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  1. MSPs take evidence from NHS Health Scotland.
  2. Health Secretary Shona Robison gives a ministerial statement on the cyber attacks on the NHS
  3. The government gives a statement on the college strikes
  4. The Scottish government leads a debate entitled 'A Fairer Scotland for Disabled People'
  5. Scottish Conservative MSP Brian Whittle leads this evening's member's debate on outdoor learning

Live Reporting

By Craig Hutchison and Colin Bell

All times stated are UK

  1. Goodnight from Holyrood Live


    That's all from Holyrood Live for Tuesday 16 May 2017. 

    We'll be back tomorrow morning.

    Have a good night. 

  2. 'Minister says there is a big difference between being risk aware and being risk averse'

    Image caption: Minister calls for more risk awareness

    Childcare and Early Years Minister Mark McDonald says partnership working is often a key element to inclusion in outdoor education.

    Mr Mark McDonald says this can provide opportunities where none existed before.

    He says "there is a big difference between being risk aware and being risk averse" and he wants to see more of the former and less of the latter.

    The minister says the pupil equity fund could help with increasing outdoor learning.

  3. Outdoor learning can have a positive impact on physical and mental wellbeing says minister

    Childcare and Early Years Minister Mark McDonald

    Childcare and Early Years Minister Mark McDonald says by learning in outdoor environments, children gain a broader experience.

    Mr McDonald says outdoor learning can have a positive impact on physical and mental wellbeing. 

    The childcare and early years minister says the government has funded organisations that support outdoor learning. 

    He says the government also provides a range of support to voluntary organisations. 

  4. Background: First fully outdoor nursery to open in Aberdeenshire woods

    Child playing outdoors

    A fully outdoor nursery, believed to be the first in Aberdeenshire, opened in April after a successful two-year pilot.

    Mucky Boots Nature Kindergarten will be based at Kirkton of Maryculter woods.

    It will have space for 15 children between the ages of three and five.

    Manager Dawn Ewan told the BBC Scotland website there were many benefits and explained: "It is a massive woodland and children are generally happier to be outside."

    There have been outdoor nurseries across Scotland - including in Glasgow, Fife and Perthshire - for many years, but Mucky Boots is understood to be the first such venture in that part of Scotland.

    The idea originated in Scandinavia several decades ago.

  5. SNP MSP says everyone must get behind the massive potential of outdoor leraning

    SNP MSP Richard Lochhead
    Image caption: SNP MSP Richard Lochhead

    SNP MSP Richard Lochhead says central government, local government and civic Scotland must get behind the massive potential of outdoor learning.

    Mr Lochhead highlights the tour of Greenpeace’s ship the Beluga II sets sail on a two-month scientific voyage around Scotland’s coastlines, investigating the impact of ocean plastic pollution on some of the UK’s most beautiful landscapes and iconic wildlife. 

  6. Background: Scottish children 'among least active'

    Child on tablet

    In November we reported that Scotland had been placed joint last in an international study of physical activity among children.

    The research found that Scotland had one of the best environments and infrastructure for outdoor play among the 38 nations that took part.

    But it was ranked joint worst for exercise, and for the amount of time children spend in front of screens.

    The study found parents were often reluctant to allow children to play outside.

    Competition from sedentary and screen-based activities was also a major factor.

  7. We spend too much time indoors and sitting down says Greens MSP

    Green MSP Ross Greer

    Green MSP Ross Greer says we spend too much time indoors and sitting down and that too often this behaviour sets in at an early stage. 

    Mr Greer says through outdoor learning children engage with their surroundings. 

    He says there are brilliant examples in his local area such as Loch Lomond and the Trossachs. 

  8. Background: Dumfries House

    Dumfries House website

    Taken from the Dumfries House website:

    "Dumfries House is one of Britain's most beautiful stately homes. Set in 2,000 acres of land, this stunning estate and 18th-Century house with its unrivalled collection of original furniture has something for everyone.

    "Dumfries House Education offers a unique selection of education and training programmes that have been designed to support learners in Primary and Secondary education with experiential, hands-on activities linked to the Curriculum for Excellence."

  9. Tory MSP says there must be equal access to outdoor activities

    Mr Whittle says only offering a narrow educational pathway it will only benefit those who can take it.

    He quotes Albert Einsetein who said: "Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid."

    The Tory MSP says there must be equal access to outdoor activities.

  10. Background: National Trust for Scotland

    National Trust for Scotland website

    Taken from the National Trust for Scotland website

    "The National Trust for Scotland is an independent charity set up in 1931 for the preservation and conservation of natural and human heritage that is significant to Scotland and the world.

    The Trust has gone on to become Scotland's largest membership organisation and a leader in conserving and promoting the nation's treasured places and collections so that they can be enjoyed by present and future generations."

    The National Trust for Scotland has a learning section for schools and the wider community. 

  11. 'Changing the venue can change people's thought process'

    Tory MSP Brian Whittle

    Tory MSP Brian Whittle says young people learn various skills outdoors.

    Mr Whittle says programmes have been designed to address poor mental health and those in the Scouts are 15% less likely to suffer mental health issues. 

    The Tory MSP says sport teaches teamwork and responsibility. 

    He says shared experiences from outdoor learning encourages comradery. 

    "Changing the venue can change people's thought process," he says. 

  12. Background: RSPB Scotland

    RSPB Scotland website homepage

    Taken from the RSPB Scotland website:

    "When children and young people are connected to nature, their education, physical health, emotional wellbeing, personal and social skills are affected positively, and it helps them become responsible citizens.

    "There is a growing recognition that children and young people today live increasingly sedentary lives and their social interactions are most often made in a virtual world. 

    "Over the past decade, travel costs mean fewer schools are visiting our nature reserves. At the same time, more learning relies on indoor technology and a risk-averse culture means teachers are less likely to bring their students outdoors."

  13. 'You are not in the starting blocks now'

    Tory MSP Brian Whittle
    Image caption: Tory MSP Brian Whittle

    Deputy Presiding Officer Christine Grahame opens the debate.

    Tory MSP Brian Whittle is already on his feet and Ms Grahame tells him she'll call when it is starting.

    "You are not in the starting blocks now," she says, to the former top athlete.

  14. Tory MSP calls on schools to use attainment fund for outdoor learning

    Outdoor learning

    Mr Whittle says that, while visits are often provided at little or no direct cost to schools, the cost of transport has become prohibitive as school budgets have been squeezed.

    The Tory MSP calls on schools across Scotland to consider making use of schools attainment funding to support greater use of outdoor education, and thanks RSPB Scotland, the National Trust for Scotland and other similar organisations for their commitment to supporting outdoor learning.    

  15. Tory MSP commends organisations for the promotion of outdoor education

    Tory MSP Brian Whittle uses his motion to highlight the work of various national conservation charities, including RSPB Scotland and the National Trust for Scotland, in the provision and promotion of outdoor education.

    Mr Whittle says that outdoor education should be seen as an important component of the curriculum, with meaningful benefits to both pupils' learning and their health.

    Culzean Castle
    Image caption: Culzean Castle is run by the National Trust for Scotland

    The Tory MSP says that sites such as Culzean Castle in South Ayrshire, the RSPB’s Mersehead Reserve in Dumfries and Galloway, and the Dumfries House Estate in East Ayrshire work with local schools to arrange visits along with various educational activities.

    He says that many organisations have seen a marked decline in the number of pupils participating in recent years.

  16. Outdoor learning member's debate begins...

    Tory MSP Brian Whittle will now lead this evenings member's debate entitled: 'Heritage and Environmental Conservation Charities Support for Outdoor Learning'.

    Here is Mr Whittle's motion:

  17. The government motion as amended by Labour is agreed to

    The government motion as amended by Labour is agreed to with 74 MSPs backing it and 25 against.

    Government motion
    Labour amendment
  18. The Labour amendment is agreed to

    The Labour amendment is agreed to with 74 MSPs backing it and 25 against.

    Labour amendment
  19. The Tory amendment is not agreed to

    The Tory amendment is not agreed to, with 25 MSPs backing it and 74 against.

    Tory amendment
  20. Decision time...

    We now move to decision time.