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Live Reporting

Joel Gunter and Mario Cacciottolo

All times stated are UK

  1. Did Salah slip the net again?

    Salah Abdeslam

    Several Belgian media outlets are carrying reports that Salah Abdeslam, the suspected Paris gunman on the run from police, was spotted by police in Liege on Sunday but escaped in a black BMW.

    The reports said Abdeslam headed in the direction of Germany on the E40 motorway and managed to avoid a police checkpoint.

    Belgian authorities have not confirmed the reports, saying only that the fugitive was not among those arrested on Sunday and remains at large.

    But if Abdeslam did escape police in Liege, it will be the second time he has slipped the net. He and two others were stopped at a French roadblock on the morning after the attacks, near the Belgian border, but were allowed to proceed by officers unaware of Abdeslam's alleged involvement in the attacks.

  2. Belgian police thank social media users

    Eric van der Sypt

    Belgian prosecutor Eric Van Der Sypt thanked social media users for heeding a police request not to share information about ongoing anti-terror operations, to avoid tipping off suspects.

    When police issued the request on Sunday, social media users responded in style by tweeting thousands of cat pictures instead, flooding the #BrusselsLockdown hashtag.

    Speaking at a press conference earlier, Mr Van Der Sypt said police "want to thank the press and social media users because they took the need of this operation into account".

    Buzzfeed has compiled some of the best of the cat tweets here.

  3. Images show special forces operation in Molenbeek

    Special forces at work on Sunday in the Molenbeek district of Brussels, where the Paris attacks are thought to have been planned.

    Belgian special police forces take part in an operation in the neighbourhood of Molenbeek in Brussels, Belgium, November 22, 2015
  4. Injured person's link to Paris 'unclear'

    Eric van der Sypt, of the Belgian Prosecutor's Office, said it was not immediately clear if the person injured in a car which drove at police in Sint Jans Molenbeek was linked to the Paris attacks.

    Police fired at the car during the incident, and it was eventually stopped in the centre of Brussels.

  5. Tonight's main developments

    • Belgian police carred out 22 anti-terror raids - 19 raids in the Brussels area and three more in Charleroi
    • 16 people were arrested - none were named by police
    • Salah Abdeslam, suspected Paris assailant, remains at large - unconfirmed Belgian media reports said he was spotted by police in Liege but managed to escape in a BMW
    • No weapons or explosives were found during the raids
    • Police fired two shots at a car that approached a roadblock during an operation in the Molenbeek district of Brussels - the wounded driver was later arrested
    • Brussels remains on the highest state of alert
    • A judge will decide tomorrow whether those arrested will be kept in custody.
  6. Judge to rule tomorrow on detaining suspects

    Belgium's federal state prosecutor, Frederic Van Leeuw, says the investigating judge will decide on Monday about the possible further detention of those arrested this evening.

  7. Shots fired

    Belgium's federal state prosecutor, Eric Van Der Sypt, told the news conference that two shots were fired when a vehicle ran into police who were searching a snack bar in Sint Jans Molenbeek.

  8. No weapons or explosives found - magistrate

    No weapons or explosives were found during the searches in Brussels and Charleroi on Sunday, Mr Van der Sypt said.

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  9. BreakingBelgian police arrest 16, Salah Abdeslam still at large

    Belgian police made 16 arrests in anti-terror raids on Sunday but top fugitive Salah Abdeslam remains at large, Belgian federal magistrate Erik has just confirmed in a press conference.

    Nineteen searches were carried out in the Brussels region and three others in Charleroi, Mr Van der Sypt said. Two shots were fired during an operation in Molenbeek.

  10. Prosecutor to speak

    Journalist have gathered in Brussels, where it it is now past midnight, for a news conference to be given by the Belgian federal prosecutor.

  11. Arrested in Brussels

    Police with a detainee this evening in Brussels.

    Police with a detainee in Brussels, 22 November
  12. Top fugitive sighted on motorway?

    According to one Belgian paper, police may have spotted top fugitive Salah Abdeslam in a BMW near the Belgian town of Liege, driving in the direction of Germany, but failed to stop him. "If it was indeed Salah", La Libre adds.

  13. Breaking'Six arrests in Brussels'

    Six anti-terror arrests were made this evening in central Brussels, Belgian newspapers report, quoting unofficial sources. One of those detained on Rue du Midi, close to the Grand Place, was injured.    

  14. Brussels recap

    The city's maximum state of alert has been extended amid a continuing terror alert connected to the deadly Paris attacks of 13 November. Prime Minister Charles Michel said schools, universities and the capital's metro would remain closed on Monday. 

    The threat level remains high in the rest of Belgium. Mr Michel said police and army units would be further strengthened in Brussels. The maximum alert was introduced on Saturday, leading to the closure of many shops, cafes, and public buildings. 

    Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel in Brussels, 22 November
    Image caption: Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel speaking in Brussels
  15. Police press conference expected

    Brussels police will give details of their operations in the city later this evening, local media report.

  16. 'Searches over in Brussels'

    Searches being conducted in Brussels are over - AFP news agency, quoting unnamed source close to the Belgian authorities.

  17. Security measures at Davis Cup tie

    BBC tennis correspondent Russell Fuller says there will be tight security at the Davis Cup tennis match between Belgium and the UK, to be played in Ghent on 27-29 November.

  18. Tweeters help police with cat photos

    Belgians have posted pictures and videos of cats using the hashtag #BrusselsLockdown in an attempt to bury tweets about police anti-terror operations in the city.

    It follows a police request for journalists to stop tweeting operational details.

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  19. Pictures: commandos in Molenbeek

    Away from the city centre, heavily armed police commandos have carried out an operation in the suburb of Molenbeek, where some of the Paris attackers lived.

    Belgian security forces during a police operation in Molenbeek
    Belgian security forces during a police operation in Molenbeek
  20. 'The life of my city has stopped'

    Belgian opposition MP George Dallemagne, who represents the Brussels area, has explained to the BBC why he supports the government's decision to maintain the highest state of alert in the city. 

    Quote Message: The threat is still very high and the risk is still very important. So I think yes, of course, we don't have to take any risk, especially for the kids, because the schools will be closed tomorrow, which is really very, very exceptional. It's unseen since World War Two.
    Quote Message: So it's really historical. I've never seen my city like that. And it's amazing to see that the capital of Europe can be blocked and that all the life can be stopped by a few individuals.
  21. Pictures: police on Brussels streets

    Armed officers and soldiers have been conducting several operations in Brussels this evening in response to the threat of an attack, a police spokesman told AFP.

    Belgian police officers search the area during a continued high level of security
    An armed female Belgian police officer during a continued high level of security
    A Belgian soldier patriols past Brussels" famous Manneken-Pis statue as police search the area during a continued high level of security
  22. Killed at the Bataclan

    An undated photo provided by Joseph Anticevic shows his wife Armelle Pumir Anticevic aboard one of his cruise boats, named after her. The 46-year-old mother of two children, aged 9 and 11, died at the rock concert in the Bataclan theatre in Paris. She and her husband had gone there to celebrate. He survived. 

    Paris Attacks victim Armelle Pumir Anticevic (undated family photo)
  23. Belgian authorities urge calm

  24. European Council cancels non-essential meetings

    The European Council has increased its alert state to orange and has cancelled most non-essential meetings scheduled for Monday.

    In a statement, it said:

    Quote Message: As a result of the increase in alert state, the Presidency of the Council, in consultation with the GSC, has decided to cancel the majority of non-essential meetings scheduled to take place tomorrow in the council building.
    Quote Message: However the EYCS Council, the Eurogroup, and a limited number of senior officials meetings will take place as planned.
  25. Pictures: Soldiers stand guard in Brussels

    A Belgian soldier stands guard over the Grand Place of Brussels as police searched the area
    Image caption: A soldier stands guard over the Grand Place in Brussels, where a police operation is under way, according to local reports
    A Belgian policeman stands guard over the Grand Place in Brussels as police searched the area
    Image caption: Armed policemen are also at the Grand Place in Brussels
    A Belgian soldier stands guard outside a cafe near Brussels' Grand Place
    Image caption: Another soldier patrols the area outside a cafe near the Grand Place
  26. 'Trying to stay positive' in Brussels

    Mary Katharine Phillips, an American student in Brussels, says all her classes at university on Monday have been cancelled.

    She told the BBC:

    Quote Message: I'm trying not to be scared, but of course it's very hard. Everyone is really giving in to the hype. I'm American and the American embassy is constantly updating us so it's hard not to be afraid.
    Quote Message: It's very hard not to think about but I'm trying to stay positive. It's been shocking - over a week and we still don't know what's going on, who to be afraid of exactly, what the situation is.
  27. Eurostar lets Brussels passengers postpone trip

    Eurostar tweets that passengers who are booked to travel to Brussels on Monday can postpone their trip for free because of heightened security.

    The train company says it will run a full service tomorrow.

  28. City of romance

    State of emergency notwithstanding, life in Paris is returning to a semblance of normality nine days after the attacks. Here a newly wed couple pose for photos on the Place de la Concorde.

    A married couple poses for pictures on the Place de la Concorde next to the Champs Elysees in Paris, France, 22 November
  29. BreakingBBC sees bomber's papers

    The BBC understands that the picture released today of the third suicide bomber outside the Stade de France is a man known as M al Mahmod. He entered the Greek island of Leros on 3 October with another attacker called Ahmad al Mohammad. 

    The BBC's Ed Thomas looked at the arrival papers of a man called M al Mahmod in Leros. The photograph in those papers looked identical to the picture released by French investigators today. Al Mahmod bought ferry tickets with al Mohammad to leave Leros and journey through Europe with Syrian refugees. 

    Police photo of third suicide bomber in Stade de France attacks
  30. Protective clothing 'stolen' in Paris

    French police are investigating the recent theft of medical protective clothing from a hospital in Paris, the Paris public hospital administrator says - Reuters. 

    The disappearance of a "limited number" of "protective clothing elements" from the Necker hospital was discovered on Wednesday, the administrator is quoted as saying.  

    French Prime Minister Manuel Valls said after the Paris attacks that France faced the risk of chemical or bacterial warfare in its fight against Islamist militants. 

  31. Police operation under way

    A police operation is under way near the Grand Place in Brussels, the broadcaster RTL tweets.

    Police are telling people to keep away from windows, it says.

  32. Paris bomber 'was in Greece'

    A little more on that French police appeal for information about the "third suicide bomber" at the Stade de France. While his identity remains unknown, police believe he was registered as a migrant on the Greek island of Leros on 3 October, along with a fellow bomber, who has also still to be identified.

  33. Aboard the Charles de Gaulle

    The flagship of the French navy, the Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier, is in the eastern Mediterranean, ready to begin air strikes on Islamic State targets in Syria from Monday. An AFP news agency team on board took these photos today.     

    A French Rafale jet fighter is catapulted off the Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier, 22 November
    Image caption: A Rafale jet fighter is catapulted off the deck
    Super Etendard jet fighters on the Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier, 22 November
    Image caption: The ship also carries Super Etendard jet fighters
    A Super Etendard jet fighter on the Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier, 22 November
    Image caption: The carrier jets will reinforce French planes based in the United Arab Emirates and Jordan
    The Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier, 22 November
    Image caption: The Charles de Gaulle (pictured here) will also fill a gap left by a US aircraft carrier, the USS Theodore Roosevelt, which recently returned to America
  34. Brussels universities also closed Monday

    Universities and further eduction colleges in Brussels will also be closed on Monday along with the city's schools, the Belgian PM Michel said.

    Creches are not included in the measures, he said.

    The authorities are doing all they could to restore normal life to the city, he added.

  35. Disruption for Belgium

    "The threat remains serious and imminent in Brussels," Prime Minister Michel said. 

    He accepted the government's decisions would "complicate economic and work life" but said it had to "assume its responsibilities". 

  36. BreakingNew Paris suspect photo released

    French police are appealing for help in identifying the man they say was the third attacker who died at the Stade de France.

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  37. Lower alert for rest of Belgium

    Mr Michel says the rest of the country will remain on a slightly lower level of alert - 3/4.     

  38. Brussels metro to stay closed

    The metro system for the Belgian capital will remain shut on Monday - Belgian PM.

  39. Brussels schools closed

    Schools in Brussels will be closed on Monday - Belgian PM.

  40. BreakingBrussels remains on highest alert

    Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel has just announced that the alert in the capital will remain at the highest level  - 4/4 - for now. He is still addressing reporters.

  41. Public squares 'largely empty'

    The BBC's James Reynolds has the latest from Brussels...

    Quote Message: The public squares of Belgium's capital city are largely empty. Most people in Brussels have obeyed their government's instruction to stay away from crowds.
    Quote Message: Some have gone to smaller shops and cafes. A regular Sunday outing has now become a small act of defiance against fear.
    Quote Message: Life may only return to normal once the police catch the plotters they're looking for.
    Belgian troops patrol at the Royal Galle
  42. Unanswered questions

    The Paris attacks investigation

    Among the most immediate issues facing investigators are   

    1. The whereabouts of surviving suspect Salah Abdeslam and his exact alleged role on 13 November 
    2. The whereabouts of attack "ringleader" Abdelhamid Abaaoud - killed on Wednesday in Saint Denis - at the time of the attacks   
    3. The identity of three of the attackers killed in Paris and the third body found after the police raid in Saint Denis  
    Paris attacks suspects
    Image caption: The Paris attacks suspects
  43. Cyclo-cross World Cup goes ahead

    Freelance cycling journalist Paul Maunder has been at the World Cup cyclo-cross race in West Flanders, Belgium, which has gone ahead with an increased security presence. He writes:

    "This winter branch of cycle racing is hugely popular in Belgium. Crowds of up to 40,000 pay to see their idols race through mud, sand and snow. The course here runs through a military base which also uses its barracks to house Syrian refugees. 

    "Before the race there were rumours that the American team were not being allowed to ride by their embassy. But the Americans are all here, the lager is flowing and the Belgian crowd is as enthusiastic as ever. Their hero Sven Nys has just won, so there is a great deal of singing to his honour as they leave the venue past the row of armed policemen."

    World Cup cyclo-cross race in West Flanders
    World Cup cyclo-cross race in West Flanders
  44. Statement expected

    Belgium's prime minister will hold a news conference at 1800 GMT (1900 local time)

  45. Inside the raided building in Saint Denis

    French police commandos fired 5,000 bullets in Wednesday's raid on an apartment building in the Parisian suburb of Saint Denis, where the suspected ringleader of the Paris attacks was staying. There were also explosions.

    These pictures from inside the building show the ferocity of the fire exchanges between the police and suspects inside.

    Inside the raided building in Saint Denis
    Inside the raided building in Saint Denis
    Inside the raided building in Saint Denis
    Inside the raided building in Saint Denis
    Inside the raided building in Saint Denis
  46. City on hold

    Images from Brussels as alert continues

    Few people have been venturing out in the Belgian capital as security forces patrol the streets and squares.  

    A view of the deserted square in front of the Atomium, Brussels, 22 November
    Image caption: A view of the deserted square in front of the Atomium, a Brussels landmark
    The Grand Place, Brussels, 22 November
    Image caption: It's decked out for the festive season but the iconic Grand Place has been virtually empty, correspondents say
    The closed entrance to the metro at the main train station in Brussels, 22 November
    Image caption: Metro lines are shut as part of the lock-down
    Soldiers and police Brussels, 22 November
    Image caption: Troops were deployed as the city's official alert level was raised to it's highest level
  47. Who are Salah and Brahim Abdeslam?

    Salah Abdeslam

    Salah Abdeslam remains on the run. His brother Brahim blew himself up in the Paris attacks. What is known of the two brothers? Read more here for details of the men who were said to enjoy drinking, smoking and good clothes, and did not appear to be fanatics. 

  48. Flowers, messages and flags outside Le Petit Cambodge

    A woman walks past the Petit Cambodge in Paris

    Floral tributes have grown outside Le Petit Cambodge restaurant in Paris. More than 100 shots were fired at the venue on the night of 13 November, leaving 15 people dead and 15 severely injured. 

  49. 'War-torn regions of the world go through constant anxiety like this every day'

  50. Militant threat 'could last for decades'

    The Guardian's Jason Burke - author of several books on Islamic militancy - says recent attacks have succeeded in creating a climate of fear.

    The current cycle of militancy "could last for decades", he writes, but the balance of power will shift between the jihadists and the authorities.

    Quote Message: At the moment there is a tactical stalemate in Syria and Iraq. Isis is able to endure, if not expand.
    Quote Message: The gap that has opened up between the threat posed by Western Isis volunteers and the resources devoted to countering the threat they pose has made Western nations vulnerable.
    Quote Message: All this is likely to change in coming years and we can be reasonably confident that the balance of power will swing away again from the extremists, as in previous cycles.
  51. Video of brother appealing to Salah Abdeslam to hand himself in

    You can see a clip of the interview with Salah Abdeslam's brother Mohamed here, as he appeals for him to hand himself in. 

  52. Salah Abdeslam 'now a target for IS'

    If Salah Abdeslam really did decide against blowing himself up in Paris then he has become a target for the so-called Islamic State as well as for the European authorities, his brother Mohamed Abdeslam's lawyer Nathalie Gallant has told BFMTV.

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  53. Brother: Salah Abdeslam 'chose not to blow himself up'

    Mohamed Abdeslam

    The Belgian broadcaster RBTF has been speaking with Mohamed Abdeslam - brother of Salah, now the subject of a manhunt, and Brahim, who blew himself up in the Paris attacks.

    Mohamed said there had been a slight change in their behaviour about six months ago, but the family did not see it as a cause for alarm.

    Quote Message: When your brother begins to pray, it's not automatically a radicalistic change. When your brother tells you he stopped drinking, it's not a radicalistic change… For us, these men just wanted to calm down and to show more respect in their practice of religion.

    Mohamed said his brothers had been manipulated rather than radicalised - "that's the reason we didn't notice anything" - and said Salah must have had second thoughts during the attack.  

    Quote Message: It's more than my hope, it's my belief. Salah is a very clever man. I think that, at the very last moment, Salah decided to move back. Maybe he saw or heard something that he didn't expect. And he decided not to see the plan through.

    Mohamed - who was living with his brothers before the Paris attacks - was initially taken into custody but later released. He repeated his call for Salah to turn himself in, saying his family and the families of the victims needed answers.  

  54. Tourists pose for Brussels photo - next to an armoured car

    Tourists pose for a picture in front of an armoured vehicle on the Grand Place in Brussels
  55. Brussels metro should reopen on Monday

    BBC's Europe editor tweets...

  56. Salah Abdeslam's brother repeats plea to give himself up

    Mohamed Abdeslam, the brother of Salah Abdeslam, has again urged the fugitive to give himself up. 

    He said that he would rather see his brother in prison than in a cemetery.

    He told RTBF television that he believed his brother was still alive. 

  57. How can democracies defend themselves against determined extremists?

    The attacks on Paris this month were a strike against France’s joie de vivre, The New York Times says, while "the siege of Kenya’s gleaming Westgate mall two years ago was an assault on that country’s rising prosperity, modernity and stability". 

    Likewise the terrifying attack on the Radisson Blu in Mali’s capital was a strike on that nation’s fragile efforts to restore peace after years of fighting, according to the newspaper.

    It asks: "But in all of these places, the same fundamental question applies: How does a democratic society protect itself from a few determined extremists who can upend an entire nation with a single devastating strike?"

  58. Brussels Central train station under armed guard

    Soldiers stand outside the entrance of Brussels Central Station

    Police and the security forces kept a close eye over key buildings in Brussels on Sunday, including the city's train station.

  59. France 'warned Germany of terror attack' last week

    French intelligence passed on to Germany details of five meticulously planned bomb attacks - including three at a stadium, one at a bus stop and one at a train station in Hanover – on the same night last week (17 November) that  Germany cancelled their football friendly against the Netherlands, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung has reported.

    A source quoted by the newspaper says that "the threat is still big" and that Germany faces the same problem as France with local jihadists returning from Syria.

  60. Actions of Paris police commissioner 'may have saved scores of lives'

    Flowers and a Tricolore left outside the Bataclan

    The AP news agency has stories of those who were at the Bataclan concert hall on the night of 13 November. 

    It says that a police commissioner and his driver got to the venue before more elite teams, having learned from the police radio that they were near the site. 

    According to AP: "The commissioner charged inside, traded fire with a gunman, and took him out of action before retreating so that special-operations teams could assemble.

    "It was a key action that slowed the pace of carnage, and may have saved scores of lives."

    The agency says the commissioners is still recovering from shock. 

  61. Brussels crisis call centre in action

    People People work at a crisis call center in Leuven, east of Brussels

    The Belgian government has set up several crisis call centres to provide information about the current security level in the Brussels region.

  62. GB Davis Cup team delays departure for Belgium by 24 hours

    BBC sports editor Dan Roan says the British Davis Cup tennis team has delayed their departure to Belgium. 

    The final, between Britain and Belgium, is due to take place on Friday. 

    Earlier, the Sunday Telegraph had reported that the team was determined the match should go ahead, despite security measures being taken in Brussels. 

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  63. Rock band speaks of Paris tragedy

    A rose outside the Bataclan concert hall

    Eagles of Death Metal, the US rock band whose fans were targeted in the Paris attacks, have spoken about the tragedy that saw 89 people killed at their gig.

    All of the band were safe following the attack, but members of the crew and friends were among the victims at the Bataclan theatre.

    Frontman Jesse Hughes told Vice people who hid in their dressing room had all been killed "except for a kid who was hiding under my leather jacket".

    You can read our full story here.

  64. Belgian security review taking place this afternoon

    The Belgian Federal Prosecutor's officer says a review of the security situation in Brussels - and across the country - is being carried out this afternoon. 

    An announcement will be made at 17:00 local time on whether or not to continue with the security lock-down for the capital, said the BBC's Europe reporter Gavin Lee. 

    He said: "The maximum security alert will remain in place in the meantime, as Belgian police and security services hunt for suspects linked to the Paris attacks and those said to be planning a similar atrocity in Belgium. 

    "A spokesman for the Belgian Federal Prosecutor added that there was no information that explosives had been found during a raid in the city over the weekend, despite reports in the Belgian media, though weapons were found in one raid on a property in the city."  

  65. Belgian government 'faces tricky decision' over continuing Brussels shutdown

    Journalist Bert Ryman, who works for Belgian broadcaster VRT, says the government has some difficult decisions to make.

    "It's one thing to close down a city, if you want, for a weekend but it's another very much more bigger problem if you do that for a Monday morning when a lot of people are having to go to work," he said.

    "I heard about a lot of companies emailing their staff saying that if the threat level would still be [at the highest level] and if, for instance, the subway station would not be functioning tomorrow morning, people are advised to stay at home, to work from home." 

  66. Show of force at Brussels train station

    A Belgian soldier and police officers stand next to a military armoured vehicle parked at the entrance of Brussels central train station

    A Belgian soldier and police officers stand next to a military armoured vehicle parked at the entrance of Brussels central train station.

  67. UN to produce 'comprehensive anti-terror plan early next year'

    UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon says that the UN will present a comprehensive plan of action to defeat violence and extremism by early next year, Reuters reports. 

  68. UK 'must significantly boost counter-terror spending'

    Security chiefs have issued a private warning to the British government that its counter-terror forces must be significantly boosted if they are to cope with a Paris-style terrorist attack, The Observer reports.

    It says the message has been delivered to Chancellor George Osborne ahead of a strategic defence and security review, to be announced by Prime Minister David Cameron on Monday. 

    The Observer says that senior officers have stressed the importance for the UK Treasury to make a U-turn in the wake of the atrocities in Paris and the growing threat from IS. 

  69. 'If the country could survive the 1940s, we can get through this'

    BBC Europe correspondent James Reynolds writes:

    "Visit Brussels,"encourages a sign in Place Flagey. But there are very few people around to read it.

    Normally, the square would be full of stalls for the Sunday market. But the security alert has forced the market to shut. Today, the square is largely empty - disturbed only by occasional joggers cutting through to the park.

    Next to the square, a handful of people waited for the number 71 tram.

    "I'm not scared," said Michel, a retired civil servant, "If the country could survive the 1940s, we can surely get through this."

  70. Detention of Paris landlord extended

    Jawad Bendaoud

    The Paris prosecutor's office have extended the detention of Jawad Bendaoud (above), the man who rented his apartment to Abdelhamid Abaaoud, the suspected ringleader of the Paris attacks, until Monday.

    Under French law, this is the maximum extension he can receive in terrorism-related investigations. Seven others arrested last Wednesday when the apartment in Saint Denis was raided have already been released.  

  71. Obama: 'We will destroy this terrorist organisation'

    More from President Obama. 

    Quote Message: The United States will continue to lead this global coalition, we are intensifying our strategy on all fronts, with local partners on the ground.
    Quote Message: We are going to keep on rolling back Isil in Iraq and in Syria, and take out more of their leaders and commanders so that they do not threaten us, and we will destroy this terrorist organisation.
  72. Obama: 'We must cut off the funding of Islamic State'

    US President Barack Obama in Kuala Lumpur

    US President Barack Obama says the US and its allies will not relent in their fight against Islamic State militants. 

    Speaking in Kuala Lumpur, Mr Obama said the global coalition would ultimately destroy IS - taking back the land they control, cutting off their finances and hunting down their leaders. 

    He urged all nations to send a signal that the world would continue to do business and would not succumb to fear. 

    Quote Message: The most powerful tool we have to fight Isil is to say that we're not afraid, to not elevate them to somehow buy into their fantasy that they're doing something important.
    Quote Message: They're a bunch of killers.
  73. UK 'to step up its aircraft carrier punch'

    Britain's Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne

    Britain plans to increase the number of fighter jets it can launch from new aircraft carriers as it seeks to boost its military attack capabilities, Chancellor George Osborne tells the BBC's Andrew Marr Show.

    "We are going to step up the aircraft carrier punch of the United Kingdom. We are going to make sure that when these aircraft carriers are available they are going to have planes that can fly from them in force," Mr Osborne said.

    Asked if he would rule out police cuts, he said: "Every public service has to make sure it is spending its money well." 

    The chancellor said the counter-terrorism budget was being increased and more money would be spent on defence.

  74. Islamic State accuses France of hitting civilian buildings in Syria

    BBC Monitoring

    Islamic State (IS) militants have issued a new video which claims that recent French strikes on the group's Syrian stronghold of Raqqa hit civilian buildings without causing any casualties.

    The video issued on 22 November was released by IS's so-called "Al-Raqqa Province" in French and Arabic. It showed footage of two buildings that were extensively damaged.

    The video claimed that the buildings housed "the Central Administration of Bakeries" and a "medicines warehouse".

    The militant in the video also vowed revenge against France for the airstrikes - and that the Paris attacks were "just a warning" aimed at telling the French that "we can reach you anywhere".

  75. Archbishop: Paris attacks 'made me doubt God'

    The Archbishop of Canterbury

    Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby has told the BBC that the Paris attacks made him temporarily doubt the presence of God.

    Quote Message: Saturday morning, I was out and as I was walking I was praying and saying: 'God, why - why is this happening? Where are you in all this?' and then engaging and talking to God.
  76. France biological and chemical attack 'is a risk'

    French Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian has warned that a chemical or biological attack "was among the risks" facing his country - and that all possible precautions to avoid such a scenario had been taken, AFP reports.

    He said French authorities were not ruling anything out in the wake of the Paris attacks.

  77. Brussels: A city on high alert

    Brussels this morning was a city with few people on the streets - apart from the security forces.

    Belgian soldiers patrol Brussels Grand Place (22 November 2015)
    Soldiers patrol a shopping arcade in central Brussels (22 November 2015)
    Belgian soldiers patrol in central Brussels (22 November 2015)
  78. 'This isn't a war like the Second World War'

    UK shadow chancellor John McDonnell on the Andrew Marr show

    UK shadow chancellor John McDonnell says it is unlikely that military action alone would end the threat from Islamic State militants.

    He told the BBC's Andrew Marr Show: "This isn't a war like the Second World War, where you fight against an enemy in one terrain, you defeat them, they sign a peace treaty and that's it. 

    "I think Isil... basically they're encouraging the UK and US to get involved in a war in the Middle East again, because it plays to their narrative of crusader invasion. 

    "And remember if we did defeat Isil in some form, they have another army and that army we've seen is located in most of our capital cities."

  79. Security also remains tight in Paris

    French soldiers patrol Roissy Charles De Gaulle international airport

    Paris also remains on alert, with armed police and soldiers visible at the city's main airport and in other key places. 

  80. UN: US and Russia need to work together to defeat terrorism

    UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon says that he has urged Russia and the US to co-operate on defeating terrorism, Reuters reports.

    "All these terrorists and ideology extremists should be defeated in the name of humanity," he said at the annual East Asia Summit in Kuala Lumpur. "In that regard, we need to unite."

    He called for "global solidarity" to address the "common enemy".    

  81. Belgium hunting 'several suspects' - reports

    Belgium's Interior Minister Jan Jambon

    Belgian Interior Minister Jan Jambon says authorities are not just looking for Abdeslam. 

    "It involves several suspects and that is why we have put in place such exceptional measures," the Belga news agency cited Mr Jambon as telling Flemish television. 

    "We are following the situation minute by minute. There is no reason to hide that. There is a real threat but we are doing everything possible day and night to face up to this situation."

  82. IS targets will be 'hit by French carrier planes on Monday'

    French jets will be able to launch air strikes on Islamic State targets from an aircraft carrier in the eastern Mediterranean from Monday, Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian is quoted by the AFP news agency as saying. 

  83. Brussels metro 'remains closed'

    Transport authorities in Brussels say the city's metro system is remaining closed "as a precaution". 

    They had previously said the network would remain closed until at least 15:00 today. 

    In a Facebook post, STIB said they would decide on a "day by day basis" - and in consultation with police and other authorities - when the stations would reopen.

    Buses and trams are running, but some trams have been affected by the measure.

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  84. 'Everyone is on edge' in Brussels

    Residents - and tourists - in Brussels have been speaking to the BBC about the atmosphere in the city.

    Headteacher Helen Bracegirdle-Brown said "everyone is on edge" following the raised terror alert.

    And Chris Foreman, who is spending the weekend in Brussels on a city break with his girlfriend, had this to say: 

    Quote Message: We hope nothing happens and that life in Brussels, and the rest of Europe, can go on as normal.
  85. Music fans died because they 'wouldn't leave their friends'

    Members of US rock band Eagles of Death Metal, who were playing at the Bataclan in Paris when terrorists launched an attack, have given their first interview about the experience. 

    Lead singer Jesse Hughes said: "A great reason why so many were killed was because so many people wouldn't leave their friends. 

    "So many people put themselves in front of people."

    The interview with Vice News will be released in full next week.  

  86. Brussels will have to 'wake up and work' on Monday

    The BBC was out talking to people on the streets of central Brussels last night - you can watch the video report here.

    "People here may be able to cope with a quiet weekend, but tomorrow, this European capital has to wake up and work," BBC reporter Simon Clemison said.

  87. Few brave the streets of Brussels

    The centre of Brussels was almost empty on Saturday night because the terror alert prompted restaurants and bars to shut early.

    An empty street near the Grand Place in the centre of Brussels
    A note on the door of a pub in Brussels, saying it is closing early
    A man walks in an empty street in Brussels
  88. Abdeslam 'caught between authorities and IS'

    Friends of Abdeslam have told ABC News they have spoken to him on Skype. They described him as being caught between the European authorities searching for him and members of the so-called Islamic State who are "watching him" and are unhappy he did not detonate his suicide vest.

    His brother Mohamed, who lives in Brussels, has urged him to hand himself in to police. He believes Abdeslam "is not far away", he added. 

  89. Live coverage resumes

    Our live coverage now resumes, as Brussels remains on the highest terror alert level and the manhunt for Salah Abdeslam, wanted in connection with last week's Paris attacks, continues.

    Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel has said there was "quite precise information" that "several individuals with arms and explosives" could launch a Paris-style attack. 

    The Belgian government is to review the situation in Brussels this afternoon. 

    We'll be bringing you the latest developments as they happen. You can also find details on our main story here.

  90. Live coverage ends

    This brings to an end our live coverage of today's developments in the aftermath of the Paris attacks. All the latest on the lock-down in Brussels over fears of an attack there can be found in our main news story. Thank you for following our updates.

    Belgian soldiers patrol in central Brussels
  91. Brussels sets up Christmas tree

    While Brussels was at a standstill due to a terror alert, workers raised a Christmas tree at the Grand Place. 

  92. Streets of Brussels deserted

    A Belgian soldier patrols on Brussels Grand Place in central Brussels after security was tightened in Belgium following the fatal attacks in Paris
    Image caption: A Belgian soldier on Brussels' Grand Place
    A Belgian soldier patrols on Brussels Grand Place in central Brussels after security was tightened in Belgium following the fatal attacks in Paris
    Image caption: A soldier patrols the Grand Place
    A man walks at the Galerie de la Reine near the Grand Place in Brussels
    Image caption: A man walks at the Galerie de la Reine
    Armed military men stand guard next to a truck stationed at the Grand Place in front of the City Hall in Brussels.
    Image caption: An army vehicle in front of City Hall
  93. Shakespeare & Co. a place of refuge

    Shakespeare & Co. became a hiding place during the terror attacks on Paris.

    Like other shops and restaurants in Paris, the shop shuttered its doors with customers inside, until they decided it was safe.

    "We are safe in a bookshop, with the windows blacked out," Harriet Alida Lye