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  1. The local government committee takes evidence on city region deals with councils and deal managers
  2. MSPs debate the Year of Young People 2018
  3. A Tory MSP commemorates the centenary of Sir Hugh Munro's death

Live Reporting

By Craig Hutchison and Louise Wilson

All times stated are UK

  1. That's all from Holyrood Live!

    Year of Young People 2018
    Image caption: Year of Young People 2018

    That's all from Holyrood Live on Wednesday 13 March 2019.

    MSPs celebrated young people in a debate marking last year's Year of Young People.

    Culture Secretary Fiona Hyslop says the year made people sit up and listen, it made them realise that young people are important to our society.

    Ms Hyslop concluded saying: "Let us continue to hear the voices of young people in Scotland.”

    Justice Secretary Humza Yousaf
    Image caption: Justice Secretary Humza Yousaf

    Earlier, during portfolio questions, Justice Secretary Humza Yousaf confirmed that 255 people under the care of the Scottish Prison Service had disclosed they were veterans.

    Mr Yousaf was responding to a query from former veterans minister Keith Brown.

  2. 'Scotland's natural environment is a huge asset and our Munros are a key part of that'

    Natural Environment Minister Mairi Gougeon
    Image caption: Natural Environment Minister Mairi Gougeon

    Natural Environment Minister Mairi Gougeon says that her "poultry eight" has been put into perspective by her colleagues this evening - though she adds she has done some of those more than once!

    She recalls how once she climbed to the top of a Munro, lost her car keys, so had to return two days later with a metal detector to find them.

    The minister praises progress on improving to access, in particular the access rights within the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003.

    It is important to pass on Sir Hugh Munro's legacy to our young people, Ms Gougeon states.

    "Scotland's natural environment is a huge asset and our Munros are a key part of that."

  3. Is Liz Smith the first MSP to bag all the Munros?

    Green MSP Andy Wightman
    Image caption: Green MSP Andy Wightman

    Green MSP Andy Wightman ponders whether Liz Smith is the first MSP to bag all the Munros.

    Mr Wightman jokes that yesterday's member's debate was about who owns the Munros and today's is about climbing them.

    He relates how he felt it was cool to climb over 200 Munros and not be a bagger, who he say were considered to be pondlife.

    The Green MSP says his goal was to climb all the Munros but stop 10 feet short of the summit.

  4. Labour MSP praises Duke of Edinburgh Award

    Labour MSP Jenny Marra
    Image caption: Labour MSP Jenny Marra

    Labour MSP Jenny Marra admits to the chamber that her own Munro total is less than 50, but she say it is one of her most enjoyable pastimes.

    There are many children in Scotland today growing up in cities that have never been to a beach, never mind a mountain she states.

    She praises the efforts of youth organisations, such as the Duke of Edinburgh Award, for widening access to the outdoors.

    Ms Marra ends by highlighting the Munro Table Project to be launched next week, which encourages people to sign up to climb one Munro by the end of the year and remove one bag of rubbish in doing so.

  5. Background: What’s so great about climbing up Scottish mountains?

    Video content

    Video caption: Blogger Kate (Love from Scotland) has a quick guide to start bagging those Munros

    Kate Hopper travels all round the country discovering the best the outdoors has to offer for her blog Love, From Scotland. She climbed her first Munro in 2016 and has caught the Munro bagging bug.

  6. Tory MSP welcomes Hugh William Munro and Munro Society to the gallery

    Tory MSP Liz Smith
    Image caption: Tory MSP Liz Smith is a keen Munro-bagger herself

    Tory MSP Liz Smith extends a very warm welcome to the members of the Munro Society who are in the gallery.

    Ms Smith also welcomes Hugh William Munro who is hoping to bag all the Munros by the end of this year and become the first Hugh Munro on the SMC list of completers.

    With only 8 Munros to go, at some point in 2019, Mr Munro hopes to be on top of Slioch which will be his final Munro.

    Ms Smith praises Hugh William Munro
    Image caption: Ms Smith praises Hugh William Munro for his bagging efforts

    The Tory MSP goes on to say sadly Sir Hugh failed to complete his own list, missing out by only three summits.

    However, Sir Hugh's legacy must be celebrated this week, including his contribution to the mountains and Scotland, through Munro bagging.

    Ms Smith, who bagged the final of the 282 Munros in 2012, says she will soon be joined by colleagues Miles Briggs and Murdo Fraser, map reading skills notwithstanding.

    She concludes thanking all those who care for the environment, look after the mountain bothies and those who carry out mountain rescues.

  7. Background: Why are they called Munros?

    Mountain climbers

    Munros, Corbetts, Grahams and Donalds. These names will be familiar to those who love Scotland’s wildest spaces: they’re terms used to denote the height and classification of mountains. Of these, Munros are the highest of them all.

    But why Munro? They’re named after London-born aristocrat Sir Hugh Munro, whose family owned an estate near Kirriemuir, Angus. He was keen mountaineer who loved to explore and who charted Scotland’s highest peaks in the late 1800s.

    Video content

    Video caption: Evelyn Hood tells Muriel Gray an unexpected tale about mountaineer Sir Hugh Munro.

    Today, his published list of peaks is something of a bible to those who want to experience Scotland’s famously craggy and picturesque landscape — so much so that ‘Munro bagging’ is a popular pastime among walkers.

    This involves climbing – or ‘bagging’ – all the 282 Munros dotted about the country, from Skye to the eastern Cairngorms and from Sutherland down to Loch Lomond.

    Sir Hugh’s passion has prompted countless others to explore and enjoy some of the wildest and most beautiful areas of Scotland.

  8. Debate: Centenary of the Death of Sir Hugh Munro

    Sir Hugh Munro with climbing partners

    Tory MSP Liz Smith is leading a debate to mark the centenary of Sir Hugh Munro's death.

    Sir Hugh was the first person to compile a list of all of Scotland's Munros and was a founding member of the Scottish Mountaineering Club.

    Here is Ms Smith's motion
    Image caption: Here is Ms Smith's motion
  9. MSPs back the government motion from the Year of Young People debate


    MSPs back the government motion from the Year of Young People debate unanimously, but reject the Lib Dem amendment.

    83 MSPs voted against Alex Cole-Hamilton's amendment, with 30 backing it.

  10. RPI is a flawed measure of inflation says cabinet secretary

    Social Security Secretary Shirley-Anne Somerville
    Image caption: Social Security Secretary Shirley-Anne Somerville

    Social Security Secretary Shirley-Anne Somerville says she is disappointed Labour wishes to vote against an increase to carers allowance today.

    Passing this order will mean carers will get a larger amount than those on jobseekers allowance for the first time, she explains.

    Ms Somerville says CPI is largely regarded as the best measure, while RPI is a flawed measure of inflation.

  11. Labour MSP speaks against use of CPI to uprate carer's allowance and supplement

    Labour MSP Mark Griffin rises to speak against the SSI Carer's Allowance Up-Rating (Scotland) Order 2019 draft.

    Mr Griffin says he recently called for the use of Retail Prices Index (RPI) to uprate the carers allowance and supplement, as he thinks the parliament has some way to go to show appreciation for carers.

    He argues the SNP want to stay with the Tory method of using the Consumer Prices Index (CPI) uprating and RPI would be more generous to carers.

    We will not accept an inferior Tory increase, he concludes.

    Labour MSP Mark Griffin
    Image caption: Labour MSP Mark Griffin
  12. We must not lose momentum says culture secretary

    Culture Secretary Fiona Hyslop
    Image caption: Culture Secretary Fiona Hyslop

    Culture Secretary Fiona Hyslop says the Year of Young People put the spotlight young people and turned up their volume.

    What we must not do is lose this momentum, she tells the chamber.

    "Young people set the agenda."

    It is vital to focus on what is important to them, not what we think is important to them Ms Hyslop insists.

    Mental health was central to many discussions held throughout the year and we worked with young people to turn their ideas into actions, she says.

    The cabinet secretary argues young people are being involved in shaping mental health services.

  13. No Lives, Better Lives one of the most powerful government initiatives - Tory MSP

    Tory MSP Liz Smith says the parliament has managed to develop an understanding between generations, for example between Ross Greer and those MSPs who are a little older.

    Including young people in 2018 have made them realise their rights and responsibilities she adds.

    Lib Dem MSP Alex Cole-Hamilton asks if Ms Smith backs extending the franchise at Westminster to 16 year olds, to which the Tory MSP replies she would be very pleased to see that.

    Tory MSP Liz Smith
    Image caption: Tory MSP Liz Smith

    Ms Smith goes on to say her party has some sympathy with the first part of the Lib Dem amendment, but will vote against it.

    The Tory MSP praises the work of Stonewall and their work for the LGBT community.

    Ms Smith pivots to the No Lives, Better Lives initiative, as one of the most powerful ever undertaken by the Scottish government

  14. Youth work under pressure says Labour MSP

    Labour MSP Claire Baker
    Image caption: Labour MSP Claire Baker

    Labour MSP Claire Baker says there is a need for a legacy framework from the Year of Young People and organisations need to carry on engagement.

    "There should continue to be meaningful involvement, and support and advice on how to achieve that."

    Referral waiting times for CAMHS are "far too long" says Ms Baker and she calls for support to be delivered sooner.

    The Labour MSP says youth work is vital, but it is a service under pressure as it is not statutory.

    Cultural activity played a central role in the celebrations across the year, Ms Baker highlights.

  15. SNP reluctant to grapple with CAMHS waiting times and cuts to youth work - Lib Dem MSP

    Lib Dem MSP Alex-Cole Hamilton says young people should not be viewed as a separate group and he agrees with Iain Gray who said young people should be included in every aspect of society.

    Mr Cole-Hamilton reiterates his concerns about the ability to implement the UN CRC.

    The Lib Dem MSP says young people should be allowed to return to care if they change their rights and calls for a FAI for every child who dies in care.

    Maree Todd and Alex Cole-Hamilton clash over children's human rights
    Image caption: Maree Todd and Alex Cole-Hamilton clash over children's human rights

    Mr Cole-Hamilton adds the SNP is reluctant to grapple with serious issues like CAMHS waiting times and cuts to access to youth work and that is why he has to raise these issues in this debate.

    The children and young peoples minister insists she is proud of her government's record on children's rights and criticises the Lib Dems for their record in coalition at Westminster.

    Mr Cole-Hamilton says he too is proud of the Lib Dems in coalition and labels Ms Todd's record on children's rights and CAHMS as woeful.