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  1. Children, Young People and Education Committee
  2. Plenary begins at 13.30 with questions to the Cabinet Secretary for Secretary for Economy and Infrastructure
  3. Questions to the Cabinet Secretary for Health, Well-being and Sport
  4. Debate by Individual Members on the BBC and programmes for Wales in English
  5. Plaid Cymru Debate on Wales post Brexit
  6. Conservative Debate on Battles of the Somme, Mametz Wood and the Battle of Jutland

Live Reporting

By Alun Jones and Nia Harri

All times stated are UK

  1. Have a great summer

    That's the end of the final plenary before the summer recess. 

    As AMs head back to their constituencies, the Senedd's singing security team will continue to extend a welcome throughout the summer.  

    Senedd Live will return in September. 


    The National Assembly for Wales security team practicing welsh phrases they have learnt in their Welsh classes
  2. Debate on unions in Wales

    And finally a short debate by Bethan Jenkins on unions: Looking at the work of unions in Wales in combatting austerity and encouraging greater membership and support of unions.  

    Bethan Jenkins
  3. Short Debates

    The first of two short debates is by Labour AM Mike Hedges on meeting Wales' housing need. 

    He says further action is needed to increase housing supply.    

    Mike Hedges
  4. Response to a sedentary remark

    Neil Hamilton responds to a sedentary remark by saying that Alun Davies "disgraces himself, and perhaps this chamber, by treating with some levity a very serious matter and he would do better to listen than gibber away".

  5. Commemoration and reconciliation

    Acts of commemoration and reconciliation have been held for the Welsh soldiers who died during the battle of Mametz Wood in northern France 100 years ago.

    The 38th (Welsh) Division attacked Mametz Wood between 7 and 14 July 1916.

    More than 4,000 soldiers were killed or injured.

    The main act of remembrance took place at the site of the Welsh dragon memorial, facing the wood.

  6. Centennial anniversaries

    The Conservatives are now leading a debate, proposing that the National Assembly: 

    1. Notes the centennial anniversaries of the Battles of the Somme, Mametz Wood and the Battle of Jutland. 

    2. Pays tribute to those who fought in these and other battles during the First World War. 

    3. Honours the memory of both those who lost their lives and those who were casualties of the First World War, and other armed conflicts. 

    4. Believes the Welsh Government must provide greater support to Wales's armed forces and veterans community during the fifth Assembly. 

    Welsh Dragon Monument at Mametz Wood
    Image caption: Welsh Dragon Monument at Mametz Wood
  7. 'Predicated on a fair funding framework'

    Mark Drakeford, Cabinet Secretary for Finance and Local Government says "all funding arrangements in the post-Brexit era are predicated on a fair funding framework and a major revision of the Barnett Formula."  

    Mark Drakeford
  8. 'Wales' share is £432 million'

    UKIP's Caroline Jones says that Wales' "share of the £9 billion it costs to be a member of the EU" is £432 million not the £490 million quoted in the Plaid Cymru motion, given that the population of Wales is 4.8% of the UK.

    Caroline Jones
  9. Question a 'disgrace'

    Simon Thomas describes a question by Wrexham MP Ian Lucas in the House of Commons today - "Does the minister agree that leaving the European Union offers a golden opportunity to assess the level of subsidy paid to farmers in Wales to see whether that money can be more effectively and efficiently spent in other areas"  - as a "disgrace". 

  10. Plaid Cymru Debate on the effect of Brexit

    Members move on to a Plaid Cymru Debate on the effect of Brexit.

    Plaid Cymru is proposing that the Assembly: 

    1. Notes the promises made to the people of Wales by those who campaigned for the UK's withdrawal from the European Union.

    2. Calls on the UK Government to ensure that such promises are fulfilled following withdrawal from the EU, including that:

    a) an additional £490 million a year will be made available for the Welsh NHS; 

    b) the level of funding Wales currently receives from EU programmes will be maintained;

    c) the direct payment support received by Welsh farmers will be at least equal to that received through the Common Agricultural Policy;

    d) the right of EU citizens at the time of Brexit to remain in the UK without fear or hindrance is guaranteed.

    Sign during the EU Referendum
  11. 'Reduction in investment unacceptable'

    Minister Alun Davies says he "shares members' concerns"  about the changes to the BBC's management board. 

    He says it is "that we have seen BBC investment in Wales reduced at a time when its investment in Scotland, Northern Ireland and key English regions has increased. This is unacceptable".  

    Alun Davies
  12. Most popular English language TV series on BBC Wales

    Rhianon Passmore points out that Max's World Cup Warm-Up, starring Welsh entertainer Max Boyce, was the most popular English language TV series on BBC Wales last year, attracting 322,000 viewers.  

    Max Boyce's programme, Max's World Cup Warm-Up, attracted nearly a third of a million viewers
    Image caption: Max Boyce's programme, Max's World Cup Warm-Up, attracted nearly a third of a million viewers
  13. 'Very worried' about changes to BBC's management board

    Former BBC employee Rhun ap Iorwerth says he is "very worried" about the changes to the BBC's management board, which "marginalise Wales".

    On the pledge of more money for English language TV, Rhun ap Iorwerth warns the amount is unknown and money will come as other cuts hit the BBC.  

    BBC director general Tony Hall previously conceded that English language programming from Wales had "eroded". 

    Rhun ap Iorwerth
  14. 'Sources of info for debate and scrutiny are drying up'

    Labour's AM for Llanelli, Lee Waters says, "At at time when Wales as a nation has never been more clearly defined, sources of information for debate and scrutiny are drying up."  

    Mr Waters accuses senior BBC managers of using "hollow words" with previous pledges to improve the portrayal of Wales on network.

    He adds, "The BBC management has so far shown itself to be tone deaf to the changing shape of the UK."

    Lee Waters
  15. 'Hope to share Senedd reporting with the BBC'

    Plaid Cymru AM Simon Thomas says the owners of the Daily Post told him they hope to share Senedd reporting with the BBC after scrapping their reporter here.  

  16. Portrayal of Wales on the BBC

    On the BBC director general Tony Hall's pledge to improve the portrayal of Wales on the BBC, Bethan Jenkins says "You need to show that you are going to do that now."  

    On the restoration of the post of director of nations and regions as part of an ongoing shake-up at the corporation, meaning the current directors of the BBC nations, including BBC Wales, will no longer be part of the executive team, Bethan Jenkins says, "I would question whether this is a watering down of our influence on the BBC."  

    Bethan Jenkins
  17. Debate by Individual Members

    AMs move on to a debate in which Bethan Jenkins, Lee Waters, Russell George, Jeremy Miles, Jenny Rathbone and Simon Thomas are proposing that the National Assembly: 

    1. Regrets that the amount of money spent by the BBC on programmes for Wales in English has fallen by 25 per cent in the last decade. 

    2. Believes BBC Wales has a vital role to play in reflecting the lives, aspirations and challenges of the people of Wales. 

    3. Notes Lord Hall's admission that the funding for English language content made in Wales for a Welsh audience has dropped to unsustainable levels, and therefore calls upon the BBC to outline in detail its spending commitments to Wales in the near and further future. 

  18. Motion to elect members to committees

    Members approve a motion that the National Assembly elects:

    • David J Rowlands (UKIP Cymru) as a Member of the Business Committee in place of Mark Reckless (UKIP Cymru). 
    • Michelle Brown (UKIP Cymru) as a Member of the Children, Young People and Education Committee in place of Mark Reckless (UKIP Cymru). 
    • Nathan Gill (UKIP Cymru) as a Member of the Reserve Policy and Legislation Committee in place of Michelle Brown.