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  1. South Sudan's Riek Machar sworn in as vice president
  2. Somalia charities call for action to avert famine
  3. South African inventor wins court battle over idea for call-back service
  4. Kenya's former first lady Lucy Kibaki dies
  5. Burundi president gives security forces week to find the killers of an army general
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By Clare Spencer and Damian Zane

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    Quote Message: The sun may be hot but that does not mean that the fowl will lay a boiled egg." from A Pidgin proverb sent by Emmanuel Chukwuma Akpanta, Abia, Nigeria
    A Pidgin proverb sent by Emmanuel Chukwuma Akpanta, Abia, Nigeria

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  2. South Sudan's day in quotes

    It's been a big day in South Sudan with the return of the now ex-rebel leader Riek Machar to the capital, Juba.

    His long-awaited arrival was immediately followed by him being sworn in as First Vice President.

    Here are some of the key quotes from the day:

    Quote Message: I'm happy to be back... The war was vicious. We have lost a lot of people in it and we need to bring our people together so that they can unite... There will be challenges ahead, there will be obstacles but as long as there is political will we can overcome all these challenges, all these obstacles." from Riek Machar speaking to journalists at Juba airport
    Riek Machar speaking to journalists at Juba airport
    Quote Message: Peace is the only choice for us to relieve our people the undeserved suffering associated with armed conflict enforced upon them. I believe this is the only way to return South Sudan to the path of peace, stabliity and prosperity." from President Salva Kiir at the swearing-in ceremony for Riek Machar
    President Salva Kiir at the swearing-in ceremony for Riek Machar
    Riek Machar and Salva Kiir
    Quote Message: This is clearly an important step for South Sudan. After months of delay and obstructionism, both sides compromised to make this happen. It's the best hope that South Sudan has had in a very long time." from Samantha Power, US Ambassador to the UN
    Samantha Power, US Ambassador to the UN
    Quote Message: I hope the ex-rebel leader Riek Machar will work with the government to ensure the unity of South Sudanese not to repeat another deadly tragedy in the nation." from Mamer Akoon Bol, South Sudanese commenting on BBC Africa's Facebook page
    Mamer Akoon Bol, South Sudanese commenting on BBC Africa's Facebook page
    Riek Machar
  3. Ten men arrested in Malawi for killing a woman with albinism

    Chakuchanya Harawa

    BBC Africa

    Police in Malawi have confirmed the arrest of 10 men, accused of killing a 21-year-old woman with albinism. 

    It comes just weeks after a two-year-old girl with albinism was killed. Her father was among those arrested for her alleged murder. 

    The Association of Persons with Albinism in Malawi has blamed witch doctors for creating the misconception that body parts of albinos are potent charms. 

    Recently, a mob burnt to death seven alleged members of a gang hunting for albinos after they were found with human parts.

  4. What books are you enjoying?

    BBC Focus on Africa's Audrey Brown and South African writer Zukiswa Wanner have been discussing their love of reading. 

    Audrey says she and her brothers used to lie around “like lizards” with their heads in a book.

    Have a listen to their conversation:

    Video content

    Video caption: Focus on Africa's Audrey Brown and writer Zukiswa Wanner discuss their love of reading
  5. Malta blocks controversial oil tanker from Libya

    In our 15:59 post Rana Jawad reported on the controversy surrounding an oil tanker that had set sail from Libya to Malta.

    The oil-tanker is now reportedly waiting at the edge of Malta’s territorial waters, according to Bloomberg News.

    The report says that the Maltese government have barred its entry.

    The tanker contains the first oil cargo shipped by the government in eastern Libya since Libya split into competing power centres. 

    The National Oil Corporation in Tripoli in western Libya called the shipment “illegal”. 

  6. Tension between South Sudan's President Kiir and his new deputy

    James Copnall

    BBC Africa editor, Juba, South Sudan

    There were shouts of joy at the airport as his supporters greeted Riek Machar, back in the capital, Juba, for the first time in more than two years. 

    His return is part of a peace agreement aimed at ending the civil war which broke out in December 2013.

    The atmosphere during the ceremony to swear him in as first vice president was noticeably more tense. 

    President Salva Kiir and his new deputy described each other as brothers, but there weren't many smiles. 

    Both talked of the need for reconciliation, to rebuild a devastated nation. 

    A government of national unity should be formed in the next few days. 

    Among its first challenges will be to overcome the mistrust between the two sides.

    Riek Machar at the airport
    Image caption: There were smiles at the airport when Riek Machar arrived
  7. Tanzania's president suspends head of telecoms regulator

    Tanzanian President John Magufuli has suspended the head of the telecoms regulator, reports Reuters news agency.

    He said the watchdog failed to monitor the industry, resulting in the loss of potential tax revenues of 400 billion Tanzanian shillings ($182m; £124m) a year since 2013.

    "I want the government to collect all outstanding [tax] revenues and I will not hesitate to take action against anyone who becomes an obstacle in this tax collection drive," a statement from the president's office quoted him as saying.  

    Since coming to power last year Mr Magufuli  has already sacked several senior officials, including the head of the government's anti-corruption body, the head of the tax authority and the chief executive of the port authority.

    President Magufuli
    Image caption: Mr Magufuli promised to fight corruption in his election campaign
  8. Plea for peace from the people of South Sudan

    We've had a lot of comments on our Facebook page from people reacting to the return of Riek Machar to South Sudan's capital, Juba:

    Mamer Akoon Bol from Kuajok, South Sudan says: 

    Quote Message: I hope Riek Machar will work together with government to ensure the unity of South Sudan's people and not to repeat another deadly tragedy in the nation. Let elderly people and young dance with joy and forget the bad memory of two years of civil war. "

    Malueth Agany in Bor, South Sudan says:

    Quote Message: Let's plant the seed of peace, forgiveness and reconciliation and not plant the seed of suffering and conflict. Please, please, please enough is enough - from now on we are all for peace. We don't want another mess, I repeat we don't want another mess!"

    Thonthaap de Leek a South Sudanese person in India says:

    Quote Message: We South Sudanese need real peace from the bottom of everyone's heart and not plastic smiles."
    Riek Machar at the airport
  9. The only tar road in Wajir

    It's three years since devolution came into being in Kenya this week. 

    The idea behind it was to give more power and resources to local governments. 

    And in Wajir county, north-eastern Kenya, there has been one tangible difference - the first tarmac road in the main town, also called Wajir.

    The BBC's Bashkas Jugsodaay sent these pictures people using the road:


    The road was built last year and is 27km (17 miles) long. 

    One 70-year-old man was beside himself when the road was opened saying it was the first time he had seen a tarmac road in his whole life, our reporter says.

  10. Mosquitoes 'develop resistance to insecticide in bed nets'

    Bed Net

    Mosquitoes may be developing resistance to the insecticide used in bed nets, reports Quartz

    The world's largest producer of long-lasting bed nets, Vestergaard, told the news site that their research shows bed nets with the insecticide pyrethroid aren't as effective as they used to be.

    In spite of the wide-scale distribution of nets, increases in malaria rates have been seen in South Sudan, Gambia, and Burkina Faso, adds Quartz.

    The company has developed a new net with with piperonyl butoxide.

    But it may take a while before it comes on to the market.

    And the World Health Organization has asked for further trials before the nets replace the existing ones in net distribution programs across Africa, adds Quartz.

  11. How to cool off in Nigeria's heatwave

    We love getting your pictures. 

    One reader, Chizea Philip Nwaeueze, has sent this picture of him cooling off in the heatwave in Benin City, Nigeria. 

    Man with baby

    He says he took his daughter to the back of the house to get some fresh air and a bit of a breeze as the "heatwave is too much".

    He says it has been over 40C today.

    If you want to share your picture where you are send us a whatsapp message on +44 7341070844.

  12. South Sudan's Preisdent Kiir: Our people are tired of war

    South Sudan's President Salva Kiir has apologised to the people of South Sudan for the conflict caused by the leaders of the country, according to a transcript of a speech from Radio Tamazuj.

    He was speaking after the swearing in of Riek Machar as the country's First Vice President in a new unity government.

    In a key passage he said:

    Quote Message: Though the road ahead will still continue to have challenges... we are committed and determined to move our country forward.
    Quote Message: Thank you for the long patience and I ask you to to continue to endure with us.
    Quote Message: I also ask you to join me and my brother Riek Machar in the spirit of forgiveness and reconciliation.
    Quote Message: Our people are tired of war and they need peace now."
  13. Riek Machar's first moments in Juba

    Reuters news agency has been filing photographs of the first few minutes after South Sudan's Riek Machar - now sworn in as the country's first vice-president - arrived back in the capital, Juba.

    Riek Machar at airport

    After being greeted by a host of dignitaries he briefly addressed the press:

    Riek Machar at press conference
  14. 'Illegal' oil tanker leaves Libya

    Rana Jawad

    BBC North Africa correspondent, Tunis

    The first shipment of crude oil by Libya’s parallel National Oil Corporation, which is not part of the UN-backed government, has set sail.

    The spokesman of the oil corporation recognised by the UN-backed government in Tripoli described this latest shipment as illegal, and in violation of a UN Security Council resolution.

    The parallel National Oil Corporation in East Libya was set up in May last year to counter the internationally recognised one in Tripoli.   

    It has been accused of bias towards a rival government but maintains that it remained neutral in Libya’s divisive politics.

    The tanker was loaded with more than half a million barrels of crude oil.

    The vessel is reportedly heading to Malta from the eastern port in Hariega, but it’s believed to be for a buyer based in the United Arab Emirates.

  15. African Union welcomes Machar's return

    The African Union's commissioner for peace and security has tweeted his response to the return of Riek Machar to South Sudan's capital, Juba:

  16. President Kiir apologises to South Sudanese

    A peace activist is tweeting comments from the swearing-in ceremony of South Sudan's new Vice-President Riek Machar.

    We've heard from Mr Machar and now President Salva Kiir has spoken and has apologised for the problems the "leaders have created":

    View more on twitter
    View more on twitter
  17. Riek Machar calls president his brother

    South Sudan's former rebel leader and now vice-president has called President Salva Kiir his brother during the swearing-in ceremony according to a peace activist tweeting from Juba:

    View more on twitter

    It was the conflict between Mr Machar and President Kiir which escalated into the civil war in December 2013.

    A journalist has been tweeting some of the other comments the new vice-president made:

    View more on twitter
  18. South Sudan's Riek Machar to be sworn in as vice-president

    A South Sudan newspaper is tweeting that Riek Machar is due to be sworn in as the first vice-president in a new unity government any minute now:

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  19. Thoughts turn to South Sudan's humanitarian needs

    South Sudan's Riek Machar is expected to be sworn in shortly as the country's first vice-president in a new unity government.

    The Humanitarian agencies are using the opportunities to urge the country to remember the people who have suffered in the more than two years of civil war.

    Oxfam has released a statement:

    Quote Message: The country’s leaders must now demonstrate their commitment to the deal and work urgently to end needless suffering for millions of South Sudanese facing a dire humanitarian crisis.
    Quote Message: Across the country, at least 2.8 million people are struggling to get enough food and 2.3 million have been forced from their homes.
    Quote Message: The people of South Sudan deserve unimpeded access to humanitarian services."