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  1. Rural Economy Secretary Fergus Ewing gives evidence on CAP payments failures
  2. Justice, culture, tourism and external affairs ministers are in the hot seat for this week's portfolio questions
  3. Scottish Conservatives lead a debate entitled 'NHS Scotland staffing crisis'
  4. SNP MSP Graeme Dey leads this afternoon's members debate entitled 'Promoting Good Food from Angus'

Live Reporting

By Colin Bell and Craig Hutchison

All times stated are UK

That concludes Holyrood Live's coverage of the Scottish Parliament

Scottish Parliament

That concludes Holyrood Live's coverage of the Scottish Parliament on 21 September 2016.

Have a lovely and peaceful evening. 

Minister highlights cross-party promotion of success of Scotland's food and drink

Mr Ewing praises the food and drink industry across Scotland.

'Haggis, neeps and tatties'

The rural economy says the Scottish Food Commission was established by the Scottish government.

He says there is cross-party promotion of success of Scotland's food and drink.

'Jilting the bridie'

Rural Affairs Secretary Fergus Ewing welcomes the comprehensive catalogue of mouth-watering food described by Mr Dey.

Rural Affairs Secretary Fergus Ewing

Mr Ewing says Angus a la Carte has a nice ring to it.

He says Mr Dey was a wee bit churlish to not accept the Forfar bridie.

The minister says he has heard of jilting the bride but not jilting the bridie.

Our colleague Philip Sim hungry for home....

More draft budget news from twitter.....

BreakingBreaking news: Draft budget row

The Finance Committee is demanding that MSPs debate the budget timetable after the Scottish government delayed announcing their financial plans until December. 

Ministers put back publication of the draft budget until after the Chancellor's autumn statement, because of uncertainty caused by the Brexit vote.

SNP MSP Bruce Crawford
SNP MSP Bruce Crawford is the Finance Committee convener

But the committee's convener has written to the finance secretary expressing concern about the lack of time to scrutinise the plans. 

Bruce Crawford also says it's unacceptable that Derek Mackay isn't even prepared to publish any scenario planning information to help the committee. 

If the budget timetable goes to the vote, there's no guarantee that the SNP Government would win it. 

'Too small a share of what the public spends on food flows back to the farmer'

Scottish Conservative MSP Peter Chapman says times are hard on Scotland's farms and profits are hard to find.

Scottish Conservative MSP Peter Chapman

Mr Chapman says he has been happy to talk to the successful companies in Scotland's food and drink industry.

The farmer, who represents North East Scotland, says the food chain is not working and the money is not getting back to farmres

"Too small a share of what the public spends on food flows back to the farmer."

SNP MSP calls on the government to appoint a national chef

SNP MSP Graeme Dey calls on the Scottish government to appoint a national chef. 

Scotland's food and drink outperforming the rest of the UK in growth

SNP MSP Graeme Dey

SNP MSP Graeme Dey says when people think Angus they no longer just think food but also vodka and Gin which is made in local distilleries. 

Mr Dey says there is no doubt that the food and drink sector is thriving in Angus and is internationally recognised. 

He says Scotland's food and drink sector is thriving in general and outperforms the rest of the UK in terms of growth.  

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Our economy editor points to muscle of Holyrood finance convener

Promoting Good Food from Angus debate begins...

Here's the motion from SNP MSP Graeme Dey:

SNP motion
Scottish Parliament

The Scottish Conservative motion as amended by the SNP is agreed to

The Scottish Conservative motion as amended by the SNP is agreed to, with 62 backing it and 54 against and with again 6 abstentions.

Scottish Conservative motion
Scottish Parliament
SNP amendment
Scottish Parliament

The Labour amendment fell automatically because the SNP amendment was agreed to.

The SNP amendment for the health debate is agreed to.

After a pregnant pause we move to decision time...and the SNP amendment is agreed with 62MSPs voting for it and with 55 against and with 6 abstentions.

SNP amendment
Scottish Parliament

Tory MSP calls on government to take responsibility for NHS staffing crisis

Mr Briggs says concludes saying after nine and half years in office it is time the SNP took responsibility for the NHS staffing crisis it is presiding over.

Tory MSP says SNP ignoring future GP training

Mr Briggs says the training of our future GPs is clearly an issue that the government has not focused on.


The health secretary intervenes asking if the Tory MSP welcomes the new graduate medical school.

Mr Briggs hits back again saying half of medical students are non-domiciled in Scotland.

Here's the petition Miles Briggs just mentioned......

'Our GP services cannot cope with the increasing demand' says Tory MSP

Conservative MSP Miles Briggs says MSPs have outlined the severe challenges facing GP services in Lothian.

Mr Briggs says: "Our GP services cannot cope with the increasing demand."

Conservative MSP Miles Briggs

He says six practices have been taken over by NHS Lothian and the SNP is not addressing the GP crisis across Scotland.

The Tory MSP says resources for primary care must be increased to at least 10% of NHS spend.

Minister warns of 'post-Brexit bourach'

The public health minister says the government is developing a National Health Care Workforce Plan.

Ms Campbell cites the importance of early intervention and preventative spend.

She warns of the "post-Brexit bourach" left by Farage, Johnson et al after the EU referendum and its impact on health and dentistry.

Minister says conflict with junior doctors avoided in Scotland

Ms Campbell says the Scottish government has always valued the strength of its relationship with those in the NHS.


The public health minister says by working with doctors, the confrontation with junior doctors that has dogged England, has been avoided.

She says the first minister announced £27m support to increase staffing levels earlier this year, already at record levels.

Minister says Scotland has highest number of GPs per head of population in the UK

Public Health Minister Aileen Campbell says she wants to be robust in defending the Scottish government's record on the NHS.

Public Health Minister Aileen Campbell

Ms Campbell says under this administration there is the highest number of GPs per head of population in the UK.

She says the government has substantially increased the number of GP training places.

The minister says improvements to primary care are constantly being considered and cites £85m of funding over three years. 

Call for a review of the living wage policy for care workers

Labour MSP Colin Smyth says he hopes the government will review the living wage policy for care workers and take account of factors such as rurality.

Labour MSP says implementation of living wage for care workers has been chaotic

Labour MSP Colin Smyth says the health and social care work force should be valued.

Mr Smyth says there have been plenty of warm words but what they really want is fair pay and conditions and staffing levels.

Labour MSP Colin Smyth and Shona Robison

The health secretary intervenes to ask if Mr Smyth welcomes the introduction of the real living wage for care workers.

He says he welcomes the policy but its implementation frankly has been chaotic.

SNP MSP asks Conservatives to be 'less dismal' about the NHS in Scotland

SNP MSP Maree Todd says Scottish Conservative MSP Murdo Fraser urged the SNP to be less dismal yesterday so she would urge the Tories to take their own advice.

SNP MSP Maree Todd

Ms Todd says the government are making commitments to improve the NHS. 

"This is the first government to have a mental health minster.", she says. 

She says there will always be pressures on the NHS but this government is coping "remarkably well" compared to the rest of the UK. 

'There is a fundamental and existential crisis in our health service'

Scottish Lib Dem MSP Alex Cole-Hamilton says GPs are finding their surgeries in "abject distress".

Scottish Lib Dem MSP Alex Cole-Hamilton

"There is a fundamental and existential crisis in our health service."

Mr Cole-Hamilton says the SNP government has its fingers firmly in its years, in response to the crisis.

'Primary care in Scotland is failing and is in critical condition'

Conservative MSP Jeremy Balfour says no-one in this chamber wants to see the NHS fail.

Mr Balfour says on at least three or four occasions the intervention of the NHS has saved his life.

Conservative MSP Jeremy Balfour

He says however we need to be honest about the NHS.

The Tory MSP says: "Primary care in Scotland is failing and is in critical condition."

He says primary care services only get 8% of the NHS spend and this is simply not enough.

The debate heats up with accusations of shame between SNP and Tories

SNP MSP James Dornan says the Tories have such a gall to talk about the NHS in crisis in Scotland when under the UK government it is reaching breaking point in England.

Mr Dornan also cites the cuts from Westminster and the ongoing programme of austerity.

SNP MSP James Dornan and Tory MSP Brian Whittle

He accuses the Tories of being a "mob" and is told off by the deputy presiding officer.

Tory MSP Brian Whittle intervenes to say the SNP have not had any impact on health inequalities and Mr Dornan should hang his head in shame.

The SNP MSP hits back saying that Mr Whittle and the Tories should hang their heads in shame.

Resource required to attract GPs

Scottish Labour MSP Daniel Johnson says GPs are the future of he NHS because of the integration in services.

Mr Johnson says patients cannot get GP appointments and this puts pressure on acute services and the NHS. 

Scottish Labour MSP Daniel Johnson

He says half the GP services in Edinburgh are closed to new patients.

The Labour MSP says more resource is required to attract more GPs. 

Mr Johnson says we need to "face up" to the NHS problems in Scotland as it is not good enough to just talk about what is going on in other parts of the UK.

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Green MSP says increase the proportion of NHS spending on GP practices to 11%

Green MSP Alison Johnstone says NHS workforce planning should be thoroughly scrutinised.

Ms Johnstone says her party believes in parity of mental and physical health.

Green MSP Alison Johnstone

She says by 2020 there could be a shortfall of 830 GPs, according to the RCGP.

The Green MSP says she backs the RCGP call to increase the proportion of NHS spending on GP practices to 11%.

Labour MSP says there is a GP crisis here and now

Labour MSP Neil Findlay says both his wife and daughter work in the NHS.

Mr Findlay says there is a GP crisis here and now.

Labour MSP Neil Findlay
Labour MSP Neil Findlay

He says there are staff shortages across the NHS and staff morale is on the decline.

The Labour MSP says: "My feeling is this is only going to get worse".

'No lessons' from Labour for the government

SNP MSP Sandra White says the opposition parties don't like to be reminded of the health service in the other areas of the UK.

Ms White criticises Scottish Labour MSP Anas Sarwar's contribution says she will take no lessons from his party. 

SNP MSP Sandra White
SNP MSP Sandra White

She then asks Deputy Presiding Officer Linda Fabiani if she would like to do something about Mr Sarwar turning his back on the chair.

Ms Fabiani says "that's for me to decide".

Ms White says the government have brought in breast screening and bowel screening programmes and are proud of this. 

Reaction to £9m for winter resilience funding announcement for A&E

Announcing this year's funding First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said: "Winter guidance was issued to boards in August and health boards are now well advanced in their unscheduled care planning - putting them on the front foot to build on last year's good performance and deal with additional pressures throughout the coming winter."  

Scottish Labour's health spokesman Anas Sarwar said: "More resource for our over-stretched NHS is always welcome, but the SNP government should explain why they are delivering less funding for this winter than last."

The number of patients needing treatment for respiratory problems increases in the winter months
The number of patients needing treatment for respiratory problems increases in the winter months

Scottish Conservative health spokeswoman Donald Cameron said: "This is another example of the SNP's terrible forward planning coming home to roost.

"There aren't enough staff in these wards, and not enough GPs to prevent people using casualty as a first port of call."

And Alex Cole Hamilton of the Scottish Liberal Democrats said: "SNP ministers are once again applying a tiny sticking plaster in a panic.

NHS given £9m to ease winter workload 1 hour ago From the section Scotland politics

Health boards across Scotland are to be given an additional £9m to help ease the burden on emergency departments over the winter months.

The Scottish government said the aim was for patients get the best treatment in the most appropriate place.

Hospital ward
The number of people attending hospital accident and emergency departments increases during the winter months

This would prevent unnecessary hospital admissions and free up beds and resources for those who need them most.

Opposition parties questioned why the additional winter funding was lower than last year's £10.7m.

The Scottish government said a recent review of last winter showed accident and emergency waiting times improved despite a rise in admissions.

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Scottish Labour MSP Anas Sarwar moves his amendment

Here's Scottish Labour health spokesman Anas Sarwar's amendment: 

Labour amendment
Scottish Parliament

'The mess in the NHS is of this government's making'

Labour MSP Anas Sarwar says the primary care sector is in crisis.


Mr Sarwar says 830 GPs must be recruited by 2020 says the RCGP.

He concludes saying "The mess in the NHS is of this government's making."