to tackle alcohol related issues in Jersey. However, consumption of spirits has continued to rise, so clearly, the government's tax and educational health strategy hasn't worked." from Kristina Le Feuvre President of the Chamber of Commerce
    Kristina Le FeuvrePresident of the Chamber of Commerce

    The Chamber says it would like to see government coming up with innovative revenue raising proposals, rather than their "apparent default position of tax first, deal with the fall-out and details later".

  4. BBC Radio Jersey's medium wave frequency off tonight

    BBC Radio Jersey

    BBC Radio Jersey's 1026 medium wave frequency will be off tonight from midnight until 06:00 because of engineering work being carried out at the Les Platon transmitter. 

    You can re-tune to FM or listen online. It'll be back on for Good Morning Jersey tomorrow.

  5. Dragons 'lucky to be found home within weeks'

    Chris Quevatre

    BBC News Online

    Two bearded dragons handed in to Guernsey's animal shelter have been found a new home within a couple a weeks.

    "We've had a busy few months with stray and unwanted reptiles and it often takes months to find them new homes," said Yvonne Chauvel, senior animal care assistant.

    Bearded Dragons

    Steve Byrne, GSPCA manager, said: "If you own a reptile of any description you need a specialist set up and the knowledge of how to care for them... we always look to find experienced homes or owners that have researched their care before taking them on."

  6. Weather in the Channel Islands

    BBC Weather

    This is what the weather looks like in Guernsey for the rest of the day...

    Weather chart.

    And here's the outlook for Jersey...

    Weather chart.
  7. We’ll do whatever the States decides, says education boss

    Guernsey Press

    States members will have no clear indication what system of selection will be introduced should they back that option in the secondary education debate.

  8. Your views on 'archaic' tax laws...


    As part of this morning's budget announcement in Jersey, some of you have been reflecting on the fact that in Jersey - and in Guernsey - the husband is responsible for the tax affairs of his wife...

    George: Jersey's still stuck in 1932 it would seem 

    MPW: Can't decide if this is just poor leadership, sexism or homophobia... or a mix of some or all?  

    If you want to get in touch with us, you can tweet @BBCJersey or BBCGuernsey, or just send us an email.

  9. ‘We’ll need two more schools’

    Jersey will need to build two more schools within the next 20 years if its population continues to grow at the present rate, the Jersey Evening Post reports.

  10. Tide warning for Guernsey's west coast

    BBC Weather

    Water and debris are likely to affect the coast road and walkways along the west coast around the next two high tides.

    At 20:05 the 10.1m tide will combine with force four-six winds and it will be similar tomorrow morning at 08:25.

  11. Chamber 'deeply concerned' by 2017 budget

    Chris Quevatre

    BBC News Online

    Jersey's Chamber of Commerce says it's "deeply concerned" by elements of the 2017 budget proposals.

    They say the tax increases on alcohol will have negative impacts on the island's "fragile" hospitality and tourism sectors.

    Quote Message: Just weeks after the MTFP Addition Waste charges were adopted - a new tax that will see water bills almost double overnight - hoteliers and publicans are once again going to see their bottom lines eroded by government proposals." from Jersey's Chamber of Commerce Statement
    Jersey's Chamber of Commerce Statement
  12. A Multibeam Echosounder...

    Chris Quevatre

    BBC News Online

    Do you know what an Multibeam Echosounder is?

    It could well be something out of Doctor Who, but considering Ports of Jersey have bought one, it probably isn't.

    Ports of Jersey Echosounder image

    They describe it as "an essential piece of maritime equipment that carries out detailed and accurate hydrographic surveys of the seabed throughout the port and its approaches".

    As part of its Port Marine Safety Code agreement, Ports of Jersey is required to regularly monitor the seabed to ensure it is suitable for large vessels to use safely, and here's some of the detail the Echosounder can image...

    Echosounder image of Schokland Green
  13. Your views on the chief minister's pay packet..


    An independent panel in Jersey (with a long and complicated name) are trying to gauge public opinion on whether the chief minister should get paid more than his colleagues in the States.

    Jersey Crapaud: No, lead by example. He will make enough when he's back in private sector again.

    Ken: We don't need panels. There is no justification for pay increases in this time of austerity. They are very well paid.

    Well that's just a small sample...

  14. St Clement hit by invasion of ‘rotting seaweed’ flies

    Swarms of flies have invaded properties near a St Clement beach, prompting business owners to complain to the Infrastructure and Environmental Health Departments, the Jersey Evening Post reports.

  15. Verdun wreath to be laid tomorrow

    BBC Radio Guernsey

    Tomorrow morning the French Ambassador to the UK, Sylvie Bermann, will lay a commemorative wreath at the Smith Street War Memorial during a service to commemorate the Battle of Verdun, and the islanders, both British and French, who fought for France during World War One.

    Russell Doherty

    Russell Doherty, from the Guernsey Military History Company, has played a key role in recovering the names of more than 300 Guernseymen who lost their lives fighting with French forces.

  16. Later... with Jools Holland

    Chris Quevatre

    BBC News Online

    Did you know that Jools Holland is an Honorary Colonel of 101 Engineer Regiment?

    I didn't, but there he is.

    And he's pictured with Ken Soar, Honorary Colonel of the Jersey Field Squadron, taking part in the #sapper300 events, which commemorate the tercentenary anniversary of the Corps of Engineers being established by King George on 26 May 1716.

    View more on twitter
  17. Red’s nightclub plans rejected in Royal Court

    Guernsey Press

    Attempts to turn Red cocktail bar into a new Town nightclub have been rejected, after it faced strong opposition from competitors.

  18. Jersey hospital details to be revealed

    Chris Quevatre

    BBC News Online

    Details about Jersey's new hospital are due to be revealed this afternoon.

    After much discussion, the existing site was finally chosen by ministers as the best place for the hospital, over the waterfront and Overdale.

    The future hospital

    Plans are expected to be published online this afternoon, and tomorrow Health Minister Senator Andrew Green and Deputy Eddie Noel will show pictures of how the hospital could look to the media.

    States members will then debate the plans later this year, and if Planning agrees - building work is due to start in 2019.