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  1. 9am: Public Accounts Committee.
  2. The plenary begins at 13.30 with questions to the first minister.
  3. Stage 4 of the Tax Collection and Management (Wales) Bill
  4. Debate on The Final Budget 2016-17
  5. Stage 3 of the Public Health (Wales) Bill

Live Reporting

By Alun Jones

All times stated are UK

  1. Nos da

    The final vote on the Public Health Bill takes place next week. If the bill is passed, the ban on e-cigarettes in some public places could be in place by spring 2017 at the earliest. 

    Senedd Live returns tomorrow for the Enterprise and Business Committee.  

  2. 'I've never googled so many terms'

    Referring to the section on "special procedures and intimate piercing", Darren Millar says "I've never googled so many terms in a single meeting or seen so many horrific photographs". 

    Darren Millar
  3. Extending the reach of the ban

    AMs have voted to extend the reach of the ban to cover a number of other venues, including shops, public libraries, sports grounds and centres, and entertainment venues such as zoos and cinemas.

    Pubs that do not serve food are specifically excluded, as are sex establishments, casinos, betting shops, adult gaming centres, premises with a bingo licence, specialist retailers of e-cigarettes, and pharmacy consulting rooms.

    The bill also includes measures on the licensing of tattooists and for councils to produce a local toilets strategy.

    Ban locations
  4. Additional nicotine inhaling device-free premises and areas

    The government's amendments proposing additional nicotine inhaling device-free premises and areas, including sports grounds, play areas and school grounds, are passed. 

  5. Divided opinions in response to the initial proposals

    The divided opinions in response to the initial proposals
    Image caption: The divided opinions in response to the initial proposals
  6. Amendment by Darren Millar approved

    Members approve an amendment by Darren Millar without objection:

    (1) The Welsh Ministers must carry out a review of the operation of the provisions of this Chapter in so far as they apply to the use of nicotine inhaling devices, with a view to seeking to assess their impact on the health of the people of Wales and in particular their effect on the use of nicotine inhaling devices by children and on smoking by children. 

    (2) The Welsh Ministers must prepare and publish a report of the review no later than the end of the four year period.  

  7. Amendments defeated

    The amendments tabled by Kirsty Williams which would have thrown out the section on e-cigarettes have been defeated - 35 votes to 25. 

    Therefore the restrictions are now likely to go ahead.

  8. 'Blackmailed by the government'

    Plaid Cymru's Jocelyn Davies says, "I feel we're been blackmailed by the government to support the e-cigarette provisions by using the other good things in this bill that nobody in this chamber would be against".

    Jocelyn Davies
  9. Gateway product to traditional tobacco?

    Kirsty Williams says "the minister has not been able to persuade me... that people using nicotine-inhaling devices do so as a gateway product to traditional tobacco".  

    She adds, "Young people will always particular sin was the flagon of cider under the rugby posts of Bynea rugby club".

  10. Stage 3 of the Public Health (Wales) Bill

    In December, the health minister backed down on plans to ban the use of e-cigarettes in all enclosed public places in Wales through the Public Health Bill.Mark Drakeford told AMs in December that his personal view had not changed hut he said he recognised his responsibility as minister to find an agreement.

  11. Final Budget 2016-17 approved

    Finance Minister Jane Hutt says that she wishes she could say the "tough times are over" but fears more cuts in next week's Westminster budget.

    Conservative Nick Ramsay says the changes to the final budget are "too little too late".

    Plaid Cymru's Alun Ffred Jones says he welcomes the reversal of the majority of the cuts to higher education.

    The budget is approved, with 28 for, the 5 Liberal Democrats abstained, with 22 (Conservatives and Plaid Cymru) against.  

  12. Second Supplementary Budget 2015-16

    Members move on to a debate on the 2nd Supplementary Budget 2015-16.  

    On 9 February, the Welsh government reversed many of the cuts it had planned for higher education. 

    HEFCW was facing cuts of £42m, around a third of its budget. The finance minister Jane Hutt told AMs that £31m of those cuts will  be cancelled. 

    HEFCW will have to find £11m worth of savings. 

    There was an outcry from opposition parties when plans to cut council budgets by an average of 2% were announced in December, as rural authorities faced the biggest cuts.

    There will now be some recompense for the three biggest losers.

    ·         Powys has been promised an extra £1.93m

    ·         Ceredigion gets an extra £439,000

    ·         Monmouthshire gets an extra £109,000.

  13. Tax Collection and Management (Wales) Bill approved

    Members approve the Tax Collection and Management (Wales) Bill.  

    The Bill provides for the establishment of the Welsh Revenue Authority (WRA) whose main function will be the collection and management of devolved taxes.

    Finance Minister Jane Hutt first revealed plans for how Wales will collect and manage its own taxes for the first time in 800 years on 23 September 2014.

    The legislation paves the way for the devolution of tax powers - the first Welsh taxes since the Middle Ages.

    From April 2018, Welsh ministers will be responsible for landfill tax and a replacement for stamp duty.

    This will be called the Welsh land transaction tax.

    The bill creates a taxpayers' charter, putting duties on people to pay penalties as well as setting out their rights and responsibilities.

  14. 'An event, not a process'

    First Minister says "my hope is that presenting the settlement in a single, logically-ordered document will enable people in Wales to gain a much clearer understanding of what devolution is and how it works. And calling this place the Welsh Parliament should also aid that understanding".

    He adds, "We have spent too long talking about constitutional questions. Let us now make Welsh devolution an event, not a process".     

  15. An alternative draft Wales Bill

    First Minister Carwyn Jones makes a statement to explain why he has unveiled an alternative draft Wales Bill, to provide a "stable, long term" solution to how Wales is governed.

    It follows Welsh Secretary Stephen Crabb's decision to put his plans for further devolution on hold.

    Mr Jones said the Welsh government's plan would cut the list of powers to be kept by Westminster and set up a separate legal system for Wales.