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  1. Rhodri Morgan died at the age of 77 in May
  2. Funeral ceremony started at 11:00 BST
  3. Former AM Lorraine Barrett, a humanist celebrant, conducted the ceremony
  4. 500 people attended, with 360 inside and hundreds outside
  5. Ceremony was relayed to Senedd steps via speakers

Live Reporting

By Chris Wood and Peter Shuttleworth

All times stated are UK

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Fit for a father figure

A review of the ceremony for former first minister

This concludes the BBC's rolling coverage of Rhodri Morgan's public funeral at the Senedd.

Rhodri Morgan funeral: A look back at the ceremony

'Goodbye old friend'

Final service for former first minister on Thursday

Following today's Senedd service, there will be a public service of committal for Rhodri Morgan at Thornhill Crematorium in Cardiff on Thursday at 14:00 BST.

Rhodri Morgan

Leaving the Senedd for the last time

The ceremony concludes

Family carry Rhodri Morgan's coffin out of the Senedd

Rhodri Morgan funeral

'Remembering Rhodri'

'Father of Wales. Rest In Peace'

Ceremony concludes with anthem

Family lead the singing

Mourners end the Senedd ceremony with the Welsh national anthem Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau

The family leads the Welsh anthem

Rhodri's 'desert island' song

Celtic singer Dave Burns performs the song Mr Morgan sang around the house and would have chosen as his "desert island song".

It is called 'Joe Hill' and was first sung by Paul Robeson about the man who became a folk hero for workers around the world.

Dave Burns sings Joe Hill

'Nobody dies until the ripples they cause end'

Lorraine Barrett reads a Terry Pratchett quote

"Nobody is finally dead until the ripples they caused in the world die."

She said Mr Morgan will live on through his legacy.

Lorraine Barrett

'Do one-legged ducks swim in a circle?'

Rhodri Morgan: In his own words

From guacamole to Her Majesty, from mackerel to mushy peas...

When it came to an interview, the former first minister was a supremo of the soundbite.

Rhodri Morgan: 'I wasn't late, the Queen was early'

'His impact on devolution was profound'

'He had a wonderful life and enjoyed every minute'

Jane Hutt said Mr Morgan's "impact on devolution was profound" and he was "always looking for ways to move Wales forward".

She highlighted him appointing the country's first children's commissioner and enabling Wales to become the first UK nation to give free prescriptions.

Ms Hutt added: "He never looked back. He had a wonderful life and enjoyed every minute."

'A formidable leader'

'A very keen and diligent piano pupil'

Jane Hutt talks about Rhodri Morgan's attempts to learn the piano.

She described him waiting for friends at St Pancras station when he decided to give a public piano "a little tickle".

She said his piano teacher called him a "a very keen and interested pupil who practiced diligently every week!"

Jane Hutt

Anti-apartheid anthem

Nkosi Sikelele is sung by Cor Cochion Caerdydd.

It was the anthem of the anti-apartheid movement in South Africa, of which Mr Morgan was a vocal supporter.

Cor Cochion Caerdydd

'Out of the darkness a rainbow formed'

Canon Aled Edwards said he made us all better people

Canon Aled Edwards said: "After the 9/11, Rhodri gathered all of the faith leaders in Wales. Out of the darkness a rainbow of faith was formed."

He added that Mr Morgan "courageously" started a refugee doctor scheme 15 years ago that has now trained 87 doctors.

Praising Mr Morgan he said those "that shaped our lives affirm what we become", adding he "made us all become a little bit more than we were before".

Canon Aled Edwards

'Tribute to Rhodri's love of Welsh rugby'

Cwm Rhondda was sung earlier at the Senedd ceremony

'First song we learnt in Welsh'

Hennessys play Ar Lan y Mor

The Hennessys learnt Ar Lan y Mor - a song they heard during a lock-in at St Mary Street while living in a caravan in Ireland.

Frank and Dave Hennessy perform

'At 10pm he started getting twitchy'

The Hennessys describe superfan Rhodri Morgan

Frank and Dave Hennessy described how Mr Morgan's political meetings used to take place above a pub.

They said "at about 10pm Rhodri started getting twitchy" because the sounds of the Hennessys started coming up through the floorboards and he wanted to go and join in.

The Hennessys

'Rage, rage against the dying of the light'

Here was First Minister Carwyn Jones' tribute to his predecessor

Sport lover

Welsh sport has lost its biggest fan

Carolyn HittJournalist

Six of his best from a sporting scholar

As Carolyn Hitt recalls, there was nothing more the late Rhodri Morgan enjoyed then watching sport - of any kind.

And the avid Cardiff City and Welsh rugby fan joined BBC Radio Wales to pick his six favourite sporting moments...and what an eclectic mix.

'Like saying Picasso liked picking up a paintbrush'

'An encyclopedia in human form'

Sports journalist Carolyn Hitt paid tribute, saying: "To say Rhodri liked sport is like saying Picasso liked picking up a paintbrush.

"It was a passion backed up by encyclopedic knowledge."

She called him "Google in human form", describing his ability at table tennis and running and constant references to rugby in political statements.

Carolyn Hitt

'We used dad's hair for a doll'

Daughter recalls childhood memories

Rhodri Morgan's daughter Siani has the ceremony in fits of laughter as she recalls how her father's famous hair was used on a doll.

Rhodri Morgan: Daughter recalls dad's hair used for doll

'He could talk the hind legs off a donkey'

'To reflect Rhodri's love of Welsh rugby'

The congregation sang one of Mr Morgan's favourite hymns Cwm Rhondda

'A Welsh patriot'

'Most popular politician'

Baron Murphy of Torfaen said Mr Morgan's sense of humour made him "one of the most popular politicians Wales has ever seen".

"Everyone knew Rhodri in Wales," he said.

'My friend for 40 years'

'He spent the night imitating birdsong in the commons'

Paul Murphy describes how Mr Morgan helped MPs through a night in parliament

Former Secretary of State Paul Murphy said: "He went through the night imitating birdsong in the house of commons.

"It was 12 hours and a fascinating listen. But it worked (to get MPs through the long session)."

He added: "Every town he visisted, He knew some history of the town.

"There wasn't a subject in the world he couldn't talk about. He was an intellectual giant."

Paul Murphy

Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night

First Minister Carwyn Jones read the Dylan Thomas poem.

"Do not go gentle into that good night,

Old age should burn and rave at close of day;

Rage, rage against the dying of the light," he said.

'Natural leader'

He was a natural leader for all the members of our assembly

Paul MurphyBaron Murphy of Torfaen

'Some mentioned the Cuban missile crisis!'

Rhodri Morgan's daughter Mari pays tribute

'Do not go gentle into that good night'

First minister Carwyn Jones reads poem at service

Carwyn Jones described Mr Morgan as "father of our nation" and said his death is a " loss to us all"

Carwyn Jones pays tribue

'Loquacious and learned'

MP pays tribute to Rhodri Morgan

Kevin Brennan

Kevin Brennan, who succeeded Rhodri Morgan as Cardiff West MP, said Rhodri Morgan appealed to the Irish because he was "loquacious, learned, witty, and could talk the hind legs off a donkey".

He added that the real reason London establishment never took to him was that it "didn't understand his very Celtic ways".

'He was our father first'

Daughter Mari's tribute to her dad

Rhodri Morgan: 'Father of devolution but our father first'

'He was a hero'

Tributes from Rhodri Morgan's son Stuart

Rhodri Morgan funeral: Son's tribute to 'hero' father

'He could be recognised anywhere in Wales'