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Live Reporting

Heather Chen, Emma Harrison, Helier Cheung, Josephine McDermott, Saira Asher and Anna Jones

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  1. Thailand mourns

    Grieving relatives

    A stunned nation mourns the dead after an attack unprecedented even after years of political turmoil.

  2. Chinese reaction

    Four Chinese tourists were killed by the bomb, including two from Hong Kong.

    China "expresses strong condemnation" of the bombing, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said.

  3. 'Heinous attack'

    Quote Message: We strongly condemn this heinous attack. As we have said several times, nothing can justify the killing of innocent civilians... Those responsible for this act must be brought to justice. from K Shanmugam Singapore's foreign minister
    K ShanmugamSingapore's foreign minister

    One Singaporean is known to have died.

  4. Giving blood

    People giving blood at the Thai Red Cross in Bangkok

    People have been giving blood at the Thai Red Cross in Bangkok following the bomb blast.

    The organisation made appeals yesterday when more than 120 people were injured.  

  5. 'Not ruling out anything'

    There has been speculation the bomb is connected to Thailand forcibly returning 109 Uighurs to China last month.

    The Thai police chief said: "Police are not ruling out anything including (Thai) politics and the conflict of ethnic Uighurs who, before this, Thailand sent back to China."

  6. Suspect 'could be Thai or a foreigner'

    National police chief Somyot Pumpanmuang told a news conference the suspect could be Thai or a foreigner. On the significance of the missing backpack, he said: "We need to look at the before and after CCTV footage to see if there is a link." 

  7. Images of suspect released

    Thai police have released two images of the bomb attack suspect - a man in a yellow t-shirt.

    They say he was walking past the scene at the time of the incident with a backpack and then appears to walk away without it.

    Man in yellow-tshirt
    Man in yellow t-shirt
  8. Compensation announced

  9. Troops deployed to checkpoints

    Voice of America correspondent Steve Herman reports security is to be stepped up.

  10. PM makes TV address

    Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha has addressed the country in a TV broadcast.   

  11. 'More than one person involved'

    Quote Message: We believe that there was more than one person who came in the area and planted the bombs, but at least one person is very clear on the CCTV, and this is a very busy intersection, happening at rush hour, so we are having the benefits of a lot of witnesses in this regard. from Dr Panithan Wattanayakorn Advisor to the Thai Defence Minister
    Dr Panithan WattanayakornAdvisor to the Thai Defence Minister
  12. Post update

    Singapore's state broadcaster Channel NewsAsia tweets: "Nothing can justify the killing of innocent victims."

    The country's politicians have also condemned Monday night's deadly Bangkok bomb attack in parliament today, which claimed the life of one Singaporean.

  13. 'Such a shock'

    Thai-born Aisha Kanchula, from Cardiff, Wales, has spoken to the BBC the day after the bombing.

    Speaking on BBC Radio Wales, she said she had been at a family gathering at a restaurant a few hundred metres away from the blast when the bomb exploded

    She said it was “such a shock for everyone”.

  14. Scene aftermath

    BBC cameraman Joe Phua tweets:

  15. Vietnam hotline

    The BBC Vietnamese service says a hotline has been set up to help Vietnamese tourists in Bangkok. Many netizens in Vietnam have taken to social media to send prayers to Thailand, using the hashtag #prayforThailand. Others, however, announced that they are cancelling their trip to the country.

  16. Post update

    @BBCNewsAsia has collated a list of Twitter users tweeting about the Bangkok bomb blast. You can subscribe to it here.

  17. 'I gave one man CPR'

    The BBC's James Sales arrived on the scene shortly after the blast, and administered first aid to some of the injured.

    Hear from him here.

  18. 'Worst ever attack'

    The blast has been described by Thailand's Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha as the "worst ever attack" on the country. Read more from our main story here

    Wreckage of motorcycles at the scene of a bomb attack in central Bangkok - 17 August 2015
  19. Why do people visit the Erawan shrine?

    New Year celebrations at the Erawan Shrine in Bangkok in January 2015

    The Erawan Hindu shrine is a major tourist landmark in the Thai capital, Bangkok, especially for visitors from East Asia.

    The shrine sits at the Ratchaprasong intersection, a crossroads in the centre of the capital, surrounded by an iron fence.

    Find out more here.

  20. Post update

    Google Thailand pays tribute to the victims of Monday's deadly bomb blast with a candle on its page.

  21. Press conference

    The Nation has reported that Thailand's Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha will speak to reporters at 14:00 local time (08:00 GMT).

  22. Bomb 'targeted tourists'

    Quote Message: Ministers have said they believe the bomb targeted tourists; the shrine is very popular with foreign visitors. But most of the dead and injured are Thai nationals. The area next to the shrine has now been cleaned up, the roads around it opened for traffic. There is, however, a lingering sense of shock in this country, which until now had been spared the kinds of terrorist incidents which have been experienced by some of Thailand's neighbours. from Jonathan Head BBC News
    Jonathan HeadBBC News
  23. Video footage

    Quote Message: The Thai authorities are now examining video footage taken from several CCTV cameras around the Erawan shrine for possible clues. They say they are looking for one young man, who appears to walk into the shrine wearing a black backpack, but is then seen walking without it. Beyond that, though, they are not pointing to any group as a likely perpetrator behind this, the worst ever bomb attack in the Thai capital. from Jonathan Head BBC News
    Jonathan HeadBBC News
  24. 'Shocked and shaken'

    Quote Message: The atmosphere this morning here in the capital city is very, very different, in fact Bangkok seems like a shell of its former self. There's very little life about the place. As well as tourists being shocked and very, very shaken, local people are in a state of shock as it was the last thing that they were expecting. from Mairead Campbell BBC News
    Mairead CampbellBBC News
  25. Tributes

    Flowers and signs at the site of the bomb explosion on August 18, 2015 in Bangkok, Thailand

    Flowers and signs have been left near the site of the explosion.

  26. Indonesian killed

    Indonesian authorities have released a statement to local media, saying that an Indonesian woman, Lioe Lie Tjing, has died. They have also said her husband, Hermawan Indradjaja, is in critical condition.

  27. Clean up

    Workers cleaning up after the bomb in Bangkok

    Workers are cleaning up debris at the site of the explosion.

  28. The prime minister of Malaysia

  29. One Singaporean victim

    Singapore's foreign affairs ministry has said that one Singaporean woman died in the blast. They have not named her.

  30. Post update

    #StrongThailand begins to trend on Twitter in Thailand, with people using the hashtag to send out messages of support to the victims of Monday's bomb blasts.

  31. 'Clearer idea of perpetrators'

    Thailand's defence minister has said that officials investigating Monday's bomb attack in Bangkok now have a clearer idea of who the perpetrators could be.

    Prawit Wongsuwan spoke to reporters on his way into a cabinet meeting: "We have already collected evidence from all CCTV cameras. We have followed up some other things as well. It's clearer [who the bombers are], but I can't reveal that right now."

  32. Donating blood

    From The Nation newspaper

  33. Updated casualty numbers

    Countries in the region have begun confirming the number of their citizens who have been killed in the blast. They include:

    •China: Four citizens dead. Two were from mainland China while the other two were from Hong Kong, said the Communist Party's newspaper People's Daily

    •Malaysia: Two citizens - a woman named Lim Saw Gek and her son Neoh Jai Jun - were killed, said the Malaysian government in a statement released to local media

  34. Moment the bomb hit

    Mobile phone footage has captured the moment the bomb exploded. It was shot by a Chinese tourist and given to a Chinese-language news outlet in Bangkok MGTV. You can watch it here.

  35. Cleaning up

    BBC cameraman Joe Phua sent this photo of the scene right now of where the blast happened.

    Cleanup after the blast
  36. 'Attackers still in Bangkok'

    Thailand's Defence Minister Panithan Wattanayakorn has told the BBC there are a few suspects.

    "Yesterday, since the beginning of the incident, the authorities have been setting up checkpoints, trying to contain a few individuals in question. The police chief is quite confident that these persons are still in Bangkok and at the moment we are asking for the co-operation of the public."

  37. Canadian ambassador to Thailand

  38. PM Prayuth Chan-ocha

    says "This is the worst incident that has ever happened in Thailand. There have been minor bombs or just noise, but this time they aim for innocent lives. They want to destroy our economy, our tourism."

  39. PM Prayuth Chan-ocha speaks

    PM Prayuth Chan-ocha has spoken to reporters saying authorities are looking for a "suspect" seen on CCTV footage.

    "I have ordered the cameras be checked because there is one suspect, but it is not clear who he is," he said according to Reuters.

  40. Post update

    On Twitter, several topics surrounding the bomb attack continue to trend among Thai users, including #PrayForBangkok and #ErawanShrine.

  41. BreakingBreaking News

    Thai police have said they are looking for a young man seen on CCTV footage carrying a black backpack into the Erawan shrine and coming out without it. They say he is a possible suspect.

  42. At the scene

    Injured victim of the bomb blast

    The BBC's Pamela Koh is at King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital where some of the victims were taken.

    Well-wishers, concerned members of the public and other patients are milling around, she says. One of the injured victims has just left the hospital.

  43. Post update

    Jimmy Barnes performs live ahead of The Rolling Stones at Adelaide Oval on October 25, 2014 in Adelaide, Australia.

    Twitter users in Australia are sharing the story of a "lucky last-minute decision" by rock star Jimmy Barnes and his family, who made the decision to use an overhead pass instead of walking past the Erawan religious shrine last night.

  44. Thai stocks drop

    Bangkok Stock Exchange

    Thai shares fell by almost 3% in early trade on Tuesday after the deadly bomb blast. The government has described the attack as an attempt to harm the economy and tourism.

    Shares from tourism related companies were amongst the hardest hit with hotels like Erawan Group, Minor International and Central Plaza falling more than 10%.

  45. Post update

    Twitter users in Bangkok are praising taxi-booking app Uber for not charging those choosing to donate blood to victims recovering from last night's bomb attack.

  46. Post update

    The Bangkok Metro tweets that services on its subway and BTS Skytrain are operating as normal today.

  47. Victims' nationalities

    A police spokesperson has said those killed in the blast included:

    • Five Thais
    • Two Chinese
    • Two Hong Kong residents
    • Two Malaysians
    • One Singaporean

    Source: AFP news agency

  48. Thai Tourism Minister sends condolences

  49. Post update

    Jonathan Head

    South East Asia correspondent

    There were truly awful, almost indescribable scenes of carnage. Bangkok is sitting back and wondering who could possibly have carried out this act and what their motives could have been.

  50. Post update

    The BBC's Jonathan Head in Bangkok says this level of violence is totally new for Bangkok, and came out of the blue. No-one has yet said they carried out the blast, and police have cautioned against speculation, he says.

  51. Post update

    Sky News Australia has shared a statement on Twitter from Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, condemning Monday night's bomb attack.

  52. Post update

    Hong Kong has raised its travel warning for Thailand to red, saying residents should "adjust their travel plans and avoid non-essential travel, including leisure travel".

  53. Victims

    Staff at the King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital have put up a list of the victims.

    Staff at the hospital
  54. Post update

    For more updates on Twitter, you can subscribe to @BBCNewsAsia's Bangkok blast list.

  55. Post update

    This man took a moment to pray, close to the shrine, on Tuesday morning.

    Man prays near Erawan shrine in Bangkok (18 Aug 2015)
  56. BreakingBreaking News

    Thailand's Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha has called the Bangkok bombing the "worst ever attack" on the country, AFP news agency reports.

  57. Scenes of destruction

    In central Bangkok, people are waking up to remnants of last night's explosion. The glass covering this advertising billboard near the Erawan Shrine shattered from the blast.

    The glass covering an advertising billboard near the Erawan Shrine is shattered from an explosion in Bangkok, Thailand, Tuesday, Aug. 18, 2015
  58. Post update

  59. Post update

    At least 21 people are confirmed to have died, among them a number of foreigners. The shrine - at a central junction in the Thai capital - is Hindu, but also frequented by Thai Buddhists, and popular with tourists.

  60. Post update

    Welcome to the BBC's coverage of Bangkok, a day after a bomb was detonated at the Erawan Shrine, causing mass casualties.