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  1. Nigeria soldiers stop suicide bomb attack
  2. Kenya demonstration against 'extrajudicial' killings
  3. Violence breaks out in Zimbabwe capital
  4. Israel's prime minister meets six heads of state in Uganda
  5. Twitter suspends account of Nigerian militant group
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Live Reporting

By Dickens Olewe and Damian Zane

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    A reminder of today's wise words:

    Quote Message: The weight of the head is only felt by its owner." from A Luo proverb. Sent by Fred Obondo, Nairobi, Kenya
    A Luo proverb. Sent by Fred Obondo, Nairobi, Kenya

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    And we leave you with this image of a group of volunteers from a church in Egypt's capital, Cairo, providing free meals to Muslims during the holy fasting month of Ramadan.

    Young woman serving food
  2. Nigeria's army thwart suicide bomb attack

    Nigeria's army says its soldiers have averted a suicide bomb attack.

    In a statement it says that three female Boko Haram militants were trying to attack internally displaced people as they were collecting water at a borehole near a town in Borno state, north-east Nigeria.

    Soldiers shot two dead and the army says that two civilians were injured when the suicide bombs went off.

    The third attacker did manage to go further along the road and blow herself up, but the statement does not reveal if anyone was injured.

  3. Nigeria's Musa 'to play for Leicester'

    English Premier League champions Leicester City have agreed a deal with CSKA Moscow to sign Nigeria forward Ahmed Musa, according to the player's agent.

    The 23-year-old, who joined CSKA in 2012 and scored 54 goals in 168 games, is set to sign for what BBC Sport understands is a Foxes club-record fee.

    "Everything has been finalised and Musa will be in England for his medical on Wednesday," Tony Harris told BBC Sport.

    BBC Sport understands Musa turned down Southampton, Everton and West Ham.

    Read more: Ahmed Musa: Leicester City 'agree fee'

    Ahmed Musa
  4. Senegal's authorities try to clear the streets of child beggars

    Abdourahmane Dia

    BBC Afrique

    Child welfare advocates and regional grouping Ecowas have applauded Senegal President Macky Sall’s decision to order the removal of all child beggars off the streets. 

    Since Thursday, 150 beggars have been taken to a children's centre in Senegal's capital, Dakar. 

    Their parents or their koranic teachers have been warned that they could be fined or jailed for up to six months the next time their children are caught on the streets. 

    Mmany religious leaders and koranic school teachers have resisted a ban in the past.

    They argue that begging is a way of teaching humility to koranic school students.

    But many NGOs have denounced the practice, calling it child exploitation.

    Macky Sall
    Image caption: President Macky Sall tweeted that he had "ordered the immediate removal of children from the streets"
  5. Is this the White Saviour Complex?

    A piece about a white British student's volunteering experience in Africa published in the UK's Telegraph newspaper is getting a lot of attention on social media.

    Louise Linton spent a year in Zambia and writes about her experience:

    Quote Message: I learned some of their language, planted a vegetable garden and created a little school under a Mukusi tree, writing about my experiences in my diary.

    She then writes about how conflict in neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo had an impact on Zambia.

    Quote Message: But I soon learned that Africa is rife with hidden danger. I witnessed random acts of violence, contracted malaria and had close encounters with lions, elephants, crocodiles and snakes."

    And it's her "Africa is a country" style of writing has got some people on Twitter angry:

    Quote Message: Having a great holiday and then I stumble across [this] and it ruins my morning. What is this Zambia she speaks of?" from @kabwejulianna
    Quote Message: There's absolutely no indication that the article is satirical." from @TheFiveAlmighty
    Quote Message: We need to start telling our own stories, and not leave them in the hands of those that are just out there to make a quick buck." from @LydiaNgoma
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  6. Video shows protesters confronting Kenyan police spokesperson

    Kenya's Star newspaper has shared a video showing protesters confronting the country's police spokesman Charles Owino during a march against alleged police killings.

    The protesters blocked Mr Owino's car and demanded that he get out and join their march, according to the report

    On alighting, they poured red paint on the spokesman and forced him to carry a coffin which had "stop extra judicial killings" written on it, the Star adds. 

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  7. Kidnapped Sierra Leonean diplomat 'alive' and 'in good health'

    A senior Sierra Leonean diplomat who was last week kidnapped in Nigeria's northern state of Kaduna is "alive and in good health", AFP news agency reports.

    Maj-Gen Alfred Nelson-Williams, Sierra Leone's Deputy High Commissioner to Nigeria, was believed to have been travelling there for a ceremony at a military base.    

    AFP quotes a spokesman for Nigeria's President Muhammadu Buhari saying that he was "certain that he is alive".

    A Sierra Leonean official is quoted as saying that the diplomat was in "good health".

    The BBC's Umaru Fofana in Sierra Leone doesn't confirm the news but reports that the Maj-Gen Nelson-Williams' driver has apparently escaped and is being interrogated by the Nigerian police. 

    Map of Nigeria, highlighting Kaduna state
  8. Israel-East Africa security meeting

    Israel's Prime Minister has travelled to State House in Uganda where he is taking part in a security summit with regional leaders.

    His office has been tweeting pictures:

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    Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni's press person has also been tweeting photographs of some of the leaders arriving:

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  9. Mixed reactions on Netanyahu's 'historic visit' to Africa

    We reported earlier about Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu starting what he described as an "historic" visit to Africa. 

    People have been reacting to our Facebook post on the story.:

    Quote Message: I have nothing against Bibi, you are welcome to Zambia. But I hear Africans are ill treated in Israel. I have a number of friends who have suffered racial discrimination at the hands of your people, I hope you'll say something about that." from Muzo Kazembe
    Muzo Kazembe
    Quote Message: If you read in the Bible when things got hot in the Middle East, Africa became the hide out for Israel. During famine God led the Israelites to Africa... Now Benjamin is back to celebrate with us. These are God's miracles! Your warmly welcome Africa." from Philip Mkundi
    Philip Mkundi
    Quote Message: Netanyahu is bringing his country's advanced technology to help Africa. Despite the hate propaganda, we will stand tall with Israel. Israel is helping our agriculture sector in Plateau state in Nigeria." from Emmanuel Ishaku
    Emmanuel Ishaku
  10. Move to ban street hawkers in Nigeria's Lagos state

    The government of Lagos state in Nigeria is cracking down on street vendors. 

    The authorities are enforcing a previously widely-flouted law. 

    Street hawker selling water

    Street hawkers and those who buy from them face a fine of more than $300, or six months in jail. 

    A BBC correspondent in Lagos says there are far fewer hawkers in the streets today than usual because they are scared of being arrested. 

    Many hawkers have complained that if they are not able to work, they will not be able to support themselves.   

  11. Zimbabwe police beating caught on video

    We posted earlier about police and demonstrators clashing in the Epworth township of Zimbabwe's capital, Harare.

    Trouble started after minibus taxi drivers were protesting over an alleged increase in police harassment.

    Demonstrators in Harare

    Police fired tear gas to try and quell the violence:

    Policeman firing tear gas

    People have been sharing videos of police beating up alleged protesters in Epworth:

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  12. Twitter suspends Nigerian militant group account

    The Nigerian militant group, the Niger Delta Avengers, has been making its presence felt over the past few months by attacking oil installations.

    It has often announced its attacks on Twitter - the most recent being at the weekend - but now its account has been shut down.

    This is what you see if you try to visit it:

    Suspension notice

    The Reuters news agency quotes a Twitter spokesman confirming the closure.

    He would not give the exact reasons but said company policy on the suspension of accounts does include a "specific rule pertaining to violent threats... you may not make threats of violence or promote violence, including threatening or promoting terrorism".

  13. Madonna to partner with Kenya's first lady on maternal health

    US pop icon Madonna will partner with Kenya's first lady Margaret Kenyatta to expand her initiative, Beyond Zero, that supports maternal and child health programmes.

    A statement from the first lady's office says Madonna described the Beyond Zero initiative "as an amazing movement and a natural partner for advocacy". 

    The first lady's Twitter account has shared some pictures from the meeting: 

  14. Did Museveni mean Israel when he said Palestine?

    We've been covering extracts from what President Yoweri Museveni's said when he welcomed Israel's prime minister.

    But it seems that some journalists covering the visit think the president may have got Israel and Palestine mixed up: 

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  15. Ugandans debating 'Israel taking over security at Entebbe airport'

    Ugandans are debating a story on the Daily Monitor Facebook page that Israeli security officers have taken over security at Entebbe airport.

    Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is on an 'historic visit' to Africa.

    Picture of the plane carrying Israel Prime Minister
    Quote Message: You don't know what you are talking about! The Israel security operatives have been in Uganda for more than a month." from Kanyeibare
    Quote Message: Funny when these presidents come, our roads are closed, airport security taken over, their national flags are on every street, but when our president goes to their countries nothing happens." from Sebyala Yunus
    Sebyala Yunus
  16. The Senegalese Muslims who don't fast

    It's the final week of the holy month of Ramadan, during which Muslims around the world refrain from eating while the sun is up.

    But in Senegal, members of one branch of Sufi Islam, known as the Baye Fall, haven't been fasting.

    Instead, they have been preparing food for others.

    The BBC went to visit them in the holy city of Touba.

    Video content

    Video caption: The Senegalese Muslims who don't fast

    Video Journalist: Efrem Gebreab

  17. Netanyahu unveils Entebbe plaque and announces aid to EAC countries

    Two plaques have been unveiled in Uganda during the visit of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. 

    The BBC's Patience Atuhaire reports that one plaque has the names of those who were killed during the Entebbe raid on 4 July 1976. 

    Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netnayahu speaking in Uganda.

    The other is for the renovation of the trauma centre at the country's main referral hospital in the capital, Kampala.

    Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netnayahu speaking in Uganda.

    The Israeli Development Agency is to invest $13m (£10m) in aid to Uganda and other East African countries, our reporter adds. 

  18. Hundreds of Kenyans march to protest over 'police killings'

    Ferdinand Omondi

    BBC Africa, Nairobi

    Hundreds of Kenyans have poured onto the streets of Nairobi and Mombasa today to protest against extrajudicial killings. 

    The protests were triggered by the recovery of three bodies belonging to people reported missing last week.  

    The demonstrators splattered their t-shirts with red paint. They sang, they chanted and they wailed. 

    People holding holding a mock funeral to police killings in Kenya

    They carried mock white caskets with crimson red slogans calling for an end to extrajudicial killings and what they described as police executions.

    People holding banners protesting police killings in Kenya

    Three bodies recovered from a river last week have been identified as Josphat Mwendwa, a man who had sued a senior police officer for shooting him in the shoulder, Willie Kimani the human rights lawyer who represented him, and their taxi driver. 

    Three policemen have now been arraigned in court and charged with their murders. 

    Lawyers in Kenya have begun a court boycott for a week to pressure the government to act and activists hope the demos will pile pressure on the judicial services to ensure the killers are brought to trial.  

    The issue of extrajudicial killings has caused growing alarm in Kenya ahead of next year’s elections.

    People holding banners protesting police killings in Kenya
  19. US singer Madonna visiting Kenya

    American singer Madonna is in Kenya. 

    She has been sharing updates from her visit on social media: 

    It seems local media were initially unaware of her visit. 

    One newspaper is speculating that she's in the country to adopt a child as she did in Malawi. 

    Kenya's State House has just tweeted that the celebrity is meeting the country's first lady: