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Live Reporting

Louise Wilson and Craig Hutchison

All times stated are UK

  1. That's all from Holyrood Live

    Jeane Freeman

    That all from BBC Scotland's Holyrood Live on Tuesday 19 November 2019.

    An independent review examining water contamination and other problems at Glasgow's largest hospital will be published in the spring.

    Health Secretary Jeane Freeman faced questions from MSPs after details emerged of the deaths of two children.

    Last week it emerged Milly Main, 10, died on 31 August 2017 while recovering from leukaemia treatment.

    Milly Main contracted an infection while recovering from a stem cell transplant in Glasgow
    Image caption: Milly Main contracted an infection while recovering from a stem cell transplant in Glasgow

    Ms Freeman told Holyrood's health committee the ongoing review into the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital campus, which includes the Royal Hospital for Children, had taken evidence on water contamination.

    The health secretary said she expects a separatepublic inquiry, which will examine safety and wellbeing issues at the QEUH and the new children's hospital in Edinburgh, will also look at water contamination.

  2. 'No room for complacency'

    Paul Wheelhouse
    Image caption: Energy, Connectivity and Islands Minister Paul Wheelhouse

    Paul Wheelhouse says: "One death on Scotland's roads is one too many."

    The energy, connectivity and islands minister tells the chamber that sadly more people died in road accidents last year meaning there is no room for complacency.

    He says the government is working with local authorities to help introduce more 20mph zones.

    The minister argues the Scottish government puts a strong emphasis on road safety education.

    That concludes the debate on Road Safety Week, the UK's biggest road safety event, coordinated annually by Brake, the road safety charity.

    Image caption: Brake
  3. Background: MSPs vote down 20mph speed limit bill

    20 mph zone

    In June MSPs voted down a bill seeking to make 20mph the standard speed limit on residential streets in Scotland.

    Green MSP Mark Ruskell had put forward the legislation in a bid to reduce deaths and serious injuries on roads.

    But SNP, Conservative and Lib Dem MSPs sided with Holyrood's rural economy committee that the bill's "one size fits all" approach was not appropriate.

    Mr Ruskell said the bill "would have saved lives" and called on ministers to say what action they will take instead.

    Green and active travel groups also voiced disappointment, with Friends of the Earth Scotland calling the move "a damning indictment of a parliament that pays lip service to the need for a reduction in car use".

  4. Labour MSP backs graduate driving licence scheme

    Labour MSP David Stewart

    Labour MSP David Stewart praises the work of road safety charity Brake for the work they do on improving legislation and educating people.

    One young person is killed every week on Scotland's roads, Mr Stewart says.

    Education and enlightenment are the key the reducing accidents, followed by enforcement he adds.

    The Labour MSP calls for the adoption of a new, safer driving regime such as as a graduate driving licence model.

    Plans for a graduated licence system to restrict novice drivers in England, Scotland and Wales were announced by the Department for Transport in July.

  5. Background: Road deaths up in 2018 while Scotland's overall crash numbers fall

    Car being lifted off road

    The number of people who died in road accidents in Scotland rose in 2018 despite a drop in the total of crashes where people were killed or injured.

    The latest figures showed 160 people died in reported accidents last year - an increase of 15 on 2017.

    However, Transport Scotland data showed that there was a 10% drop in accidents with at least one casualty.

    The Scottish government said the overall casualty figure was the lowest since records began.

    Read more.

  6. 'When designing roadworks we need to prioritise safety'

    Tory MSP Maurice Corry
    Image caption: Tory MSP Maurice Corry

    Tory MSP Maurice Corry gladly supports Mr McMillan's motion tonight.

    Mr Corry says in the UK five people are killed on our roads every day and for those aged five years old to 29 road accidents are the most common cause of death.

    He tells his fellow MSPs alarming statistics such as these should be enough to propel us to action.

    When designing roadworks we need to prioritise safety, adds the Tory MSP.

    We all need to step up our commitment to road safety every day, he concludes.

  7. We must not be complacent on road safety - SNP MSP

    Mr McMillan

    Mr McMillan highlights road safety measures are a mix of reserved and devolved matters.

    Every MSP will know or be aware of someone whose life has been impacted by an accident or even whose life has been lost, he says.

    The SNP MSP praises the continuing road safety campaigning efforts of Cllr Jim Macleod, who suffered a spine injury as a child after being knocked down.

    Roads have become safer as a result of various measures taken over the years but we must not become complacent as one life lost is too much, he says.

  8. MSPs mark Road Safety Week

    MSPs will now mark Road Safety Week 2019.

    The debate is being led by SNP MSP Stuart McMillan.

    Here is his motion.....

  9. SNP motion as amended by Labour is agreed to

    Here's the government motion....

    The Labour amendment is agreed to with 86 MSPs agreeing to it and with six against.

    The government motion as amended by Labour is agreed to with 86 backing it and six against.

    Here's the Labour amendment
    Image caption: Here's the Labour amendment

    MSPs reject the Tory amendment, with 20 backing it but 72 against.

    The Scottish Greens also saw their amendment fall securing the backing of only six and with 75 against and with 11 abstentions.

    Here's the Tory amendment
    Image caption: Here's the Tory amendment
    Here's the Green amendment
    Image caption: Here's the Green amendment
  10. Background: North Sea cod certification suspended by Marine Stewardship Council


    North Sea cod is to lose its sustainability certification due to concerns about stock levels.

    The Marine Stewardship Council said certificates for North Sea cod fisheries would be suspended as stocks were below the "safe biological level".

    A "blue tick" had been awarded in 2017, meaning cod could be eaten "with a clear conscience".

    Read more.

  11. Background: Fishing News

    According to the Fishing News: "With most of the European Commission’s proposals for the 2020 TACs now announced, there are cuts in the TACs of several major stocks.

    "Reductions are advised for most key Scottish whitefish stocks including haddock, whiting, saithe and hake, and on the west coast, zero catch advice remains in place for cod and whiting.

    "Other major cuts proposed include a massive -88% for Celtic Sea cod and -68% for Irish Sea cod.

    "But there are also some significant increases, including 30% for Celtic Sea haddock."

    Read more here.

  12. EU trade negotiations will not be completed by end of 2020 says Lib Dem MSP

    Mr Rumbles says the hard work of negotiating a trade deal with the EU will just be getting underway if Boris Johnson's withdrawal deal is agreed.

    I do not believe negotiations will be completed by the end of 2020, when the transition period would come to an end, he adds.

    Creel fishers are worried what about Brexit will bring as they have much to lose the Lib Dem MSP warns, specifically referring to increased waits for customs checks.

    The Lib Dems wish the cabinet secretary well in the December negotiations concludes Mr Rumbles.

  13. Leaving the EU will not be all 'sweetness and light' argues Lib Dem

    Lib Dem MSP Mike Rumbles
    Image caption: Lib Dem MSP Mike Rumbles

    Lib Dem MSP Mike Rumbles says we don't know if the people of the UK will endorse Brexit in the forthcoming election.

    One thing is sure: the December negotiations will affect us as even if we leave the transition period goes to the end of 2020, Mr Rumbles points out.

    He says some people imply leaving the EU will be "all sweetness and light", but he says these are completely unrealistic expectations.

  14. Background: Suspected illegal dredging incident in Wester Ross MPA probed

    Loch Broom

    An investigation has been launched into an alleged incident of illegal scallop dredging in a marine protected area (MPA).

    Marine Scotland has received a report of a fishing boat around the Summer Isles in the Wester Ross MPA in July.

    Dredging is banned in the north west Highlands MPA, which also covers Loch Broom near Ullapool.

    The Scottish government confirmed Marine Scotland was investigating the allegation.

    Read more.

  15. Green MSP highlights reports of illegal dredging

    Green MSP John Finnie

    Green MSP John Finnie says measures like quotas are not designed to curtail economic growth but to allow the recovery of fish stocks which have collapsed.

    We should sign up to responding positively when there is scientific evidence, he insists.

    He warns about the impact of over-fishing and says big business benefits most from it.

    Mr Finnie says there are several reports of illegal dredging in our seas within the last year and he highlights the view of Open Seas that the government has failed to respond to the problem.

    Green amendment
    Image caption: Here is the Green amendment
  16. We need to consider how to develop fish processing capacity

    Mr Smyth says we need to consider how to develop fish processing capacity.

    There's also a great deal to be done in quota negotiations to tackle over fishing, adds the Labour MSP.

    He puts on record his admiration and respect for those who fish and pays his respects to those who have lost their lives at sea.

  17. Here's the Labour amendment

    Here's the Labour amendment
    Image caption: Here's the Labour amendment
  18. Brexit a 'threat' to fishing industry says Labour MSP

    Labour MSP Colin Smyth

    Labour MSP Colin Smyth says Brexit has done nothing to support the fisheries sector, pointing to uncertainty about future trade deals and implications for the supply chains.

    The end of freedom of movement could have a devastating impact on the fish processing sector, while leaving the single market is a threat to sales of Scottish fish he warns.

    Mr Smyth highlights the economic contribution of the fishing sector and adds stocks must be managed sustainably to protect jobs.

    It is critical that we are led by scientific recommendations, he states.

  19. Background: Will UK have to compromise on fisheries?

    Dominic Raab

    Dominic Raab has insisted the UK government will take the best interests of the UK on board when negotiating fisheries agreements with the EU in the future.

    Speaking on The Andrew Marr Show, the foreign secretary said the UK's fishing sector would no longer be "locked in" to EU rules after Brexit.

    But he accepted there would have to be compromise on issues such as access by foreign trawlers.

    The SNP's Paul Robertson suggested the Conservatives were "gearing up to sell us out yet again" by using fishing rights in trade negotiations.

    Labour has previously warned that the withdrawal agreement would see the UK fishing sector have to abide by EU rules without having a say over them.