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  1. More than 150 #100Women debates going on around world asking if women are under pressure to conform
  2. Women in London have been discussing whether you need to be beautiful to succeed in the workplace
  3. Email stories and comments to on Tuesday 1 December 2015

Live Reporting

By Pippa Stephens, Elaine Okyere, Harry Low, Josephine McDermott, Sarah Buckley, Neil Arun, Lesley Sixsmith and Jasmine Coleman

All times stated are UK

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Thank you and goodnight

What a day of debates it has been! We started off with women in Samoa and Australia, and we wound down with our panellists in Argentina and Chile - stopping many times in many countries along the way, from India to Uganda to Belgium and the US. Here are some of the highlights of the day:

  • A Sierra Leone women's group's song for gender equality
  • The self-possessed schoolgirls of Nara in Japan
  • The debate about whether it is ever okay for a woman to be subservient
  • Afghan MP Shinkai Karokhail describing how the "uneducated and under-empowered half" of Afghan society is bringing up the other half

We hope you found our day of debate informative and entertaining. Thank you for staying with us. 

Schoolgirls in Nara
Spreading good cheer in Nara, Japan
Women in Sierra Leone
Singing for gender equality in Sierra Leone

Hello Migreat South Asian Bloggers Network!

South Asia

Migreat South Asian Bloggers Network

'Body, change and opportunity'

Mexico City

Alan Hernández Pastén says: "The debate is over now. The girls think the most repeated words are inequality, role, gender quotas, live goals, unprotected. Also the words body, change and opportunity were important."

Women 'need to be honoured from birth'

California debate

This came to us from Grass Valley, California, where the conclusion was women need to be honoured from birth.

'Feminism, rights, strength, equality and justice'

New York

Thanks to Nicole Rajani at the International Women's Health Coalitionin New York for sending in their buzz words: feminism, rights, strength, equality, and justice.

Welcome to our stateside sisters in Maine!


Maine women

Watch: Debate highlights

If you missed any of the day's 100 Women debates around the world on the themes of leadership, image and relationships, here are some of the top picks.

'Practise radical self-acceptance'

New Zealand


Guerilla feminists joining in our debate

Wisconsin, US

US feminists

'Rape is a male problem'

Nevada City

Nevada City circles

Shout out to Nevada City in the US


'There was equality in Afghanistan a long time ago'

In my opinion, there was equality between men and women in Afghanistan a long time ago. However, nowadays men seem to have most of the power. Three decades of war in the country fomented an instability that robbed women of the opportunity to gain basic education

NazilaWomen For Afghan Women in New York
Woman in NY

Behind the scenes: Tanzania debate


Here's a look behind the scenes of Tanzania's 100 Women debate today. Judging by the music, it seems it was a jolly day.

'Lacking nuance'

#100women questions are lacking in nuance. Why not ask how women are affected by and confronting #climatechange?

'Women who speak out are seen to be 'bossy''


In Ghana the debate is being held across the city of Accra on WhatsApp. 

Those taking part have discussed whether they feel pressured to behave like a typical Ghanaian woman. 

Ghana participants

As a woman, I feel pressured. I am not allowed to speak my views on situations whether at home or in the society because I'm a woman, and women who speak boldly on issues are seen to be bossy.

YayraGhana debate

Kabul primary teacher describes being shot

A debate in Kabul picks up on the oppression of women that inspired 100 Women in the first place. 

At the Afghanistan Open Jirga this primary school teacher describes being shot in the arm and says the authorities did nothing about it.  

'Palatable' female leaders

@ainakhan5 tweets:

Palatable type of female leadership is US First Lady, although focus almost always on fashion choices e.g Jacky O @MichelleObama #100women

'Abortion should be safe, legal and accessible'

Are we pandering to or challenging social prejudices?