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  1. Finance Committee
  2. The plenary begins at 13.30 with questions to the Minister for Economy, Science and Transport
  3. Motion to annul The Tuberculosis (Wales) (Amendment) Order 2015
  4. Environmental crime is the topic of the Welsh Conservatives Debate
  5. The Plaid Cymru debate is on the north Wales economy
  6. Climate change is the focus of the Welsh Liberal Democrats debate
  7. Plenary ends with the Short Debate on Welsh Pentecostalism.

Live Reporting

By Alun Jones and Anna Glyn

All times stated are UK

  1. Nos da

    That's it for today. 

    Senedd Live will be back on Tuesday 1 December. 

  2. Welsh Pentecostalism

    The topic chosen by Darren Millar for the Short Debate is "Welsh Pentecostalism: Why Wales should do more to celebrate its rich Pentecostal heritage".

  3. Voting time

    AMs now voting on various motions discussed this afternoon 

  4. Need an "ambitious agreement" in Paris

    The minister Carl Sargeant says that what he wants from Paris is an "ambitious legally binding agreement" and he will be supporting a collective UK position to achieve this.

    Carl Sargeant
  5. Climate change deniers "irresponsible"

    Alun Davies AM says it's "astonishing" and "irresponsible" for anyone to doubt that "climate change is taking place". 

    He says a high level global vision and a commitment to a low carbon economy is needed in the Paris summit. 

    Referring to the environmental bill he says:"It isn't sufficient to simply say we've passed that piece of legislation...and therefore we can walk away from demands that it makes upon us." 

  6. "Change gear"

    Llyr Gruffydd says in Wales we "need to change gear" and "quicken the pace" of reducing gas emissions.

    Climate change
  7. Target "not viable"

    Janet Howarth AM says that the Conservatives will not support the motion as they do not believe that the greenhouse gases target is viable. 

  8. 100% reduction in greenhouse gases by 2050?

    The AM William Powell says there has been big progress in reducing global poverty but that climate change threatens to undo all this work. 

    The Liberal Democrats are calling on the Welsh Government to set a target for a 100 per cent reduction in greenhouse gases by 2050 within the Environment (Wales) Bill. 

  9. UN conference in Paris

    The subject is timely since the 2015 UN Climate Change Conference in Paris will be starting on the 30th of November. 

  10. Climate change

     The Welsh Liberal Democrats Debate is on climate change.   

  11. Wylfa 'biggest investment for the next 10 years'

    The economy minister says the government is "responsible for growing the economy in all parts of Wales".

    She mentions the enterprise zones and investments in road and rail projects as examples of what the government is doing in north wales. 

    "Wylfa newydd will be the single largest investment project in Wales over the next ten years" she adds. 

    Wylfa newydd
  12. 'Different sets of rules are being applied to different parts of Wales'

    Mark Isherwood AM:  "People in north Wales look down and see the scale of investment in the A465 head of the valleys road, the Ebbw Vale line, proposals for the south Wales metro, the M4 relief road and conclude that different sets of rules are being applied to different parts of Wales."  

  13. 'No need for north Wales minister'

    Aled Roberts AM says the Liberal Democrats will support all the amendments but one - the Conservatives call for a minister for north Wales. 

    He says that "every minister should be the minister for the whole of wales."  

  14. "An economic entity"

    The Plaid Cymru AM says north Wales can make an enormous contribution to the nation "if treated as an economic entity in its own right and not as somewhere that should stand by for trickled down economics to do it a favour."  

    Rhun ap Iorwerth
  15. Shouldn't "wait for crumbs" from powerhouse

    Rhun ap Iorwerth AM says there is a need to "strengthen the performance of the north wales economy" and that we should "not wait for crumbs" from the northern powerhouse in England.  

    The northern powerhouse is a concept to redress the North-South economic imbalance in England and attract investment in the north. 

  16. North Wales economy

    AMs move on to the Plaid Cymru debate about the north Wales economy. 

  17. Deposit scheme: "open mind"

    Minister Carl Sargeant responds by saying that the Conservatives should not be blaming councils for environmental crimes. 

    He says the responsibility lies with the individual that commits the crime and that councils are facing cuts because of the UK government. 

    Mr Sargeant says he is keeping an "open mind" about the deposit return scheme.  

  18. Vulnerable communities

    "All too often we find that the areas that have the most significant difficulties in terms of local environment are also the areas that are the poorest and most vulnerable communities," says Alun Davies AM. 

    Alun Davies
  19. Need more research

    Labour AM Julie Morgan says she is "attracted" by the idea of the deposit return scheme "but we are possibly not at the stage yet to go forward."

    She says the idea is "more complicated than we think" and more research is needed. 

  20. "Change attitudes"

    Llyr Gruffydd says there is still more work to be done on recycling in Wales. 

    He says a deposit return scheme would be the first step to introduce change in people's attitudes towards litter.  

    Cigarette butts
  21. Amendments by the Liberal Democrats

    The Liberal Democrats have introduced three amendments to the debate which the Conservatives say they will support. 

    William Powell also urges the minister to consider a deposit return scheme.  

  22. Deposit return scheme for drinks?

    Janet Howarth asks the government to introduce a pilot deposit return scheme for drink containers. 

    Consumers under a scheme like this could receive small change as an incentive to return empty bottles and cans that can be recycled. 

    "The Welsh Government has to to be ambitious and willing to explore innovative schemes such as these", she says. 

  23. Inconsistencies from councils

    Janet Howarth AM says there are inconsistencies among councils with some "tackling this issue well" while others are "not prioritising this matter". 

    She asks the Welsh Government to spend some of its advertising money on this issue. 

    Dog fouling
  24. Environmental crime

    Members move on to the Welsh Conservatives debate about environmental crime. 

  25. 'Positive feedback from England'

    Responding, the deputy minister says Defra has not highlighted any issues and that feedback from England has been positive. 

    She says will keep this under review and if any issues arise she will investigate. 

    Deputy Minister
  26. Information should "only be accessed by farmers"

    The Liberal Democrat William Powell says that the party will support the motion by Plaid Cymru. 

    He says the map should "only be accessed by farmers". 

  27. Safety concerns

    The Conservative Russell George agrees with the safety concerns outlined by Llyr Gruffydd. 

    He asks the deputy minister what action will the government take if any issues arise after the information is published. 

  28. TB maps

    Plaid Cymru AM Llyr Gruffydd now discussing TB on farms.

    He proposes that the assembly should agree that the Tuberculosis (Wales) (Amendment) Order 2015, be annulled.

    The AM is concerned that a TB map will make people more vulnerable to scams and raises concerns about the safety of farmers from animal welfare activists. 

    The map has already been introduced in England. 

  29. Decisions made in Britain

    Mick Antoniw asks what discussions have there been with members of the legal profession regarding proposals to abolish the Human Rights Act. 

    The Counsel General says that the debate to some extent is "held on false bases" with many thinking decisions are made in Strasbourg while the vast majority of human rights decisions are actually "made by British judges based on British values."

  30. Court fees

    A question by Simon Thomas to the Counsel General about the impact of new court fees on access to justice? 

    He responds that the government has "repeatedly" raised concerns about this issue with the Ministry of Justice. 

  31. A477

    The Conservative AM Angela Burns asks the minister about the A477 and says there is a dangerous turning on the road. 

    The minister says she will ask her officials to raise this with the police as a road safety issue.   

    Angela Burns
  32. "In this for the long haul"

    Mohammad Asghar AM asks the minister what is she doing to review the effectiveness of the enterprise zones. He says there is an imbalance across Wales with some zones creating more jobs than others. 

    "If i was only interested in party politics and point scoring i would have put enterprise zones everywhere where I could have had lots of jobs in because it was a good area," responds the minister.

    She adds, "We're in this for the long haul, not the headlines."    

    Jobs created in enterprise zones
    Image caption: Jobs created in enterprise zones
  33. "I make the decisions, not my officials"

    Eluned Parrott AM asks the minister about her budget. Today George Osbourne has been outlining details of his Spending Review to the House of Commons. 

    The minister says that she has not yet considered any changes to her budget and adds, "I make the decisions, not my officials." 

    The Liberal Democrat AM responds that no one would question this. 

    Edwina Hart
  34. Future projects

    William Graham AM asks the minister for an update on the Circuit of Wales project and rail electrification. 

    Edwina Hart says she is hopeful that she will be able to give an update after Christmas about the Circuit of Wales and acknowledges that we "are all concerned" about the future of rail electrification.   

    Last week, MPs warned that the estimated £1.2bn rise in the cost of rail electrification between London and Cardiff has been "staggering and unacceptable"

    Between 2014 and 2015 the estimated cost increased from £1.6bn to £2.8bn, not including the extension to Swansea.
    Image caption: Between 2014 and 2015 the estimated cost increased from £1.6bn to £2.8bn, not including the extension to Swansea.
  35. World cup "bottle neck"

    The leader of the Conservatives Andrew RT Davies asks the minister about the lessons learnt from the Rugby World Cup when fans experienced delays leaving. 

    The minister says her officials are in dialogue with the different transport services to see "what positive lessons can be learnt."

    She adds that planning had been done "but with all the planning in the world it doesn't always lead to the best outcome."  

  36. Questions to the economy minister

    Questions to the Minister for Economy, Science and Transport, Edwina Hart is the first item this afternoon. 

  37. Hwyl

    That's the end of the committee meeting.

    Senedd Live will be back at 1.30.

  38. A 'very, very difficult' time in 2013

    Michael Owen says it was a "very, very difficult" time in 2013 when the report said it should be scrapped.

    Morale among staff is "a lot better now" he says.

  39. Development Bank for Wales should be 'financially sustainable'

    In response to Julie Morgan, Mr Bullock says that the Development Bank for Wales should be "financially sustainable", particularly as EU structural funds are likely to be in their final rounds.

    He says that the DBW should therefore be focused on building up modest but regular surpluses, in order to avoid being a perennial burden on the Welsh taxpayer.  

  40. Purpose of Finance Wales

    Gareth Bullock, in response to Nick Ramsay, acknowledges there was an element of confusion among potential customers about the purpose of Finance Wales, and says there is "more to do" to ensure the same is not true of the new Development Bank for Wales.

  41. 70 businesses

    According to Finance Wales, in the first 6 months of the 2015-16 financial year, 70 Welsh micro, small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) benefitted from investments totalling £17.8 million.

  42. Witnesses

    (left to right) Robert Hunter, Director of Strategy, Finance Wales;Gareth Bullock, Chair, Finance Wales; Michael Owen, Group Investment Director, Finance Wales
    Image caption: (left to right) Robert Hunter, Director of Strategy, Finance Wales; Gareth Bullock, Chair, Finance Wales; Michael Owen, Group Investment Director, Finance Wales
  43. Background: Finance Wales

    Finance Wales, an investment bank set up by ministers in 2001 to boost small firms in Wales, was not "fit for purpose" and should be scrapped, according to a report in November 2013.

    Business expert Professor Dylan Jones-Evans said at the time that Finance Wales had focused more on generating profits than developing the Welsh economy.

    Professor Jones-Evans told the Finance Committee in February 2014 that the Welsh Government's oversight of Finance Wales had been inadequate and that between 2008 and 2012 "it looks like Finance Wales had a licence to go away and do whatever they wanted".

  44. Bore da

    Finance Wales officers will begin giving evidence to the Finance Committee at 9.30.