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Live Reporting

By Steven Brocklehurst and Stuart Nicolson

All times stated are UK

  1. 'This was not an easy speech'

    nicola sturgeon

    Prof Sir John Curtice says it was not an easy speech for Nicola Sturgeon to make.

    She spent most of her time defending the record of the Scottish government, he says.

    That was not sufficiently exciting for most of the people in the hall, Prof Curtice argues.

    It matters to her but it is not central to most of the delegates, he believes.

    Prof Curtice says Ms Sturgeon's next step is to wait for the outcome of the Brexit negotiations, and that everything now depends on a meaningful vote on any Brexit deal.

  2. 'We won't be midwives of Brexit'

    mike russell

    Mike Russell, the minister for Brexit, tells BBC Scotland that SNP MPs would vote against a settlement that is put before them that does not include access to the EU single market or customs union.

    Mr Russell says the SNP would not be the midwives of Brexit.

    The minister said the outcome of the Brexit talks needed to be known before anyone could talk of a second independence referendum.

  3. 'SNP government totally different to UK government'

    adam mcvey

    Edinburgh City Council leader Adam McVey says the first minister outlined the achievements of the SNP government.

    He says that was in stark contrast with the "callous" nature of the Tory government at Westminster.

  4. 'People need to be persuaded'

    susan aitken

    Glasgow City Council leader Susan Aitken says she agrees that the SNP needs to work to persuade people of the case for independence.

    The SNP councillor claims: "The Tories and Labour are doing that for us, tearing themselves and the country apart with a disastrous Brexit."

  5. 'Not yet ready to call second independence referendum'

    andrew kerr and john curtice

    Prof Sir John Curtice says Ms Sturgeon was implicitly telling the delegates that she was "not yet ready" to call for a second independence referendum.

    Prof Curtice says the SNP leader had called for supporters to blend their passion with pragmatism, perseverance and patience.

    He says Ms Sturgeon said the case for independence would be updated before it was presented to the Scottish public again.

  6. 'I am still an optimist'

    nicola sturgeon, alex salmond, john swinney and Mike Russell in 1999

    Ms Sturgeon says she joined the SNP in 1986.

    "Trust me, in those days you had to be an optimist to join the SNP," she says.

    "I was an optimist back then and I am an optimist still," she adds.

    Ms Sturgeon's speech ends with her telling delegates: "A better future is within our grasp and together we are going to make it happen."

  7. 'Economic potential of our nation is enormous'

    nicola sturgeon

    More people now think the Scottish economy will be better off with independence than staying with Westminster, Ms Sturgeon says.

    She says the choice is between the "ever tightening grip" of Westminster control or a hopeful, outward-looking independent country.

  8. 'Let the passion shine through'

    All Under One Banner march

    Ms Sturgeon warns that the independence campaign must embody "the positive, progressive, inclusive change we want to see".

    She says passion must be blended with pragmatism, perseverance and patience to persuade those who are not yet persuaded.

  9. 'Independence is the opposite of Brexit'

    anti-brexit protest outside Tory conference

    Brexit is about turning inwards and pulling up drawbridges, says Ms Sturgeon, whoi argues it is a "retreat from the world".

    "Independence is about being open, outward-looking, aspiring to play our full part in the world around us," she argues.

    The SNP leader says the Leave campaign was "shameful, deceitful and very possibly illegal".

    Ms Sturgeon confirms that SNP MPs would vote for a further referendum on Brexit if such a vote was offered.

    But she says "there is no guarantee that another vote won't deliver the same outcome."

    "Our future is not in our own hands," she says.

    "Scotland's future is in Westminster's hands and the only solution is to become an independent country."

  10. Brexit negotiations 'utterly impotent'

    Theresa May at Salzburg talks with EU leaders

    Ms Sturgeon says the UK government's handling of Brexit negotitations has been "shambolic, chaotic and utterly incompetent".

  11. 'Never has so much been lost to satisfy so few'

    winston churchill

    In 2014 we were told we had to reject independence to protect our place in Europe, Ms Sturgeon says.

    Today we face warnings of medicine shortages, grounded aeroplanes, gridlock at ports and a hemorrhaging of investment.

    "They've even appointed a minister for food supplies. We haven't had one of those since Winston Churchill", she says.

    Ms Sturgeon paraphrases Churchill by saying: "Never has so much been lost to satisfy so few".

  12. Call for nurses to come to Scotland

    nhs staff

    The National Health Service is our most precious public service, MS Sturgeon says.

    To prolonged applause she vows never to allow the NHS to be part of a trade deal with Donald Trump.

    Ms Sturgeon says she has given nurses the best pay rise in the UK.

    She also makes the commitment to increase the bursary to attract more people into nursing.

    The bursary has been scrapped in England and recruitment has become a challenge".

    Ms Sturgeon said: "We know the value of our nurses.

    "To anyone across the UK attracted to career in nursing, our message is simple.

    "Come to Scotland."

  13. Scotland building more council houses than England

    snp delegates

    Ms Sturgeon highlights the "remarkable fact" that over the last five years more council houses have been built in Scotland than south of the border.

    "Not proportionately - in absolute terms," she says.

    "We've built more council houses than a country 10 times our size," she says.

    That's 78,000 new affordable homes in the SNP's time in government, Ms Sturgeon adds.

  14. 'These things are only happening in Scotland'

    baby box

    Carers allowance supplement has been given to 76,000 people, says Ms Sturgeon.

    It is the first payment from Scotland's new agency.

    Ms Sturgeon also points to the baby box, £100 school clothing allowance and the best start grant.

    These things are only happening in Scotland, she says.

  15. The UK government is causing wilful damage to social security

    The "wilful damage" being done to the social security system by the UK government is "callous", Ms Sturgeon says.

    The prime minister claims she is ending austerity, Ms Sturgeon says. "Shame on them," she says.

    She calls for a halt to the rollout of universal credit.