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  1. Welcome to your social buzz. Here you'll find details of stories making an impact across social media
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  3. Pre-peeled Orange is The New Black
  4. Donald Trump's hands prove to be popular with his rival Republican candidates
  5. "Bernie Baby" dies

Live Reporting

By Heather Chen and Paul Harrison

All times stated are UK

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  2. Hillary Clinton pokes fun at Republicans

    US Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton offered her own takes on last night's Republican presidential debate. Looks like she's not a fan of Trump and co, based on her own colourful use of GIFs. As you can see, her tweets went viral.

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  3. Och aye! Cameron shows off his Scottish accent

    Prime Minister David Cameron gave a speech at the Scottish Conservative challenge. During his speech, he tried his hand at something resembling a Scottish accent.

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    He's been heavily mocked online for his attempt at a Scottish accent.

  4. Rupert Murdoch marries Jerry Hall

    Rupert Murdoch and Jerry Hall

    Media mogul Rupert Murdoch has married actress-model Jerry Hall in a civil ceremony in London. Their wedding has been trending on Twitter in the last few hours.

    On the day of his wedding, Murdoch tweeted:

  5. Plastic peel anyone?

    An image of pre-peeled oranges in plastic packages led Whole Foods to pull the product from store shelves amid social media fury.

    Nathalie Gordon tweeted this picture of peeled oranges on sale at a Whole Foods supermarket in London. Her tweet was retweeted more than 50,000 times. Many people were left baffled by the idea of pre-peeled oranges. 

    Her tweet prompted the American supermarket chain to remove the offending product.

  6. Hands up: Why is everyone talking about Trump's hands?

    Donald Trump shows off his hands during a US Republican presidential debate as other candidates look on

    The 2016 presidential race is nothing if not bizarre and the saga took another strange twist on Thursday night when US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump had to defend the size of of his hands.

    He said there was nothing wrong with the size of his different body parts during a televised debate after rival Marco Rubio poked fun at Trump's small hands. 

    Rubio previously said: "You know what they say about men with small hands? You can't trust them."

  7. Bernie Sanders' lookalike 'Bernie Baby' dies

    Bernie Sanders meeting his infant lookalike at a rally in Las Vegas

    A four-month-old baby, who was widely known as "Bernie Baby" on social media for dressing up as US Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, has died.

    The family of Oliver Jack Carter Lomas-Davis announced that he died of sudden infant death syndrome.

    He became known across social media as "Bernie Baby" when his mother, Susan Lomas, posted photos on Facebook and Twitter of him greeting Sanders at a campaign rally in Las Vegas.

  8. Hello from London

    Hi there, 

    We've got some trending stories for you, including Donald Trump's comments about the size of his hands and the sad death of "Bernie Baby". 

    Keep tuned for updates through the day.

  9. This could literally warm your heart

    Netizens on popular Chinese instant messaging chat app WeChat are loving the dedication of a surgeon from Henan Province, who was photographed "cradling" blood bags against his chest.State broadcaster CCTV News said in a Facebook post that the doctor held the bags against his chest in order to "generate warmth" for a patient urgently needing blood for a transplant. The photo seems to have been shared by a medical colleague on WeChat Moments, a feature on the app which functions as a feed to share personal accounts and opinions. 

    Chinese social media users have mainly expressed admiration for the doctor's dedication. "Bravo! This literally warms my heart to see, especially amid news of shady practices and inappropriate conduct among Chinese doctors," commented a WeChat user on the app. As ever in China, it feeds into questions about Chinese hospital procedure with some asking why the hospital relied on the doctor’s own body heat, rather than using a more professional device to warm up the blood.

    Chinese surgeon cradles blood
    Image caption: Chinese surgeon cradles blood
  10. 'This is the voice of #Azaadi (freedom)'

    Going viral in India is the fiery return of charismatic student leader Kanhaiya Kumar, after he was released from jail and charged with sedition. His name as well as the hashtag #Azaadi (meaning freedom) are all top social trends among users on Twitter and Facebook, who are hailing his return to campus. "Out of jail but clearly not out of steam, his speech was electrifying," commented a Twitter user in Mumbai. Some Facebook users described the moment as a "hero's return" while others said it would only be "a matter of time before his political calling". 

    YouTube links to his speech are also being widely circulated. But the student is controversial and there are voices who allege his actions are anti-India. It is the debate gripping the country at the moment. 

    Kanhaiya Kumar
    Image caption: JNU student union leader Kanhaiya Kumar makes a campus speech in New Delhi
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  11. Korea's latest Instagram sensation

    Move over, Grumpy Cat. Here comes Scottish Fold cat Gimo and he's winning the hearts of thousands on popular photo-sharing app Instagram.

    The fluffy black cat, dubbed "Instagram's cutest feline", lives in Seoul and has close to 170,000 followers. Photos of Gimo standing up, sitting in a cardboard box or just looking directly at you, are all captivating the interest of Instagram fans. "It's Gimo's huge gleaming eyes, they really do it for me - it's as though the kitty is looking directly at me on my app," said Instagram user jassy kassy. This is the latest pet account to capture the imagination, but they are a staple of Japanese and Korean social media. 

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