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Live Reporting

Craig Hutchison and Louise Wilson

All times stated are UK

  1. That's all from Holyrood Live!

    It is estimated that there is up to 20m tonnes of kelp off Scotland's coasts
    Image caption: It is estimated that there is up to 20m tonnes of kelp off Scotland's coasts

    That's all from Holyrood Live on Wednesday 21 November 2018 on a day dominated by Brexit and kelp.

    A review of the regulations around the harvesting of kelp in Scottish waters was announced by the government.

    Concerns had been raised about a firm's application to collect 30,000 tonnes of the seaweed off the Scottish coast.

    Environment Secretary Roseanna Cunningham told MSPs that the current regulations were "robust", but that "continuous improvement" was needed.

    The parliament agreed new restrictions on certain kinds of seaweed harvesting in some waters around Scotland.

    Meanwhile the Constitutional Relations Secretary Mike Russell alienated the Tories as he updated Holyrood on Brexit following the latest JMC meeting in London.

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  2. Background: Major pancreatic cancer study launched

    Pancreatic cancer cells

    Last year a new pancreatic cancer project was launched to find ways to speed up scientific discovery to improve the survival rates of patients.

    Cancer Research UK have invested £10m in the PRECISION-Panc project, which aims to find quick ways of finding the right treatment for individual tumours.

    Researchers at Glasgow University were to receive £8m from the fund.

    Prof Andrew Biankin said due to the aggressive nature of the disease, patients did not always get treatment.

    Read more here.

  3. 'My family too has been affected by this terrible disease'

    Mental Health Minister Clare Haughey
    Image caption: Mental Health Minister Clare Haughey

    Mental Health Minister Clare Haughey says: "My family too has been affected by this terrible disease."

    Ms Haughey thanks Pancreatic Cancer UK and Pancreatic Cancer Scotland for the vitally important work they do supporting those with pancreatic cancer.

    In particular Ms Haughey praises Fiona Brown, who works for Pancreatic Cancer Scotland, for her work.

    The PanCanVan has been on the Royal Mile today promoting awareness of the disease.

    She praises "the amazing efforts of all those working in the NHS and the research sector".

    Ms Haughey says the Scottish government's cancer strategy will provide £100m to fight cancer.

  4. Background: Scottish cancer research gets £4.5m clinical trial boost

    The investment will lead to doctors and scientists continuing to find better treatments
    Image caption: The investment will lead to doctors and scientists continuing to find better treatments

    In February we reported almost £4.5m was to be invested into cancer research in Scotland over the next five years.

    Cancer Research UK said the funds would be used at its clinical trials unit in Glasgow.

    The investment will be focused on helping doctors and scientists look for better and kinder treatments.

    The Glasgow University based centre aims to find new ways of treating patients with brain tumours, pancreatic cancer, lung and prostate cancers.

    Read more here.

  5. 'We are facing a cancer emergency'

    Labour MSP Monica Lennon
    Image caption: Labour MSP Monica Lennon

    Labour MSP Monica Lennon points to some positive stories of those who have survived pancreatic cancer.

    But she adds that "we are facing a cancer emergency" when it comes to this disease.

    Researchers must be properly resourced to improve diagnosis she says.

  6. Background: Beware potential signs of pancreatic cancer

    Pancreatic cancer tissue
    Image caption: Pancreatic cancer tissue

    One in three adults might ignore potential symptoms of pancreatic cancer, according to a charity.

    Stomach ache, indigestion, unexplained weight loss and faeces that float rather than sink in the lavatory can be warning signs of the potentially deadly disease, says Pancreatic Cancer UK.

    Early detection and treatment are vital to save lives.

    Common symptoms of pancreatic cancer include:

    • stomach and back ache
    • unexplained weight loss
    • indigestion
    • changes to bowel habits, including floating faeces

    Other symptoms include:

    • loss of appetite
    • jaundice (yellow skin or eyes or itchy skin)
    • feeling and being sick
    • difficulty swallowing
    • recently diagnosed diabetes
  7. Tory MSP calls for progress on detection and treatment of pancreatic cancer

    Tory MSP Miles Briggs
    Image caption: Tory MSP Miles Briggs

    Tory MSP Miles Briggs agrees with the praise for the excellent pancreatic cancer charities and the need to progress early detection and diagnosis.

    Mr Briggs reiterates the fact that only 17% of people with pancreatic cancer are diagnosed at stage one and two, with 63% of people diagnosed at stage three or four.

    "We need, no, we must work to make progress to change this."

    He goes on to say there must also be swifter treatment after diagnosis, which Pancreatic Cancer UK is campaigning strongly for.

  8. From Pancreatic Cancer Scotland: Background

    • In Scotland, there are around 800 new cases of pancreatic cancer each year (5 year average 2012-2016).
    • In 2017, 781 patients died from pancreatic cancer.
    • The “Cancer Incidence Projections for Scotland 2013-2027” report published by ISD Scotland (18th August 2015) projects a 49.9% increase in new cases of pancreatic cancer over the next decade.
  9. Here's the motion for the debate..............

    Here's the motion
    Image caption: Here's the motion
  10. Poor survival rate of pancreatic cancer highlighted

    SNP MSP Clare Adamson

    SNP MSP Clare Adamson thanks those who attended an event on pancreatic cancer, but highlights that only one survivor was there.

    This is because pancreatic cancer has few survivors, she explains.

    80% of people with pancreatic cancer are not diagnosed until the disease has reached the advanced stages, the SNP MSP tells the chamber.

    "It's the quickest killing cancer and many people diagnosed die within a month of their diagnosis."

    Ms Adamson highlights the PanCanVan being run by Pancreatic Cancer Scotland, which is making people aware of the symptoms.

    She also higlights the Light it Up Purple campaign which saw the Kelpies and the Scottish Parliament so lit.

    Pancreatic Cancer Scotland
    Image caption: Pancreatic Cancer Scotland
  11. World Pancreatic Cancer Day debate

    World Pancreatic Cancer Day
    Image caption: World Pancreatic Cancer Day

    SNP MSP Clare Adamson highlights that we are in Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month, and that 15 November 2018 is World Pancreatic Cancer Day;

    On November 15, 2018, people around the world will unite to Demand Better in the fight against the world’s toughest cancer.

    The World Pancreatic Cancer Coalition has brought together more than 70 organizations from 30 countries and six continents to raise awareness and inspire action on World Pancreatic Cancer Day.

    Through this combined effort, we are bringing greater attention, awareness, and better outcomes to this deadly disease.

    Read more here.

  12. BreakingMSPs vote to unanimously pass the Scottish Crown Estate Bill

    Forests of kelp provide habitat for other marine life
    Image caption: Forests of kelp provide habitat for other marine life

    MSPs vote to unanimously pass the Scottish Crown Estate Bill.

    Green MSP Mark Ruskell has claimed a victory for campaigners the mechanical harvesting of kelp by dredging has been banned in Scotland after Holyrood voted in favour of legislation originally proposed by a Green MSP.

    It was a complicated old process with the government backing amendments from Mr Ruskell to its own amendment that actually removed his stage two amendment that had been passed on kelp dredging.

    So just for clarity here's the end result that will be in the Act:

    The manager of a Scottish Crown Estate asset must not grant a right to remove wild kelp from the seabed if the removal of the kelp would inhibit the regrowth of the individual plant, and the kelp removed is intended for commercial use.

    This subsection applies if

    • (a) removal of the wild kelp is a licensable marine activity
    • (b) the Scottish Ministers have not granted a marine licence for that removal.

    That's enough on kelp for one day!

  13. Wrapping up the Scottish Crown Estate Bill debate........

    Green MSP Mark Ruskell

    Green MSP Mark Ruskell says this bill has gone "some way" to delivering on the Smith Commission's recommendations, but "not the whole way".

    He praises the communities that have campaigned "loud and clear" on the kelp issue, adding there are many more discussions the government now needs to have.

    Labour MSP Alex Rowley highlights the diversity of Crown Estate assets and adds it is important their value is not just seen in the context of commercial gain.

    Tory MSP Finlay Carson says it is important to strike the right balance of management between the local and national level, and therefore it is right that national structures remain in place.

    Environment Secretary Roseanna Cunningham says we should strive to add value to communities through the management of the Crown Estate.

    Environment Secretary Roseanna Cunningham
  14. Background: Why is there a row over seaweed harvesting in Scotland?

    There is said to be 20 million tonnes of kelp in Scottish waters
    Image caption: There is said to be 20 million tonnes of kelp in Scottish waters

    A review of regulations around the harvesting of kelp from waters around Scotland has been launched by the Scottish government, amid a row over whether large-scale commercial operations should be allowed.

    What's going on, and what does it all mean?

    Opposition MSPs have won a to ban mechanical harvesting, after Green member Mark Ruskell put down an amendment to the Scottish Crown Estate Bill at stage two to bar any technique which "would inhibit the regrowth of the individual plant".

    That bill is being debated for the final time, and Environment Secretary Roseanna Cunningham had said that after some "clarifications and qualifications", the government would support Mr Ruskell's amendment.

    They duly did. Although technically the government backed amendments from Mr Ruskell to its own amendment that actually removed his stage two amendment. Phew.

    Ms Cunningham also announced a review of the regulatory regime for all kelp harvesting activity, up to and including farming.

    One Scottish company, Marine Biopolymers Ltd (MBL), has applied to harvest up to 30,000 tonnes of a specific species of kelp -Laminaria hyperborea- off the west coast each year.

    Our colleague Philip Sim has much more on the issue of dredging kelp here.

  15. More to be done on how revenues will be passed to local authorities says Lib Dem MSP

    Lib Dem MSP Tavish Scott
    Image caption: Lib Dem MSP Tavish Scott

    Lib Dem MSP Tavish Scott says there is more to be done regarding how revenues will be delivered to local authorities and communities.

    He praises the benefits of trust ports, suggesting this model should be used more broadly as it invests its profits into its future.

    Regarding kelp farming, he agrees with Tory MSP John Scott that legislating on this after stage 1 "was not our finest moment".

  16. 'The Crown Estate is a feudal relic'

    Green MSP Andy Wightman
    Image caption: Green MSP Andy Wightman

    Green MSP Andy Wightman says the Scottish Parliament should have taken control of management of the Crown Estate in 1999.

    Mr Wightman says this bill is not the bill the Greens would wish to see as it is predicated on a flawed devolution settlement.

    "The crown estate is a feudal relic."

    "Our goal is to sweep away this anachronism."

    He goes on to say his party will be voting for the "modest reforms" in the bill.