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  1. Welsh Labour leader Carwyn Jones is reappointed first minister
  2. Leanne Wood warns that Plaid Cymru's support is a 'one-off vote'
  3. UKIP's Neil Hamilton sparks outrage with 'concubine' jibe at Ms Wood and Kirsty Williams

Live Reporting

By Alun Jones, Nia Harri and Andy Roberts

All times stated are UK


That brings our coverage of today's plenary to an end.

Senedd Live will return for the next plenary next Tuesday at 1.30pm.   


'Only credible opposition'

Welsh Tory leader denounces Plaid Cymru deal with Labour.  

I look forward to continuing to offer robust opposition to the Government, and to working with other parties to secure the delivery of as many Welsh Conservative manifesto pledges as possible. I remain resolute that Welsh Conservatives are the only credible opposition to Welsh Labour, given that Plaid Cymru have shown themselves to be an enduringly agreeable partner to the Government.”

Andrew RT DaviesLeader, Welsh Conservatives

Cut-off point?

Political consultant from News Direct Wales thinks the presiding officer should have stepped in to halt the most outrageous speeches

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'Priorities for the first 100 days'

First minister outlines the way forward 

No one party has a monopoly on good ideas, and I want this Assembly to be more open and more confident than the last. In this spirit, I set out my priorities for the first 100 days of the next Welsh Government, which will reflect those areas where I believe this Assembly can find some immediate common ground. These priorities also clearly reflect the successful result for Welsh Labour in the May election, and subsequent discussions with the main opposition party, Plaid Cymru. There will be a relentless focus on securing a successful and sustainable future for our steel industry. The Welsh Government will maintain a firmly pro-European standpoint, and will campaign vociferously for a "Remain" vote. We will not bring forward any new legislation in the first 100 days, giving political groups in the Assembly some time to establish a new way of doing law-making in Wales."

Carwyn JonesFirst Minister

'Grubby deal'

Conservative AM not impressed by Plaid Cymru support for Carwyn Jones

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'No place for sexism'

Plaid Cymru leader responds to Neil Hamilton's "political concubine" jibe 

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Causing a stir

How UKIP group leader sparked an outcry over sexism in the Senedd

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Voice of reason?

Was the normally combative Welsh Tory leader overshadowed today?

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Hamilton in the headlines

Neil Hamilton's maiden Senedd speech is making waves, our correspondent says  

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'Confrontational and abrasive'

Our online reporter wonders if the so-called cosy consensus is over

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'Gutter' politics

Plaid AM not impressed with UKIP's Senedd debut 

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Wood warning

Plaid Cymru leader tells Labour to tread carefully 

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Acceptance speech

We've shown Wales doesn't lack excitement, but now it's time to get back to work, says Carwyn Jones

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'Wales deserves better'

Guardian journalist adds her voice to condemnation of Neil Hamilton's remarks 

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Playing to the gallery

Labour member for Alyn and Deeside welcomes support for new first minister 

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Harem? What harem?

The First Minister's wife enters the fray...

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Catching up

Re-appointed first minister Carwyn Jones and new Presiding Officer Elin Jones meet outside the chamber 

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Now down to business

Plaid Cymru leader has promised to hold Labour to account

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'No regrets'

UKIP group leader unrepentant at comments about Kirsty Williams and Leanne Wood branded sexist

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'Dead in the water'

Former Lib Dem AM has doubts that council shake-up is still on the agenda

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Mixing his metaphors?

Western Mail chief reporter points out the inconsistencies in Neil Hamilton's comments about the new first minister

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Hamilton given a round of applause

Neil Hamilton was given a round of applause before the Senedd session ended. 

Shocked by sexism

Daily Post reporter disturbed by Neil Hamilton's reference to harems and cheap dates

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'Bigoted' towards UKIP

 Mr Hamilton says Leanne Wood is a "very cheap date indeed" and accuses Plaid Cymru of being "bigoted" towards UKIP.

The Presiding Officer says no one has made bigoted remarks today.

'Confrontational swivel-chair pose'

Hamilton on harems

UKIP group leader shakes up proceedings

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'Voted for change, not the status quo'

 "What Wales voted for was change, not the status quo. Which is why I regret the role Plaid Cymru has played", says Mr Hamilton.

An olive branch?

I'm listening, says first minister

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'Coronation of King Carwyn'

UKIP's Neil Hamilton says "We do not intend to be a disruptive influence".

He adds, "We did oppose the coronation of King Carwyn because we thought a vote should take place".  

Neil Hamitlon

Council shake-up

Positif Politics pundit wonders when the boundaries will be redrawn

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'The politics of all this'

  "I don't wish you too much well (sic) because of the politics of all this"  

Battle lines drawn

A view from the manager of Cardiff University's Wales Governance Centre

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'Ground-hog day'

Mr Davies dubs the Plaid Cymru deal with Labour "ground-hog day".

He asks for clarity on what Labour will do on the M4 relief road and says "It is vital that we do work together" on the Wales Bill. It was in today's Queen's Speech

Glad to be back

A relieved Welsh Labour leader is returned to the top job 

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'Glum' Labour backbench

Conservative leader Andrew RT Davies congratulates Mr Jones but says he's not seen such a "glum" Labour backbench while Ms Wood spoke.

Andrew RT Davies

'My maiden speech'

Big screen action

Our reporter Cemlyn Davies joins those watching outside the chamber

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Critical time

Our political editor's view 

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'National Assembly came to life'

  "Last week this National Assembly came to life in a way we've not seen in two decades," said Ms Wood.

Warning shot?

Leanne Wood hints it won't be all plain sailing for Labour for the next five years

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