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  1. The Education Committee takes evidence on the Curriculum for Excellence from teaching professionals
  2. Education and skills ministers are in the hot seat for portfolio questions
  3. Opposition parties have defeated the Scottish government in a debate on local health services led by Labour
  4. Scottish Greens MSP Mark Ruskell leads this evening's members debate on residential road safety

Live Reporting

By Colin Bell and Craig Hutchison

All times stated are UK

That's all from Holyrood Live today...

That's all from Holyrood Live for the 28 September 2016.


We'll be back tomorrow. Have a good night.

Minister says: 'One person killed on our roads is one person too many'

Transport Minister Humza Yousaf says lowering speed is very much part of the approach to making the roads safer.

Mr Yousaf says the correlation between speed and casualties is irrefutable.

Transport Minister Humza Yousaf

He says: "One person killed on our roads is one person too many".

Mr Yousaf says the crux of this is that local authorities have been encouraged to introduce 20's plenty zones and the uptake has been good.

He says the feedback from local authorities is that they want to take the decision about where best to have these zones. 

Summary of the debate so far: Green MSP calls for extension of 20mph zones

Green MSP Mark Ruskell urged Scottish Ministers to consider default 20 mph zones in residential areas to protect children on their walk to school.

Mr Ruskell raised the issue of default 20 mph zones with the First Minister earlier this month, highlighting the benefits to air quality, public health and climate change emissions as well as safety.

He said existing 20 mph zones simply aren't enough when it comes to the safety of children. 


Many schools are in residential areas and may well have their own 20 mph zone, but these school zones typically only extend a few hundred metres beyond the gates ignoring the fact that on average children travel nearly 2km to school, he says.

Mr Ruskell says a growing number of bodies from Twenty’s Plenty to the British Heart Foundation are calling for us to move into the 21st Century by dropping to twenty for residential areas. 

Green MSP calls for on road cycle training for all

Scottish Green MSP Alison Johnstone says the important thing is who are the streets and city for.

Ms Johnstone says there is a real opportunity to make the streets more accessible to more people.

Scottish Green MSP Alison Johnstone

Streets with 30MPH speed limits discourage children playing, she says.

The Scottish Green MSP says the progress in Edinburgh is very welcome and she highlights the Play Out initiative where streets are temporarily closed so children can play. 

She calls for on road cycle training for all. 

Labour MSP calls for clarity from the government on its guidance on road safety

Labour MSP Jenny Marra calls for clarity from the government on its guidance on road safety.

Labour MSP Jenny Marra

Ms Marra says Johnston Street in Dundee is a residential street with access to two high schools and a primary school. 

Background: Police name schoolboy killed by van in Glasgow

Lennon Toland, from Glasgow's Tollcross area, was struck by a white Ford Transit van in Dalness Street, Shettleston, at about 15:15 on 12 September.

The St Paul's Primary School pupil was taken to hospital with serious injuries and died a short time later. The 62-year-old van driver was not injured.

Lennon Toland
Police Scotland
Lennon Toland died after being hit by a van in Glasgow

Police said the white Ford Transit van had gone in to Dalness Street from Tollcross Road. It was turning into a car park on Dalness Street at the time.  

Sgt Jackie Dunbar, of Police Scotland, said: "It was picking-up time at the school and there were a number of people in the area at the time of the incident. 

'Safety of pedestrians, particularly children, paramount'

SNP MSP Clare Adamson says there are a lot of tools that can be drawn upon to improve road safety such as parking and targeting drivers to improve driving techniques.

SNP MSP Clare Adamson

Ms Adamson says she lost her niece crossing the road as a teenager eight years ago and also highlights the recent death of five-year-old Lennon Toland in Glasgow's Tollcross area.

"The safety of pedestrians, particularly our children, has to be paramount", she says.

Tory MSP expresses concerns about speed limits

Scottish Conservative Alex Johnstone says he is not in direct opposition to Mark Ruskell's proposals but says the negatives must be looked at.

Scottish Conservative Alex Johnstone

Mr Johnstone says a speed limit ignored is arguably more dangerous than no speed limit.

He says appropriate enforcement of speed limits is vital and must only take place in areas of danger, not in areas where people are likely to speed.

Defeat for the Scottish government at decision time...........

Green MSP welcomes 20MPH mandatory zones

Mr Ruskell says there needs to be a step change and he welcomes the 20MPH zones.

Mark Ruskell

The Green MSP says the impact of even a slight shift to walking from driving would help us as we stumble towards our climate change targets.

He says the roll out of 20MPH mandatory zones has been welcome.

The Green MSP says the piecemeal roll out has come with challenges. 

Who remembers the Tufty Club?

The Tufty Club campaigned on many safety issues
The Tufty Club campaigned on many safety issues

Scottish Green MSP Mark Ruskell pays tribute to a number of road safety initiatives and says we've come a long way since the Tufty Club. 

SNP MSP Clare Adamson intervenes to say that perhaps the minister is too young to remember the "Tufty Club".

Transport Minister Humza Yousaf smiles from a sedentary position. 

Background: Edinburgh city centre 20mph zone drivers in penalty points warning

In July motorists were warned that they would be given £100 fines and three penalty points if they were caught over the 20mph limit in force in Edinburgh city centre.

It is phase 1 of the rollout of a 20mph speed limit on all residential, shopping and city centre streets.

If cyclists are going too fast and unable to stop properly they would be charged with dangerous or careless cycling.

Edinburgh map
Edinburgh City Council
The 20mph Traffic Regulation Order comes into force for the first zone on Sunday

The Traffic Regulation Order comes into force at 00:01 on Sunday.

Rural west Edinburgh is also included in phase 1 with signs and lines for the new 20mph speed limit having been installed.

Large 20mph signs will mark the entrance and exit of a 20mph area.

These will be supplemented by smaller signs or road markings with speed limit roundels.

The 20mph network will be introduced over six phases.

Residential road safety debate begins

Scottish Greens MSP Mark Ruskell leads this evening's members debate on residential road safety.

Here is his motion:

Scottish Greens motion
Scottish Parliament

Labour try one last time to change the health secretary's mind.....

Scottish Labour MSP Anas Sarwar attempts to raise a point of order asking if the health secretary will call in the changes to health services.

Presiding Officer Ken Macintosh says that is for the government to respond to. 

BreakingThe Scottish Labour motion from the health debate is agreed to

Labour motion
Scottish Parliament

The Scottish Labour motion is agreed to with 64 MSPs backing it and with 62 abstentions.

Opposition MSPs applaud rather loudly. 

Scottish Labour and Scottish Conservative benches applaud
Scottish Labour and Scottish Conservative benches applaud

BreakingThe Scottish government amendment to the health debate is defeated

The Scottish government amendment is defeated, with 62 MSPs backing it, but with 64 against.

SNP amendment
Scottish Parliament

Labour MSP says SNP amendment treats communities with contemp

Mr Smyth says there is a "ticking time bomb of GPs waiting to retire".

The Labour MSP concludes saying there is a GP crisis and highlights staffing issues across the NHS.

He says the SNP amendment treats communities with contempt. 

Labour MSP says the SNP amendment pretends concerns of constituents do not exist

Labour MSP Colin Smyth says the concerns raised in the chamber today unite members across the chamber as Anas Sarwar has called for.

Mr Smyth says he met campaigners who are fighting for their local services today.

Labour MSP Colin Smyth

The Labour MSP says the SNP amendment pretends the concerns of constituents do not exist.

Mr Smyth says the communities are concerned and the decision to delineate services as major service changes lies with the cabinet secretary.

He says the reason for these plans are down to funding challenges facing health boards today. 

Another vote on a knife edge........

Minister says SNP will increase funding for NHS

Public Health Minister Aileen Campbell again says Anas Sarwar was grandstanding in this debate. 

Ms Campbell says the SNP will increase the funding for the NHS by more than £500m. 

Labour MSP 'grandstanding' says minister

Minister for Public Health Aileen Campbell says everyone must be prepared for transformational change.

Ms Campbell says all stakeholders need to put vested interests to one side and work together.

Minister for Public Health Aileen Campbell

She says Anas Sarwar's narrative was "irresponsible" and amounted to "grandstanding".

Labour MSP Anas Sarwar intervenes to say he is representing his constituents, not "grandstanding". 

Tory MSP says NHS is becoming more centralised

Scottish Conservative MSP Miles Briggs is closing the debate for his party.

He says there is a highly centralising NHS emerging.

Scottish Conservative MSP Miles Briggs

Mr Briggs says he backs MSPs who spoke to retain cleft palate surgery in Edinburgh and says he wishes the government would ensure this.

He says the health service belongs to the people MSPs serve.

The Tory MSP says the NHS must be as close to people as possible but the reality is the centralisation of the health service.

Lib Dem MSP says more opportunity should have been given to debate the closures

Scottish Lib Dem MSP Alex Cole-Hamilton says his party will back the Labour motion.

Scottish Lib Dem MSP Alex Cole-Hamilton

He says he finds it astonishing that the only time the closures have been debated in the chamber is during Mile Briggs's members debate and today. 

Labour MSP says Monklands downgrade of services like 'death by a thousand cuts'

Scottish Labour MSP Elaine Smith
Scottish Labour MSP Elaine Smith
Scottish Labour MSP Elaine Smith

Scottish Labour MSP Elaine Smith says the attack on the services of Monklands is unacceptable.

Ms Smith says the removal of trauma orthopaedics at Monklands Hospital in Airdrie is based on alleged safety risks, but echoes proposals the SNP opposed ten years ago.

She says this is like a "the death by a thousand cuts to me".

The Labour MSP says: "I have no doubt people power will win."

Data provided by health board 'does not provide enough evidence' to close Lightburn Hospital

SNP MSP Ivan McKee says Lighburn Hospital is a key part of his constituency.

The Glasgow Provan MSP says this is not the first time the hospital has been threatened, it also came under threat in 2010.

SNP MSP Ivan McKee

Mr McKee says the data presented by the health board for closure of the hospital is incomplete and does not provide enough of a case to go through with it.

Labour MSP Jackie Baillie asks if he is shifting responsibility off of Scottish government onto the IJB. 

He responds saying "if Ms Baillie had listened to the first three minutes of his speech, he is defending Lightburn Hospital". 

'Far more discussion' required

Scottish Greens MSP Ross Greer says there has been a "lack of robust and meaningful consultation" on the service changes. 

Scottish Greens MSP Ross Greer

Mr Greer says there needs to be "far more discussion" over the proposals.

The Scottish Green MSP says the main reasons for service changes in Greater Glasgow and Clyde is staffing shortages and surely more staff should be provided rather than closing services. 

Tory MSP says choices must be what is best for the patient and the most vulnerable

Conservative MSP Jeremey Balfour says if GP services could be addressed it would help hospital services.

Mr Balfour says clearly the relationship between health boards and government is vital.

Conservative MSP Jeremey Balfour

The Tory MSP says many vulnerable people are left concerned and scared that they won't get the help they require.

He says choices must be informed by what is best for the patient and the most vulnerable in society.

'Government can't interfere until the process is complete'

SNP MSP Emma Harper, who is a registered nurse, says the fact that the service changes are considered by boards does not mean they will be implemented.

SNP MSP Emma Harper

She says boards make representations that are sometimes rejected by the government.

"The government can't interfere until the process is complete", she says. 

Anas Sarwar sets his twitter to stun..........

'Thousands of petitions' against RAH ward closure sent to health secretary

Scottish Labour MSP Neil Bibby says he has lost count of the amount of times he has talked about the closure of the children's ward at the RAH in the chamber.

Neil Bibby
Neil Bibby holds up petitions against the RAH children's ward closure and says they will be sent to the Health Secretary.

Mr Bibby says the health secretary has continually refused invitations to attend consultations about the ward closure. 

The West of Scotland MSP says MS Robison has received thousands of petitions concerning the closure and she's about to receive thousands more.

"It'll be good to know when the health secretary will take a decision on when she will take a decision on proposals", he says. 

SNP MSP says it was Labour that downgraded Monklands 10 years ago

SNP MSP Fulton MacGregor says almost 10 years to the day since Labour downgraded Monklands Hospital, they are now accusing the government of closing necessary services.

Mr MacGregor says it was the SNP that reversed Labour plans at that time. 

SNP MSP Fulton MacGregor

The Coatbridge and Chryston MSP says the orthopedic services at Monklands are being moved due to "significant risks" having been identified.

He says if you live in Coatbridge or Airdrie and need to go to A&E it will be Monklands you will continue to go to. 

Mr Macgregor was earlier called apon by Anas Sarwar to support the Labour Motion on protecting Monklands orthopaedics.

Health board closing Vale of Leven 'by stealth'

Scottish Labour MSP Jackie Baillie says maternity services are "the beating heart of any hospital."

Ms Baillie says she will take on any government that threatens the Vale of Leven hospital and the cabinet secretary knows that.

Scottish Labour MSP Jackie Baillie

The Labour MSP says the health board has not been serious about marketing the central maternity unit and this is why the numbers have dropped.

"They are closing the unit by stealth", she says.

Ms Baillie calls for a full community consultation so everyone's voice can be heard.

SNP MSP insists 'no decisions have been made'

SNP MSP Maree Todd
SNP MSP Maree Todd

Pharmacist and SNP MSP Maree Todd says no decisions have been made about the surveys in Anas Sarwar's motion.

Tories to back Labour motion

Scottish Conservative MSP Donald Cameron says his party will be supporting the Labour motion. 

Mr Cameron says the NHS can never be static and tough decisions have to be taken even if unpopular.

Scottish Conservative MSP Donald Cameron

The Tory MSP says the Scottish government are doing "nothing".

He urges the Scottish government to take action or "at the very least, take a view".

Labour tweet on the debate, as Tories looks set to back their motion....

The government is committed to high quality sustainable health services

Ms Robison says if politicians are going to argue against any change in the NHS, then the shift in the balance of care and the increase in primary care funding are at risk.

The heatlh secretary says the government is committed to high quality sustainable health services, local when they can be.

Background: Opponents of cleft lip surgery centralisation present petition

A petition opposing proposals to close cleft lip and palate surgery services in Edinburgh was presented to the Scottish Parliament earlier this month. 

Supporters of the 6,200-signature petition staged a protest outside Holyrood ahead of a parliamentary debate on the issue.

Baby with cleft
Almost 100 babies are born every year in Scotland with a cleft lip or palate

They claim a consultation on plans to centralise cleft palate and lip surgery in Glasgow was a sham.

The Scottish government said it had not yet made a decision on the matter.

Almost 100 babies are born every year in Scotland with a cleft lip or palate.

Surgery can help them talk and eat.

Health secretary says proposals are out to local public consultation

Ms Robison says the proposals are out to local public consultation and she encourages people to get involved.

The health secretary says longer term plans in the NHS are major changes and they will come before her.

Hospital ward

She says the government has been given an assurance that only cleft surgery from the cleft palate services in Edinburgh are proposed for a move to Glasgow.

The health secretary stresses these are only proposals.

Labour MSP Daniel Johnson intervenes and says the stats are better for Edinburgh cleft surgery than that in Glasgow.

The health secretary says she will take into account all of the information before she makes a decision.

Health secretary insists there is an 'established robust process'

Health Secretary Shona Robison says no final decisions have been made about service changes.

Ms Robison says Greater Glasgow Health Board are rightly carrying out consultations and the proposals may change.

Health Secretary Shona Robison

She says if any of the final decisions are deemed to be major then they must be subject to ministerial approval.

Mr Sarwar says the minister can call in the decisions and deem them to be major.

The health secretary insists there is an "established robust process".

Here is the Scottish government amendment

Here is Health Secretary Shona Robison's amendment: 

SNP amendment
Scottish Parliament