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Live Reporting

Colin Bell and Craig Hutchison

All times stated are UK

  1. Goodnight from Holyrood Live


    After a completely consensual debate congratulating the TIE Campaign, the parliament is now adjourned.

    Will that consensus continue through 4 May to 8 June on every issue? No, but it is great to see the Scottish Parliament when it comes together on an issue like this

    That's all from Holyrood Live for Wednesday 19 April 2017.

    Have a lovely night. 

  2. 'I'm very aware it is action that is required'


    The minister says she won't prejudge the working group but says the government will keep a close eye on it.

    Ms Somerville says: "I'm very aware it is action that is required not just a working group."

    She welcomes the cross-party support on this issue and says everyone has a responsibility to support all our children. 

  3. New LGBTi working group

    Shirley-Anne Somerville

    The minister says the government announced an hour ago the creation of a new LGBTi working group.

    She says the new working group will work across the spectrum and she is confident it has the right expertise to deal with issues. 

    Ms Somerville says the group will work together to improve the experience for LBGTi young people in Scotland.

    She says the group needs to be given the time to work on issues. 

  4. Minister welcomes the achievements of TIE

    Higher Education Minister Shirley-Anne Somerville
    Image caption: Higher Education Minister Shirley-Anne Somerville

    Higher Education Minister Shirley-Anne Somerville says it is right to say that "we cannot be a parliament of by-standers."

    "We must be mindful of those getting on a school bus tomorrow," she says. 

    Ms Somerville says Jordan and Liam's work will continue long after today but it is her hope that they reflect on how much they have achieved.

    The higher education minister welcomes the achievements of TIE. 

    She says health and wellbeing of children and young people is fundamental which is why it is at the heart of education. 

  5. SNP MSP delighted the Scottish government has committed to work with TIE

    SNP MSP Rhona Mackay
    Image caption: SNP MSP Rhona Mackay

    SNP MSP Rhona Mackay says the TIE Campaign is doing an amazing job and she, like every MSP, congratulates Jordan and Liam.

    Ms Mackay says she is delighted the Scottish government has committed to work with TIE.

    The SNP MSP says when LGBTi children "should be planning their future, some are planning their death.

  6. 'There are difficult obstacles to overcome but overcome them we must'

    Tory MSP Jamie Greene

    Tory MSP Jamie Greene says TIE have a different approach to other campaigners.

    Mr Greene says he marched behind TIE at Pride and that it has been "a journey" for him discovering what the campaigners are all about. 

    The Tory MSP says it is his hope that there is positive engagement with schools of all faiths. He says people who are gay can have faith too.

    He says he was bullied at school and his experiences were similar to that of his colleague Ross Thomson.

    "Obstacles are difficult to overcome but overcome them we must," he says. 

  7. Background: LGBT bullying at 'high rate' in Scotland's schools

    Two young men holding hands

    In November we reported that lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) pupils were still experiencing high rates of bullying in schools, according to campaigners.

    LGBT Youth Scotland said the pupils were also not confident about reporting abuse to staff.

    The charity called for strong leadership from schools and local authorities on the bullying.

    The Scottish government said a new anti-bullying strategy had been developed with LGBT organisations.

    Read more here.

  8. Inclusive education remains a post-code lottery says Green MSP

    Green MSP Ross Greer
    Image caption: Green MSP Ross Greer

    Green MSP Ross Greer says there is still not equality in our schools and the experiences of LGBT pupils cannot be denied and is "quite shocking", with one in four LGBT pupils  having attempted suicide.

    Mr Greer says the majority of MSPs have now signed the TIE Campaign pledge and he asks minister when the inclusive education working group will be set up.

    He says all young people should be taught about the variety and validity of all relationships.

    Inclusive education remains a post-code lottery and every pupil should be guaranteed one, says Mr Greer.

  9. 'This is a human rights issue and a holistic approach is required'

    SNP MSP Ben Macpherson
    Image caption: SNP MSP Ben Macpherson

    SNP MSP Ben Macpherson says this debate is important to him and he congratulates Jordan Daly and Liam Stevenson. 

    Mr Macpherson says campaigners have created a heightened awareness on LGBT issues. 

    The SNP MSP says there is action being undertaken that can be built upon. 

    He says teachers have set up there own LGBT groups to discuss issues in schools and that this proactive work is commendable and inspiring.

    He refers to the work in this area of Leven Academy. 

    "This is a human rights issue and a holistic approach is required," he says. 

  10. More teacher training in dealing with bullying called for by Tory MSP

    Conservative MSP Jeremy Balfour says the TIE Campaign highlights that any bullying is absolutely wrong.

    Mr Balfour says the experience of his colleague Ross Thomson must not be repeated.

    Jeremy Balfour

    He says we need to make sure teachers, headteachers and local authorities are confident about recording incidents of bullying.

    What guidance is given during teacher training, asks the Tory MSP, citing evidence that only one afternoon is set aside for how to deal with this bullying. 

  11. 'Every individual has the right to be safe and to feel safe'

    Labour MSP Pauline McNeill
    Image caption: Labour MSP Pauline McNeill

    Labour MSP Pauline McNeill says credit must go to Jordan Daly and Liam Stevenson who have lobbied hard for the basic right to be accepted for who you are.

    "Every individual has the right to be safe and to feel safe," she says. 

    Ms McNeill says the "shocking statistics" illustrate how far there is to go with bullying in schools.

    She says everyone in the chamber has a duty to get the other 59 MSPs to sign the pledge. 

    Ms McNeill says ensuring that there is counselling in schools is "really important".

  12. 'The TIE Campaign has already saved some young lives'

    SNP MSP Christin McKelvie
    Image caption: SNP MSP Christin McKelvie

    SNP MSP Christin McKelvie says to make inclusive education and eradicate bullying must be made a reality.

    Ms McKelvie also praises the TIE Campaign in the warmest terms for sparking a national debate about how to educate our young people and which has changed LGBTi lives.

    She says: "The TIE Campaign has already saved some young lives."