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Live Reporting

Louise Wilson and Craig Hutchison

All times stated are UK

  1. That's all from Holyrood Live

    safe drug consumption facility

    That's all from BBC Scotland's Holyrood Live on Tuesday 5 November 2019.

    Public Health Minister Joe Fitzpatrick has repeated calls for a change in law to enable establishment of a safer drug consumption facility in Glasgow.

    He urged the next UK government to amend the Misuse of Drugs Act - or devolve the powers to the Scottish Parliament to do so.

    Tory MSP Liam Kerr - whose party oppose so-called fix rooms - questioned cuts made to alcohol and drug partnerships by the Scottish government.

    And Labour MSP Monica Lennon and Lib Dem MSP Liam McArthur asks what could be done by Police Scotland now to ensure drug users were not criminalised.

    The Scottish Affairs Committee recommended the UK government should back safe consumption rooms in Scotland and decriminalise the possession of illicit drugs for personal use.

    Read more here.

  2. Minister says not appropriate to comment on individual application

    Rural Affairs and Natural Environment Minister Mairi Gougeon
    Image caption: Rural Affairs and Natural Environment Minister Mairi Gougeon

    Mairi Gougeon, the minister responsible for national parks, says it is not appropriate for her to comment on the individual application.

    The rural affairs and natural environment minister says there is an exclusivity agreement in place, which she understands is in place until December next year, unless it is terminated by mutual agreement prior to that.

    She pledges to look into what can be disclosed about the conditions of the agreement.

    More widely, the minister says encouraging community ownership is a priority for the Scottish government.

  3. 'Any future development must be done openly' - Tory MSP

    Tory MSP Maurice Corry

    Tory MSP Maurice Corry says any proposals must have a foundation of support from locals.

    He says not enough new jobs would have been created to justify the development.

    West Dunbartonshire and Transport Scotland should be bringing in a review on transport links to the area, he states, adding "let's get the infrastructure right".

    We must bear in mind the knock on effect of traffic, he adds.

    "Any future development must be done openly and reflect the local residents' input," he says.

  4. Labour MSP says community buyout would be better option

    Labour MSP Jackie Baillie
    Image caption: Labour MSP Jackie Baillie

    Labour MSP Jackie Baillie says: "Flamingo Land's letters are not designed to win friends and influence people."

    Ms Baillie says they are the ones that lack maturity in this debate and she says she has been "insulted by far better than them".

    The Labour MSP points out the land is owned by the Scottish government and adds that Scottish Enterprise is in partnership with Flamingo Land and has given funding to the company.

    She says it is "faintly ridiculous" that the public are paying for something the majority of the public don't actually want.

    The Labour MSP says Scottish Enterprise has extended its exclusivity agreement with Flamingo Land, but argues the conditions attached are a "state secret".

    She points out Scottish Enterprise could engage in a community buyout which would be a "better return for our money".

  5. Why did 55,000 people object to Loch Lomond development plans?

    Developers have promised upgrades to public footpaths and green spaces in the area but locals fear they will lose access to popular routes
    Image caption: Developers have promised upgrades to public footpaths and green spaces in the area but locals fear they will lose access to popular routes


    Proposals for a tourist resort on Loch Lomond were complained about more than 55,000 times, before they were finally withdrawn by Flamingo Land.

    Plans for the £30m resort near Balloch were believed to have attracted the largest number of objections for a Scottish planning application.

    The online petition against the Lomond Banks development was passed to planners.

    BBC Scotland's local government correspondent Jamie McIvor answerd some questions about the proposals.

    Read more here.

  6. Green MSP criticises Flamingo Land development plans

    Mr Greer says the proposals would have created a "branded, gated development" and limited non-paying visitors' enjoyment of the area.

    He adds the number of net jobs originally estimated "plummeted" to 28, with many being seasonal and Flamingo Land not ruling out the use of zero-hours contracts.

    The Green MSP says the developer threatened elected representatives for the area, including himself, with defamation.

    "Flamingo Land are unfortunately considering whether to resubmit their application," he tells the chamber.

    Mr Greer

    He says he has called on Scottish Enterprise to withdraw from the exclusivity agreement and seeks further information on this from the minister.

    Mr Greer goes on to highlight the need for a travel plan for Loch Lomond and the Trossachs to encourage more people to enjoy the area.

    What's happening at Balloch is not an isolated incident he states, going on to highlight a planning application at Tarbet.

  7. Background: Flamingo Land withdraw Loch Lomond resort bid

    An artist's impression of how the development at Loch Lomond would look
    Image caption: An artist's impression of how the development at Loch Lomond would look

    Flamingo Land has formally withdrawn its planning application to build a £30m tourist resort on Loch Lomond.

    The move comes after officials for the Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park Authority recommended its board reject the bid earlier this month.

    More than 55,000 objections were lodged against the Lomond Banks development between April and May.

    But the team behind the project have not ruled out submitting a fresh application at a later date.

  8. 'Save Loch Lomond' debate

    Loch Lomond

    Green MSP Ross Greer will now lead a debate entitled 'Save Loch Lomond'.

    In it Mr Greer will welcome the recent withdrawal of a planning application by Flamingo Land and Scottish Enterprise for a large tourist development on the shores of Loch Lomond at Balloch.

    He says in his motion this application had a Scottish record of over 57,000 objections and was opposed by West Dunbartonshire Council, the Woodland Trust, Ramblers Scotland and many other organisations.

    It had also been recommended for refusal by Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park.

    Mr Greer will congratulate the community’s Save Loch Lomond campaign on its success.

  9. Election to the Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body

    David Stewart

    MSPs votes for a replacement for Rhoda Grant on the SPCB.

    David Stewart is elected.

    MSPs also back the general principles of the UEFA European Championship (Scotland) Bill.

  10. UEFA European Championship Bill: SPICe briefing

    Hampden Park is Scotland's national stadium
    Image caption: Hampden Park is Scotland's national stadium

    In June 2020 Hampden Park is set to host four games as part of the UEFA European Championships.

    This legislation has been introduced in order to meet UEFA's requirements.

    The Scottish government aim to have the Bill passed by the end of the year so that the secondary legislation can be introduced in time for the Championships starting next year.

    This is a fairly challenging timeline and means that relatively limited consultation has taken place prior to the introduction of the Bill.

    The Bill covers four main areas:

    1. Ticket touting
    2. Street trading
    3. Advertising
    4. Enforcement

    Read more here.

  11. Here's the Stage 1 report on the Bill.....

    UEFA European Championship (Scotland) Bill Stage 1 report

    The Culture, Tourism, Europe and External Affairs Committee has given its backing to the UEFA Championship Bill.

    The proposed legislation consists of the following main components—

    • To prohibit the unauthorised sale of Championship tickets in excess of face value or with a view to making a profit
    • Prohibiting unauthorised street trading within an event zone in Glasgow when such a zone is in operation
    • Prohibiting unauthorised advertising within an event zone when such a zone is in operation
    • Creating criminal offences for ticket touting, unauthorised street trading and advertising, and
    • Providing for the designation of enforcement officers who would be given powers to enforce these offences

    The UEFA European Championship (Scotland) Bill Stage One Report (5) can be found here.

  12. Background: Glasgow to host four Euro 2020 matches


    Glasgow is one of 12 host cities for the Euro 2020 championship.

    It is set to host four matches at Hampden Park: three group games and a round of 16 match.

    Another 11 cities across Europe will host the other games, the first time in the competitions history that this format has been used.

  13. Background: New offences to be created

    Four new offences are being introduced, largely modelled on similar offences which were introduced during the Commonwealth Games in 2014. These are:

    1. A ticketing offence for selling a ticket above face value, or with a view to making a profit. This offence will be committed whether the transaction takes place in person or electronically. This offence will be punishable with a fine of up to £5,000.
    2. A trading offence for trading in one of the three event zones without appropriate authorisation. This aims to protect UEFA-approved vendors during the hours of operation of the event zones, and will be punishable with a fine of up to £20,000.
    3. An advertising offence for advertising in one of the three event zones. This aims to protect UEFA-approved sponsors during the hours of operation of the event zones, and will be punishable with a fine of up to £20,000.
    4. An offence will also be created for impeding the work of an enforcement officer. This will be punishable with a fine of up to £5,000.
  14. Concerns about proposed enforcement officers' wide-ranging powers

    Mike Rumbles

    Mike Rumbles welcomes the section of the bill tackling ticket touting and he congratulates the government on this.

    However the Lib Dem MSP insists there is no need to exempt UEFA from ticket touting in the bill.

    He too expresses concerns about the wide-ranging powers being given to enforcement officers.

    The police on the ground should be informed and be able to decide if they should attend alongside an enforcement officer, he tells the chamber.

    This is a good bill and I look forward to the minister bringing amendments at stage 2 to make it better, the Lib Dem concludes.

  15. Green MSP warns non-police could be given police-like powers

    Green MSP Ross Greer

    Green MSP Ross Greer says he hopes Glasgow hosting these matches will drive more people to get involved in grassroots football.

    He explains his party has serious concerns about the bill, though many of these are covered in the committee's report.

    The enforcement powers are potentially excessive, particularly parts which could give police-like powers to non-police, Mr Greer warns.

    He welcomes recognition of some of these concerns by the Scottish government and calls for MSPs to be with engaged this, adding the Greens will not support the bill at stage 3 unless these powers are altered.

  16. Background: What does the bill do?

    Hampden will be one of the venues
    Image caption: Hampden will be one of the venues

    The UEFA European Championship (Scotland) Bill will allow part of the Euro 2020's to be held in Glasgow.

    It includes measures to prevent ticket touting, ticket scalping and unauthorised street trading.

    To that end it will create four new offences, all of which are largely modelling on those introduced ahead of the Commonwealth Games in 2014.

    The total cost of the bill will be between £70,000 and £134,000, the majority of which will be borne by Glasgow City Council.

  17. 'The role of enforcement officers should complement that of police officers'


    Ms Baker says it is unfortunate that the government could not provide much analysis of how the Commonwealth Games legislation.

    The need for primary legislation shows a weakness in Scotland's existing legislation on ticket touting, she adds.

    The Labour MSP says the most controversial area of the bill is around enforcement officers and powers.

    These are whether the enforcement powers are proportionate, particularly in terms of entering a domestic or non-domestic property, she tells the chamber.

    "The role of enforcement officers should complement that of police officers."

    She welcomes the amendments proposed by the minister and calls for local residents to be kept informed about any impact the event may have on them.

  18. Labour to back general principles of Euro 2020 bill

    Labour MSP Claire Baker

    Claire Baker confirms Scottish Labour will back the general principles of the UEFA European Championship (Scotland) Bill.

    The Labour MSP welcomes Euro 2020 coming to Glasgow and the economic benefits which will ensue.

    She insists Scotland must be a welcome and inclusive country, and welcome fans from across Europe.

    Ms Baker shares some of the concerns about the bill raised by the convener, including the "disappointing" timescale for scrutiny.

  19. Call for government to look at impact on event zones on businesses

    Concerns were also raised about enforcement officers being able to enter homes Ms Hamilton adds, highlighting this must not contravene the right to private life.

    She also says regulations on event zones must not limit businesses ability to continue as normal, pointing to some problems with small businesses closing due to similar problems during the 2012 Olympics.

    Ms Hamilton urges the Scottish government to look closely at the impact of event zones on residents and businesses but confirms her party will back the bill at decision time.

  20. Euro 2020 will boost Glasgow's economy says Tory MSP

    Tory MSP Rachael Hamilton

    Tory MSP Rachael Hamilton says Glasgow playing host to the Euro 2020 will bring an economic boost through tourism, which she welcomes.

    We support this bill, she confirms, but expresses concern about the potential impact on hours of operation and the geographical limits on event zones.

    She suggests there should be been better consultation with residents around Hampden and calls for efforts to be made to minimise disruption caused by road closures.