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  1. MSPs take evidence on children's mental health and then from Sir Harry Burns on NHS targets
  2. Topical questions will feature queries about social security benefits, the local government review and income inequalities
  3. The Scottish Parliament calls on the UK government to "maintain Scotland's place in the single market" as part of the Brexit negotiations.
  4. The member’s debate will be led by Labour MSP Jackie Baillie and will focus on supporting women-led business in Global Entrepreneurship Week

Live Reporting

By Craig Hutchison and Colin Bell

All times stated are UK

  1. That's all from Holyrood Live today

    Scottish Parliament

    That's all from Holyrood Live on Tuesday 15 November 2016.

    Have a lovely evening.

  2. Considerably more can be done to support women in business says minister

    Employability Minister Jamie Hepburn
    Image caption: Employability Minister Jamie Hepburn

    Mr Hepburn says the economy could be boosted significantly if there were as many women-led businesses as man-led businesses.

    Jackie Baillie intervenes to say in order to create a step change there needs to be more funding.

    The minister says there is considerably more that can be done.

    He says he would caution against the assumption that childcare would solve the issue of women in business, because it may have as much impact on men, but he does recognise childcare as an issue. 

  3. Minister pays tribute to Scottish Enterprise Scotland

    Women entrepreneurs in the gallery
    Image caption: The minister pays tribute to Women's Enterprise Scotland and the entrepreneurs and ambassadors in the gallery

    Employability Minister Jamie Hepburn says the government are committed to supporting women in business.

    Mr Hepburn pays tribute to Women's Enterprise Scotland and the entrepreneurs and ambassadors in the gallery.

    He says there is considerable room for more women-led businesses. 

  4. MSPs have highlighted the good work of Women's Enterprise Scotland

    Women's Enterprise Scotland
    Image caption: Women's Enterprise Scotland

    Women’s Enterprise Scotland works to create an entrepreneurial environment where women-led businesses can flourish and grow.

    WES says:

    "If the numbers of women-led businesses increased to equal those of men, our national bank balance would be at least 5% better off. 

    That’s equivalent to a £7.6 billion boost to the economy, minimum.

    To make the most of this opportunity for economic growth, and to improve the gender gap in Scottish entrepreneurial activity, Women’s Enterprise Scotland aims for nothing less than the creation of a new norm for women in business."

  5. Labour leader pays tribute to banks

    Scottish Labour Leader Kezia Dugdale
    Image caption: Scottish Labour Leader Kezia Dugdale

    Scottish Labour Leader Kezia Dugdale says she would like to pay tribute to the bankers, which she never thought she'd do in her political life.

    Ms Dugdale says banks, and in particular RBS, put a lot of effort into supporting women in business.

    The Labour leader says we need an economic strategy to support women in business.

  6. Tory MSP calls on UK and Scottish government's to act on women in business

    Tory MSP Annie Wells
    Image caption: Tory MSP Annie Wells

    Tory MSP Annie Wells says more needs to be done by UK and Scottish governments for a better gender balance in business.

  7. SNP MSP highlights economic benefit of more women led businesses

    SNP MSP Gillian Martin
    Image caption: SNP MSP Gillian Martin

    SNP MSP Gillian Martin says £7.6b extra would go into the economy if there were the same amount of women-led businesses as men-led businesses.

  8. Labour MSP says set a target for the enterprise agencies to increase women in business

    Woman boss

    Ms Baillie asks where is the action and resource required to grow women's enterprise is.

    The Scottish Labour leader says Scotland needs to know about the number and nature of women's businesses.

    She says Business in Scotland fails to separate the genders.

    The Scottish Labour MSP says we must set a target for the enterprise agencies.

  9. 'Huge opportunity' for women-led businesses in the country

    Scottish Labour MSP Jackie Baillie
    Image caption: Scottish Labour MSP Jackie Baillie

    Scottish Labour MSP Jackie Baillie pay tribute to the work of Women's Enterprise Scotland. 

    Ms Baillie says they act as encouraging role-models for women starting out in business.

    She says the contribution of women-led business to the economy is substantial but it could be more with support. 

    The Labour MSP says she is sure everyone would like to see more women leading businesses in Scotland.

    She says there is a huge opportunity for women-led businesses in the country.

  10. Global Entrepreneurship Week

    woman man
    Image caption: This debate comes five days after Equal Pay Day - the day when women stop earning relative to men for the year.

    Ms Baillie says the percentage of women leading a small or medium enterprise (SME) in Scotland has dipped slightly since the SNP came to power in 2007, from 22 per cent to 20 per cent. 

    The debate comes as part of Global Entrepreneurship Week, and five days after Equal Pay Day - the day when women stop earning relative to men for the year. 

    The most up-to-date figures from Scottish Enterprise show that of Scotland's companies with a turnover of £5.6million or more, or more than 250 workers, only 58 from a total of 5,230 (1.1 per cent) are led by women. 

    The figure for firms helped by Scottish Enterprise rises to just 3.4 per cent.

  11. We now move to a debate about supporting women-led businesses

    According to Scottish Labour only one per cent of large businesses in Scotland are led by women, which has sparked calls for a 'step change' to help grow the economy. 

    Scottish Labour's economy spokesperson Jackie Bailie will use this debate to press the SNP Government to deliver better support for female entrepreneurs. 

    Ms Baillie will also call for more assistance from government agency Scottish Enterprise. 

  12. Here's the motion from Jackie Baillie

    Scottish Parliament
  13. The government motion is agreed to

    The government motion from the single market debate is agreed to, with 65 MSPs for,  32 against and 20 abstentions.

    Government motion
  14. Decison time

    MSPs reject the Conservative amendment from the EU single market debate, with 29 MSPs backing it and with 88 rejecting it.

    MSPs then reject the Labour amendment, with 20 MSPS backing it and 97 against.

    Finally The Lib Dem amendment is swept aside with only 3 MSPs for it.

  15. Scottish Conservative MSP Jackson Carlaw is elected to the SPCB

    Scottish Conservative MSP Jackson Carlaw
    Image caption: Scottish Conservative MSP Jackson Carlaw

    Scottish Conservative MSP Jackson Carlaw is elected to the SPCB, with 115 MSPs backing him and one against.

    Mr Carlaw points to Murdo Fraser as the potential guilty suspect.

  16. Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body election

    There will now be an election to fill the vacancy on the Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body following the resignation of Scottish Conservative MSP Alex Johnstone. 

  17. Labour's support for membership of the single market is not clear says minister

    EU and UK flags

    Mr Russell says he is sorry that Labour's support is not clear this afternoon, despite backing five motions calling for membership of the single market.

    The Brexit Minister says he would never presume to bind his colleagues in the House of Commons to back Willie Rennie's call for a Brexit deal referendum.

  18. Minister says to object to the single market is to object to the benefits for Scotland

    Brexit Minister Mike Russell says the single market is based apon the free movement of goods, services, persons and capital.

    Mr Russell says the Tories do not wish to see migration take place within these islands or be under the auspices of the European Court of Justice.

    Brexit Minister Mike Russell
    Image caption: Brexit Minister Mike Russell

    He says to object to the single market is to object to the benefits that Scotland has accrued.

    The Brexit minister says the problem of making Brexit a political issue, as Labour and the Tories have done, is that it will damage Scotland's economy.

    He says the Tories and Labour are obsessed with independence and are ignoring Scotland's position in Europe.

  19. Mr Lockhart says the Tories will go for a bespoke deal for the UK

    Mr Lockhart asks Brexit Minister Michael Russell what the Scottish government's position is.

    Sandcastle with EU and UK flags

    He says the Tories will go for a bespoke deal for the UK with the maximum access to the single market.

    SNP MSP Ash Denham says the UK government has no plan after five months.

    Mr Lockhart says many SNP supporters voted for Brexit and his colleagues say "stand up" referring to SNP MSPs.