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By Clare Spencer and Farouk Chothia

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    Quote Message: When the ear hears, the body is safe." from A Hausa proverb sent by David Ojima Simeon, Bangalore, India.
    A Hausa proverb sent by David Ojima Simeon, Bangalore, India.

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  2. Buhari to visit Niger Delta

    Chris Ewokor

    BBC Africa, Abuja

    Niger delta militants
    Image caption: Several militant groups in the Niger Delta have attacked oil facilities in the past

    Nigeria's President Muhammadu Buhari will visit the oil-rich Niger Delta on Thursday, a day after the Niger Delta Avengers group said it destroyed oil wells operated by US energy firm Chevron. 

    The group seemed to mock the military, saying it blew up the oil wells with the "heavy presence of 100 gunboats, four warships and jet bombers". 

    Earlier, there were reports that the military had deployed fighter jets and helicopter gunships to the Niger Delta to contain the threat by the new militant group. 

    Mr Buhari's visit to the Niger Delta will be his first since he took office more than a year ago. 

    The president vowed in a nationwide address on Sunday that the upsurge in attacks in the region, which has hit oil production, would not distract his government and security forces would “apprehend the perpetrators and their sponsors and bring them to justice”.

    Mr Buhari will launch a clean-up programme in the region, which is badly affected by environmental degradation and air pollution caused by the oil industry.

    The Niger Delta Avengers say they are fighting for a greater share of oil revenue for the region, where most people are poor. 

  3. Mogadishu hotel attack 'complex'

    Alastair Leithead

    BBC Africa correspondent, Mogadishu

    Wrecked cars burn at the scene of a terror attack at the Ambassador Hotel, after a car bomb exploded on June 1, 2016 at a top Mogadishu hotel that houses several MPs, killing several people, and followed by a gun battle.

    Our BBC team here in Mogadishu heard the blast outside the Ambassador Hotel and saw the smoke from a car bomb and then heard a few sporadic bursts of gunfire over the next 15 minutes. 

    We are being told it was a "complex attack" involving a bomb and gunmen entering the hotel but we don't know at this stage how many there were and how far they got. 

    The hotel is used by members of parliament. 

    We are told the attack is now over. 

  4. Zanzibar’s pioneering pension 'has changed my life'

    Sammy Awami

    BBC Africa, Zanzibar

    Mariam Mwini Mohammed
    Image caption: Mariam Mwini Mohammed supports three of her grandchildren

    Mariam Mwini Mohammed is the grateful recipient of a monthly pension in Zanzibar, Tanzania’s semi-autonomous archipelago.

    The first fully funded state pension in East Africa, it started in April with 23,800 pensioners receiving 20,000 Tanzanian shillings ($9, £6) a month.  

    Quote Message: Before I got this money it was very difficult for me to support my family so I had to go out and beg from relatives and friends.
    Quote Message: This money helps me to buy food, cooking oil, soap and supports my grandchildren’s education. So basically it supports the whole family.
    Quote Message: I used to have my own small business farming; I grew sweet potatoes and cassava. Then I could support my grandchildren and even buy clothes for myself. But in my old age I became weak and I couldn't farm anymore.
    Mariam Mwini Mohammed lining up for her pension
    Quote Message: Now that I have the money I have already bought some rice on the way home for my grandchildren. I have 20 altogether, but it’s just three of them I support.” from Mariam Mwini Mohammed
    Mariam Mwini Mohammed

    About 200,000 families in Zanzibar are currently headed by a pensioner.

    A man in Zanzibar receiving his pension
    Image caption: Everyone 70 and over is now entitled to a pension of $9 (£6) a month
  5. Photo of Mogadishu blast site

    Here's a photo of the scene of the bomb and gun attack launched by militant Islamist's in Somalia's capital, Mogadishu:

    Scene of bomb attack
  6. Somali hotel attack 'over'

    Somalia's national intelligence service has said that security forces have finished the operation against gunmen who stormed a hotel in Somalia's capital, Mogadishu, and they are now clearing the scene, reports the BBC's Ibrahim Aden.

  7. Attacked hotel in heart of Mogadishu

    The Ambassador Hotel stormed by gunmen in Somalia's capital Mogadishu is on Maka Al Mukaram, a major street lined with hotels, restaurants and banks in the heart of the city, Reuters news agency reports. 

  8. 'Battle' in Somali hotel

    Security forces are inside the Ambassador Hotel in Somalia's capital, Mogadishu, and a gun battle is raging, witnesses and security sources have told AFP news agency. 

    The hotel was stormed by militant Islamist who also detonated a bomb outside. 

  9. Mogadishu hotel attack: 'Ten dead'

    Ibrahim Aden

    BBC Africa, Mogadishu

    In this Thursday, Feb. 17, 2011 file photo, al-Shabab fighters march with their weapons during military exercises on the outskirts of Mogadishu, Somalia
    Image caption: Militant Islamists have a strong presence in Somalia

    Here's what we know so far about the assault by militant Islamists on a hotel in Somalia's capital Mogadishu: 

    •  Ten people have died after an explosion and shooting at the Ambassador Hotel in Mogadishu, medical officials and eyewitnesses have told the BBC.
    •  Forty people have also been wounded.
    • Gunmen entered the hotel and shooting can still be heard
    • MPs, politicians and government officials were amongst those staying at the Ambassador
    • Al-Shabab has said it is behind the attack
    • Our correspondent says it was one of the biggest explosions to hit Mogadishu and scale of destruction is enormous.
    • The head of the city’s ambulance service told the BBC hospitals were overcrowded
    • The explosion went off behind the hotel (not on the main road)
  10. Kuno's killing a 'big blow to al-Shabab'

    Tomi Oladipo

    BBC Africa security correspondent

    The killing of Mohamed Kuno, the alleged mastermind of the Garissa University college massacre, will come as a huge boost for Somalia and its allies in the fight against militant Islamist group al-Shabab. 

    The Kenyan government offered a reward of $215,000 (£149,000) for his capture following the assault which killed 148 students last April. 

    Kuno, who was known by various aliases, was also blamed for several attacks on Kenyan soldiers fighting al-Shabab. 

    Kuno was a Kenyan national who moved across the border to Somalia in 2007. 

    Christine Ochieng holds a candle in memory of those who died in the Garissa University attack, at a memorial service attended by students, relatives and others in Nairobi, Kenya, Saturday, April 2, 2016
    Image caption: The killing of the students left Kenyans in shock

    Earlier today, Somalia's Intelligence agency announced that another top al-Shabab commander, Yusuf Hagi, was killed last week in what it called a "joint operation". 

     The brief statement on Twitter did not say whom the Somali forces worked with, although foreign troops, particularly from the US, have been involved in operations targeting al-Shabab commanders in Somalia. 

  11. 'Three killed' in Somalia explosion

    At least three people have been killed by the car bomb outside a hotel in Somalia's capital Mogadishu, reports Reuters news agency.

    It adds that the al-Qaeda-linked al-Shabab group has confirmed it was behind the blast. 

  12. Militants 'in control of top floors of Somali hotel'

    The latest update from a Voice of America journalist indicates that militants are inside the hotel they were reported to have stormed earlier:

    View more on twitter

    We have not yet confirmed this. We will bring you details as they unfold. 

  13. Is this Africa's youngest billionaire?

    At just 34 years old, Ashish Thakkar has been described on the BBC's Outlook programme as Africa's youngest billionaire.

    He runs a business group that employs 11,000 people in 25 countries.

    But his family were made refugees twice - first in Uganda when Asians were told to leave in 1972 and then at the start of the Rwandan genocide in 1994.

    He told BBC Outlook that he dropped out of school at 15 to start his own business selling computer parts:

    Video content

    Video caption: At 34, Ashish Thakkar heads a business group but he started life as a refugee
  14. Garissa massacre mastermind was 'killed in convoy'

    Abdinoor Aden

    BBC Africa, Nairobi

    The alleged mastermind of the Garissa massacre was killed when troops attacked the convoy in which he was travelling in Somalia's port city of KIsmayo, the security minister of Somalia's Jubaland region has said. 

    A total of 16 people, including four senior leaders of militant Islamist group al-Shabab, were killed in the operation carried out by troops from the governments of Somalia and Jubaland, said Abdirashid Janan. 

    Al-Shabab's assault on the Garissa University College in neighbouring Kenya in April 2015 left 148 people dead.  It was the deadliest attack in Kenya since al-Qaeda's bombing of the US embassy in Nairobi in 1998, which killed 213 people.  

  15. 'Big blast' in Somalia

    A huge explosion has rocked Somalia's capital, Mogadishu, a witness has told Reuters news agency. 

    It was followed by gunfire, the witness is quoted as saying. 

  16. Garissa massacre mastermind 'dead'

    Abdinoor Aden

    BBC Africa, Nairobi

    The security minister in Somalia's Jubaland region has confirmed that the suspected mastermind of the deadly assault on Kenya's Garissa University College has been killed. 

    Mohamed Kuno was killed with four other people, Abdirashid Janan said at a media briefing in the Somali port city of KIsmayo. 

    The Jubaland government had the bodies of the men, he added. 

    Screen grab
    Image caption: Mohamed Kuno had various aliases
  17. Senegal sentences al-Qaeda sympathiser

    A mosque in Senegal (archive shot)
    Image caption: Most Muslims in Senegal follow a tolerant version of Islam

    A court in Senegal has sentenced a 38-year-old geography school teacher to one year in jail for condoning terrorism while serving as an imam in his free time.

    Ibrahima Seye's sentencing came after his conviction in May for "proven sympathies" for Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) and the Islamic State group, AFP news agency reports. 

    "Between Bin Laden and George Bush, I prefer Bin Laden," he was quoted as having told the court when he was convicted.   

    Sitting in the southern town of Kolda, the court ruled that he had preached against "Western and American imperialism" in a sermon in September and had described Senegalese troops in the UN force battling militants in Mali as "miscreants". 

    Last month, Senegal signed a defence pact with the US, allowing its soldiers to have a " permanent presence" in the West African state. 

    Militants have not carried out attacks in Senegal, but other regional states, including Ivory Coast, have been hit by bombings. 

  18. Kenya's secretive naked night runners want recognition

    night runners
    Image caption: Homa Bay night runners include 65-year-old Janes Omuya Awino, far left

    Kenyan joggers who run naked with animals in the middle of the night are calling for their activity to be recognised as a sport. 

    The president of the Kenya Night Runners Union, Jack Songoh, told the BBC's John Nene that they have 2.6 million members across the country so they deserve recognition.

    He said that they run with hyenas, hippopotamuses and cobras. 

    But Homa Bay County Director of Sports Francis Guma said their activity is banned because night runners go around scaring people in their sleep.