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Live Reporting

Craig Hutchison and Louise Wilson

All times stated are UK

  1. That's all from Holyrood Live

    That's all from Holyrood Live on 19 April 2018.

    MSPs backed the government's call for a safe injection facility for Glasgow.


    During FMQs Ruth Davidson and Nicola Sturgeon clashed over Cambridge Analytica, as the first minister revealed a consultant working for the SNP met with the disgraced company three months before the last Holyrood election.

    And Nicola Sturgeon defended changes to plans to speed up access to assistance for the terminally ill.

    Have a peaceful weekend.

  2. What does the vote mean?

    Safe drug consumption room in Berlin
    Image caption: Safe drug consumption room in Berlin

    The Scottish government motion has passed unamended.

    Essentially, this means MSPs have given support to the Scottish government and Glasgow City Council's call for a safe drug consumption facility to be established.

    It gives a bit more force to Public Health Minister Aileen Campbell's approaches to the UK government seeking a change in the law or for powers to be devolved.

    However, without a change to the UK Misuse of Drugs Act no such facility will be set up.

    All in all - a bit of a stalemate since the UK government has already refused.

  3. BreakingThe government motion on safe injection services is agreed to

    The government motion

    The government motion on safe injection services is agreed to with 79 MSPs voting for it and 27 against and with one abstention.

  4. As is the Lib Dem amendment.......

    Lib Dem amendement

    9 MSPs voted for the Lib Dem amendement but 98 voted against.

  5. The Labour amendment is also rejected....

    Labour amendment rejected

    The Labour amendment is also not agreed to with 47 MSPs voting for it, 54 against and with 6 abstentions.

  6. Decision time: The Tory amendment is rejected.......

    Tory amendment

    The Tory amendment is rejected, with 27 MSPs backing it and 80 against.

  7. Plea for safe injection rooms comes from a motivation to do right thing says minister

    Ms Campbell

    Ms Campbell says her plea comes from a motivation to do the right thing, as doing nothing or hoping this issue simply goes away is not an option for her.

    Labour MSP Anas Sarwar says, in the spirit of consensus on this issue between his party and hers, if the minister will support his amendment.

    The minister says the amendment calls the existing strategy a failure which does not sit comfortably with the government.

    Ms Campbell goes on to say the strategy is being refreshed to address the shortfalls in it.

  8. Background: Are UK drug consumption rooms likely?

    Mark Easton

    Home editor


    How close is Britain to creating places where all drugs are legal?

    What does the Home Office really think about drug consumption rooms - safe and supervised places where addicts can inject or inhale illicit substances without fear of prosecution?

    DCRs, as they are called, are used in other countries to reduce the risk of chronic drug users dying from an overdose or an infection.

    But the idea of creating spaces where illicit drugs are effectively decriminalised goes against the government's long and carefully maintained line that illegal drugs are dangerous, and those who possess them should be prosecuted.

    Last summer, as record drug deaths were reported in the UK, the Home Office had to respond to recommendations from its drug advisors, the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD), on how to reduce "Opioid Related Deaths in the UK".

    Read more here.

  9. Drug use 'can and does affect us all'

    Public Health Minister Aileen Campbell reiterates her motion seeks to ensure Scotland can respond to a public health challenge.

    She welcomes the "general tone" taken by MSPs throughout the debate.

    Public Health Minister Aileen Campbell

    "Addiction is not something that only impacts some people some of the time - it can and does affect us all," the minister opines.

    A solution based on respect and solidarity is therefore needed, she adds.

    The Scottish government is not losing sight of some of the elements associated with the illegal drug trade, Ms Campbell affirms.

    The minister says the safe consumption facility is designed to specifically meet the needs of 400-500 drug takers.

    But such a facility can only be possible with a change to UK law and that is why I am seeking to support of this parliament, she asserts.

  10. Tory MSP calls for new overarching national drugs strategy

    Tory MSP Miles Briggs says the Tories don't believe there is the evidence for safe injection rooms to be put in place at the moment.

    Mr Briggs pays tribute to an Lothian abstinence programme says we must focus on delivering tailored recovery plans.

    The Tory MSPs welcomes what he terms a "u-turn" on £20m of funding cuts to ADPs.

    Tory MSP Miles Briggs
    Image caption: Tory MSP Miles Briggs

    Labour MSP Neil Findlay says he does not believe Mr Brigg's real view is the same as the Tories front bench view.

    Mr Briggs ignores this intervention and goes on to say the drug strategy has not delivered in Scotland and calls for a new overarching national strategy.

    It's clear we need more than just a policy refresh, he concludes and calls for a full sector led cross-party review of the drugs strategy.

  11. Labour MSP calls for 'open, frank discussion'

    Labour MSP Daniel Johnson
    Image caption: Labour MSP Daniel Johnson

    Labour MSP Daniel Johnson says substance misuse must not just be considered through the sole lens of intravenous use.

    We must treat drug use broadly from a health position, he says.

    Scottish Labour is committed to an open, frank discussion on the wide range of policy options, Mr Johnson confirms.

    We must have that discussion, come up with holistic solutions and be evidence led, the Labour MSP concludes.

  12. Tories on wrong side of history and empirical evidence on issue says Lib Dem MSP

    Lib Dem MSP Alex Cole-Hamilton says Adam Tomkins, in the margins of this meeting, has described his amendment as being completely bonkers.

    "That's quite a usual Tory response to a radical change supported by a weight of empirical evidence."

    That recieves applause from one person in the chamber and a thank you is elicited from Mr Cole-Hamilton.

    Lib Dem MSP Alex Cole-Hamilton
    Image caption: Lib Dem MSP Alex Cole-Hamilton

    On a far more serious note, Mr Cole-Hamilton again raises the spectre of the cuts to ADP funding.

    Aileen Campbell intervenes reiterating that the government's commitement to funding for ADPs is being borne out and she highlghts the £20m earmarked for them in this year's budget.

    Mr Cole-Hamilton goes on to say the Tories find themselves on the wrong side of history and empirical evidence on safe injection rooms.

  13. Background: Why addicts take drugs in 'fix rooms'

    Angelea Let
    Image caption: Angelea Let works as a prostitute to fund her drug addiction

    Britain could soon see its first "fix room" for drug users - a safe space where addicts can take illegal narcotics under medical supervision. But who uses such places and how do they work?

    On a cold and wet Thursday morning, there are already users inside Skyen, one of Copenhagen's fix rooms.

    Angelea Let, 49, sits in one of the cubicles in the smoking room to take crack cocaine.

    "I get a good feeling from my legs to my head, it has already taken away 50% of my pain," she says as she smokes.

    Angelea told the Victoria Derbyshire programme she can spend around £600 a week on crack.

    Read more here.

  14. 'Sad source of national embarrassment'

    Tory MSP Gordon Lindhurst
    Image caption: Tory MSP Gordon Lindhurst

    Tory MSP Gordon Lindhurst says Scotland's drug problem is a "sad source of national embarrassment".

    Drugs prevent people from helping themselves, he says and those in recovery must be regularly supported.

    Heroin-assisted treatment is a legal way to help drug users, Mr Lindhurst states.

  15. 'This is not a political issue its a public health issue'

    SNP MSP Clare Haughey
    Image caption: SNP MSP Clare Haughey

    SNP MSP Clare Haughey says this is the third time she has spoken in the chamber in favour of safe injection facilities.

    Ms Haughey says they are greatly needed and says it is a source of great frustration to her that the power to create them is not devolved.

    The SNP MSP says the facilities can help treat people holistically, reduce public injecting and drug litter and bring about a reduction in needle sharing.

    "This is not a political issue its a public health issue."

    She says while political debate on this issue goes on lives continue to be lost.

  16. Background: Glasgow site found for UK's first legal drug addict 'fix room'

    Drugs paraphernalia

    In June 2017, a site for the UK's first legal drug consumption room was identified by council and NHS officials.

    It was hoped the facility in Glasgow city centre, which would allow users to take drugs under supervision, could be operational in early 2018.

    Proposals to be discussed by the city's Integration Joint Board (IJB) also include the prescription of medical-grade heroin for some addicts.

    Doctors said the proposal would save money for the wider NHS.

    Read more here.

  17. 'We can never ever arrest our way to a drugs-free society'

    Labour MSP Neil Findlay
    Image caption: Labour MSP Neil Findlay

    Labour MSP Neil Findlay begins by emphasising he is speaking for himself and not as a party spokesperson.

    Drugs are readily and cheaply available, he states.

    Safe consumption facilities have merit but they are just one part of a much wider jigsaw, Mr Findlay says.

    The Labour MSP says people who reach out for help initially are supported but this does not continue once they are transferred back to GPs for continued treatment.

    Many are "parked" on methadone, he says.

    "We can never ever arrest our way to a drugs-free society."

    Mr Findlay declares change will require bravery, commitment and honesty, but the status quo cannot be allowed the continue.