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  1. The Fair Work Committee takes evidence on fair work and closing the gender pay gap
  2. Topical questions features queries about the delivery of the CAP loan scheme and the leak from the Clair oil platform
  3. The Finance Committee lead a debate on the timetable for the Scottish government’s draft budget 2017-18
  4. The Scottish government lead a debate entitled 'Implications of the EU Referendum on Higher and Further Education'
  5. MSPs participate in 'Hate Crimes Against Polish Migrants' debate

Live Reporting

By Craig Hutchison and Colin Bell

All times stated are UK

  1. That's all from Holyrood Live today

    Scottish Parliament

    That's all from Holyrood Live on the 4th October 2016, have a lovely and peaceful evening.

  2. 'We appreciate your contribution' minister tells Polish community

    Europe Minister Alasdair Allan says Scotland has  along history of welcoming everyone of all nationalities and faiths and so it is with the Polish community.

    Europe Minister Alasdair Allan

    Mr Allan says the two countries have strong links.

    "Scotland is your home, you are welcome here and we appreciate your contribution", he says to the Polish community.

    The Europe minister says he met with Poles after the Brexit vote to listen to their concerns and the government are committed to continuing to listen to the Polish community. 

    He says the reality is that we still don't know what Brexit will mean for Scotland.

  3. Green MSP says: "I stand in solidarity with all people."

    Green MSP John Finnie
    Image caption: Green MSP John Finnie

    Green MSP John Finnie says hate crime is an ugly term but he is heartened by the unanimity against it across the chamber.

    Mr Finnie says some in the media may pass the legal test but not the moral test, mentioning the Express and the Daily Mail.

    He says we need to be cautious in Scotland as the far right are on the rise across all of Europe.

    "I stand in solidarity with all people."

  4. 'Links between Scotland and Poland go deep and are long established'

    SNP MSP Stewart Stevenson
    Image caption: SNP MSP Stewart Stevenson

    SNP MSP Stewart Stevenson says the links between Scotland and Poland go deep and are long established.

    Mr Stevenson says Poles contribute enormously to Scottish life today. 

  5. Tory MSP wholeheartedly supports sentiments of the motion

    Scottish Conservative MSP Annie Wells
    Image caption: Scottish Conservative MSP Annie Wells

    Scottish Conservative MSP Annie Wells says she supports the sentiments of the motion wholeheartedly. 

    Ms Wells says she was shocked at the increase in hate crime around the UK and that neo-Nazi stickers emerged in Glasgow over the summer. 

    The Scottish Conservative MSP says if we stand together we can work to stamp out the racism that exists. 

  6. Labour MSP says Scotland should be a modern, tolerant and inclusive country

    Labour MSP Mary Fee
    Image caption: Labour MSP Mary Fee

    Labour MSP Mary Fee says in Scotland and the rest of the UK there has been a rise in hate crimes since the EU referendum. 

    Ms Fee says Scotland should lead the UK in being a modern tolerant and inclusive country that accepts everyone.

  7. Hate crime report recommendations

    Specific recommendations from hate crime report include:

    • a clearer definition of hate crime
    • a review of existing criminal law to protect victims
    • better monitoring and response to online hate crime
    • more work to address prejudice and hate crime in schools through the Curriculum for Excellence
    • improved data collection
    • joint work by the government and Police Scotland to identify and break down barriers to reporting hate crime
  8. Background: 'Hate crime in Scotland'

    review of available evidence on hate crime for the Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research has warned that "there is a problem of hate crime in contemporary Scotland", adding that all stakeholders spoken to reported higher levels of hate crime than is recorded in official figures.

    There have been concerns about an increase in hate crimes across the UK in the aftermath of the Brexit vote, although some reports have shown a reduction in such offences in Scotland.

    Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research
    Image caption: The report makes a series of recommendations about tackling hate crime

    However, the number of hate crime offences relating to football in Scotland have risen 49% in the past year.  

    The Advisory Group on Hate Crime, Prejudice and Community Cohesion was established in 2015 to provide advice and analysis on the issue.

    Their report notes that racist offences are the most prominent hate crime category, but have been falling slightly while reports of offences based on sexual orientation had increased 20% in the past year.

  9. Conservative MSP condemns any hate crime against the Polish community

    Conservative MSP Alexander Stewart condemns any hate crime against the Polish community in Scotland, in the strongest terms.

    Conservative MSP Alexander Stewart

    Mr Stewart says everyone in the chamber must condemn these acts.

    He says this behaviour must not be tolerated in any shape, way or form.

  10. SNP MSP bemoans absence of Tory and Lib Dem signatories

    SNP MSP Christina McKelvie echos Mr Gibson's complaing about a lack of Tory and Lib Dem signatories to his parliament.

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  11. Some believe Brexit gives licence to behave in racist and xenophobic manner

    SNP MSP Kenny Gibson thanks the SNP, Green and Labour MSPs who backed his motion and he is disappointed not one of the Tory of Lib Dem MSPs did.

    Mr Gibson says the focus of hate crimes in recent months seems to have been directed at eastern Europeans.

    SNP MSP Kenny Gibson

    The SNP MSP says there are plenty of historic links between the two countries which continue to this day.

    Mr Gibson says the work ethic of the Polish community is renowned and they have boosted the Scottish economy with their skills.

    He says some people think the result of the EU referendum is a licence to act in a racist and xenophobic manner. 

  12. Background: Harlow murder: Polish officers patrol streets where Arek Jozwik was killed

    Two Polish police officers have started patrols in a town where a Polish man died after being punched to the ground.

    Arek Jozwik, 39, was attacked in Harlow, Essex, last month. Two Polish men were assaulted in the town a few days later at a vigil for Mr Jozwik.

    Arek Jozwik
    Image caption: Arek Jozwik died two days after an attack in Harlow, Essex, which police are treating as a hate crime

    Polish officers are there to "reassure the community", Essex Police said.

    Essex's police commissioner said there had been an increase in people saying "rude things to people who aren't British" since the Brexit vote.

    The presence of Polish officers was "about reassurance in all communities", Essex Police said
    Image caption: The presence of Polish officers was "about reassurance in all communities", Essex Police said

    Police and Crime Commissioner Roger Hirst told the BBC: "I think there's certainly a swell of opinion... that wasn't there a few months ago. It seems to coincide with the Brexit vote."

    The officers - 2nd Lieutenant Bartosz Czernicki and Chief Sergeant Dariusz Tybura - will be working in the town for seven days "on the community engagement side, to meet and greet the public and to reassure the community," he said.

  13. Background: Hate crime numbers fall in Scotland post-Brexit

    The EU referendum led to a boom of post- Brexit racist attacks, with people being abused in the streets and physically attacked, according to the Mirror.

    The vote to leave the European Union triggered a 14 per cent rise in hate crimes across the UK - with tensions particularly boiling over in Vote Leave areas, where people were told they should be killed and were beaten for being from Europe.

    But tellingly, Scotland - which had a higher Remain vote than any region in the UK - was the only police force area in the UK where the number of hate crimes fell.

    A freedom of information request by the Mirror reveals areas with a strong Leave vote in the south-east of England such as Suffolk, Norfolk and Thames Valley saw huge surges in hate crime after June 23.

  14. Here's the motion from the 'Hate Crimes Against Polish Migrants' debate

    Scottish Parliament

    SNP MSP Kenny Gibson will now lead a member's debate entitled 'Hate Crimes Against Polish Migrants'.

  15. The Scottish government motion is agreed to

    The Scottish government motion is agreed to with 93 voting for it and 30 against.

    SNP motion
  16. The Scottish Conservative amendment is rejected

    The Scottish Conservative amendment is rejected with 30 MSPs backing it and with 93 against.

    Tory amendment
  17. The Finance Committee motion is unanimously agreed to.

    The Finance Committee motion is unanimously agreed to.

    Finance Committee motion
  18. 'Not being in the EU will damage Scottish higher education'

    Quote Message: Not being in the EU will damage Scottish higher education" from Mike Russell Brexit negotiations minister
    Mike RussellBrexit negotiations minister