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  1. Reaction, results and news from the Guernsey Election 2016 on 27 April

Live Reporting

All times stated are UK

  1. Look back on coverage of the 2016 Guernsey election

    Thanks for joining us for our coverage - just a reminder of the headlines:

    - Four ministers have lost their seats, along with six other sitting deputies

    - The number of women in the States has more than doubled

    - 14 first-time candidates and four former deputies will join 20 current deputies in the new assembly - to be sworn in on Saturday

  2. Number of women in the States more than doubles

    Ben Chapple

    BBC News Online

    Pie chart

    Although two of the five women in the current assembly lost their seats the number of women in the next house will be more than double its current level.

    One former deputy - Jane Stephens - and eight female first-time candidates will be sworn in on Saturday when the current deputies will renew their oath of office.

  3. Number of voters rises

    Rachael Thorn

    BBC News Online

    More people voted in 2016 than in 2012 with the number of voters up from 20,459 to 21,803 - a change of 71.4% of those registered to 71.9%.

    Ballot box

    However, the total votes cast fell as there were fewer seats, a drop in the number of deputies from 45 to 38.

    The votes went from 95,612 to 93,085, however, the average number of votes used by each voter rose from 4.6 to 4.8.

  4. Still up? How about some election trivia...

    Ben Chapple

    BBC News Online

    - Castel is the only district not to elect a woman

    - St Peter Port North and South were the only districts to return all their current deputies standing for re-election

    - South East has elected more females than males: 3:2

    Election poster

    - Richard Graham is the only first-time candidate to top a poll

    - Deputy-elect Graham was also one of only four candidates to poll more than 2,000 votes - the others being Matt Fallaize, Al Brouard and Lyndon Trott 

    - The one thing you probably could be sure of predicting was St Peter Port North being the last district to declare - this time at 01:04. The district continuing its run of being last since 2004.

  5. South East yields most newcomers

    Elisabeth Mahy

    BBC News Online

    The South East yielded the most newcomers across the island, with voters electing three first-time candidates.

    Lindsay de Sausmarez

    Lindsay de Sausmarez, Rob Prow and Victoria Oliver were all elected in the five-seat district, which also took the title for the most female candidates at three.

    Ms de Sausmarez is currently a media producer for Specsavers, Mr Prow was previously the head of the Guernsey Border Agency and Ms Oliver is a qualified surveyor.

  6. Thirteenth newcomers join the States

    Ben Chapple

    BBC News Online

    There will be 14 newcomers joining the States after tonight's election.

    Deputy-elect Richard Graham topped the polls in Castel, the only newcomer to do so.  

    Richard Graham

    The other twelve were Lindsay de Sausmarez, Victoria Oliver, Rob Prow, Dawn Tindall, Rhian Tooley, Joe Mooney, Marc Leadbeater, Jennifer Merrett, Carl Meerveld, Sarah Hansmann Rouxel, Jeremy Smithies, Andrea Dudley-Owen and Emilie Yerby.

    Only Deputy-elect Smithies had previously stood for the States - he was unsuccessful in getting a seat in St Peter Port in 1976.

  7. Only two of seven make political comeback

    Rachael Thorn

    BBC News Online

    Only two of the candidates hoping to make a political comeback after losing their seats in 2012 have secured a place back in the States.

    Jane Stephens

    Jane Stephens in St Sampson and Shane Langlois in the West have successfully returned to government. They were both elected in 2008, but lost their seats in 2012.

    Former Deputy Chief Minister Bernard Flouquet, Michael Garrett, Rhoderick Matthews, Leon Gallienne and Ivan Rihoy failed to get elected for a second time running.

  8. Two Ministers fall in South East

    Rachael Thorn

    BBC News Online

    Education Minister Deputy Robert Sillars and Culture and Leisure Minister Mike O'Hara have both been defeated in the South East.

    Robert Sillars

    They received 953 and 1,141 votes respectively.

    That brings the number of fallen ministers to four, the others being Environment Minister Yvonne Burford and Commerce and Employment Minister Kevin Stewart.

  9. Former chief minister sweeps to top of polls in St Sampson

    Former Chief Minister Deputy Lyndon Trott has swept to the top of the polls in St Sampson, securing 2,014 votes.

    Lyndon Trott

    In the 2012 election he narrowly scraped in with 1370 votes, but this time he soared past Deputy Gavin St Pier, who fell from poll to fourth.

    This next term will be Deputy Trott's fifth consecutive term in the States.

  10. Commerce Minister Kevin Stewart out

    Elisabeth Mahy

    BBC News Online

    The Commerce and Employment Minister, Kevin Stewart, has lost his seat in St Sampson.

    Kevin Stewart

    Deputy Stewart polled 927 votes - he came second in the 2012 election.  

    Poll topper Lyndon Trott, a former chief minister and treasury minister, retained his seat with 2014 votes.

  11. Results for St Peter Port North

    Results are in for St Peter Port North, the following candidates have been elected:

    - John Gollop

    - Charles Parkinson

    - Lester Queripel

    - Michelle Le Clerc

    - Marc Leadbeater

    - Joe Mooney

    Click here for the full results for St Peter Port North

  12. Results in for South East

    Results are in for the South East, the following candidates have been elected:

    - Heidi Soulsby

    - Lindsay De Sausmarez

    - Peter Roffey

    - Rob Prow

    - Victoria Oliver

    Click here for the full results for South East

  13. Peter Ferbrache tops polls in St Peter Port South

    Rachael Thorn

    BBC News Online

    Deputy-elect Peter Ferbrache has topped the polls in St Peter Port South with 1,314 votes.

    St Peter Port South

    Mr Ferbrache, who is a lawyer by trade, says he owes Guernsey a great deal and hopes to repay some of that debt.

    The former States member served between 1994 and 2000, and says he also wants to see an end to wasteful spending and excessive beaucracy.

  14. Results for St Sampson

    Results in for St Sampson - the following candidates have been elected:

    - Lyndon Trott

    - Paul Le Pelley

    - Jennifer Merrett

    - Gavin St Pier

    - Jane Stephens

    - Carl Meerveld

    Click here for the full results for St Sampson

  15. More women in the next States

    Elisabeth Mahy

    BBC News Online

    Three districts are yet to declare but it is already clear that there will be more women in the next States than in the current government.

    Six women have been elected so far - Mary Lowe (sitting) and Sarah Hansmann Rouxel in the Vale, Andrea Dudley-Owen and Emilie Yerby in the West, and Dawn Tindall and Rhian Tooley in St Peter Port South.

    Royal Court building

    There are five women deputies in the current States.

    This increase is despite the number of deputies being cut from 45 to 38.

  16. Castel poll topper is focused on education

    BBC Radio Guernsey

    Deputy-elect Richard Graham says the education debate in Guernsey needs resolving as soon as possible.

    Mr Graham has topped the polls in the Castel with 2,321 votes.

    Richard Graham

    However, he said he would rather be "a strong voice in the States" than influence decisions on education at committee level.

  17. Vale deputy-elect Sarah Hansmann Rouxel: 'I'm shocked'

    BBC Radio Guernsey

    New Vale deputy-elect, Sarah Hansmann Rouxel, has told BBC Radio Guernsey she is "shocked and incredibly happy" to have been elected to the States.

    Sarah Hansmann Rouxel

     "I knew there was a lot of competition", she told our reporter.

    "There's so much to learn and I love learning."

  18. Deputy Dave Jones: "There are a lot of angry people out there"

    BBC Radio Guernsey

    Housing Minister Dave Jones has told BBC Radio Guernsey voters are fed up with the current States.

    "There are a lot of angry people out there", said Deputy Jones, who is vying to keep his seat in the Vale.

    Deputy Dave Jones

    "We've lost the trust of the people - we'll have to work hard to get that back."

    Deputy Jones was re-elected with 2,511 votes.